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Mimic – Meme of Archons


by Zen Gardner

Ever wonder why so many actors become politicians? That’s what they do. Politicians are actors, blow hard bluffers who try to fool each other as well as the rest of us.

What a sham.

But what part of the matrix isn’t like this? Lying and pretending is the name of the game. The whole ego concept is much the same, an image that thinks it’s the real deal when it’s not and never will be. What’s ironic is everyone is participating in this charade while calling out who they think is telling the truth or not when it’s all built on illusion – which by definition is a lie.


Relative Truth

People have argued for millennia regarding this concept. What is truth? If it’s real to one person or a group of people and they behave as if it’s a reality, who’s to say it’s not real? Again the matrix, a fabricated hived mind enabled by the participation of its believing occupants in a world with no absolutes except what the matrix of lies defines and can shift at any time.

The real, true heart doesn’t lie. Knowing right from wrong in its most fundamental sense is innate to the conscious heart of the Universe. Life is sacred. The matrix teaches and overtly practices otherwise while pretending to honor this basic precept. Same with lies and Truth. Lies are justified in the name of profit, change, religion and self aggrandizement. Truth is anathema as it exposes and disables the matrix programming.

Doublespeak is easy in this environment, and once the populace accepts this and participates in the same game for their own safety, protection, provision and survival it’s all a done deal. With consent to this scheme manipulation is assured.

Enter the Archons

The archonic entities, or however you perceive the dark forces controlling humanity, are puppeteering our ruling classless class and embody the spirit of deception itself.  This group lie that we’re being told is our “world system” is by and large their creation. We’re born into this control grid and grow up assuming we must participate in it. This dark force doesn’t fully grasp our nature but has learned how to deceive, control and harness humans for its own parasitic needs.

It’s biggest lie is that it doesn’t exist and that we’re all free within this virtual prison.

Religions touch on this subject but are deftly channeled into their own limiting matrix and in turn help perpetrate the big lie in their own ways. Again, by design. The truly free who understand what I’m outlining here and try to tell others have been routinely scorned, marginalized and ultimately eliminated.

They don’t play nice, you may have noticed.


Mimic – A Perfect Analogy

Many years ago I saw a sci-fi thriller called Mimic, which is where some of these pictures came from. A genetic modification experiment gets out of hand and these cockroach type creatures called the Judas Breed that roughly resemble tall humans in a dark cape wreak havoc before being exterminated.


Three years ago, two young scientists teamed up to save New York City from an roach-borne epidemic that was killing thousands of children. Their miracle of genetic engineering was the Judas Breed, an insect whose enzimes proved deadly to the disease-carrying roaches. However, their creation has come back to haunt them, altering the balance of nature and tipping the scales in favor of the insects. The thing created in the lab has changed, and now, out there in the city it has begun to mimic the most dangerous predator of all—humans.

Pretty apt? I was blown away when the analogy came to me while posting a reply to a comment on my last Obama Trauma piece. I knew it was an experiment gone wrong but had forgotten it was a genetic modification based plot. The creature’s upper area when folded in looks similar to a human face, so it can appear in the shadows looking humanish as it awaits its prey.

Warning: Graphic horror flick scene. Follow the dialogue closely if you choose to watch it.

This is a perfect description of how we’ve been infiltrated. And see how the fear works? They’re forced into the ultimate scam for defense – for them to think you’re one of them – i.e. these entities we’re up against use fear and intimidation to force people to compromise their convictions. And one compromise leads to another. That’s also called corralling the sheep in preparation for harvesting.

No wonder these authors and movie makers with a fetish for dark and creepy stuff get it right so often. They’re on their channel. That’s also why these power crazed psychopaths and mad scientists are bringing their dark world into ours one freakish experiment and nature altering program at a time. Notice how the synopsis nails genetic modification as “tampering with the balance of nature”. Do we ever hear that phrase any more? Instead, cloning and transhumanism is now considered normal and the cutting edge of “brilliant” technology.

The switchover is almost complete. That’s why this can’t go on much longer.

While hundreds of books and movies outlining the dangers and potential dire effects of genetic engineering, radiation, electromagnetic influences and the dawn of artificial intelligence pose, the tinkering accelerates with reckless abandon and every new advancement toward a mutant planet is heralded with drunken glee.

