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Musings On The Eve Of Destruction

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by Zen Gardner

My thoughts stopped gelling on particular subjects of late. Made a big move lately and am enjoying the complete shift of natural reference points. Huge full body sigh. There’s lots in the cooker but on the world scene this particular time is very peculiar. It seems to moan in anticipation of a global undoing, a sort of culmination of negative intention.

We know the powers that be are busy plotting, and itching to pull their well placed triggers. It’s incessant and only escalating.

But it’s deeper than that. A sort of resignation almost, that we’re headed for catastrophe and nothing can dissuade it from happening.

A programmed hive acceptance, the worst kind of affirmation.

What Can We Do

We live in a matrix. An intricately woven medium of information and ideas on many, many levels. We were born into it and partook of its furtherance to varying degrees by imbibing it and abiding by it, furthering its agenda via our careers and lifestyles.

We didn’t get to choose.

We could only choose to eventually wake up or not, given the opportunity. This came via urges of the heart, mind and spirit as well as life altering events such as accidents, health challenges, loss of loved ones, or psychic, mystic and/or psychedelic experiences. Even then it was take it or leave it as we moved through this medium called life on planet Earth.

Synthesize, Don’t Anesthetize

Endeavoring to keep up with the flow of information, both reliable and not, is a challenge. I attempt it every day because it keeps me stimulated. But I could live very nicely without it.

The “stream” of information coming at us means exactly that, it’s streaming at us. It doesn’t let up.

How to handle it? Let it flow and watch from conscious awareness. It will invariably move you to a frame of reference so beautifully higher and more transcendent that you’ll wonder how in the world you ever saw anything as “they” say it was.

That’s the thrill of “waking up”.

The good news is things are crystallizing really quickly. Either people are getting it, or solidifying into their defensive bunkers of denial and self serving matrix affirmations.

Those more conscious and alert, the “good hearted” folks, are getting it big time! It happens in every sphere…political wake ups, economic awakenings, media manipulations being exposed, esoteric revelations, it’s all over the place.

What To Do? Act!

Take action. Change your life accordingly, you can’t help it! Tell others, you can’t prevent doing otherwise! Live according to your heart, it’s who you are!

This is what the NOW is all about. You and me, NOW, what we are doing! What have we done? Are we asleep or awake?

That’s the big question. It comes down to you and me.

I know what I am doing and I’m at perfect peace with it.

Are you?

If not, get there. YOU are the solution you know to be true.

Don’t shirk it, whatever Universe is calling you to do.

It’s time. It’s always time to be awake and aware.

A desperate, dying world awaits.

Love, Zen


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  1. The best part Zen is “I know what I am doing and I’m at perfect peace with it.

    Are you?” 11000000000% thats the bottom line Get the fuck off the fence ppl. because your going to be shoved off and hard .. One side or the other and its forming ,, you can see it .. Hey if you take to the hIll’s that is fine to but keep you fingers on the pulse some of us are not cut out for this and no should be judged but do sell out your own Please that’s all i ever ask. , because they are going for broke on this one .
    Peek stick a crows feather in his hair I would rather live fight on my feet then dieing on my knees.

    • Rt on! – CrackerJack, Smackerjack, time to take your life back! Don’t be a hack in the sack, take a crack and make some tracks; life is worth the living when you get on the attack!

      • I hear ya Mack , tired of this flack , they are just a bunch of homos from rope back humping it up in their shack all ways looking to fudge pack , My self I love a shack with a female rack I talk about nick knack paddy whack :-)

  2. So true on every point Zen. There is no turning back, we will thrust ourselves into the darkness riding on the light. Hating the beings that are doing this is a waste of energy, but I must continue to size up the enemy.

    It is vast and evasive, but my old school thoughts are still the same. Confront one these money monkeys and award them a free serving of knuckle pie….right square in the grill.

    Thanks Zen for bringing this one especially.

    • Agreed Randall Know your enemy ! and fuck ya to the knuckle pie….right square in the grill.
      I down for hurting things But if and when those ” things hurt other that cant defend them self or by lies or deceit Then game on , and my pry drive instincts kick in like a mofo The hunter now becomes the hunted.

      • Agreed Randall Know your enemy ! and fuck ya to the knuckle pie….right square in the grill.
        I am not down for hurting things But if and when those ” things hurt other that cant defend them self or by lies or deceit Then game on , and my pry drive instincts kick in like a mofo The hunter now becomes the hunted.

        • Right on Peek. None of us here chose this sack of dirty laundry. Give no harm and take no shit.

          Down here it don’t hurt until the bone shows. If we were meant to fight we would have fangs and claws.

          The arrogant condescending posture of those who have fooled themselves into believing that they are untouchable will feel the pain of truth. We will all do what we must.

  3. I’m not a “Zen” sycophant, but I like the energy in your current piece.
    Do what you can, leave the rest and go with it.

  4. YES!
    It seems simple when you’ve moved past: When your perception is still in the mixer, it seems there’s no way out.

    ‘This is what the NOW is all about. You and me, NOW, what we are doing! What have we done? Are we asleep or awake?
    That’s the big question. It comes down to you and me.’


    Slow down, tune into the NOW… what you experience, what is going on in your mind and emotions, all of it, whether you like it or not and let it pass in it’s own time.
    Then, as your vital energy level rises and you perceive what needs to be done… you will know what action to take.

    This piece of writing is truth Love you Zen

    • Love you too…nice to be in this all together…makes the peace loving and cozy..;) we’re only a blip away from the fullness of the next reality … what it is I’m not sure, but don’t need to know anyway… 😉

    • this is it in a nutshell, Soliel.

