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Martin Sheen and Woody Harrelson Set for 9/11 ‘Truther’ Film September Morn


Film’s advance publicity says: ‘We the people demand an independent investigation into the tragic events of 9/11?

(The Guardian) Hollywood is to court controversy with a film that will challenge the official version of the events of 9/11, a previously taboo topic for the industry mainstream. Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson and Ed Asner, who have all supported conspiracy theories about the terrorist attacks, have signed up to the movie, which is entitled September Morn.

Styling itself as a drama in the tradition of Twelve Angry Men, the film’s advance publicity note hints at a cover-up, saying: “We the people demand that the government revisit and initiates a thorough and independent investigation to the tragic events of 911.”

Details of the film, which is to be directed by BJ Davis and written by Howard Cohen, are expected to be revealed at an American Film Market conference in Los Angeles next week, Deadline.com reported.

The production has been set up by Fleur de Lis Film Studios, which has also made the documentary A Noble Lie, about the Oklahoma City bombing, and Operation: Dark Heart, a feature based on an intelligence agent’s memoirs.

Until now Hollywood has steered clear of claims that the Bush administration, or other elements in the government, may have been behind the 9/11 attacks, in which hijacked passenger planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennslyvania. The fourth plane was apparently en route to the Capitol.

Oliver Stone, who has challenged official history in JFK and other films, steered clear of conspiracy theories in his 2006 film World Trade Center, which focused on the heroism of police and rescuers.

September Morn has assembled a cast linked to the so-called truther movement, which alleges official inconsistencies, complicity and cover-up.

Sheen, who starred in Apocalypse Now and television’s The West Wing, has long questioned whether Islamist hijackers single-handedly brought down the Twin Towers, killing 2,605 people.

“I did not want to believe that my government could possibly be involved in such a thing, I could not live in a country that I thought could do that – that would be the ultimate betrayal,” he told an interviewer in 2007.

Sheen grew suspicious after his son Charlie, also an actor, alerted him to apparent contradictions, such as how a structure known as “Building 7? fell.

He said: “However, there have been so many revelations that now I have my doubts, and chief among them is Building 7 – how did they rig that building so that it came down on the evening of the day?”

Asner, who has won seven Emmys, has several times urged a new investigation into 9/11. In 2010, he told an interviewer: “This country – which is the greatest, strongest country that ever existed in the world, in terms of power – supposedly had a defence that could not be penetrated all these years. But all of that was eradicated by 19 Saudi Arabians, supposedly. Some of whom didn’t even know how to fly.”

Harrelson, who starred recently in The Hunger Games, has also supported the self-styled 9/11 truth movement. MORE


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  1. Who FUCKING cares? I don’t usually throw the word FUCK around, but I’m FUCKING DONE!

    Please don’t tell me it will take some one “famous” – whatever that word means, to re-open the investigation into this cruel joke on humanity. Put another way, thousands of super-qualified scholars, engineers and architects can’t get the investigation re-opened, but an “actor” can? Zen, didn’t you just post an article about this “fame” thing? Do you see the irony here? Once again, we’re defaulting to famous people to tell us about reality. UN-FUCKING-REAL.

    Hundreds of thousands of scientific calculations and reams of forensic analysis by thousands of architects, engineers and scholars irrefutably prove that the towers could not have fallen as the fake official version story portends but, wait for it . . . all of a sudden we’re ready to listen when the actor Marty Sheen steps up to tell us the same, with of course no qualifications to do so. Ah, who cares, if Marty tells us the true story, it must be true cause he’s an A-C-T-O-R.

    This shit drives me insane. Oh, wait, just heard it won’t only by Marty Sheen, but also Lady Gaga, Madonna and Lindsey Lohan are on board as well. Things are looking much better for us now. Sorry I jumped the gun….

    post script: I would rather NEVER know the truth about 9/11 than to have it come out solely based on the efforts put forth by an actor, AFTER 11 years of millions of other “non-famous” people coming up empty, ridiculed, persecuted, ignored, threatened only because they’re not famous (interpretation in this world: not important).

    • All the professionals in the US qualified to assess 9-11 may comprise what, 0.5% of the population? If the controlled media give them no or little or biased coverage, what can they achieve? Accordingly, it is necessary to appeal to the general population and seed in them the beginnings of doubt. The way to do this is via popular public figures and the entertainment industry. I wish that it would have been sufficient that the (some) professionals present their opinion but the vermin elite have scores of their own paid “experts” to trot out to suppress the truth. I understand your points but you should consider the psychological and sociological angles.

