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Media Gets Bold – RT Declares 9/11 An Inside Job False Flag Attack


The alienated foes of American imperialism are making their move. This is a pretty profound statement in this fairly mainstream format. The tinderbox is getting hotter by the minute. They’re gonna have to pull something nasty and dramatic to shift this paradigm of growing public perception. Be prepared but don’t fear. – Zen



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  1. “The task has in recent days become more daunting. Members of Congress return to Washington on Monday after mostly being besieged by their constituents to vote against action. Getting an authorising resolution through the Senate looks difficult; prospects of passage by the House look even tighter, with more than 200 members already indicating their opposition.

    What happens on Capitol Hill in the next days may determine whether missiles aimed at Syria are fired and also shape the legacy of Mr Obama, whose authority, at home and abroad, is surely on the line. While the President could theoretically ignore a “no” vote in Congress and order strikes anyway, to do so would almost surely elicit an impeachment effort by conservative and Tea Party Republicans.”” (The Independent)

    This goes to show that ‘people power’ can and does make a difference. At the very least – it buys time – and when we are faced by the potential of a global war – time becomes a very precious commodity.

    • Yes – I’ve been imagining them regrouping and scrambling to retool this idiocy to sell it – and the word comes down from the overlords “If you don’t get your asses in there I’m sicking the Zionists on them – and you! Now move it!” Ha! Gallows humor, I know, but dems de apples…

    • I would be glad his authority was on the line in a situation like this and although it is obvious he is getting his orders from somewhere that is not ‘the people’ and it definitely not common sense, then this is a movement of empowerment, not, dis-empowerment. One thing this guy said that has always stuck in my mind ‘ you can’t change the whitehouse from the inside’. Obviously meaning it has to be done by the people from the outside. If the people got more involved instead of being passive gorpers then maybe he could turn out very useful for the people.

  2. The elephant in the room is engulfing the entire house…slowly and steadily. My gut says the NWO’s marching orders contain something so horrific, that no one dare say a word after…if they can speak at all. I so wish that my gut feeling is wrong.

    • My sense as well Randall. I think it is naive of us to think that anything on capital hill comes as a surprise to the parasites. This has been scripted for effect. An unusual period of contemplation and restraint designed to heighten the emotional and psychological impact of the next colossal event.

  3. They ´re gonna push something nasty- most probably- BUT they will only create awareness and disgust towards theirselves.
    Everything they can accomplish is sadness in the face of agony, but people all over will very soon- if not instantly- look through the ever thinner veil of poor, blatant lies which the Zionists are hastingly and carelessly trying to weave with the employmennt of a prybar.
    Their desperation is justified in the ever growing light of truth energy.
    The more they push the more people awake and gather for the sake of their lifes!

    THE KING IS NAKED!!!!!!!

  4. We are long overdue for the recognition of truth to become mainstream; feels a bit closer but I too suspect it will be derailed by something many times uglier… They will not relinquish control gracefully, they rather sink the ship along with them, other than accept their fate like dark warriors they are. Much love needed.

    • yes – it’s parallel – two worlds reaching maturation, like cell division, only this is kind of light from dark – or the old analogy, wheat from tares (invasive parasitic weeds..)

  5. It is clear that the “Old World Order” is being exposed for the corrupt entity that it is (created that way?), and the “New World Order” is “waiting in the wings”………naw!! can’t be, forget what I said.

  6. Okay…it IS ‘scary’….but THAT IS THEIR MODUS OPERANDII! Ruling through FEAR!! The classic ‘bully’ approach with some seriously insidious, means, being used to achieve their ‘dark’ endgame. All of which is paid for by public monies, while ‘they’ hike up their own obscene remuneration for distinguished careers in ‘BS Propogation’..and misleading their nations and using murder and violence against them. It’s disgusting.The PTW are being ‘found wanting’ in no uncertain terms…they are found to be the real ‘bad guys’….THAT changes everything. Many may be reluctant to accept these TRUTHS…but the Human Spirit KNOWS when it is being suppressed and that, ‘reluctance to accept’ is the ‘HOW’ of that ‘suppression’. It is a HABIT! Give yourselves a ‘break’, you’ve been TRAINED TO BE AFRAID…ALL YOUR LIVES! What is ‘learned’ can be UNLEARNED’ It’s like everything else…TEMPORARY!! As long as you keep your minds and Hearts OPEN…they can no longer ‘fool’ you…like Ivana said…ahem: ‘Don’t get mad….get EVERTYHING’ (that you are entitled to as a sovereign Being on their Home planet). Stop believing them, paying them, trusting them or obeying them….your input keeps the ‘wheels’ greased…time for a full Grease & Oil change ain’t it people?