Obama as Satan

The Obamarchon A.I. Puppet

That Obama is a literal clone is often discussed. At the least he’s a mind clone. And as we all know those massive scars on his head that look like his skull’s been opened up really get you wondering.

This creature with no history they’ve trotted out on the world stage is truly “something else”. Literally. Since he appeared out of nowhere it’s baffled me how anyone could fall for this absolute farce. Granted it’s been the same story over and over at varying degrees, but you have to admit he takes it to another level of shallow inhuman-ness in his pompous superficiality and absolute lack of substance.

While the vast majority of politicians and so-called leaders or rulers are lying psychopathic puppets, he seriously doesn’t appear human. His rote behavior with no capability for sincerity or genuine anything is extraordinary. Politicians are actors and essentially all like this, but we’re seeing a work of artificial intelligence in some shape or form.

Those who see through him are absolutely outraged, and those still clinging to his engineered facade of shifty hopey-changey coolness are just plain voluntarily hypnotized is about the only way you can explain it. It’s all so surreal. But then again, so is this whole illusory construct we’re witnessing as it only gets weirder and weirder.


They Can’t Create – Just Imitate

Herein lies an empowering truth. While many feel hopeless and helpless in the face of these massive ugly false realities being imposed on us, these entities and those they dupe and empower to do their bidding can only imitate. They can infect and infest our thoughts and thus cause humans to create and bring to pass their intentions, but they lack the spark of spiritual life that humans carry.

This is why fear is so important to them. It is their biggest and most powerful weapon against humanity. Once we fear, we in effect, honor their presence and dominion over us. Once we do that they can have sway over us. However, if we do not, and see them for the hobbled parasites that they are, they can do nothing to us, although those they’ve infected here on our plane can be a problem. Still, the principle remains the same.

While we each can experience total liberation the Truth brings, when enough of us come to that realization the matrix will crumble, as it is already starting to do. This is why their actions and behavior have become so frenetic and they’re having to resort to brute force and massive control techniques. It will continue to get sloppier and we need to catch them at every turn. People are taking notice and finding our voices so we need to keep cranking it out there any way we can.


The Heart of Courage

The struggle we face in this life is clearly a very real challenge. We may never know the fullness of Truth except intuitively until we pass to the next level. Even then we may have other challenges like levels in a video game.

But the story of overcoming these parasitic forces is an age old one written and told for eons. What stands out the most are the tales of courage and bravery that have rung in the hearts of man through the centuries. Standing up to the bad guy, fighting for truth and justice, peace and faith in the midst of dire adversity, acts of unselfish love.

It’s the soul of man seeing the light through the door to the realm beyond this world, the wondrous loving creative Source of the boundless, limitless Multiverse.

And it’s in every man’s heart for the discovering.

This knowledge is our refuge. This Truth is our strength. This experience is here in the Eternal Now and can never be taken from us, only hidden beyond an illusory veil. Once you’ve realized that the struggle is over.

There’s no having to get there. It’s here. We must learn to live it and in it fully, and remain true to its very existence for all to see.

This is the true warfare of the spirit. Win this and we’ve won.

Shine on. Darkness cannot stand the Light.

Love, Zen


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  1. spot on Zenhombre!… the cracks in the damn are growing ever wider and as the waters of truth begin to pour thru them, we, the humans, smile with joy, because we know all to well the flood of truth soon follows behind. Everywhere I am beginning to see people start to rise up against these parasitic forces on this planet. Being a twenty something at the moment I came across this new app that allows for us to get instant knowledge about all products that we buy at any store. And also to create campaigns against certain products… it’s called Buycott and you can check it our at http://www.buycott.com It’s a great idea and I’ll be looking forward to when it makes its way into the android market.

    I know that smartphones and lot of this technology is a product of this parasitic matrix and not the savior of humanity, but in the same breath I feel that many of these instant communication tools (phones, internet, etc.) will facilitate the expedited dismantling of the web of lies that humanity is currently trapped in. The roaches really didn’t give much thought to the ingenuity and creativity that is an inherent part of human nature when they released their government ordained internet into the hands of us. Haha I laugh now, because they are beginning to realize that their downfall will come at their own hands, from their own technology. Regardless of where this is all going, I just want to say it’s been a great ride so far in this body on Earth and I’m glad I decided to incarnate here at this particular time. I’ve learned a great deal and I’m sure I will learn a great more in my lifetime. I guess that’s why they call it “Classroom Earth”! 😉

    Cheers! and much love to ya Zen!

