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  1. This is disturbing. My granddaughter when she was 18mos. was diagnosed with type one diabetes. She is now five. No diabetes on either side the the family. Yet the family refuses to see the connection. Totally brainwashed. This is almost more disturbing. Most of the time I’m pretty level headed, although passionate sometimes, but then there are times every once in a while when I get Fucking Furious!!

    • I’m not a grandparent but I sympathise with you being witness to your granddaughter, I hope the family wake up soon! but she is lucky to have you still, and like Zen says there is help out there, chelation therapy or even a visit to a homeopath somewhen.

  2. Disturbing isn’t it? I’d hate to find out all of the things that were pumped into me while in the navy. Kids just don’t have a chance these days and it is completely unacceptable. We should all get a collective slap upside the head for allowing this shit to happen.

    • I know a woman who’s husband was an army specialist, had to have jabs every time he traveled in and out of Vietnam. From the symptoms they knew it was that vax that killed him. Military are fodder to these creeps. You might consider chelation therapy – talk to a naturopath.

      • Thanks for the advice Zen. I served from 1996 to 2000. Anthrax was the big scare back then. Pre-overseas deployment, I had to have a series of anthrax shots that felt like lava being pumped into my veins. That wasn’t all though. Typhoid shots leave the effected area feeling like you got hit with a baseball bat for about three days. Hahaha it was much fun to give new inoculee’s two for flinching after a typhoid shot. Sadly from what I have read after my navy days, a couple of drops of iodine in our drinking water two or three times a week would have protected us from many of the things we were being innoculated for. Latter day PTSD and the ammount of shit our troops get shot up with (no pun intended) is there a corelation?

        • Yes. Research that question. The guy who died had over 25 anthrax shots. Just wrong.
          But correlation, for sure. That’s why they push vaccines, it lays the groundwork for a compromised immune system, same with chemtrails, aspartame, MSG and fluoride. GMO food not far behind. We’re at war with a nasty influence that seeks our debilitation. They see us as a threat, so a strong open mind and healthy body are not on the agenda, no matter what BS they say. Trouble is people believe these creeps when they say they’re looking out for us. They persuade lower level drones of their propaganda and they in turn sell it like mercenaries. Sick cycle. Sorry, but that’s our current reality.
          Be well, the body can recover from anything with good nutrition. The more raw food you can eat the better. Grains are not your friend either. Just look at what they push and go eat the opposite. Fast food is laden with non-foods and addictive chemicals. They’re about to approve aspartame in milk of all things. Aspartame, a neurotoxin, is already in hundreds of foods without being labelled as such. Just about any processed food is virtually toxic. If you move to raw food you’ll have a detox you won’t believe and a body consciousness awakening that will blow your mind. At the least move in that direction. We rarely eat out. The new times we have is only eat out at salad bars or raw food restaurants, which are few and far between. Food is just full of chemicals today and getting worse. Your body will heal itself if you give it a chance. All the best.

  3. ‘Snake-brains’ in 3pc.suits, stare out the windows of their top floor penthouse suites & dictate global policies & directives to their fawning & obsequious minions, creating economic models via ‘cradle to grave’ dependency on ‘Pig Harmaceuticals’, by severely compromising the immune systems of defenseless innocent babies, that have no protection from these avaricious parasites whose psychopathic logic views them as ‘Growth’ commodities to be exploited purely for financial gain….would you let a ‘Bankster’ perform laser surgery on your eyes???…nuff said.
    …This deep trance toleration of govn’t- lobbyist-corporate/ fascist oligarchs, coercively creating this bow-wave direction for us ALL to follow blindly & meekly in enslaved ‘lock step’, is an ‘in-your-face’ CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY…no matter how you slice & dice it.
    …$$$ is a hoax…this is about POWER & Geno/Democide…perpetrated by the 0.2%…upon the rest of us
    …Just imagine losing your job, as a 25 year veteran nurse,because of a refusal to be assaulted by a Medusa Mandate multi-jab of known poisons!!!…Wake up everybody1

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