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More On The Titanic Conspiracy: The Great Deception – John Hamer



Left to right: Pro-Fed JP Morgan, Joseph Ismay survived. Anti-Fed John Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim died

[Due to a lot of interest and response to the previous post on the Titanic hoax, John sent this in as a comment and it’s a terrific presentation that further details this elaborate bankster heist of the US economy. – Tx John! – Zen]

(WeAreChangeManchester) – A compelling presentation by John Hamer, author of the recently published book ‘The Falsification of History’, to New Horizons in St. Annes, Lancashire, England.

In October 1910, a group of seven men, all senior players in the Rothschild and Rockefeller financial dynasties, met in strict secrecy on a private island off the coast of Georgia, USA. Their brief was to create an organisation to usurp the power to create and print money, until then solely a function of the US government. This organisation was to be named ‘The Federal Reserve Bank’. This plan however, had several extremely powerful, high-profile opponents who stood in the way of these banker’s goals.

In the meantime, John Pierpoint (JP) Morgan, another American high-financier, involved in the Federal Reserve scheme, who also happened to own the British-based White Star shipping line, had commissioned a series of ‘super-liners’, the Olympic class, in an attempt to gain the lion’s share of the highly lucrative Atlantic-crossing market. The speculative investment involved in this project was immense.

However, in September 1911, before the second one of the planned three ‘sisters’, RMS Titanic had been completed, Morgan’s plans were dealt a massive financial blow when RMS Olympic, the first of the ‘sister’ ships off the production line was involved in a disastrous collision with a Royal Navy cruiser, HMS Hawke.

And so, the scene was set for one of the greatest deceptions ever perpetrated… in the 100th anniversary year, John presents information and evidence that seriously questions the official account in the history books. [e-mail John Hamer: jch120752@gmail.com]



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  1. Banks took the law, the word citizen, the word person, the constitution. They sat down and figured ‘how can we own all people’ since ‘illegal’ slavery was banned, it was time for ‘legal’ slavery, using the law… this is how the word person changed ALL things, and how the NSA can do what it wants… LEGALLY, and yes, we are ALL the original derivatives time bomb…


  2. John: Great research. Thanks. But, sorry, no way that ship went down from hitting an iceberg. One, because of the type of damage detailed by other people in their research. But more importantly, who would plan such an important operation in such detail, which had to rely on the low-probability event of sinking this massive ship merely from striking an iceberg? No, the iceberg was the diversion, like the airplane (or whatever is was) that hit the WTC, but was not the real cause. To be sure the ship would sink, there had to be a 100% certain event, and intentionally hitting an iceberg was anything but 100%.

  3. rivets
    the rivets themselves vary from one manufacturer to another and batch. some maybe squarehead others round .

    and the pattern of individual riveters are like fingerprints.

  4. Hello,

    Great job !

    Was the Hawke/Olympic ramming , a test run for the actual ramming of the Titanic ?
    Perhaps it was orchestrated from the beginning .

    • Very likely……”they” are known for “their” advanced planning, of course “time”, is likely different for “them”.

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