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Mr. Peak Crackers on the Vinny Eastwood Show


Vinny Eastwood: “Mr Peak Crackers has become a prolific youtuber/social commentator, who sees the darker side of the archontic agenda and speaks up about it on his videos.  Using his own unique style of presenting the info, he exposes all facets of the control system, including the PTB’s “agenda 21” being orchestrated behind the scenes by the illuminati elite and their rich and powerful minion stooges – all of whom want to see the rest of us out of smaller towns and rural communities & herded sheep-like into large metropolitan centers, crammed into ‘micro living’ – i.e. boxed living spaces you can barely swing a cat in, where we can all be tightly controlled by their system.”

Go HERE for links to Peak’s great interview (I’m having trouble copying them for some reason).

Enjoy! Love, Zen







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  1. Great interview with Vinny Peek, you made a lot of good points and brought forth good ideas to answer the question posed, “what are you going to do about it?”. The suggestion of supporting your local farmers is so important. A while back Zen posted this website where you can find local farmers markets, co-ops and more:
    One question, are you hiring, lol? I make some awesome espresso (wink)!

    • Thanks 222.. Taking some back flack for the last 20 minuets .. But I dont do diet interviews or videos ( smile )

  2. It wasn’t easy to get to this link for some reason….must be a good’un. http://www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/2013.html Vinny got 6 stars in my book for being one of the RARE hosts who dared to interview the man holding the deepest darkest secret yet: you MUST see his vid with Donald Marshall, with the catchy title, “Illuminati Cloning Programs, Sex and Murder Cults and Reptilians” and then befriend Donald on FB and dig deeeep…..you will come to discover he’s the real deal, no lie. You can tell Vinny was shaken a bit on first hearing this stuff, but hope he’s done the research since and gets Donny back on.

    • Hi LM, I watched the youtube link and to use one of Peak’s phrases “I wouldn’t want to piss in anyone’s cornflakes BUT”…(he said it to me once, lol)… did you notice that the video was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation? Peace and love to all at ZG.

      • Oh, yeah! It is by 2050…Agenda 21 umbrella org. It was just the guy going to Detroit ((like there will be a Sox game there in the future???) that reminded me of Peak… I figured his reaction to the concept would be parallel to mine.I was digging into Rockefeller when I came across it. Thank you for looking out!

  3. Gettin’ all kinds of garbage to access this interview. Try again later. Even I can’t get there I know I can say:

    Well Done Doc!!!

  4. Ive had trouble too, finally got it and was only able to listen to half…will follow thru on the rest when im done cookin

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