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More Olympic Insanity – Terror Threat for NOT Commemorating Munich?

by Zen Gardner
This is beyond comprehension now. They’re making anything up they can to get the war pitch intensified, even if it makes no sense. Well, actually it makes sense, as it’s a veiled threat from the Zionists:

London on alert for terror attack ahead of Olympic Games

London is on alert ahead of the Olympics after reports of a planned terror attack following IOC president Jacques Rogge’s decision not to hold commemorative ceremonies for victims of the 1972 Munich Games massacre. Source: Getty Images

ISRAEL fears an Iranian terror squad in Europe are planning to attack their athletes during the London Olympics, according to reports.

Agents from Israel’s elite intelligence organisation, Mossad, are hunting Iranian-backed terrorists in Europe, who are allegedly planning an “anniversary” attack 40 years after the Munich massacre, Britain’s The Sunday Times reports.

The fears come as tensions rise over the International Olympic Committee refusal to commemorate the killing of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches by Palestinian terrorists on September 5, 1972.

In preparation for an Olympic terror assault, panic rooms for VIPs and spectators have been set up beneath London’s Olympic Stadium to protect them from being taken hostage or killed, according to The Sunday Times.

The paper also claims that if an attack occurred on the stadium, security forces would “invacuate” key people, rushing them to safety inside the attack zone.

An estimated 50,000 VIPs will attend the Games, including a reported 140 heads of state, 200 government ministers, 100 royals and 150 members of the International Olympic Committee.

A ring of steel has been set up to protect the Games, including snipers on the stadium roof and lighting towers and airborne radiation detecting equipment.

While M15 and Scotland Yard have reportedly raised the threat level against Israelis at the Games, Israel’s security squad Shin Bet has also been sent to protect the country’s 38 athletes living at the Athletes Village.

Concerns of an attack on Israel were heightened by the suicide bombing of a bus in Bulgaria last week, killing five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian bus driver. source

What a load.

Found this bs after my last post, couldn’t believe my eyes. So the Moooslims are now upset the Munich game massacre WON’T be commemorated? Are you kidding me? What kind of idiots do you take us for?

Hysteria will now blind the group mind. Into the ozone we go as they play the chaos card.

Be safe and secure, the whole system is basically lying bastards.

Fear not. Truth can’t be broken.

Stay free.

Love, Zen


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  1. I think there would be no false flag terror attack during Olympics..They have made it too easy now…They have never ever been this easy about attack.

    They always always take humans by surprise. There is no element of surprise left.

    The lame stream media is also getting into “possible” terror attack…so the possibility has come down even further

    • It would appear that everyone’s attention is on the olympic games (especially the opening ceremony) and a major “terrorist plot” “false flag” event taking place. I, too agree that something is in the air, but the thing is, though, and I have just thought about it, is that this may be a ploy of TPTB to attract the world’s attention on the olympics, and not on matters elsewhere (oh good, I have all bases covered!).I still think that TPTB will attempt something major at the games, moreso because it will prove, to them, their massive “superiority” over the common man, but it would not surprise me if this just turns out to be a smokescreen.

    • I wish it were that easy. You see they telegraph there attacks. They want us to know. In the past only a few saw the signs, Bill Cooper, Alex Jones, etc.. Now many see them and warn others but the attacks will happen anyway.

  2. All of this, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, kinda makes you wonder out loud – MLK, Gandhi, Lennon, JFK, RFK, etc. etc. etc. – what was it all for? Wonder if we’ll ever know, and if there will ever be a game-set-match on the battle of good vs. evil. . . .

  3. i hope that the prime minister of the country i live in goes to the olympics and someone blows him up! he’s a dark sider zionist – no loss at all.

  4. Someone’s trigger finger must be getting real itchy to come up with a fairy tale like this . You couldn’t pay me enough money to go to London and witness this cluster…k.

  5. May the Universe grant serenity to those who fall victim to these insidious creatures.
    Peace and Protection!!!!

  6. It’s become obvious to me that what the ultimate objective both in London and in the United States is to create a way to implement martial law using UN troops. This is Obama’s secret agenda.

    2012 London Olympics: Undercover Journalist Reveals that 200,000 Casket Linings on Standby, American and Foreign Troops Onsite, Evacuation Plan Ready for All of London


    [quote]During an episode of BCFM’s Friday Drivetime host Tony Gosling interviewed an apparent undercover journalist who appeared on the show under the psudonym, “Lee Hazledean” and exposed a wide array of stunning facts in regards to the security run up to the 2012 London Olympics.

    Also there are plans for the evacuation of London; G4S are going to be at the forefront, as well as 100,000 troops coming in via Woolwich barracks made up of regular British Forces, American regular army and European troops.

    The troops are being held across London in various barracks once they’ve been through Woolwich. Lee also had this information confirmed by an army doctor who was shocked at all the foreign troops coming into London.

    Perhaps the most startling points made in the over 40 minute long interview is the fact that at the same time that G4s is running completely lax security procedures, at least 100,000 military troops, including American and other European nations on top of Great Britain, are there and the plans for an evacuation have been put on the table.[/quote]

    The Thorium Dirty Bomb Olympic Games 2012 1 of 7

    Military Cue + Militias + We The People…and ‘They’ Lose

    [quote]Our conversation turned to the agenda of the person in the White House. Short on time, my source stated that the current resident of the White House has been tasked to implement a “robust agenda of change” using the agencies and government infrastructure previously created for him.

