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The Mechanics of Prayer

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Adam Lanka, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Prayer means many different things to many different people.  It is something that is so pervasive in our lives that it permeates fully through our societies and cultures.  All cultures and religious traditions have their own practices when it comes to prayer, but let us acknowledge the similar theme.  People all over the world right now are praying, to influence their world and the universe in myriad ways.  But what factors determine the effectiveness of prayer, what is the fundamental basis of its function?  How does it work to influence our daily lives and shape our world?

Prayer is our divine and innate connection with the fabric of reality, the way that we write our free will upon the world.  To completely examine the nature of prayer we must look at it through various lenses and perspectives, involving spirituality and science, to find the common factors that describe this ancient tradition.

To better understand the mechanics of prayer, let us view it through the Quantum lens.  A crucial part of Quantum physics, Warner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle dictates that we can only measure where a particle is, or how fast it is moving.  The act of measuring one of these quantities actually increases uncertainty in the other.  What this means is that energy exists as a wave when unobserved, and as a particle when we measure observe it in a location.  Observation is the action that separates a particle into either state.  But what is the particle when it is not being observed?

Waves in Quantum are actually waves of probability, where everything exists as a formless potentia throughout which any possible outcome can arise.  Consciousness interacts with the infinite potentia to create and collapse the world around us into what we call our reality.  But our true reality lies within the infinite, as parts of the all connected unitive consciousness of energy.  Every particle and atom in the universe is born from the same infinite miasma, and as such, absolutely everything in the universe is one.

The focus of prayer does not need to be directed outward to an external source, it needs to be directed inwards, into our own personal connection with the source.  By actively focusing our consciousness, we collapse the wave function of energies, and we consciously create the universe around us.  We have stumbled through Quantum theory to finally come to the conclusion that its fundamental function works exactly as prayer does.  But with this new foundation in mind, let us examine prayer in its current state.

But to focus our energy is more than just naming the new reality or possibility, it requires complementing it with thought, feeling, and belief.  To influence the fabric of existence, we must consciously create with our intent.  Prayers are more than just reciting words and chants, it is to be done with feeling, with purpose, and with intent.  The combination and arrangement of words isn’t what makes prayer powerful, but what comes from our hearts.  By feeling and making a vibration, we send that wave out to influence the infinite probabilities and possibilities in the universe.

Intent and strong feeling are the ways that we create our vibration, and manage the frequency of our wave.   Every feeling, mindset, emotion, and thought has a corresponding coherent wave pattern that propagates outward into the fabric of the universe.  As it moves through the infinite potential energy, it creates further waves and ripples, and influences all of the energy it comes into contact with.  When praying, our intent and pure emotion are the catalysts that actually shape the universe around us, that collapse all of the waves into existence, into reality.  We create and shape the world around us with simple, natural, human feelings.

But the caveat from Heisenberg again is that we can influence the wave with our energy, but when we observe it collapses.  In prayer, if we are so tied up and entangled with our intent, trying to observe our reality and call it into existence at the same time, we make the energy collapse.  Intent fails if we are attached to the outcome of our prayers, for the energy cannot occupy both states; we can know it as wave/vibration or as particle/location due to uncertainty.  The most important part of effective prayer and manifesting is to be free of attachment to the outcomes, so that your vibration and intent are not interfered with by observation.

The ego mind plays the biggest role in attaching to the outcomes, as it is focused upon controlling the ‘how’ of the universe, or the particular way and pattern the energy expresses itself.  But we cannot bend the universe to our will; we can work with it to influence and shape the expression of its energy.  Instead of wishing, hoping for something to come to pass, we must instead be and feel the vibration that we wish to experience, that we wish to send out and influence the rest of the universe.  One must feel, completely and wholly, that an intent or outcome already exists in the universe, is already happening.  By surrounding ourselves with our new reality, our present reality grows to encompass the new vibration.

With this new glimpse at the mechanics of prayer, we see people all around the world, whether knowingly or unknowingly, constantly shape their daily existence.  The universe is made of energy, and to better understand and interact with it, we need to only speak in its language; emotion. Prayer molds the medium, and paints the picture of the world around us. We simply need to be the vibration, be the wave, and be the change in the world that we want to see.  We aren’t waiting for the world to change, it is already happening, right now, in each moment. As we all consciously focus our awareness, intent, and emotion to call forth the vibrations and the energy we wish to experience in our universe.

About the Author

Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and physicist. His passion and interest are in bridging the gaps in the dominant paradigm, uniting science and spirituality into one journey of consciousness, and elevating the vibration of humanity. To learn more about Adam, please visit his personal blog, The Wanderlust. Find him on Facebook at Gateway Explorations.





  1. Aye good stuff right enough. Am I correct in assuming that you’re from the US. Americans seem obsessed with flag country and religion. I’m from the UK, I don’t pray, mostly because it does nothing for me. As for this site in general it’s ok. Way back, well not that long ago but a couple of hundred years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte said that history was just a series of lies that have been agreed upon by statesmen. Socrates said that no-one returns from war unharmed. It’s always been the fucking same. Now however via the internet we can reach a far larger audience, though the fat controllers are working overtime to try to stop that. Conspiracy theory ie the term conspiracy theory was dreamed up by the CIA, to silence dissent in the wake of the JFK assassination cover up, and the fat controllers use their control of the media, film industry, publishing and education to include anything ridiculous they can find into the world of conspiracy theory. By doing this with UFO sightings usually by someone who looks like Cletus out of the Simpsons or by Dr Judy wood or Alex Jones, we can easily be discredited. Chomsky and George Galloway still deny 9/11 was a false flag attack.
    There is a lot of diss-info out there and only the ones that can be discredited by the controllers will be allowed mainstream airtime. For that reason I am still waiting to form a judgement on Russel Brand. He could be another gate keeper in the making. They let Galloway rip the pish out of the US congress to give him credibility. We are in this together guys, but be wary, they aint stupid, and if you can think it so can they. Good luck.

  2. I’ve come to question how quantum physics is used now-a-days to explain everthing spiritual. That “we must be and feel the vibration that we wish to experience” and that this somehow creates, in some wholesale way, the reality we prefer. That’s not to say that our thoughts and feelings aren’t the main vehicles with which we experience and interact in the world.

    I’ve come to view prayer (meditation, contemplation) as a means of re-establishing conscious recognition of our natural connection with the source of awareness, love and creative intelligence, to foster those innate qualities within us and thereby create a solid foundation from which to operate in the world, as, in this world, action (doing) is the bottom line. Just some thoughts anyway.

  3. I understand this well intuitively and from personal experience, and it is how I believe manifestation works, partly. There are so many different languages in the world, and it’s not as if there is somebody or something listening and saying, in the person’s own language, “Yes, I will grant you that”, or “No, no, you can’t have that”.

    When a person prays, they are actually communicating with their higher selves, so it is right to turn the focus inward. Words need to be avoided as they are clumsy and inadequate tools. Imagination, visualisation and emotion are key. Emotion is energy in motion, energy that is moving, e-motion.

    I once wanted to rent a particular house, and thought my chances may be slim. But I used this technique, along with going round to the empty house and looking through the windows and visualising where I would put the furniture. I even bought a new keyring for the house, in anticipation. I got the house and lived there very happily for two years.

  4. Personally I call this communication instead of prayer, but essentially it’s the same thing. What I’ve found recently is the inner voice communicating the opposite of what my conscious mind wants, not in some negative programming sort of way but more in the understanding of the path of least resistance. Exploring :-D

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