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Meet the Ruling Faces of Evil


by Zen Gardner

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With the human face it’s even more revealing, especially the eyes.

Politicians and many other public figures, if you’ve ever seen a professional one up close, have almost a waxen stiffness and sheen to their phony, memorized expressions, as well as eyes that emanate something wrong. Most public and power characters need to be caught off guard to reveal their true nature, but it’s not necessary. Usually it’s in plain sight.

To the intuitive, it’s always clear.

The eyes are the ‘windows of their souls’, while their expressions can also intermittently give away their true nature. But certainly, “actions speak louder than words.”

Here’s a quick selection of some current and past leaders, power brokers and influential people of questionable intent and deeds. My comments only serve to single out my impressions and not tell you what to think. This is my casual speculation, for your consideration and to provoke re-evaluation.

Look for the light in many of their eyes–it’s not there.

You might see something else though, something very troubling. Much of this is the opposition to humanity, conscious or unconsciously.

Here we go…hold on…

Gotta start from the extremely absurd strutting as the “vicar of Christ” of all things….strap in….



Kept him “head of the class”. Those are just plain disturbing. In fact, it’s surreal…


I KNEW I’d seen that face before!

Wanna couple more?


These guys are heavy-hitters. See any love? Don’t screw with the Vatican..more control and power than you can shake a sceptre at. Pope Paul and Pope Benecioasaurus…..or whoever… Need I name names? ;) Research their lives…


Catholics don’t have a monopoly on Pedophelia either…anonymous Mullah making his pick. Ah, the religious schtick…


Rothschild Zionist World Bank head Robert Zoellick..with adoring co-globalist Bill Gates in the background

Speaking of shady stuff…right out of a B movie–but the Chaney has had tremendous power and influence for decades, responsible for the deaths of millions while trying to fulfill the Machiavellian Masonic neocon mission.

Nazi Ark raider Major Toht comes in a light second to Cheney…. [“hat” tip – Gus]

A mission that clearly inspires him. “oooooooo happy day….”


Talk about slimy. This sickening sell-out is a Zionist police-state plant to the max.

Playing the untouchable mild mannered ‘nice Jewish man’, Mr. Patriot Act/Surveillance/Censorship is on an unholy crusade for the House of Rothschild to annihilate any last vestiges of liberty, freedom and sovereignty.

Check his record…although his distorted, lying face speaks volumes…


Shifty Joe by day…

Shape-shifty Joe by night


Barney Frank dresses up for a photo shoot…long story told short.


Sing along…”Where has all the money gone, long time passing…”

Rothschild executor Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sucks Chief Manipulator and Thief In Charge..and we just watch.

That just begged to be pubbed…..

Speaking of Banksters…


How to ruin a country and make it pay. Global takeover stooges Bernanke, Paulson, Bush and Greenspan. Yes, they work for higher ups and they are screwing us.



Speaks for itself. Corruption comes with the territory…but doesn’t seem to make them happy, does it?


Reaping what he sowed in bad PR and karma. You want power? Comes with a price….insanity.                                                                                  (Source)

Ouch…that hurts the eyes…

“And if that light that is in you be darkness, how great is that darkness.” Wow. Hillary is something else.


“How YOU doin?” Mafia boys: Robert DeNiro type Egyptian puppet Mubarak, and the Masonic ‘pretend bad guy’ Putin–all in the game. (posted before Egyptian takedown)


I know. Icy, like the country. Remind you of a wolf?


Putin rival and Rothschild agent, notorious Russian oligarch Boris Berezovski. Pleasant fellow.

Vladimir Lenin looms large. Ruthless comes to mind. You’d hide your children if you saw this guy on the street. In retrospect, an obvious demon. Then, just another “charismatic leader”.


Zionist manipulating media mogul Rupert Murdock. A face you can trust.

(Using an open hand, cover his mouth and above, leaving only his chin frown….see the alien?…….freaky!)


More media mogul madness. “Mouth from the South” eugenicist Ted Turner implodes. Lovely people, I know.


Another mind-controlling media behemoth, Viacom, also sports a friendly face for its head, Sumner Redstone. Lizards unite!

Now we’re getting honest…this could apply to several mugs you’ll see here. Kaa-reepy. Entities with no empathy, just a lust for power and control and the execution of the plan that benefits them and theirs, whatever the cost to anyone else. “It’s just business.”


Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. Keep an eye on him. “A man of fierce countenance” for sure. Scary.

That shot could be a Big Brother billboard very easily. Amazing.

Speaking of which: Orwell’s famous predictive programming image


You could replace that image with most national leaders today. Orwell was “on the take” and prepping us for today, btw, like Aldous Huxley. Read their books again and see if your skin doesn’t crawl.

This one’s clinical. Young psychopath in waiting. Very troubling, and revealing.

Seems Tony hadn’t quite perfected his lying smile yet, like here:


Mr. Teethy Smiles (don’t forget the eyes) – Sun symbolism and all to go along with his switch to Catholicism. Strange, occultic badass in a shiny suit. How they LOVE bold disguises!


Life imitates art—-or which way is it again? Whatta smile!

David Rockefeller just plain can’t smile.  What lurks in there….whew. Another Batman character pales in comparison.

Don’t worry, he’ll pay. They all will…and so will we. Sow love and truth, it comes back quick!


Earlier Rockefeller powerbroker/bankster/Illuminist. Nelson in offical White House photo. Evil’s not a happy place.


Strange memorial: Think Time Magazine (founded by Bonesman “Baal” Henry Luce) had an “inside” message? Very creepy death mask with very “pronounced” shnoz message to the “brethren”? How they honor their own.


Speaking of Bonesmen, here’s “Temporary”…..son of “Magog” his father…(I kid you not)…with fellow bonesman John Kerry..and we weren’t supposed to question this?