    • You’re wise well beyond your years, grasshopper! 😉 Seriously, it’s so so heartening to hear this from your generation. I of course still think I’m that old as my spirit hasn’t grown “old” in the least, but you are what this is all about! Just as the bastard illuminati (another false term, they have anything but light) try to groom their own, of course using occult and scientific methods since it’s not in the least bit natural, we awakened ones need to encourage and help release yours and other succeeding generations for their tasks. Yours will be taking this battle to new levels we never imagined and I am thrilled to think I can in some way help enrich the soil in which you grow to fruition.
      Thank you for that very deep, perceptive, conscious and responsible comment. You are to be commended and I hope this conveys that. Big hug and tons of love to you. Any help I can ever give please let me know. There’s a whole growing community here that will chime in as well, so draw on it. We’re here to do that. Love always, Zen

  2. “They Can’t Create-Just Imitate” and your opening line …”Herein lies an empowering truth”. Yes Zen, such a fantastic read. The empowering truth is that they can’t create, but imitate, manipulate, fabricate, simulate,agitate,aggravate, promulgate……

    These archon forces fear us…..the human beings. The false fronted wall that has been presented to mankind to keep him in a fearful state is coming apart. Since they don’t do the work, it could be that their hired monkeys can’t read the directions, and are doing a drunken dance in the ballroom…..the applause of the audience is beginning to fade.

    Eloquent words paint such a truthful picture. Love Light Truth…….to you Brother.

    • Back atcha – that whole thing hit me like walking into and thru an electrified other dimensional wall this morning and then poured out like a broken bag of grains. It’s so freaky. More so is the concept. A very profound Truth awaits in the Gnostic teachings. Knits so many fabrics together once people have done their homework. The application to real life is a key to understanding our predicament. So sad people take so many things all or nothing, when the Truth has been scattered in so many fascinating, intriguing and earnestly searching places. Love to you.

  3. Thanks Zen, another great piece. One thing that is so very noticeable, is that when you truly awaken, you realize you are living in an insane asylum. “I awoke, only to find the rest of the world still sleeping.” – Leonardo da Vinci. I just posted an article on my blog about how so many people just parrot what they have heard from others, claiming to have realized it themselves. Pretenders, deceivers looking for a following and a fast buck. We are living in a world of deception, and everyone’s asleep. That is why I appreciate your articles, and others you post here. Original thinkers that actually have something of value to say. I can feel it, just as I can feel if someone is not speaking from their own realizations. That’s another thing you notice when you truly awaken, you don’t fall for the deceptions anymore. You have the eyes to see the Truth from the nontruth.

  4. Nice article. I often wonder in the grander scale of things is there any actual purporse
    for the archons, and how does this dark force tie into the near death experience and the whole afterlife scenario. Why do you think we would readily choose to incarnate here. Do you think we even had a choice? I posted this on another article, but i’ll post it here too….

    I have been interested in the Afterlife and NDEs for a while and I have researched extensively the Archontic/reptilian control on this planet. I’m trying to bridge the two if indeed there is a bridge. Some say the ‘afterlife’ and the ‘tunnel of light’ is another trick to return us into this Matrix and under control of the dark forces. But I’m not so sure, I think we know what we come into when we reincarnate here. But does anyone have any opinion on this? And why do you think we choose to come here to planet Earth, if indeed you believe we have a choice.

    I am currently in the middle of a book by hypnotherapist Michael Newton entitled “Journey Of Souls’ where he apparently hypnotizes people to their lives between lives. Very interesting stuff but I’m always curious as to why there is never any mention of the dark forces at work here on planet Earth by both people experiencing NDEs and obviously come back, by psychic mediums (though, I think there are exceptions) and by this book.

    I would certainly like to think the so called ‘afterlife’ is beyond archontic reach but I don’t underestimate them either. I suppose i’m trying to figure out our purpose here. Do we take life too seriously? Or is this really a serious game? It’s definitely a sick one. But do we choose to come here? I’d love to hear peoples opinions and thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.

    • Dani,

      If you do encounter Archons in the throes of death or just after you die, this, according to a Gnostic writer is, what you should say to them:

      The Master said: James, behold, I shall reveal to you the path of your redemption. Whenever you are siezed and you undergo death-pangs (mortal fear), a multitude of Archons may turn on you, thinking they can capture you. And in particular, three of them will sieze you, those who pose as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they take away souls by theft.