      • Rt Peter…and the stats on those that don’t believe the govt BS are WAY higher….like 60-70%. Either a cover up or outright involvement. That’s a lotta doubt. Similar to a smouldering fire waiting to burst into flames if you ask me. – Z

    • I so feel ya bro…
      Living with this LIE has caused more damage than anything else I’ve known. A lot of dedicated researchers have been psychologically scarred, and many have been snuffed out. Those of us brave enough to face the truth cannot let this continue, and if these famous faces are courageous enough to rattle the cage, I won’t criticize them. I hope it causes enough awareness that a tipping point is reached, but have been though enough dashed hopes to not hold my breath.

      My concern is that many of your architects, engineers and scholars are knowingly leading many to a limited hangout scenario which is another layer of protection for the perps. Discernment and constant vigilance are necessary not only with mainstream media sources, but with ANY source.

    • We should all care. Because if they can lie about 911, they can lie about throwing are asses into re-education camps. Learn the truth about 911. Order Christopher Bolln new 911 book. bollyn.com

    • Hello Gus, we are all aware of the real story and the people trying to let everybody know thats why we’re here on this website but as im sure your aware the vast majority are massively swayed by popular opinion and held by their beliefs about fame and famous people and that they should be listened to. This is a posotive thing I feel sure of it. Dont stress and worry yourself. Peace and Love

    • It flies in the face of THEIR plan to expose this … and own up to it.
      At this point … it doesn’t make sense. 911 is sooo far down the rabbit hole now
      that it’s exposure wouldn’t have much effect. People are already too numbed !!!
      Besides, their are already more 911’s to look at since then. They called it Arab Spring(s) … many more 100,000’s died as a result. Nevermind the 3000 that died in NY. Hollywood has it’s own agenda that has nothing to do with US in anyway … only to our preservation as a civil society and the danger presented.

      • I beg to differ Journey. 9/11 represents a monstrous, blatant government betrayal, mass murder, cover up, lying complicity all through society from the gov’t media on down, and a false justification for multiple wars, untold death and suffering to millions, and wasted capital on top of it. The realization challenges the very roots of false American patriotism, identification of so called “good guys” you’ve had shoved in your face for decades, the whole concept of the military and national “defense”, and the complicity of the corporate and banking empires. And THAT’s why people can’t even handle LOOKING at the possibility and have to hoot down anyone questioning it.

        All roads lead to 9/11.

        Got something bigger that’ll uncork a clogged human in this day and age?

        • Wholeheartedly agree Zen, and your description of it is right on the money. The real scary thing is, and maybe a bit of this is what Journey alluded to, is that even if the absolute truth somehow, some verifiable way came out (AND assuming the rest of the tyranny, lies, corruption, upside down world, etc. is still present), how many people would still dismiss it using rationale such as “it was 11 years, let it go”, “there’s nothing we can do about it now”, etc. You’re a rationale, awake, intelligent individual. Hundreds of millions aren’t. Will they ever become….?

          Of course, along these lines the government would pound in the same message and continue to dismiss it a la GWB fashion: “We should (still) not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories”. Didn’t Obama, once in office, say we needed to move on when people were rightfully calling for war crimes investigations and the like into GWB and company AFTER much of the evidence was already in? This would/could be the government’s same reaction if somehow a more powerful bombshell was dropped about 9/11 from someone out there who was able to get the message through.

          And I go back to the REAL SCARY THING: people just choosing to move on and forget about it. A smörgåsbord of monumental denial, numbness and fear – the hallmark of our present society.

          I hope this would not be the case. Maybe one day we’ll all find out…..

          • There’s no hope for the system, Gus. It’s coming down. The point is to awaken as many as possible to facilitate the transition to what’s next…which is always now anyway. Like they say, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I have no illusions about them confessing to anything. It’s not even needed once the awakening reaches critical mass. In fact it’s not even needed now by you or me or millions of many others. Don’t accidentally support the system by giving it too much credit and too much credence. We know they’re paper puppets with little boys with guns. The wake up is happening and will happen no matter what. Look for the spiritual catalysts, it makes it fun to watch!..ha! Love you, Zen

  2. I Totally understand your anger Gus.
    But… (yeah, i hate “buts” too)
    But, this is what we are dealing with – a population of consciously created brain damaged people – they simply CAN’T think for themselves and they are totally intimidated by what (they assume) other people think.
    In a way the creators of this movie is fighting dirty, using the powers that be’s own techniques of mass control against them.
    Of course it won’t go “Too Far” as in revealing Israel’s involvement or the use of exotic technologies but it will help. Many americans just need the “permission” to think the “Unthinkable” – unfortunately that cannot be granted by their own thinking using reason, but can by “famous” people “outing” themselves.
    Sad but true.
    p.s. Zero chance of Madonna or “lady” Gaga getting on board – they are fully paid up members of the Dark Side.