How they love to be cloaked in the flag. The smirk of assured confidence…so they think….


A couple of evil crows for the ages. Never mind Skull and Bones ‘Magog’ George, even the neocons fear Barbara, alleged daughter of Aleister ‘Crow’ley.


“Dad, is that you?”. Mr. Evil Eye himself, Aleister “The Beast” Crowley.

Barb’s frisky unwed mother, Pauline Pierce, did hang with him and the OTO gang, for real.

Wondering yet? (Go here)


Nice face. Freemasonic master magus of the 33rd Degree, General Albert Pike, sporting Baphomet symbol.

You’ll find a statue ‘honoring’ him in Washington DC. After all, our government was founded on and is laced with Freemasonry.


Speaking of Freemasons, here’s neocon John Bolton giving a sign.


Take a good look. This former UN Ambassador is gonna have war with Iran if he has to do it himself.

And he wants to be Prez. Wound’t that be ducky.

Now a trip back in time again…

Léon Trotsky and Jacob Schiff: communist birds of a feather and Rothschild agents……and….


Meet the (agent) father of the parasitic Federal Reserve–Paul Warburg. Nice to know the forefathers of our slavery.

And another old cronie from hell, below….


Pol Pot, mass murderer of millions in Cambodia. Cooly evil. There is no empathy with these entities. They are not one of us. Do not expect any form of guilt, remorse or ability to reason.

As for modern mass murdering, now sanitized by fake ‘science’…


A world that exalts evil. Wicked Monsanto corporation’s CEO Hugh Grant being lauded for their genetically modified Seeds of Deception and attempt to take over  the world’s food supply. Backwards world. Corporate evils on the rise.

Robber Bankster Richard S. Fuld lying before congress about his 500 million dollar takaway from Lehman Bros before it went under.  A pure breed of greed rules Wall Street. Everyone knows it, but….


Speaking of mind control…..all that crazed ambition takes its toll–or more than meets the eye?

…”buzz–click–whirrrr–rebooting…please wait..instructions forthcoming..”


Now power ladies, let’s get along….. Michelle Obama giving the evil eye to France’s 1st Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

I think we can do better with Michelle though….


Here ya go…closer                                                                                     (source)


Poor Joe…”What a tangled web we weave” when the truth has nothing do with anything you say…

The darkness just oozes out of Rahm Emmanuel

Keeping Up With the Candidates

Rahm as one of Chicago’s choices for Mayor. Look at Rahm–spooky. Is this where “darkhorse candidate” gets its name? ..as if the others ever had a chance. Talk about an “outsider”..whew


Now who do YOU think’s in charge here? Rahm and David Axelrod having a good smirk.


Globalist Zionist agent David Axelrod, Illuminati conduit to the White House


Keep an eye on these guys–Zionists in bed with the NSA only spells bad.

In fact, they’re keeping an eye on YOU..


Try Googling “google and the NSA”…eye-opener…


You really think this Zionist “overnight wonder” Zuckerberg of Facebook wasn’t helped along the way? C’mon….look at the absurd reviews and awards the lousy movie got..nevermind the incredible spying facility it’s become….


“dropped out of Harvard to become….”…where’s the garage story? C’mon, build the myth, people…some say he’s Mossad…that’s the age group they use, wouldn’t be surprised.


Fierce globalist Maurice Strong, father of the global warming and CO2 scams.


The baby faced George Soros of globalist environmentalism. These boys are driven.


“Come out come out, whoever you are.” Attorney General thug John Ashcroft and friends. We could do a whole gallery just on AGs, very important fascist post. They pick hard-nosed stinkers, if you haven’t noticed.

+ =

Ah, the clean cut image. Former Solicitor General Ted Olson, who either sacrificed or hid his wife Barbara (left) and lied about a phone call on 9/11, also hopes to be Attorney General. Aren’t we blessed with good leadership.

It’s since been proven the call was never made or received, but too late, the phony ‘eye witness boxcutter story’ it generated was branded into the collective consciousness and off to ‘war on terror’ we went. (Photo montage)

Neocon Alley. PNAC members and some of the 9/11 conspirators.

William Kristol, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams and Douglas Feith.

“Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting.”–just like the phony fellow below…

Nothing like an honest, natural man to preach at you. Freemason con man Pat Robertson ‘glories’ in the limelight.


Some didn’t expect this one. This one’s called “conniving Bill-derberger”. This baby faced smirky Gates fellow with those lying, self righteous eyes was ‘set up’ with Microsoft and was groomed in a eugenicist family for one thing: population control and financing the NWO. The “philanthopist” image is the next level. Total crock.

Speaking of elite fascist depopulationists… Warren Buffet,  Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jacob Rothschild.

“Vee shall beeld ze ovens ova day-ah….”


Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni when asked, “How DO you pounce on a young defenseless Palestinian?”


Notice anything wrong? This woman is on remote control…and the controller is a vicious attack dog. Alarming.

Speaking of rabid Zionist attack dogs…here’s…

The “professor of Torture”, and “Police State advocate”…

Alan Dershowitz.

Alan Dershowitz, insane Zionist supremacist. (and guess what….he’s an attorney). Read up on him, this dude is bad to the bone.

(Source). Besides avidly supporting torture, “Dershowitz addressed a “small fringe” group of Jewish supremacist Chabadists of “only” 6072 (six thousand and seventy two) at a Chabad Lubavitch conference”.

Insane Illuminati “artist” Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund. Disturbing to the max. He paints evil as well.


‘Rogue’ (because he was caught) Bankster Agha Hasan Abedi,  BCCI founder.

Think there’s something to this “love of money” and “evil” connection?

