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This blew me away. Sent by a good friend, gifted writer and ardent activist Julian Rose..and it just made my day. You will hardly believe the talent you are about to see. What an inspiration!  Love, Zen



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  1. Wonderful. Reincarnation mix of Hendrix and Harrison? Looks like a Fender Telecaster to me and who better than a Crystal Kid to make it sing? Thanks, Julian and Zen, made my day, too. Love, A.

  2. Artificial, … Totally Artificial

    I can’t even see his fingers move

    i makes me feel …..?…. uah ……?…… hum …..? ,,,

    Love you still

  3. I must be missing something, as the video I’m watching is just an album artwork for the duration of it. {shrugs}. Decent music though.

  4. This is not a very good recording. The song is beautiful with a good recording. If you like this, check out “Where Were You”. He is amazing. I have been a fan of Jeff Beck since the 60’s. Wonderful to see him on this site.

  5. I love this song, I think it’s off “Blow By Blow” album, The bass player blew Jeff Beck away, that’s saying something!!! I think he was rejoicing that all is not lost in the music world!

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