    • Well said John. The wake up is the issue. Whatever helps precipitate it, bring it on. It’s like splitting the atom in the energy it releases, only more so. For all we know they’re useful idiots and the PTBs are up to no good with this film in some way. So what. Reminds me of the story Christians tell of the lady praying for bread for her family and some guy hears her outside her window and gets a loaf of bread and throws it in the window. She starts thanking God profusely and the guy sticks his head in the window and says “Lady, that wasn’t God, that was me! Ha ha ha!” She keeps on thanking God and says “Thank you God for the bread, even if you had to use the devil to bring it!” Ha! Pretty apropos, no? ;)))

      • Good comments Peter, Zen and John. My outburst was that of an extremely rationale, honest man living in a completely irrational, dishonest world, watching as we all do indescribable levels of suffering day in, day out as millions focus in on the manufactured illusions of wealth and celebrity.

        Playing this game, in this movie we’re all starring in is quite challenging for all of those truly awake, those that choose good over evil under any and all circumstances. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world as the movie goes.

        Perhaps Johann Wolfgang von Goethe summed it up best when he said, “We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.”

        • True…had to be addressed Gus since it was setting a tone and others might not get where you were coming from. I hear your frustration…but we can’t give up. Great conversation this all started, helps people digest the issue and think about how we all approach things and what exactly we’re thinking can or is going to change, etc. Cheers, Z

  3. @Anon – I don’t follow hollywood at all but i suspect that at least Martin Sheen would have a “bad Reputation” precisely because he is a danger to them. I know they went totally overboard in smearing him a year or so ago when he started talking about 9/11.

  4. The truth….yep it be nice bro if it worked out that way. But here is a Zionist/Hollywood film being put forth for entertainment to the masses….C’mon now?…Do any of you really think this will “AWAKEN” people?

    As they gulp their 32 oz. drink and eat popcorn and milkduds the 99% will see it for what it is…entertainment!!!!!
    Not reality or even questionable event accounts. America is too dumb ed down to even realize that VOTING wont change anything. Do you actually think this film will wake them up??
    I can almost see them now come Monday morn at work’………..”yo dude,..hey mon did you catch that 911 flick this weekend?…wow whoa wicked shit bro…bad-as* special effects huh?? “”””

    Zen…Bro,…I think this is a dead end…a no-starter.!!

    • Picture a scales and sand is being lightly drizzled on one side of the scale while the other is stubbornly down but stagnant. It adds up, bro. The tinder is dry….;)

      • Yes bro…That is true also . Even I get stubborn thinking Folks will not wake up………but ya gotta admit…..there will be scores of those “yo man___” types on Monday morning.
        Didnt mean to sound negative….twas just my sarcasm kicking in for the moment!

        Gentile morning DEW.

  5. …..
    Oh ‘grate’! Another scintillating bauble from Hollywood drenched in fantasy, lies and deceit. Just what we need……

  6. Perhaps this will bring new life into 9/11 truth. Ever since we lost the world’s favorite villain, George W Bush, 9/11 truth has languished. Perhaps we need a Romney victory to restart the movement. Every action has an opposite reaction. The people of the USA will probably willingly march to their FEMA death camps.

    • Hey Russ. Yeah, it might but it’s more than that even. It’s the wake up and consciousness elevation. I don’t hold any hope for the system. I just wanna see as much popcorn go off as possible and get the hell outta the boiling psychological pot and regain their true spiritual sovereignty. Love, Zen