BCCI founder Agha Hasan Abedi

” If any official had wanted to be bribed, BCCI’s founder, the late Agha Hasan Abedi was ‘your man'”-BBC story

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has been comparedto Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong.

“Many an evil leader has done great developmental work. Mao Zedong developed China, but he caused destruction to the country too.” Modi is alleged to be behind the infamous Gujarat riots where hundreds were murdered and tortured.

Not too cool to be likened to this guy:

Freemason monster Mao Zedong, probably the biggest mass murderer in history, responsible for the deaths hundreds of millions of his countrymen at the behest of international banksters and world manipulators.


This guy’s a little scary to me, since he tends to move around and work behind the scenes a lot running ops. Besides pushing the carcinogen aspartame down our throats and heading up any barbaric corporation he can, Rumsfeld led us straight into 9/11 while pulling off the biggest pillaging of the Defense Department in history.

Wussup now, Remmy? Doin’ well for yourself?


A closer look behind the usual condescending, arrogant squint.

Interesting contrapostioning there…evil controller and vapid puppet?


Maxine Waters. Need I say more? I will anyway…

Congresswoman and senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee. (Whatthe..?)

Go figure.


And now to the priviledged, the elite, the “upper” class, who divinely rule our petty lives……

‘Princess” Gloria von Thurn und Taxis (whew). Royal bloodline does the Dracula look well. Don’t worry, it’s all ‘sanctified’ by crosses.

In 2001 Princess ‘TnT’ acutely observed in a television interview that the higher AIDs rate is Africa is due the fact that “the blacks like to copulate (‘schnackseln’) a lot“, later qualifying it’s due to the heat. (Yes, that’s true.)


Couldn’t help it. Again, Disney has a lot to work with amongst their Illuminati ‘community’.

Bildergerger Queen Beatrix of Holland, smugly sporting enough bling to feed most of Africa, smug devil.


Meet Beatrix’ creepy father, Prince Bernhard, now deceased. Same German bloodline as other ‘royalty’.

Why exactly do they rule over us again? I see fear in his eyes.

F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1970s- Shriner and 33rd Degree Freemason.

Something in there’s looking back at us under that stretched skin suit……


Washington insider Chris Dodd. They say you can tell when he’s lying..it’s if his lips are moving.


‘Leadership we can believe in’….ugh. These wicked contorted people worship one thing – power.


Condoleezza Rice–another sell out to “the program”. “We never conceived of planes hitting the twin towers”….and donkeys fly. Another NWO go-fer and neocon for hire. Smart, but not in the right way.


One of the creepiest of all – John D. Rockefeller. What exactly IS that skin stretched over…?

Odo of Star Trek may know where Rocky’s really from…

Speaking of which is this classic. Some believe that reptilians are influencing us. Could be.  Evil spirit behind 5 US Presidents, Bzezinski sure gives credence to the idea. David Icke just may be right. Something drives these people.

Daughter Mika Brzezinski, TV news talking head. Wonder how she landed the job? Was it the family sneer? Oh how they love the limelight!


Back to an earlier batch, J. Paul Getty. They’re not just evil, they’re strange and even alien-esque in some cases.


Ditto the above. Strange contrast between him and the flower–on purpose?

One of the lovely art pieces featured at the Getty Museum. Dracos at lunch. Fitting.

Ah, but “where are the Rothschilds?” you ask. Probably all over this page through the bloodline.

But meet up and coming Nathaniel Rothschild, mega wealthy heir to the dynasty. He’s a Scottish wild child turned financier, linked to all kinds of dirty deals. Watch out for him.

OK, by popular demand here’s another somewhat obscure but ‘fully inhabited’ Rothschild…

‘Baroness’ Philippine de Rothschild – Check the Baphomet neck piece who she’s heavily chained to.

Creepy enough?


In happier times she just plain wears Satan chained around her neck. Or is she chained around Satan’s neck?

And who says ‘royalty’ can’t have fun? Unbelievable what parades around as human.

Again, we’ve seen these faces somewhere else it seems…


Guess we know where Disney gets their inspirations–close acquaintances?

Ursula here from occult-ridden ‘Little Mermaid’ even has the heavy neckpiece….hmmmm

And ‘who’s your daddy, girl?’

The Baron Philippe de Rothschild himself . Yeah, baby….reptoids rule. Lovely couple. Reminds me again…


Again, which imitates which?  The smirk with dead eyes redux.

OK, more from the Rothschild archives (boy they’re a dark, occult bunch)…


Famous for her lavish, occult parties, the ‘black widow’ Marie Helene de Rothschild. Now she packs(ed) a wollop.

…and the French long for their “last queen of Paris”. Talk about a brainwashed, upside down world.

Here’s another ‘classy frenchman’ mooching off the body politic….


They’re laughing at us “cattle”. Etienne Alphonse de Rothschild… blah blah blah

The now (and then?) deceased British Bankster Guy de Rothschild. Looks like a life of evil has paid off “handsomely”. The ‘cryptic’ program of the Illuminati takes on new meaning.

Evelyn de Rothschild, British financier, getting his smug on. Comes naturally.


Get a good look at recent (bulbous) head of the Rothschild dynasty, Jacob Rothschild. You interpret that look.

Word is, the torch has been passed to his son Nathan (see earlier). Oh no, ANOTHER demigogue who thinks he’s ‘king of the world’. Sheesh….”next”…


We now pause all this evil for a MID GALLERY BREAK…..a little humor at the expense of gallery members from thepeoplescube.com….

