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Another great take down by Sir Peaksalot. Be sure to visit his channel on YouTube for more cool and enlightening musings.  – Zen




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  1. Thanks Zen for posting Peek’s work…a lot to ponder over there!
    Your site is a collection of such great work, from you and so many of your contributors.

    And Peek…what a creative way to video journal your thoughts! I love your straight forwardness.
    Looking forward to your next post…

    Oh and what the hell…how about a ryme…
    For the traces of your cases will be found on your faces!

  2. Zen- thank you much for all of your greatness. Mr. Peek I am a new fan. Awesome work. Please continue to wake the dead. I can’t do it alone. Peace

  3. *.. During the French Revolution when the political prisoners in the Bastille were freed from their cells…some had been there so long, that they took irritatable umbrage & resisted their impending freedom & simply wanted to be left alone.
    …Such is the quandary of people, negatively programmed from childhood…that they don’t want to be unplugged!!!… as many are so inured & hopelessly dependent on the high-walled lifetime labyrinthine behavioral constructs, followed unquestioningly over the years…that they will fight to protect their enslavement…..Mental cases?…metal cages?
    …The only way to dissolve this prison sentence…. is thru the invisible healing energy of LOVE.
    …I rest my case.

    • Thank you …clara .. I do it more for this site then anything else , Kinda of urban zen take on life , I love the vibe on this site so much .

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