  7. im getting sick of the Actors coming out also- ACTORS—that is what it is-ACTING —On what? Acting because they get paid from an unknown source or because their ACTING is failing and they need a gig. Now im tired of 911- EITHER point out the mothers who did it or shut-up- Get the people who did it or call them out by name and go grab them. Thats what they did in a court room in England. EIther ACCUSE them Publicly and put their names out there or get a job selling garbage .Because this is what it has come down to- We know that Martin Bussh -Georges baby bro-quit the Security job the night before and we know Goerge was in on itand we know his co-horts were there also. So what do we do now. I hear there are TRIBUNALS all over the world on this . GET IT DONE BOYS. Bring JUSTICE again. Remember this -The US is a Corporation and if you take it to court you have to go toa different country -WHY because that is where it is Registered 0This why no-one wins . You have to go to- The Colombia- Where does Washinton sit – the country is in your country- Remember the saying – you cant see what is in front of you? Well that is where it is at-THE DISTRICT OF COLOMBIA- So he is protected from you guys. The UNITED STATES is protected becuase it has all the STATES together- If they broke up YOu could get to them faster because they dont have JURISTICTION over you then. You dont understand this unless you study and the LIARS -er lawyers all know this because they all wear that gown . It is call colour of law wHEN YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THAT WORKS THEN YOU WILL BE SET FREE. tHIS ATROCITY SHOULD NOT GO AWAY BUT TO HAVE actors HELP IS THAT SAME AS HAVING THE pRES AND THE IDIOTS THAT RUN THE PLACE HELP YOU- tHEY TO ARE actors-= look thru the mirror- iT HAS 2 SIDES AND THE SMOKE WILL CLEAR. THE SYSTEM HAS A 2 WAY MIRROR -THEY CAN SEE YOU BUT YOU CANT SEE THEM -THAT IS A SHADOW GOVERNMENT. Study and show thyself approved -It says this in that Bible- Read DANIEL and you will see it all. Read Revelation and you will see what is coming. You also have to remember GOD IS IN CONTROL and i know you all wont believe what is in there but you will when it happens – WAKE UP PEOPLE its not about 911-it is about your souls and where you gho when it is all done. You may think im nuts and believe me i think that to because of all of this going on but when you have the MASONS reading it and telling you what is coming and it does dont stand there and look stupid. Me and my house will serve the LORD but we also read the word and we know what is ahead. SATAN WILL USE EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK. -That all being said your BEST answer is GOD. Say what you want about this rant but the Truth is in GOD and if you dont know who JESUS is your out of touch. Remember smoke and mirrors is what they use. There is no smoke and mirrors when you know JESUS. There are no Athiests in a foxhole- It is a RELATIONSHIP with a man called JESUS- look up and you will see.Im SORRY for the people who died but when you see that people didnt show up for work because they were told not to you have to know that it was a setup— 911 is a distraction- —-Think about it- –JMHO–In CHRIST i Testify to HIS goodness-Geo

  8. what percentage of “Jews” are actually semitic ?

    when did the khazar proselytes to the stool sculpture deity cult ….like baron cohen, become all 12 tribes ?

    …or how can Palestinians be anti-semitic ?

    Truth isn’t on holiday because the braindeadgoy have been mind controlled to support a global crime syndicate….based on a “Jewish” narrative….the latest installment being the official conspiracy theory…Zakheim and Zelikow & Zionazi’s….

    …you’ve lost that oven feeling…

    look, if they truly are hebrews, then they shouldn’t fear going in the ovens….the hebrews will be okay, like shadrack, meshack, and obednigo…

    just do the math…

  9. Let’s be thankful Zen allows comments on this site for us to contribute our thoughts. New people are coming to this site everyday that are just waking up and are thirsty for knowledge. Patience and compassion is what they need.

    If this site is redundant and is frustrating your mind, then step back- breath deeply and question everything, especially what you are doing in the Now. Because everything is Now. Silence is Golden.

  10. it’s already been investigated by the government. your hollywood shuffle bullshit (sorry townshend) is making sure we slow down to the truth. why dont you just use the sobrosky report? some of us have been suffering for years being the voices of truth.
    shovel your shit elsewhere, man. your own government was involved. stop pussyfooting.

  11. kudos to you zen.. Those of us with our hearts in the right place have to keep the pressure on now.. If Americans are so visually impressionable to have allowed this to begin with then this film is a way to get the message through to massive amounts of people. .. I honor your efforts to keep bringing this up. 911 is the key to everything that happened after and looking at it now I see the operation was so bungled that the three stooges looked like they were in charge.. the fact they have gotten away with that ( so far) and also the 2008 THEFT of the future generations wealth requires the PEOPLE of the usa to see what happened and take steps to repudiate all debts incurred AFTER 911..

    • Rt on Robert! That’s why they try to snuff the light of Truth…they thrive and scurry about in darkness like the cockroaches they are. Their smirks will be wiped off their faces soon enough…but it’s up to us to keep doing what we can. That’s why these guys sticking their heads out is no small thing. I recently saw a great flick on Netflix where Harrelson narrates a really good documentary exposing a lot of the agenda that pleasantly surprised me. I’ve never liked his realistic portrayals and participation in some of these super gory movies, and of course it appears his old man could very well have been one of the JFK assassins so that’s not easy to live with.
      But heck, I came thru all kinds of problems and rebellious stages so who am I to judge?
      Anyway, the flick is called “Ethos”…well worth looking at. Not perfect, but man some huge steps in the right direction! Cheers, Bob!

  12. Tempers flying lack of patience comi g apart just what lucifer wants total chaos world wide and he is getting it
    Smiling and counting the souls he is going to torture for eternity in hell these actors waste of time they have worked for lucifer for ages means nothing

    • just as we are each endowed the right to speak: i want to say, thankfully, this statement is absolute mindcontrol brainwashed zombiehiveamericanmind bullhooooookey! Tiddleywinks and horseysnaps!