In a hastily convened press conference this morning, renowned civil rights leaders Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson confessed to harboring racist attitudes themselves, something they were admittedly quick to fault in others. Both Sharpton and Jackson made brief, prepared statements before admitting themselves to the Rush Limbaugh Treatment Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.Al Sharpton was the first to speak. “I always knew that anybody opposing Barack Obama for any reason was a racist. The only reason anybody spoke up at a town hall meeting to oppose health care reform was because Obama is black, period. Then it hit me.”

Obama: I will personally answer any and all prayers made on their behalf.


OK, back to the nasties…

Lenin and Stalin

Get a load of Lenin and Stalin scheming in 1922. And you don’t believe in conspiracies?


This lady’s serious. Heavy handed German Chancellor Merkel, former Prez of the European Council, is sold out to the Illuminati plan to shove the EU down Europe’s throat. However, she recently learned they ain’t playin’ games and don’t take criticism very well…


Full-blown possessed ruthless dictator Robert Mugabe–installed by the CIA. Ah, liberty. “People who love people.”


9/11 Murder-for-money Zionist Larry Silverstein. What a face. Roadmap to disaster.

Ol’ Larry just happened to not show up for his daily breakfast at the top of the WTC on 9/11. And whaddya know, he actually MADE money off those buildings dropping in their footprints.

Hell was made for people like him…..if he is human.

David Dees nails him:


Low life form in his natural body explaining about demolishing building 7, “So I said just pull it.”

Mega-Zionist Activist and money mogul Ronald S. Lauder – ‘Uncle Sleaze’.

This obvious ‘bringer of darkness’ helped shoehorn Larry the Cockroach into the super lucrative WTC deal that soon murdered millions to justify a war on innocent Arabs, Afghanis and Americans and obtain their territories at the expense of anyone.

Nice to have inside friends…from hell. One of the less-publicized, hidden evil faces of many.

(Why do they all seem to think a tie cleans them up? That is one ugly, dirty spirit.)


News Item:

Pelosi Asks Director Steven Spielberg For Help Rebranding Democrats’ Image…

You can’t rebrand evil. . .(Source)

..but she DID ask the right insider. Another Illuminati image-shifting mole who hides behind a benign ‘artist’ front.


I know….you could photoshop the heck out of this one or have a caption fest for a good laugh.

Take a good look at all three of them. These lying, self-serving entities are feasting on you and your family.

Surprised? Fiercely promoted supposed ‘voice of the people’ media mogul Walter Cronkite, Illuminati war monger.

“As the Masons would point out, ‘he was the smooth side of the wall.'” -Russell Olausen

‘Uhh..uhh..I did not have sex with that woman’ Next lie. This scampering opportunist can’t tell the truth if he wanted to. Bubba wants it soooo bad. And his nose does appear to be growing accordingly.


“I give up–my evil eye and maltese templar cross give me away….I’m a tool of the Illuminati but it’s not my fault!” Televangelist fraud Benny Hinn comes clean…;)…lowest of the low scum…


Robert Schuller, used Christian salesman. Total fraud, freemason and harbinger of lies and darkness. Husk.

Freaky chick. Read up on her…if you dare. Bloodline starts with ‘blood’…and she looks thirsty…


Mr. ‘Push the Agenda’–as well as push the gullible programmed Americans’ buttons– Netanyahu. Way beyond mean.


The true black Pope, still the power behind the scenes, in front of his ‘hive’. Jesuit leader Kolvenbach…might as well be Klovenhoof. Otherworldly is all I can say. These satanic entities hiding in sheep’s clothing are monsters.


Here’s a better look into the evil power behind the Jesuit controlled Vatican. “Bless me father for I have sinned.” Yeah, right, you devil incarnate.


Rabid Zionists Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield and David Ben-Gurion.

Bloomfield, member of the OSS, CIA, Mossad, SMOM etc. is said to be behind many assassinations including JFK,  along with his boyfriend J. Edgar Hoover and the American Defense Industrial Security Command.


Look him up. His string of dark credentials and connections will make your head spin. His records are being withheld beyond the set release date. Guess why. Nasty bastard hit man for the Illuminti controllers.


Class clown? Right, nice cover. Need I say more? What a pathetic, power-crazed woman…admittedly sucks up and reports to the CFR–the globalist Council on Foreign Relations. Sickening sell out warmonger and do-anything agent.


I’m telling you, it’s in the blood….Yikes. “Looooook into my eyesssss.”


“Yes, Master, I’m coming…”   Jiang Zemin, former heavy handed oppressive premier of China


Vapid comes to mind. Trying to remember his lines? Mind controlled? Pitiful go-fer? This Timothy Geitner fellow is one of their worst ‘actors’ and obviously keeps ‘blowing his lines’.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, are we?..or just rewarding ‘family’.


Here’s a two-fer. Evil birds of a feather eugenecist Michael Chertoff, Zionist plant, and Chinese co-exterminator Luo Gan.

Beady eyed Chertoff deserves a close up. And this is his GOOD picture, the one he wanted us to see? Wow.

Puppet power broker Madeleine Albright. Scary.

Remind you of anything?


Research the meaning of the owl symbol for an ‘eye-opener’. (Hint: It’s not wisdom, and starts with the letter Moloch)

Reminds me of “Big Sis” Napoleon-itano as well…


Feeling more secure now? And she’s now available at your neighborhood Walmart!


Where’s the love, George? So much money, so little light. So-ros, so-wrong. Major Illuminati stooge.

Kiss-of-Death-inger – CEO of the New World Order? Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ comes to life. Oink.


The smug life of the pitiful go-fer. Check the fearful eyes and forced smiles around the room.

Henry Kissinger way back with an earlier boss Golda Meir…and don’t be fooled, this Rothschild plant Meir was no sweetie either….


Heavy (and very weird) handed, much like this modern day version below…(IS that a hand?…or a hoof?)