      Now, when you come under their power, one of them who is the overseer will say to you: “Who are you, and where are you from?”

      You are then to say to him, “I am a child of humanity and I am from the Source.”

      He will then say to you, “What sort of child are you, and to what Source do you belong?”

      You are to say to him, “I am from the pre-existent Source, and I am the offspring of the Source.”

      Then he will say to you, “Why were you sent out from the Source?”

      Then you are to say to him, “I came from the Pre-existent One so that I might behold those of my kind and those who are alien.”

      And he will say to you, “What are these alien beings?”

      You are to say to him: “They are not entirely alien, for they are from the Fallen Sophia (Achamoth), the female divinity who produced them when she brought the human race down from the Source, the realm of the Pre-Existent One. So they are not entirely alien, but they are our kin. They are indeed so because she who is their matrix, Sophia Achamoth, is from the Source. At the same time they are alien because Sophia did not combine with her like in the Source (her divine male counterpart), when she produced them.”

      When he also says to you, “Where will you go now?”

      You are to say to him, “To the place when I came, the Source, there shall I return.” And if you respond in this manner, you will escape their attacks.

      (NHC V, 3. 33 – 34: 1- 25. Translation from NHLE 1990, pp. 265-6 and Kurt Rudolf, Gnosis, p. 174-5.)

      • Dani, The most enlightning info.on Gnosticism I have come across in recent times is Dr.Joseph Chiappalone’s writings.According to his sources, the whole physical multiverses and it’s sub dimensions (ie. astral planes)are a false Archonic creation to entrap true viable spiritual beings and their energy to maintain the whole false creation.The good news is that it is currently being obliterated by the true creational forces and all viable spiritual beings (including trapped animal,mineral,vegetable spiritual essences) are about to be rescued or liberated and a return to an evil free true pre-existence non physical state which is our true state.All the falsely created demonic and robotic creations are to be permanently destroyed.Apparently there are transmutation vats, so to speak, to return their energies back into basic primordal energy.Hence the utter chaos and terminal madness the world is entering into as the archons and their evil created minions are aware and terrified of the return of the ” Dreaded Judge”,a term that totally freaks them out as there is no way, despite their desperate and insane actions to try and avert it. This is the “Biggest Secret” and why they have suppressed true Gnostic Knowledge all throughout the ages and perverted any semblance of truth via religions.

        • Hi Phil. Do you think the place where people (apparently) go to when they die, the ‘Afterlife’ as described by many NDE experiencers is part of the astral plane? Thanks for passing on the info.

          • Hi Dani, Thanks for responding. Yes, I do think the “In Between Incarnations” and the supposed “Lords of Karma” are part of the deceptions by the Demiurge.

        • Thank you for posting this question!!! Ive been wondering for some time now if the dying experience has been hacked, too. Gnostism is definitely explaining a lot for me. The Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy helped me understand so much. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to post your thoughts on this matter. Its got me thinking, so now, time for more reading!

      • * Hopefully I’ll have ‘the- where- with- all’ to remember all this… while I’m being mugged by these archon ‘junk yard dogs’.(lol)….seriously…I revere the Gnostics as timeless shamans & a beacon for all ‘seekers of the truth’…cheers

      • Wow, Marks2much – many thanks for this!

        I feel I may have read this before, but if I did, it was back far enough that it didn’t have much meaning. I was still in the very early learning stages and while open to new information, didn’t know if it was, or how much of it was, accurate.

        Just a few days ago, I came across two Santos Bonacci videos – Parts 1 and 2. I watched them and they were filled with so much information, I knew I’d have to watch them several times. They seem to explain so many things. While I don’t if it’s truth, BS, or something in between, I feel there’s something to them. He makes so many connections, I don’t see how it would be possible for anyone to make this up and have it all fit so well.

        This morning, I saw your link and clicked on it. I left the page open so I ‘d remember to read it later. About two hours after that, I started to listen to Part 1 again. In the video, Santos mentions “Hidden Hand”. Now that I’ve started to read it, I’m finding things within that connect with some things he said in the videos. I’m hoping this synchronicity means that I’m on the right track.

        If you are (or anyone else is) familiar with these videos, or if anyone watches them, I’m curious to hear feedback.

        Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dpqY34hi7A
        Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmedQfjBGZc&feature=player_embedded

        Thank you for sharing the link. I’ve already passed it on.

        Much love,

    • Interesting comment Dani, we seem to be grappling with the same conflicting views. The Gnostic’s seem to make a good argument for the notion that we are caught in a incarnate loop and that the creator of this realm is an evil demiurge. This of course isn’t the way I would like it to be.

      Understanding that the EGO likes things its way and not necessarily the way that it actually is, I’m careful not to buy into how I wish it to be.

      SO until I can discover something that tips me one way or the other I hold conflicting views. There is another way of looking at it. You may wish to explore this view point. It has to do with duality of conspicuousness. “Our greatest adversary hides in the place you would very least expect to find him.” and “there’s a voice inside your head and you think its you, but its not”

      It seems to me that we’re in a game of a sort. In order to get good at a game you must be challenged by a better player. If there is another player within us that is the great SATAN (adversary) the DEVIL (liar), then the other aspect of self must be the divine player.

      Understanding the character attributes of the EGO is how you differentiate that other voice you think is you. We have free will, we choose how we wish to react to any situation. All situations are neutral, you choose! Never would the divine self choose a reaction that is in anyway detrimental to the divine self, but the other voice thats not you, would. When you get hurt by something someone else has done to you, why would you ever react in a way that is self abusive?

      There is a really good movie that illustrates this condition very will, its a movie called “Revolver”. Its one of those movies you should watch several times. At the end of the movie during the credits 4-5 psychologists come on and giver there narrative on the subject, one of the doctors is David Hawkins author of “Power vs. Force the hidden detriments of human behavior” and another is Depok Chopra.

      We’re on a quest it seems. I tend not to think that the Gnostics have it right, although I can see how they could arrive at their view. I think its more the grand design of the game. When you view it has a game, things tend to change. It seems to me that duality creates experience, so is it part of the construction of the game? Its really a pretty kick ass game when you think about it. . Lots of challenges as a good game should have.

      One thought came to me today that got me to chuckle. What if this planet is like a big amusement ride and that there are other beings waiting to get on the ride and they are all waiting for someone to get off. I can imagine them saying to themselves in anxious anticipation, would someone hurry up and die, I wanna play. Or Hurry up the end of the game is coming and I want to experience the end? LOL

      • Gr8 comment, v. interesting. We live in a world of conflicts so it’s no wonder this dynamic is so prevalent – it just is. The gnostics seem to grasp much of the underlying programming software and structural paradigms, but there’s layers upon layers of all kinds of influences, so it’s pretty fluid I would imagine. Nailing jello to a tree comes to mind -ha!

  5. Thank you for the light… as always, Zen. Means a lot to a momma still finding her own feet beneath her while trying to stay sane with two young ones to care for and a hubby she adores that is finding his truth one day at a time. These Fearful fear mongers are definitely struggling. I look forward to the curtain call when we, the warriors of love and defeaters of fear, are the ones taking the bow and laughing as the props lay upon them. Much love!!

    • Wow, you touch my heart deeply. Had a good cry out to Universe again tonight about all this – we’re alone together here. Don’t get it and it arouses so much in my soul. We have to each develop as we should and be True to what we know, like sprouts spontaneously and powerfully reaching for the Light is all I can surmise. The end game is daily being True and the rest follows. The transcendent is a parallel experience. On it goes, heart first for the conscious. Hugs.

      • I am right there with you on the good cries lately. They just pop out of nowhere. Then when I dry my cheeks, I smile. I used to worry I was not dedicating enough time to digging in to me and the truth. Then, as I accepted that my place is with my family and that they help raise my vibration… all become peaceful. The rest in due time.
        It is hard to explain to someone that is just waking up… the whole be true to yourself, know your own truth. They just look at you with this, “Yeah, but what the hell does that mean?” I know… I had that same question. LOL. And now I respond with, “You will know it when you feel it.” and I think… damn… that is it. ha!
        Zen, your ability to be the teacher that shows the door is amazing. So, as you hear all the truths from all these souls in this garden… just know… you are teaching the right way. And that… that is being true to you which helps us all be true to ourselves. So, a very sincere… Namaste, sir! Carry on and Thank you! I will never be able to tell you that enough! :-) Much love!