      Lucifer won’t be torturing anyone. The morning star illumined one of Light is really a nice guy – Divine loving being even! Chaos is inevitable in a world of illusiory order. From chaos springs new form which replaces the old – time after time. the jesus lord and Savior ( Zionism, Islam, democrat, republican, sleeper and awakened even!) is a mind control program to limit your thinking, fear only a life not lived because of fear. we are all well come to heaven here now. how bout them donut holes in yer cafe?

      LOVE AND BE LOVED! there are no other laws decreed by her Divine Lifeliness!

      we are all one is all are one is all are one is all are one is all are one is all are one and i love you i apologize please forgive me i appreciate you and i love meeeeeeee!!!

      peace and blessings and joy and grace and kindness and compassion and wisdom and blisssfull insanity be with you

  13. It only takes one spark.
    I bet that there are some sleeping people that will see what Marty Sheen has said and in turn type “truth of 9/11” in a search bar and BINGO! Wwhy wouldnt celebrities be able to know and speak truth? Are we regular folks on the internet the only ones allowed to help the collective conscious move forth?

    Think about it……….our whole lives we pick up little pieces of our truth. The messages are everywhere and the more we open our eyes, the more we see them. I am awake but I’m still rubbing the proverbial sleep from my eyes. But every small step counts in my journey and every song ive heard, every book Ive read, every conversation Ive had and even the movies Ive seen.

    I am the PTB’s perfectly fucked up generation. I was born in the 70’s right after the hippies had given way to disco and swingers.
    Canned convenience foods and microwaves were all the rage. No one looked at ingredients, we took the pills and shots the dr told us to and we watched our illuminati programming without a care that TV was rotting our brains.Madonna’s provacative clothes became more and more revealing and sex was everywhere. I watched as new video consoles came out every year and then came the internet. Lo and behold I find out years later that all the crap I was raised on (and some, like a love for movies, I had readily passed to my own children)was very bad for me.

    I was thier crash test dummy. I sufferred for this. i know that my Trigeminal Neuralgia was somehow their doing but I found my way out. I also learned so much about myself and my inner strength through my battle with the disease. Pain changes you-absolute power changes you absolutely.

    My point is-if I grew up like this and still woke up then others will too and I dont care if it’s Marty Sheen or Queen Elizabeth herself that says or does the thing that wakes them up as long as they wake up.

    Personally, I love the irony of waking up because of something the ptb had intended to keep us asleep with.

    • Twelve, bless you! Whatta fighter! I’m from the generation before, not as many shots but fluoride, women hating, machismo, racism etc. and TV and junk food’s debut, with abusive, paternalistic families and the inception of corporofascism and all its occult roots. Nasty mind screws. We all have suffered but we all woke up and the beauty is we can shed their nasty influences. The seed buried in darkness will germinate and bust on through. They try to calcify that ground cover or egg shell but then go and brake it themselves, ha!!
      Oh the irony, as you said so well…but it’s the designed cycle of Truth apparently. The Truth of Universal love and oneness is…and always will be. Their efforts to virtually “divide and conquer” the universe are more than laughable if they weren’t so harmful…but despite it all Truth lives on! Love you, Zen

  14. It may be such “yesterday news” to us but all steps toward disclosure are good steps, americans don’t even think about 9ii anymore. Those that do, often go on to question more things. There are only a few hollywhores that think outside the hollywhorehouse. So many americans live in (and thru)the whorehouseland, so might only listen to their heroes.

  15. I’m sure this meant to steer everyone away from the real perps, Israhell, and the Israelis who run the governments of USA and Kanada. In case anyone wonders, Kanada was in charge of Norad so the Kanada government gave the orders to stand down, evil bastards that they are.

  16. It is about time.
    After 10plus years, the trillions of dollars of treasure we have spent on wars in the middle east, the millions of lives destroyed for the so called war on terrorism with nothing to show for it, except that our country is on the brink of economic collapse, the infrastructure is falling apart, the government does not work. and the people at least 99% of them, are on the verge of losing everything they have to a modern day dystopian panopticon that far surpasses anything Jeremy Bentham every cojured in his warped, addled brain.

    Muslims are the least of our problems.
    To quote the most prescient line I have ever read in a comic strip:


  17. Where does Sheeny think he’s going to move when he finds out it’s true?

    I could not live in a country that I thought could do that – that would be the ultimate betrayal,” he told an interviewer in 2007.

    It’s BEEN independently investigated. They’re propping up the authority of the beast. Ignoring all else, they want an investigation by some other head of the hydra.

    These propaganda frauds have been party to it, all the way.

  18. Much of the 9-11 truth movement is about the “what”, “how”, and the “why”. As someone recently described Michel Chossudovsky’s contributions (globalresearch.ca) to the topic, much of it is also “pointed disinformation”. Neglected is the elephant in the room whose identity is revealed in answers to the question “Who?”. In my opinion, the absence of, or avoidance of, findings from Christopher Bollyn’s extensive work (www.bollyn.com, the Solving 9-11 Books), among very few others, is a signal for disinformation.