Darkness to the bone…


Thug. Bigtime. Is he telling someone to shush, or else?

Here’s a study in evil–uber Zionist Ehud Barak, believed by some to be the 9/11 mastermind, never mind Gaza butcher, and co-sculptor of Israeli/American aggression on the world.

Google his images–the vibrations are so bad you can only look for so long…

Epilogue for now

The list goes on of course, and will grow, but here’s a taste to “wonder” about. Some are obviously more deliberately yielded to evil than others. Many in the matrix of power don’t know what they’re doing, or really think they’re doing the right thing. Others are caught and can’t get out or speak up for fear of reprisals.

But you have to admit, when you string ’em together it does paint quite a picture!

The good thing is that these freaks are in the minority. To not contribute to, or participate in their schemes in any way possible is paramount. Detach, detach, detach. If enough people would do that the structure would come down.

Always wondering, Zen


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  1. Hi Zen,

    first of all, thank you for your inspiring work! I wanted to show you and your readers something interesting about my country (Germany). So we never get back real sovereignty since 1945, we have a society that, on a psychological level, also never get back to normalty. What I wanted to show is a picture of the backside of our citizen identity card (upside down). Every grownup is compelled to always have it with him! It shows a clear picture of who owns this country now:


    Much love from Berlin,


    • Thanks Marc – not at all surprised. They love to brag. It’s shocking how brazen they’ve become…but that’s when they expose themselves. Cheers. Zen

  2. This is a total classic . One for the archives . L.M.A.O. all the way through it . Did notice one thing though . The scum in the ” bloodlines ” had lifeless eyes . Along with some of our so-called politicians .

    If anybody is interested , there is a book by Cathy O’ Brien titled “Trance-formation of America “. I recently read this and if you thought the Bush’s , Reagan , Cheney , both Clinton’s , Ollie North , and the country music scene were into ” family values ” , you are in for a rude awakening .

    After I read that book , the only ” family values “they have are akin to the Manson family . Thanks for letting me vent , keep up the great work Zen .

  3. The Living Dead!! If you ever see sick – for the sake of it – porn or execution videos (morbid curiosity!) then the bad vibes make you feel heavy in low vibrational energy and that’s what these pics make me feel…pure evil and ignorance is what they are and how unhappy they all look. Don’t they know happiness is the key to life?

  4. Zen, well done. Think this should be a fave, and added to as we move forward through the Matrix. A suggestion – Cheney in that fedora, wow if that isn’t a double-take on Nazi Major Arnold Ernst Toht (Ronald Lacey) from Raiders of the Lost Ark, I don’t know what is!! Please add :)

    I found myself reminiscing as I look at these photos. Some years ago before I fully awakened is SO believed some of these people, those like Condy Rice. She “seemed” so sincere, so demure, etc. Only to learn years later… This I am convinced is just another reason why so many people find it so hard to awaken. You get taken in by people like this, and then it’s so very hard to break away from the ultimate dupe that’s been perpetrated on you…..

    By the way, I will also add that your technique of using these dramatic photos with a short blurb about the same is very effective, a great method to awaken those still asleep, and to do it in manifesto format, i.e. with so many photos really serves well to do the difficult task of awakening others. Often times when we see one individual photo or article, it can be easily dismissed. HOWEVER, when you line hundreds of them up in rapid succession like you have done here, I feel it becomes very hard for those asleep not to be affected, either consciously or subconsciously.

    Again, well done.

    • And I will add: Your comment at the end, “Some are obviously more deliberately yielded to evil than others. Many in the matrix of power don’t know what they’re doing, or really think they’re doing the right thing. Others are caught and can’t get out or speak up for fear of reprisals.” is true.

      Although, just the Nazis at the end of WWII, claiming ignorance or any other excuse when this all comes to an end won’t make a stitch of a difference. Whether it be the hubris of the evil or the silence of the semi-evil, it doesn’t matter. All of it has led to the same result – the destruction of hundreds of millions of innocent lives….

  5. Wow Zen! Now that I see them side by side I’m having regrets about sending you that :) The resemblance is freakin’ EERIE. Gonna have nightmares tonight, yikes!

    • Ha! This gallery could go on and on…I’ve revised it 4 times and it keeps growing..and the real bad guys always out do the caricatures…but they’re a miniscule minority. Time’s almost up for them, thankfully. – Z

        • Joe, what a woeful attempt to intellectualize God. It’s like trying to stuff a tiger into your pocket, ill advised and bloody dangerous. As deeply as you suppose you have thought this through, you have not even begun to scratch the surface. Have you not heard, God resists the proud and draws near to the humble. Your words are the words of a man far away. How can you write about someone you do not know?

          • Thanks for the armchair analysis, David. You saved me mega-bucks.

            Actually, I I do not try to “intellectualize” the inscrutable ~ I’ll leave that to the intellectuals.

            No, my main gripe is that too much innocent blood has been spilled and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of an absentee landlord who apparently still loves bloody sacrifices. We no longer throw young virgins into the mouth of a volcano ~ we use high-tech weapons. It’s so much ‘cleaner’

            Perhaps, when you age more, you too will become sick and tired of wholesale death on demand. Let me know when that happens and we can both lament the need for bloodshed…

        • Dear Joe.. I feel your frustration 100%.You would have to understand the WHY God had to create a secluded planet, in which evil could do complete evil, completely. He must rectify what lucifer did to HIS family in Heaven. You can find the answer in one place: Rev. 12 God isn’t allowing evil to go on because He likes to, but because His plan will have to be played out. No one ever dies. When this earthly body stops breathing, the spirital body is born again.. people go back to where they came from. It is entirely the individual choice. The evil angels, who followed satan from heaven, stay in hell. I will go back to Heaven, because that is where I belong. God created everything. He can make all things new. Trust Him. Without Him..there is nothing. Anywhere. But God is His own timetable, and NO ONE can make Him ‘hurry’. When He moves, all things become the way before evil rebelled. It will be ALRIGHT once again. It will be here, in a breath. It is almost over.

