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[Another lucid treatise of audio-visual artistry from Crackermaester Peak. Thoughts are real things and most let them in and out as if they were just passing entertainment. In fact, they drive the course of our lives, as well as history and often work as containment systems.A great look at the reality of what collects in, and on, the average hive mind and its potential disastrous, spirit numbing consequences. - Zen}"Be careful of your thoughts for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character for your character becomes your destiny." - Lao Tzu


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  1. Another great one. I really liked this. Unless you know who You are, your perception of the world, and yourself, is very skewed.

    • You will never know who you are and what life is. All your thoughts about yourself and others are fantasies, ideas, concepts.
      ‘Know yourself’ is out. When you realize this, what’s left you will never know.

  2. The world is certainly too much with us, this was so moving and true Peak, it brought a tear to my eyes (really ) Havn’t heard from you for a while that was definitely worth the wait Kitty xx

    • Thank you Kitty .. Hi to Mr dog ! .. Yes summer time and I am out side a lot plus been on a bunch radio shows with some live debates blaw blaw you know causing trouble .. But this is all ways home to me here

      • Mr , Dog says Hi back , glad you are enjoying the summer. so glad you are out there causing trouble !!! You are empowering people to be a little bit troublesome too .!!! We now just need a little of the Zen and Peek humour that makes Mr Dog fall off his chair !! xxx Kitty

  3. Yes Sir Doc…Well done! Beautiful technique to carry such a strong message. Refresher course 101 for me.

    Enlightenment is a two way street, and as you said “I question my motives”. If there is a tempest brewing I can its core in the mirror. Blind leading the blind was just me leading me.

    You Roc Doc

    • I hear ya loud and clear Sir Randall .. I have to check my own ass on a regular bases ..I am trying to condition myself to use that method as the same way i would breath .. Tough fight when the whole matrix is set up with pit falls and deceptions ..We will fight on Randal ! (((( man hug Pal )))))))) Hope all is well in your world

  4. at the core of it all is the parasitic energy… like peek said: consuming ourselves… parasites feed off the host until its dead… FREE the parasites inside us… spiritual cleanse, awareness, and unwinding the KNOTS in our minds. We should all be able to see happiness and close are eyes and feel happiness… yet many of us dont even know what happiness feels like… the ego thinks happiness is MORE the soul knows its LESS

    • Right ON Tommy .. so well said .. summed it right up . ((Power man Hug !)) “the ego thinks happiness is MORE the soul knows its LESS” stick that on fridge!

  5. This jumped out at me like nothing ever before!!!!! I actually feel like I am there in this video and here at the same time. Words cannot in anyway express this experience I’m feeling from this video. Divinely!!!
    Thank you Zen and “Crackmaster Peek.”!!!!

    • Thanks Peg! silly question do you have one leg ,,, Kidding .. Thanks its means tons to read feed back like yours .. It really is so hard to ask our selves why we do things before we do em… conditioning is deep .. Just like my lame dirty pirate question ;-)

  6. For you, Peak:


    Happy one minute
    Sad the next.
    Does everyone else who walks this earth
    Live a life so perplexed?

    A thought of hope–a thought of fear.
    But neither the twain shall meet.
    The only way for one to live
    The other must admit defeat.

    If we could read each others thoughts
    How dark the earth would be.
    Forever trapped in our own concerns
    Is there no free air left to breathe?

    What would life be without our thoughts
    Just open, free, and clear.
    What could we all accomplish
    Without empty lies in our ears?

    What is it that I have to do
    To make them go away?
    The more I try to make them go
    The more they wish to stay.

    Could it be a part of me
    Wants sadness, fear, and hate?
    What madness is this in me
    To suffer such a fate?

    Bad thoughts give rise to feelings
    That seem to make me strong.
    Whenever I get mad enough
    I refuse to see I’m wrong.

    Why would a person continue
    Doing things that cause him pain?
    Do other creatures on this earth
    Live a life so strange?

    Hanging on or letting go
    That’s all we get to choose.
    The thoughts that make you think you’ve won
    Will really make you lose.

    A conscious choice is what we need
    To bring them to an end.
    And maybe if I let them pass
    They’ll never come again.

  7. Another excellent vid Mr. Crackers, thanks for your efforts! Ya must be BONE tired after all that lol. The looking within you talk about is what saved my life. Question my motives all the time and slowed way down on the knee-jerk reactions and –who knew–started getting some serenity, acceptance and gratitude. Added some spiritual practices and life has changed completely. Now I try to give it away. Course on my bad days wouldn’t advise coming anywhere near me without bringing large Timmy’s, donuts and box o’ Kleenex lol. xxx

    • huge heart on ya cherbear ! ..Thanks you I love your feed back and your pure honest way of letting it spill out with out fear ! Good on you …

  8. * Very pertinent & introspective piece there Peak…slow pitch …but still a no hitter from the Borg…seemed like everything came unstuck in time for a few moments……luved the accompanying imagery…seems like you’ve coalesced into your own element …cheers Amigo

  9. POWerful video Peek, you just keep getting better and better!
    I loved the expression “psychopathic holidays” and got a huge kick out of the “Sorry Mom Tattoos” ;)

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