    It may well be that the decade-long “strategy” of “raising questions” about 9-11, especially the scientifically lame and fraudulent “offical version” (see NIST reports), will awaken a few more souls to the virulent attack engineered by forces that usually go unnamed in any account — truthful or not. I for one do not place any hope in that approach. The “who” is what matters, lest we get fooled again. And, in this case, in my view, the who ain’t us.

    • How do you arrive at the “who” if you first don’t know it was engineered? Hmm? The rest follows pretty quick once someone wakes up. Thankfully the real “who” is all over the place now…but those new to this gotta get through the door and into the room first to get the next steps. You really think screaming the Zionists did it is more effective, as brainwashed as this world is that anything…anything that even slightly smells of so-called “anti-Semitism” is fundamentally taboo and/or will land them in the trash heap?

      Lay off the conditions, that’s what religious people do. The full Truth will follow one step at a time. Gotta walk em into it. Love takes people where they’re at, cuz you’re more interested in their waking up and freedom than you’re being right about everything. I’m sure you’d agree, but I understand your frustration, believe me. Cheers, Z

  19. @ fred
    Seriously, Canada is to blame for the Norad Stand down? Wasn’t there war games and terror drills happening that morning? Wasn’t dick cheney in charge of these drills? Wasn’t it dick cheney that ordered the stand down as he watched flight 77 come in? And isn’t dick cheney Amerikan?

  20. You had me at “9/11” and lost me at “written by Howard Cohen.” Gee, I wonder if this film will expose Israel’s and the CIA’s links to 9/11, or if it will just join the unfrozen caveman Jesse Ventura in resurrecting the discredited George Bush LIHOP theory.

  21. The fact that hollyjew actors are on the band wagon won’t change shit. The sleepwalkers will just look at this information like so much entertainment and let it roll off their front burner as soon as it lands there. We are fucked regardless.

  22. Ok – so I have this uneasy feeling, yet again…Yes, it is absolutely necessary to question the events of 9/11 (not to mention the greater part of human history as we know it!). However, and I really can appreciate the gut reactions against this mainstreamisation of exploring of the true perpetrators and cause of this very pivotal event, if you can’t suppress the truth – own it and repackage it. This is damage limitation at worst, but at best it sends the pack off on yet another wild goose chase and caught in churningly futile argument…It will be interesting to see if the really eye opening evidence, IMHO, of the Huchinson effect and possibility of extremely advanced resonant energy weapons being involved in the destruction of the twin towers is broached. The Building 7 demolition, although significant, is just too obvious – its almost like the sacrificial “truth” we were meant to see to distract us from something altogether more mind blowing and paradigm shattering…The actors themselves may be well meaning enough, and genuine in their intention, but they are still working within the system. The job of “ordinary” questioning people like us is far from over and it will never be over, because genuine opposition cannot be bought and paid for by the system it is opposing – in this case fronted by Hollywood and the “ptb” that own it. One is intrinsically inimicable to the other.

  23. The TRUTH has been on the Internet & elsewhere for quite a while & there is NO DOUBT the Rothschild family gave the ORDER & Israel with the help of jews in the U.S. government were 100% behind 9-11, PERIOD!!! NO jews died in the Towers, where 1,000’s & 1,000’s of jews work!!! The “ONLY” Country that GAINED from the PLANNED DESTRUCTION was Israel (Which I like to call Its-a-LIE, as it is NOT a Country, but a 100% Military Occupation since 1947, no different than Iraq invading Kuwait). America has NOT Gained, but lost 10’s of Thousands on our children & TRILLIONS of Dollars fight & dying for the jews in Its-a-LIE!!! The Arab/Muslim Countries have not Gained, but lost Millions of their children & had their Countries DESTROYED for something they DID NOT DUE!!! The satanic DNA seedline jews are 100% behind 9-11, PERIOD!!! Read John 8:44 & 8:47 to find out who the jews REALLY are from Christ Himself!!! The jews in Hollywierd will NOT talk about that I GUARANTEE!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  24. Re-open an investigation? Do we mean re-open a real government investigation? There never was one to begin with.

    On the other hand, whether by hundreds of scientists and engineers or families of victims or ‘actors’, in actuality an investigation HAS been going on since September 11, 2001.

    While there have been dozens of theories (some put out by government spooks) there have also been very serious investigations done by reputable people.

    In my opinion, the verdict is just about in.

    Those actually responsible will more than likely never be prosecuted, sentenced or punished, but that is of a secondary importance. What is more important is the lack of trust thinking people have for our federal government since Nine Eleven. The very fact that those complicit in Nine Eleven have never been punished (many have been promoted to higher positions) is proof enough that our collective ‘verdict’ will be true, just and appropriate.