          This is a great project of yours Zen.. evilility is soul deep.. as is goodness, longing for Justice. If the soul is dark, the physical is also.. if the soul is light, it also can be seen from without.

          • Joyce, your reply is from the heart so I won’t even attempt to pick it apart: I do not wish to destroy anyone’s religious concepts based on either personal experiential epiphanies or specific biblical dogma. My purpose is to clarify concepts based on both historical understanding and theoretical physics.

            With this in mind, I invite you to read two of my offerings on these subjects. The first is one that may be repugnant to you at first but if you stay the course it may bolster your spiritual beliefs. The second offering is a review I wrote long ago on a set of books written by Zecharia Sitchin. This too may add to your understanding of how we came to know of ‘Deity’.

            If you’re interested, click on my name and it will take you to my website.

            Sometime in the near future I will post a third offering defining my theory on dynamic information. If you can get through the first two, I promise, my third offering will be something entirely unique to any reader…

          • Hello Joe.. no room to reply to you down below… but I just found your reply. I am definitely NOT religious.. cults, in my opinion. My beliefs are not built on experiential epiphanies or specific biblical dogma. I don’t believe in epiphanies, nor most of the man-written non holy bible. The true word of God is hidden deep beneath the vatican under guard and locked doors. I have a deep & personal relationship with God, as He made each of us specifically for a purpose suited for Himself. After all, we are created by Him, for Him, and I know my specificity to Him. I have a Spiritual relationship with Him, and we all have that option, if we choose to. Trouble with earth is, most that are down here are the rebel rousers of Heaven and continue their crimes here. I am a Quantum Physics Distance Healer.. if you have heard of that..it is a tremendous gift. Given by God, to me. ..my Spirituality is factual, not an idealistic ‘illusion’. I don’t believe much in history, most that I have traced is all about the freemasons, the illuminati.. and what they worship.. which is lucifer, their ‘higher power’, a.k.a satan/devil. My beliefs are simple. I love God more than life, my only goal is to be in Heaven with Him. Nothing else matters to me.
            I am going on your site, but it looks a bit …shall I say, fanciful.. meaning a bit far out. My soul is what matters to me, I already know what is going to happen, very shortly, and where I am going.. my life on earth was spent searching for truth, and I have found it.
            If I see a place to email you on your site, I will send my comments about your site there.. All the best…..Joyce

  6. Zen, I like your depth and style. I wish we could walk around together and leisurely discuss cases. But of course I know it is probably impossible. (I don’t ever like to say, “Totally impossible.”) We could carry on the most amazing conversations.

    You definitely know faces and people. While I was reading, I realized what sets me (us, our kind) apart from the creatures in your message. I got into my head and ventured into the thoughts of all those around me in the tiny town of Opp, Alabama, and touched the crux of where my main differences lie with the characters of your piece. Mine is an abiding love, compassion, and well-wishing, first, toward myself, which then emanates from me and embraces everything I touch, including the lowliest forms of life. Yes, I even have the highest respect for bugs. When I am forced to kill one or more insects, I feel as if I am killing a being that could give me great pleasure just by communicating with me. I kill only when I must and never like to get very close mentally to its actual happening. Thus, it would take some photoshopping to fix my image up and make it anywhere near resemble those you write about. When the wealth of happiness bubbles out of one, it is just as difficult to miss seeing that as it is to miss seeing the evil in the characters you display. For the same reasons, I would bet that you, Zen, project a saintly image.

    You do really good work, Zen. May your blessings be as great as you ever require and may you be suffused only with peace and happiness from within and without.

    • Hi Adam…thanks for the comment. That gallery is pretty freaky. I hope to do one of good people with light in their eyes, so people can have a nice bath afterwards, ha. It’s just that it’s important to nail down this slippery influence that’s tearing humanity down and apart. A lie is a lie is a lie…but so few seem to discern it. The good news is as we grow more conscious and more and more wake up there’s a vibrational momentum that starts working and that’s the great thing we’re experiencing now. But we have to keep up the exposing, they are persistent bastards these entities and we need to be vigilant. Keep on, Adam. Love, Zen

  7. Bring on the ‘separating of the wheat and the chaff’ .

    This photo of Chastity…..


  8. Zen, People like you is what keeps human spirit alive…The best complied article in a long long time…Thank you for the hard work put.

    You are the best. If ever the good aliens decide to destroy this earth from these creeps, they will ask your opinion. you have so much knowledge

  9. Gotta tell a story bout politics. Several decades ago when I was in my late 20’s I sold a rich local guy a cell phone when they first came on the scene. Not to blow my horn, but this dude was so impressed how I handled the sale that he called me back for a meeting and wanted me to run for the Provincial Conservatives that run the show here in Alberta. His exact words were dont worry son well tell you exactly what to say. WOW, this was my first inkaling that the system is rigged. Sure as shootin 20 some years later its really starting to show as the seams in the fat ladies dress are starting to burst.

    After a great talk with a friend the other day he ended it by saying’

    Things are gonna blow Tom, things are gonna blow!

    Hang on to your hats folks.

  10. interesting photos. the utter contempt in maxine waters face. amazing. the freakiest face was guy rothchild. im glad we never met.

  11. While are you villifying Putin, one of the few to stand up to the Globalists?? Shame on you! You’re doing the job of the Globalists depicting him as the “boogyman.”