        Oh, my hubby always tells me as we hike up to our next peak, “Just around this bend, honey, and we will be at that top. See the light through the trees?” Of course, often he “lies” in his motivation. LOL. But, just around the next bend, Zen. And we will be at the top with the light! And I don’t feel it to be a lie… just truth!

  6. They always fail. Even they know this. They will never reach 5th density and they will never break the cyclical time loop.

  7. These are such strange times we chose to live in. That one was a little scary for me, Zen. Maybe it was just a little reminder to rise up and find our courage and draw the strength from our community and loved ones. La la land is over. It is time to grow up and really listen to our hearts and intuitions as our truth filters are now in place. With great knowledge, comes great responsibility. Those creatures don’t care about you at all. No one is going to save us, we have to do the work ourselves, in ourselves. That is a solitary job. Luckily, there are loving families (like everyone here) who can inspire us and put us up on their shoulders, when we need a little help. Yes, we are alone together here, until we are One together here. I want to get there, but I guess we can’t skips steps. sigh.
    Love you all!

    • Carla, I love this part you wrote: Yes, we are alone together here, until we are One together here. I want to get there, but I guess we can’t skips steps. sigh.

      That pretty much sums it up for me. Thanks! Love to you as well!

  8. Can the average human being truly understand that there exist a sub-culture of humans who lack empathy, are immune to emotions, and have spent their entire lives merely acting as we do for the purpose of manipulating our emotions (our ‘weakness’), so that they might lie and cheat and steal without any bit of remorse as they have no innate feeling of ethics, morality, or honesty as we understand such concepts as vital to human society and peace?

    Our job as normal humans ought to be to notice these psychopathic humans (if they can even be considered human) and keep them far away from anything having to do with managing human affairs. Psychopaths don’t need to be shunned or locked away, they just need serious supervision by normal humans if they are to live in the same society as the rest of us.

  9. Actors are essentially people who lie for a living, as are politicians.

    It was indeed very heartening to read Brent’s comment at the top – so very reassuring to hear that the young are catching on. And such a privilege to hear Brent speaking with such wisdom and clarity. Makes my heart brim over with joy.

    Very young adults won’t remember a time when things were any different – the Jack Boot has been coming down on them since they were born, so we must never be dismayed with them or think of them as sheep.

    Breaking away from the hypnotic and brainwashing effects of the TV has been probably the biggest factor in the awakening of most people. The TV OWNS you while it is switched on (and for some time afterwards because it has hypnotised the viewer to behave in a certain way).

    Following Dani’s comment about the afterlife, I don’t believe that I chose my parents or that I chose to be here in these times, or even at all – I think that life just IS, that it is incidental. No amount of opinions from educated geniuses will convince me of something that doesn’t resonate with me. If it resonates, it is truth. If it doesn’t, then it’s best just to be open minded. The prospect of an afterlife is of no concern to me, because if we take care of the present, then the future will take care of itself.

  10. Great read; yes, fear is a sin against our creator and a sin against humanity. Those who succumb to it are controlled and those who employ it are damned to reap its wrath.

    Personally I look at Obama and his ilk with humorous disdain. That is to say I laugh in their face.

  11. Notice how their fear, and anger towards each other, attracted the swarm. That and blood.

    Most troubling lines for me… Nobody up there knows about this? Nobody would, until it’s too late? Is that written from the hopeful perspective of an archon or what?

    Then there is the message “they won’t attack you if they think you are one of them”. Hmmmmmm

    • Exactly. Never take these flicks at face value, always convoluted mindscrews, while embedding images and acceptance to on going or future plans. It’s the only way to decipher their embedded code, which really is not all that clever, just dark and fulla crapola aggression and the rest. Argh…..

  12. Been reading the comments, great to see people alive and well. I’d never thought I would see it in this lifetime, but it’s happening, we are waking up and we have had enough. Truth is power and knowledge is power…thanks to the internet we have had choices and learn and read what we choose and not what they choose for us to know. I can’t wait until it’s over, hang in there guys, we are almost there.

  13. Never know which or what I want to say here sometimes, my mind just absolutely flies in thought and understanding leading to more awareness. Can’t ever put into words the appreciation and love I have for all of those who contribute to this beautiful garden of solace. Thank you.

  14. Check out a man named Chris Thomas, from Scotland. He speaks about the akashic record. There is an excellent interview at redicecreations.com. He has written several books as well. He is so down to Earth and a comfort to listen to. Not to mention his speaking with that adorable Scots accent.