    We the people cannot fight our government but we can certainly hate our government.

    Sometimes hate can alter history.

    …and, by the way, actors are also citizens.

  25. If this was a Mel Gibson project, I could have some faith in the end result. As it is, Hollywood is controlled by you-know-who. Their film will project their intentions and goals.

    What truth will these people project?
    Will they have truths from this list?
    1) Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11. He was a CIA asset on his death bed!
    2) Muslims and Muslim countries had nothing to do with 9/11. Their leaders who were friends of Western democracies were either betrayed or sold out their countries. There is a strong feeling that the Saddam and Ghadaffi who were executed, were ‘doubles”.
    3) No airplanes were hijacked by Arabs or were involved in crashes with buildings. Missiles were used. These planes were most likely flown over the Atlantic and blown up or the passengers were taken off at secret airports and ‘disappeared’. One of the alleged planes, was found in service….as denoted by its serial number.
    It took years of planning by the Khazar crew to execute 9/11(will they show this on screen?)
    4)They had to steal all those passports. Named suicided hijackers showed up alive in their countries.
    5)They had to dispose of Atta (probably in Germany) and get a look-alike to play the role. 6)The airports had to be compromised( Jews were in charge of Security) so the official story would blend in.
    7)The film shown by the TV stations had to be composed…with planes. The media was complicit yet announced the fall of WTC 7 BEFORE it fell. The media had their plants ‘on the street’ influencing the dialogue in the direction of the official story.
    8)The buildings had to be acquired, then worked on to fall at free-fall rate in being destroyed. With the buildings gone and people dead, who is alive who knows the buildings were being prepped? How could Odigo warn its workers to stay away? Why so few Jewish dead?
    9) They stationed 5 dancing Israelis to document the event.
    10) Silverstein gave the order to pull building 7.
    11) Netan’yahoo’ proclaimed that 9/11 would be good for Israel.

    Unless the movie has some (like my list) or a more comprehensive list of truths, its role will be one of white-washing. I cannot see Hollywood not using this topic to justify the rape and pillage of Arab countries. I personally don’t care for the movie because if it is ‘antisemitic’, it won’t be allowed to sell. Considering that the truth is damning to Israel, what truth will be told?

    It is good enough that the Vets and the military know the truth. Their actions will save us. We have hundreds of video-documentaries, who needs another mainstream lie?

  26. Let’s say four million people view this movie and of those, four thousand start to ask questions. The pendulum swings. Love, A.

    • Sorry, math is not my strong point! Make that if 40 start to ask questions, the pendulum swings, not to mention the straw that breaks et cetera and the 100th monkey. Have just come from David Icke’s site, he’s tired, and I don’t blame him, send him some High Heart love energy, please. Love, A.

  27. Whoa, Guys and Girls! Way to go, Zen! This is the longest and most feisty post thread I’ve seen here yet! Touched a nerve, did you??? Wonderful. Keep touching it until the whole place lights up. This issue is THE ‘smoking gun’ of the whole USA shebang, and it’s what’s going to tip the scales for the sleepers, who are so susceptible to celebrity authority. Whatever it takes, whomever it takes – who cares? Let’s ‘Get ‘er done’ as the phrase has gone. Love and Light to Us All!

  28. Regardless of what the movie may or may not accomplish this discussion alone is valuable. I speak as a newly awakened sheeple who was once a TV addict and political junkie. Through these internet sites, in less than six months I can spot the false flags (Aurora) and see the MSM’s BS quite clearly now. There must be many average, hard-working asleep people who could benefit from a nudge from that industry. They would not arrive here on their own. Somehow I got here and along my journey the reality was mind-blowing and bone-chilling but I wouldn’t turn back. The momentum is quickening and the knowledge is on the horizon for all.

    • I agree Pisces!
      I, like you took a quick journey into this-My true awakening day was on June 5th of this year. I used to be shy about sharing that until i realized that everyone awakens at the time they are ready, in the way they are ready and the only important thing is THAT they awaken not how or when.
      This discussion is so valuable. I can already feel the tingling sensation of new revelations coming through this. I feel like awakening happens in layers and that i am about to shed one more calcified layer from my soul.
      This awakening is quickening and to think that our search for truth led us here to an internet message board where we all, as great beings can share and sort out this mess.
      After learning about the deep wounds caused here I promised Mother Earth and all her magnificent creatures that i would fight to restore their freedom and I meant it. Here, in this Garden I feel I have found people that want the same thing.
      We are going to win this.