    • Sounds like they’ve got you fooled already. Putin appears to resist the globalists because he is paid (handsomely) to do so. Little does he know the surprise that they have up their sleeve for him. His country will evaporate faster than a gasoline spill on a hot day as they pull their strings to achieve depopulation. It serves the devil that the rider on the red horse is a communist because when they wipe him out, they can elevate their god as the saviour.

  12. Yes these “people” rape our potential and do anything to lower our frequency of thinking.. Yet I’m perplexed as to why you would put Putin in here with these things. Yes he is a wolf but he’s not their wolf.

  13. If “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” then so is “evil” and all the other PROJECTIONS mentioned here.

    It’s one of the reasons that in the tradition of the Ancient Mystery Schools (not to be confused with the modern day emaciated versions of Freemasonry, Shriners, modern Templars)
    the neophyte finds themselves confronted by demons of all hideousness – at a specific level of the entry into the inner mysteries.

    The un-evolved, immature judgemental, divided (delusional) candidate PROJECTS upon what is encountered (the demon) all his/her personal defilements, creating the experience that “the demon is the monster.” When, of course, all along, the monster is the neophyte him:herself – yet still unconscious of this fact.

    Thus, the candidate is refused entry into the inner sanctum, because clearly they are not yet ready for the responsibility which comes with such power TRUTH bestows.
    Which is a neccesity, in a world where TRUTH is known by so few – the allure to abuse such powerful influence over others must be transcended.

    With ‘whole-ness, unity’ as the truth from which all phenomena are truly known (one day, we’ll all get it!)- such ‘demons’ (the usual suspects shown) as Zen and others here use for their own PROJECTIONS – will be known for what they are.

    Back to the neophyte, the succesful candidate, when faced by the ‘gate-keeper demon,’ recognizes this apparition as it’s own reflection – thus, authentic, unstoppable, all-encompassing COMPASSION (ultimate wisdom!) arises, and the flowering of the Lotus ensues…the intelligence required to transcend the paradigm (in which the all too present “horrors” exist) of separation is accessed; and the whinging, moaning, complaining, powerless individual is transformed into the solution to all its ills – true responsibility; no-one to blame – freedom.

  14. This is interesting and very revealing! I couldn’t help but laugh until I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the monster-like comparisons beside some of these photo-ops. There is an eerie resemblance indeed! The monsters, that try to control everyone on this planet, are clearly being unveiled for the world to see now. It is beyond me how anyone can fail to see the real purpose of religions, politics, etc. Have another look at the pope’s picture above if you are still in doubt. This thread appears at a synchronistic moment for me. I have recently come to understand how the Soul energy “imprints” the physical body’s DNA strands. That is to say, the Soul’s energy form/vibration has to be a match for the physical form. It’s quite easy to see the kind of Soul energy that hides behind those physical atrocities! It is such a low vibration that their physical bodies cannot derive the energy to drive themselves. That explains why these parasites, among many other things, need to vampire the physical and psychic energy from the mass numbers of people on this planet in order to survive. This also explains why they constantly perform many hideous rituals. It’s high time for the rest of the masses to get their heads out of the sand and wake up, take a look at the obvious, and then stop giving away their life force to these bunch O’ sickening lower astral leeches! Love, Benny

    • Well said, Benny! Broken down lucidly!! Problem is the entranced masses, but the vibrational change can’t be stopped. What a shocker when they wake up to these realities! We’ll ride it like a good wave, they’re gonna get rolled in the surf…but at least they’ll finally know. Love, Zen

      • One of the comments here reads:
        “What a bunch of unclean, demon-posessed, ugly, hell-bent loosers. They have to be punished, and their punishment has already begun.”

        Kinda sums-up the attitude (which is a part of the problem) together with the idea that ‘good-people are nice-looking’, which is also being claimed here.

        If not ridiculous, in the very least, it is alarming closed-mindedness. Which is self-evident by the authors, as You refer to the ‘parasites, vampires…’ and other concepts which are evidently grossly mis-understood – all revealing the true sickness – ignorance.

        Beyond the pseudo-science/spirituality which abounds here, what is evident is the typical “it’s someone else’s fault – we’re better than them… we’ll have our day…” rhetoric. All of which disable and disassociate one from the true nature of life’s symbiosis.

        All lumped together with “…when people wake-up to…(whatever!)” which means “when people see things as I/we do.” Again, alarmingly closed-minded; with arrogance pontificating, in a vain attempt to disguise one’s contempt for all it does not understand.

        If this is a place for those who truly seek an existence where life thrives – then surely this includes the dropping of such bitter, scowling, jealous (yes, it abounds here!) attitudes towards those who are doing nothing more than exactly what You wish to do.
        Which is, “they” (to use the popular misnomer) are molding their reality according to “their” desires. You’re frustrations are not from “it’s designed that way…” as Zen penned recently – it’s because You believe You can’t do it and are powerless to do nothing more than comment on Your impending total enslavement. (hence the rebel-rhetoric of “we’ll have our day” etc)

        Relating to a person as being “evil” etc. because of how they look, is a product – entirely, of a conditioned, enslaved mind. If any truly desire to be ‘free’ then is it not required that such ‘reactionary’ diatribes be relinquished, so that the flowering of unbounded intelligence can thrive?

        We, that’s all of us (myself included) can surely do better than this.

    • “the Soul’s energy form/vibration has to be a match for the physical form. It’s quite easy to see the kind of Soul energy that hides behind those physical atrocities! ”

      Hey Benny, thanks for giving me something to chew on during my travels. My theory is that due to the times we’re living in (the increase of light energy) it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to hide their true inner nature; what’s really going on inside of the person, their motives, intent, etc.. I’ve seen this happen a lot lately just in my own life. It’s harder for me to hide what I’m really feeling. You’re not going to able to get away with ANYTHING.