  7. Problem is, as much as we want truth to get out, I imagine that someday it will be used to expose the governments around the world, which will show the world how evil and corrupt our leaders are and get people to see the solution this wonderful new one world government and its savior leader.

  8. Both the poster at the head of this article and the video perpetuate the myth that 911 was done only by Osama bin Laden and a bunch of traitors in the Bush regime. This does not pass the litmus test for being a ‘911 Truth’, because it does not mention the vital Israeli connection.
    The Security at the Twin Towers and the Logan Airport in Boston were controlled by an Israeli/Mossad related company. A night watchman at the WTC reported that in the months preceding the attacks, after the cleaning company’s fleet of white vans left the WTC in the middle of the night, another fleet of white vans arrived. When he followed them one night to investigate who they were and what they were doing he always found locked doors, and reported hearing the sounds of heavy grinding and industrial activity…
    The 911 demolition took months to set up, and the people involved all had connections to the Israeli Security company and Urban Moving Systems, another firm with Israeli connections, who moved out of their offices before the end of their lease – two weeks before the towers were pulverised into dust.
    The “Dancing Israelis” and other vans of Israelis arrested with traces of explosives on 911 were also found in Urban Moving Systems white vans. Unaccountably, they were all deported back to Israel without ever facing charges by then Attorney General Mukasey – a Zionist.
    Evil does not exist on its own; evil only arises when ignorant, dysfunctional and loveless people misuse their power. ?How is it that these evil people flourish among us – pretending to do good – while all the time manifesting and perpetrating evil?
    We in the West are supposed to be the good guys on the world stage, but it is being clearly revealed every day that we in fact are the real terrorists in this world.
    It is sad, but true – and terrifying.?
    Cognitive Dissonance anyone?

    • I am beginning to believe that 911 was supposed to trigger some sort of spiritual awakening. A purposeful event to snap so many out of their superficial materialistic slumber.

        • Anyone who worked in the trade center was legitimate cannon fodder, when you consider what the WTC actually stood for. We obviously could continue to observe this from a “house of mirrors” perspective, but 911 was not an isolated incident and many more, seemingly insignificant, similar events, have occurred throughout history to spearhead the “tides of change”. Was this one as you say “used” yes and no, I would be more inclined to look at it as answering the “final bell”, which went off unheard, as shown by the subsequent continuation of the Republican/Democrat dialectic resulting in the “thing” that assumed the “reigns” in the U.S.

  9. everyone already knows it is the jews, EVERYONe has known it for a while. even if we are ignorant of them doing
    911, jfk, patton, ww1, ww2, okc, pretty much everything…
    we know in our hearts it is them which is why we turn away because we know the battle to take them down will be so painful and we will have to confront pure evil and even more so confront ourselves.. our weakness, savagry and all our shame.

    not so easy for good gentle folk.. aka gentiles.

    we gotta ease the work now by making it clear that judiasm is not a race.. but a kind of spiritual supremacists virus. taking away the race part of it will really help people.

    we need local leaders taking a stand in every community, speaking out about the jews and confronting them directly while being protected.
    this is what will save us and the only way to do it is to ask God for help, just as Jesus did.

  10. The long kiss goodnight movie 1996 speaks of bombing the world trade center killing 4000 people and Alex Jones interviews Aaron Russo who tells of Nickolas Rockefeller informing him 11 months before 9-11 that there was going to be an event to gather public support to attack Afghanistan, Iraq and three other countries.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1vwjFhF4dA – Trailer – Watch it closely, even the conversation at the end.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSGZ4Hkdyg4 – Interview with Aaron Russo

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