    “He’s been instructed to fully remove ‘God, guns and guts’ from America and Americans, to neuter our military, bankrupt our country, and force everyone into dependency through a well-planned economic disaster that was crafted long before he stepped foot into the Oval Office.

    The objective, or the agenda, is much bigger than I think anyone can comprehend,” stated my source. “It’s global in nature, and it involves other governments, communist governments,” he added. It’s evil in its simplicity. It’s to destroy our country from within and take away our ability to fight what’s coming.

    We’re talking about something taking place to make sure that Obama stays in office. I’ve been privy to ‘contingency plans’ ordered by Jarrett for one that defines the protocol for DHS response to the ‘temporary suspension of U.S. elections due to international and domestic crisis.’ It’s a real document, ordered by Jarrett and contains plans for travel restrictions, gun possession ban by citizens, and in general ‘martial law.’”[/quote]


    [quote]There have been numerous events around Colorado in the current weeks. Recently, here in my area a good friend was at a shooting range on 7-21-12. He was there only a short time, and called me. He said there were 3 very “buffed” men at one end of the range, and that they were speaking both perfect English and Russian at the same time. My friend spent quite a bit of time with them. He asked them what they were doing in the States. They said they were “mechanical engineers”.

    Upon arrival at the range office, told the young lady in the office, “That was kinda weird, shooting with Russian guys with military gear. She said, “Oh, there’s lots of them!” My friend being stunned, said “What!’ She said, “Oh Yeah, there’s alot of them that shoot here!”[/quote]

  7. It is laughable.
    Is it me or has time sped up again? Things are happening in rapid fire succession, the obviously drugged young man accused of the massacre in Colorado, the shootings in Toronto, bus bombing in Bulgaria. It makes my head spin how often these things are not only happening, but now seem almost unending. The point is, they are hard to ignore because somehow some way, they are all connected, each to the country of origin and in that ugly, sinister way to the PTB.
    Observant detachement is extremely helpful when viewing these events and don’t get sucked into the MSM’s so called “experts”, especially any psychiatrists, who might have any links to the pharma industry. Psychotropic drugs.
    Viewed this today on the Icke site, its over 3hrs long but well worth it.
    Opened my eyes to why some of these so called environmental scientists are calling for those who do not believe in man made global warming to be treated with psychotrophic drugs for “new disorders”.

  8. Did it occur to anyone that maybe this is a misdirection technique? Get everyone to look over here then strike somewhere else. Just saying.

  9. Gee, it would make more sense if the Israeli’s were out for revenge….after all it was 11 of their Athletes and coaches…..
    What makes more sense though is how the Olympic stadium to SO CLOSELY RELATED TO GOTHAM CITY…..
    I kid you not…..it is FFRREEAAKKYY…
    Check it out on : Gotham – DC Comics Database.
    Both were on an Island surrounded by Water
    Both had bridges leading to them
    Both had 2 parts
    Both mentions Toxic substances
    ( O.Park has 7,300 tonnes of radio active material under approach road, while Gotham had an evil Warlock who was buried alive and his essence seeped into the soil)
    O.Park has a Chimney, while Gotham had a totem Pole
    Also, 2 is mentioned alot.. In the 3 part series given by gritzle70 on 23 July,
    Z is actually 2 bridges
    With Gotham it mentions…2 days into the journey…..it took 2 days…what is with that?
    (full moon happens 2nd August …..27th July is the 209th day of the year and 29th July is the 211th day of the year….two 2’s – 9/11 are the numbers left over)
    Also, I think you may find that on 29th July, the moon is in Taurus.?
    O.Park Doco mentions a Wizard, while Gotham mentions a Warlock.

    There are 3 movies in the Series by Nolan (This completes the Sacred Triangle)
    1. Batman Begins – where a mad Doctor infects the Water supply with a toxin and then vaporizers it with a microwave emitter….(only harmful in vapor form)
    2. The Dark Knight – that was the one with the Joker – actor who played him died.
    3. The Dark Knight Rises – and some guy goes to a Cinema Called Century and kills people….
    I mentioned before how London is close to Babylon, and how it was invaded by the Waterways, how they waited for the signal then attacked.
    The Obit Sculpture is said by Kapoor to be influenced by the “tower of Babel”.
    The tower of Babel was dedicated to Marduk – who was a bull calf of the Sun God.
    (Just referencing how these elite have many levels of magic working in together. )
    Anyway, I won’t say anymore….I just think it is very interesting – how it all connects.

    • Yup. I’ve mentioned that too. Could even be a series of events to really push the “need” for global gridlock on everyone. Something will happen soon. At the least these are mounting the pressure, which is how they like it. Be well. – Zen

  10. In relation to the video regarding soccer and big ben getting blown up in the back ground, the numbers shown on the backs of the 4 players are 7 6 3 2 …..
    Also, Zen…you showed an ‘official pic of a reflection of a boat in the water’
    – All I saw was a black penis inside a golden Virgina, injecting black sperm through a thin ribbon of gold into a black womb ….and the same woman who put out the Zion Olympics (3 parts) mentions the same thing regarding the Triathlon race on the 4th August…amazing stuff happening here.

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