      Here’s another comparison I’m sure most have seen. This guy’s uglier than sin but I still think it’s hilarious. He makes Gollum look like Prince Charming!


  15. What a bunch of unclean, demon-posessed, ugly, hell-bent loosers. They have to be punished, and their punishment has already begun.

  16. What a great collection! You found perfect photos to show the true colors of these people – uh… beings.

    Has it ever been determined if John Olson married his deceased wife? You could add in her picture as well. The two sure look similar, and many aging women would jump at the opportunity to have some facial work done, especially if it’s on our dime.




    Thanks for the laughs! This is a definite “share” piece.


  17. Obama’s a spineless boot licking moron, but I don’t think he’s “evil”.
    Cheney’s just a shell of something that I’d like to think was once human.
    Both Clinton’s – also boot lickers.
    Putin was a KGB agent. Nuff said.
    That Blair/Joker comparison’s pretty spot on.
    John D. Rockefeller and Odo! That was good.
    Bloomfield- those are truly the eyes of a mass murderer.
    Napolitano – I’ve always gotten a bad feeling from this one. Something in her eyes, not quite sure what is. She probably eats children or something.

    I’m mostly interested in seeing the hideous Rothschild/Bilderberg inbred’s. Those are the people our (s)elected representatives (tools) in office really work for.

    Liked your epilogue at the end. We need to shun the circus as much as we’re capable. Depend on the system as little as possible. Looking at it from many different angles our species is in free fall. Even if the proverbial Roman Empire wasn’t collapsing in our faces, our natural environment is just contaminated beyond repair… beyond human agency anyway. What I’m wondering is, how much worse will it all get before it gets better??????

  18. Since WW-II tens of millions of babies have been aborted throughout the world for no other reason than that they were inconvenient. If we were to peer into the eyes of the women who aborted those babies, would we see ‘evil’?

    Just wondering…

    • Wow! Joe, you are going to have to let this go. It appears that you have an enormous chip on your shoulder. If you knew the truth of who we really are and what we are doing in this (apparently) God-forsaken hell-hole, you wouldn’t sound so much like a loud orchestra of confusion. The truth is incredibly simple and to grasp it, you need to see through the innocent eyes of a child, not through the cynical eyes of a wizened old man. The truth is so majestic that it would bring us all to joyful shouting when it dawns. Be safe, be blessed and most of all, be humble.

  19. Absolutely excellent depictions of the most lewd zombies of death on Mother Earth. They are all soon to be taken out…literally!

  20. Looks like you rounded up the ‘usual suspects'(lol)…I’d like to know who’s hiding behind them!?…reptilians of the lowest order?

  21. Would you PLEASE STOP CONFUSING REAL JEWS WITH THE DAMN KHAZARS IN THESE PHOTOS! THEY ARE ARYAN,NOMADIC PEOPLE ORIGINATING FROM KHAZANIA IN THE CAUCASUS REGION!They “converted “so they could do dirty business with Christians and Muslims. they pander to vice because that is where the money is and they still make wars & human sacrifice they always did. THEY ARE NOT JEWS!
    Most real Jews avoid them!

    • Your comment has a nice ring of truth to it ~ I agree totally. Real Jews are no different from any other nationality. It’s our corrupt politicians, bankers and religious leaders who divide our world into cesspools of bloodshed. I would hope that when they are all locked up in Hell their stench won’t reach the surface of our planet again…

  22. Amazing photo collection! And doesn’t that nasty Pope Benedict look just like THE GRINCH™, in his nifty red cap? I’ve seen some photos of myself that were not too flattering. We all have our “off” days. But taken en masse, you are onto something here!

  23. Hey Zen – was just thinking – did you send a copy of this to the Occupy Bohemian Grovers this weekend? That would be a hoot to have hundreds of copies of this post of yours for distribution there. Still going on for the next week or so, I think. Never too late. At least the Occupiers could show it to the clueless cops guarding the 1% so they could have some pictures to show them who they are guarding as all the spooks arrive in limos with blacked out windows….

  24. zen did you know that in the islamic world the interdimentional creature known as the JINN when takes human form or posesses humans is identified by the locals by keenly noticing the eye movement of the creature,

    notice their rapid eye movement.

  25. Wow! Albright must be the cutest Khazar since Golda Meir!.The most vicious dog-in-a-manger tribe ever; and the ugliest – both inside and out. Sickbag and Retch.

  26. Hello this was so well put together I gave it a link on my blog. So damn scary. I am very new to blogging but I hope I can help get the word out about this great article thanks for all the time and effort!!!!

  27. Wow, Confirmation bias any?

    It’s almost like you could….see what you wanted to see?
    Maybe…the pictures where taken at the right times?

    I would be more inclined to belief you if, lets say you were a little
    more…objective and non bias in your claims.
    other wise this is a lot of ridiculous Sophism.

    Just because I am telling you the opposite of what you believe, doesn’t automatically mean that I am some evil agent from your conspiracy.

    But you will believe that because your a whack job that tries to find a hidden secret when there isn’t always a secret.

    P.S. Don’t hate yourself later when you feel foolish from discovering how crazy and out their you are.

    • Tx…I need to do a new faces of evil with these great add ons…the thing’s getting so big it won’t fit on the most wanted list coming out in a world near you soon!..;)–Z

  28. What an “eye” opener…pun intended. I have seen many of these faces before and wondered how they are allowed to get where they are. But most interesting is how the sheeple don’t really see or question.
    A good portion of the pictures is this article were missing, is that because the article is dated or some other nefarious reason? Is there a current updated version?

    • Will try to update – search bots go and erase stuff, very nefarious world the internet, despite it being a conduit for truth. Make hay while the sun shines comes to mind!!

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