    Listening to him has lessened my fear a great deal. Gave me a wider picture on all of these matters.

    • I think i just figured something out…this very moment.

      The best way to spot a psychopath….an archon is…..they have no sense of humor.

      I realize that I have known these types my whole life. Was in fact attracted to them. so charming, so intriguing, so deep…Ha!

      These humorless individuals! I realize I have know them my whole life. So charming…so intriguing..so deep. But they just cannot crack a joke. We do not need brain scan technology to spot them.

      I like the comment made earlier…”we do not need to lock up the psychopaths but they do need to be monitored”

      I feel sorry for them. I guess that makes me Human,,,how bout’ that?? .

      • Yes – humor and fun a real key. Someone just wrote me who had an NDE – near death experience – and he was told that “fun and humor were our preferred tools”- cool, eh? Synchro!

    • Callie Marie,

      I am familiar with Chris Thomas. I have watched a number of his videos, including the two Bases 8 videos and a few others. I have read some of his writing online, and read through a very long thread on a website where the commenters were discussing him and whether or not he was legit. The overall feeling was that he was.

      I don’t know, and it’s been a number of months since I read/listened to him. I will say that what he said sounded feasible. Much of it made sense, and offered reasonable explanations for some things I had wondered about. I may have to revisit him and see how his info. aligns with the Cosmic Giggle video, the two Santos Bonacci videos I linked above, and the Hidden Hand document that Marks2much linked above.

      I’d love to hear what others think.

      Much love,

  15. You guys are amazing. I believe i’ve been on this website before, in this incarnation… Iam an Empath, indigo, labels are funky, but I have come to so many conclusions made here i am overjoyed to see so many others awakened and sharing this information. I have sensed or felt these others, they vibrate at a different frequency so they’re not visible to the naked eye, and since i am aware of them it’s as if they exist/swim the sea of human consciousness through those that are not even remotely awake and can surface and look straight at me through someones eyes, they don’t like compassion, or humor, they influence/control our government, organized religion, and corporate conglomerates, and are responsible for war, poverty, and propagate human suffering and misery. They are the so called fallen angels described biblically led by lucifer, “cast out of heaven” the event being misinterpreted and altered by organized religions namely the catholic church, but who were evolved to the point where humanity is today but failed to realize the truth of non-duality and ego. I don’t know their true purpose other than keeping us from the truth of who we really are and are ineffective once you realize that they truly have no power, I feel them receding from our collective consciousness as it grows exponentially more aware of our true nature and pending evolutionary quantum leap, the gnostics and many indigenous cultures know of them, i dislike the term “demons” but the name and all it implies does fit. namaste zen and all, may peace and unconditional love light your way.


  16. I love synchronicity, on just read this from the galactic free press…

    Quoted from Cobra “Every window of opportunity, every portal is a quantum leap bringing us closer to the Event horizon. With each portal opened, more energy is generated and at a certain point, enough energy will trigger the breakthrough.

    That will be the moment of the compression breakthrough and this is what David Wilcock saw in his dream of a storm with many lightning bolts. Each of those lightning bolts represents a compression wormhole, which is a hyperdimensional doorway of Light, connecting the surface of the planet with the Light above and below the surface at the moment of the compression breakthrough.
    The Event will send strong ripples of Light throughout the spacetime, forwards and even backwards in time. This is why some of you have already received dreams, impressions and visions of the Event.
    The opening of the Portal on May 25th is NOT yet the time of the Event despite of rumours… Those rumours just reflect a certain operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet which is a necessary substep towards the Event, but not yet the Event itself.

    Before the Event can happen, the non-physical negative forces must be removed. Otherwise they could simply trigger more than 2 million people on the surface that were heavily mind programmed through severe trauma by the Cabal under their projects codenamed MK-Ultra and Monarch. Those traumatized individuals could be easily triggered by the Archons from the etheric and astral planes as part of their endgame to start behaving violently towards themselves and others.

    The non-physical negative forces are now gathered very close to the surface of the planet, concentrated around humans, attempting to prevent the Light from entering. They do this to maintain entropy and chaos because this is the only way they can survive a little bit longer.

    The time is coming very soon and it will be the beginning of the end of all suffering and beginning of true healing for humanity.The final victory of the Light is near!” End of quote

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