      • Wow, Twelve, you said so much in there. You’ll love the new post in the works, all about this! What a beautiful soul…the important thing is we’re here, now. And to learn to live in and respond to this living now. If you want to participate in some wonderful earth healing, contact Edna at earth-heal…some really cool stuff you can help with! Love you, Zen

    • Drunk or sober, Mel gave us THE PASSION OF CHRIST….a classic both in terms of quality and in terms of telling the Hollywood PTBs to go shove it! The mainstream media can villify him as much as it wants, he has an eager fan base and a very wide audience!

      • Pandava, I agree about The Passion. I felt such a deep feeling towards Jesus that I had never felt before after watching it.
        A lot of people were deeply moved by that movie.

        • Not eager for any news about Mel that the MSM can conspire…..as they have for so many of Hollywood’s actors with pelotas. Randy Quaid, among others, gave us the lowdown on the Hollywood mafia. Remember Randy seeking asylum in Canada?

          Mel Gibson has stood up to Hollywood’s controllers. He pretty much refuses to bow to them. Thus, his fans are eager for anything he produces or acts in. We know quality in a human being! We also know BS!

  29. The source of the investigation and deviations from any facts are irrelevant. All and any focus on exposing the lies is like Chinese torture to the perpe-traitors. We know the truth and must keep expressing it. I can’t believe 8 + 8 = 16

  30. Fleur di Lis Studios EH ?

    FLEUR DE LIS IS SATAN’S FLOWER – The-Truth-Ministries


    FLEUR DE LIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN SATAN’S FLOWER. Picture. Fleur de Lis (which btw can also be spelled: Fleur-de-Lys) is nothing less than Satan’s …

    Satan’s Symbol


    The most popular is the Fleur-de-Lis Satan symbol. From the name ‘Fleur de Lis’ (Flower of Lis) we could know that it represent IBLIS, another name for Satan.

    Fleur De Lis The Devil’s Flower – YouTube

    ? 7:49? 7:49

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrmAjXB1RyI19 Apr 2009 – 8 min – Uploaded by stdoomsayer
    Basically demonstrating that the fleur de lis is infact an illuminati symbol that … the satan seed bloodlines of …

  31. Zen…wow Bro!!! This avenue for truth you have here is WORKING!! People are for good or bad reasons are speaking up!.

    Kudo’s my brother!

  32. This is a great moment in American history. Hollywood actors carry a lot more weight in influencing public opinion than Architects, Engineers and Physicists. This is why the CFR recruits Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney. A dim witted public weaned on propaganda needs a different approach to wake them up. Bring it on. Maybe these guys can save America.

    • I don’t know about anyone saving America…what America was is already dead. But it can bring on more conscious awareness and right decisions and affect the overall quite radically…

  33. Perhaps “the truth shall set you free,” but first one must walk through hell & understand that the truth is, more often than not, horribly ugly to behold. People are afraid……& lack courage. Little by little though, the 1st bite (of the elephant) or the 1st step (of the 1000 miles journey) eventually people will see & feel that they are not alone in their beliefs. This will aid them in finding the necessary courage to challenge the status quo without losing their sense of self……which is easy to do when you go against the grain.
    When the lights go on, the cockroaches flee. Our world is lighting up…..

    • Virgo,
      I agree with you about the courage needed to challenge the status quo. I dont think people are ignorant and blind, I think they’re just afraid to be irrational and different because we have all been molded to conform. Taking that leap of faith is the first step to awakening.

  34. Ridiculous at best, deceptive dis-info at worst …meaning, the only planes crashing into any Towers on 9/11 were made-for-TV special effects. There were no planes. No hijackers. No terrorists. It was a classic military psyop facilitated by the media.

    Watch the ‘September Clues’ video and read Morgan Reynolds’ blog to transcend the ‘planes’ BS.


  35. Wow I can’t believe it’s been 13 years and still the criminals are free ,there has to be a lot more to the ignorance than just people not waking up , like mind control weapons there is a wide range of these which have been used on the masses ,and I think they work perfectly ,along with calcified Pineal glands ,Vaccines and other toxic poisons we are being fed by the very same criminals our Governments . So far though it has taken a while ,I have worked out that no planes were used ,dummies were thrown off the buildings ,the whole thing stunk of Mossad ,and Freemasons and their Zionist traitor buddies ,but the whole footage of 911 was a fraud a total Hollywood production of smoke and mirrors ,and so well planned ,that 13 years later a lot still don’t know a third building fell ! As I Sit here in Australia and wonder what happened to my life , and the lives of thousand slaughtered daily , I take some comfort in the fact that though the truth movement , is here and here it will stay ,because we the people are the only ones who can make change happen , I am sick of the wars the murder and rape of Children ,the loss of our rights ,and the continual Genocide that is going on worldwide , Time for Robin Hood Batman and Robin ,the Hulk and Superman ,to start kicking some ass even Astro Boy may help in this once great world that is now run by scum .

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