      I live in the NOW as often as possible. I’ve found that the key is knowing that the NOW is now in the past — don’t hold on to it

      keep on keeping on. too many people are “stuck” (intentionally)

      once I kept at it and got unstuck….. WHOA is right, Zen — HUGE FULL BODY SIGH.

      Life is pretty simple. Why oh why do we insist on complicating it???

  5. You’re so right Zen, there is alot going on in the cooker and it is time. I feel the pull the negative pull in all directions on a daily basis. Its getting harder to find that high point..you just have to keep climbing and not look down. Thanks once again for that spoonful of insight and love. Peace

    • Lot ” banking ” going on in that kitchen Heating up the dining room , some time just want to poke Betty Crocker right in the cookie dough. Ya feeling me miss butterworth ? its just a bunch of rice a roni with unkle bens on crack .Ever one needs their Taco bell rang , I knew this red headed once named Wendy , she had the best pig tails ,, You know what they say about pigs tails ( raises his eye up and down fast ) But her Father Dave , Just a real Dick , he had this Army buddy Colonel Sanders , talk tough but was a real chicken so fake ! Ugh To make this story into a kids meal , The combo was I was having fun with Wendy in restroom sandwich nook in the subway . Theres no Baloney in this story , so this Jewish fucker starts banging bathroom door on the , and as a I joke as was like ” whos there ” hes like Oscar myer , I was ” Oscar i am hiding the salami, .. so we were cut off and Mr Myer knew wendys dad dave . christ can you feel the Kings pain . It was becoming a double whopper of problem . So I called up these two Jews I know Been and Jerry these fucker will milk ya too but i had them smooth it over they were nutty buddys with Dave and Oscar , I think they all where churning at some Chinese lady’s house Sara Lee,s

  6. I have struggled last 20 years in my career as engineer to match up to the lows that people will go to get ahead regardless of everybody else.

    I have worked in bluechip european companies where everything from voodoo to mafia style activity is normal within engineering department.

    And this has been the theme of my 20 years career as engineer, which as you excelently well put Zen, my contribution as an engineer was one of futhering the rise of the machine.

    In any case, with the economic crisis, the folks jockying for position in the offices, are literally at each others throats now, cause the stakes have been raised, and they were already playing the game anyway.

    What i am trying to say is, people need to take some peace of mind from the fact that, the coming calamity which you speak of was always inevitable, when you consider the nature of a lot of people that make up the system. Bob Marley said, build strife for long enough, and one day it will turn into an unstoppable fire.

    We already suffered the hurt of the past, fear of a coming calamity on top of that is not our domain.

    Those who practice hate, always knew this time will come, its written all over the movies they gave us. Its a kind of madness where they know thier actions will eventually result in calamity that consumes them, yet they dawn thier suits each day to further the project.

    I suspect one would only fear a coming calamity as much as they think what we have now is not already a calamity. For a lot of people, the worse this gets, the more hope there is of light at end of the tunnel.

    I already did my time in a world of psychopaths, i am not about to fear calamity that is a natural and neccesary aftermath of collective psychotic behaviour.

    The only thing one could do is like Noah and others did in thier time.

  7. We wage war in imaginations, commanding and ignoring possibilities .
    I hope to navigate through this turning point ….
    Sometimes it’s like a chain-smoker peddling a stationary exercise bike !
    Mixed up in this tonic pleasure I defy the night , burn my own flags and mock the hypocrisy !
    Beyond the sick parody of certain people that we wish would not imagine the things they do,
    are certain precious beliefs giving us permission to liberate our minds beyond the genocide of the imagination.

  8. I feel as though nothing is new. Perhaps the content of the perceived imminent event is different. But the sensation of intrepidation, of anxiousness, is as old as the hills. Also, after exploring the catacombs of my own consciousness I feel confident to doubt the presence of an objective ‘world’ out there.
    If there is anything to do or be or change, it is only achieved at the personal level of one’s own relationship with one’s mind. In fact I would hazard to posit that it is the only true change that anyone can make in their life. Once again I say that I speak from my own experience.
    So where does that leave grand schemes and geopolitical/spiritual warfare? I think it relegates it to it’s proper place, as one thought in a matrix of thoughts. It may appear as a solid and justifying reason for adopting a certain attitude, however when one realizes that wellbeing and peace are not dependent on exterior circumstance (to the degree you perceive it) – then let whatever may happen, happen. Everything you lose will be nothing you could keep anyway… Who said it… It is no failure to lose something you cannot keep to gain something you cannot lose.

    • Hey, Ronin, that is profound. I was just thinking about all that when I ran across your comment. You put that so well, it was as if you read my thoughts. Indeed, it is as though everybody is reading my thoughts and reporting back to me what they see.

    • Right on, Ronin. When you get to the nitty gritty, there are only mind moments of perception resulting from sense input (followed by interpretation and then reaction to that interpretation) There’s the knower and the known, ‘Nama’ and ‘Rupa’ if you want to get technical. If a person is too busy trying to change the perceived ‘out there’ [as it is perceived by the inner perceiver, of course], it’s huge diversion. It can keep you busy for multiple millennia.

      I do think that if many many people share a certain view, it affects the minds of those who resonate at that frequency level. If that view is reinforced often enough, we can be deeply affected by it.

      If a person steps out of the spoken-about, printed, televised and digitally-broadcasted version of the ‘set up’, that person can reverse and transcend the effects of such conditioning.

      What I really want to say is: Being wisely informed is great but – being aware of the habit patterns of your mind and how they colour your experience of the now – is so much greater.

  9. Only the Aliens can save us now. Our world is being ran by lunatics & criminals, these animals will never bring about a just system for mankind only perpetual death and destruction.

  10. Zen, your words are pure truth and they went right to the point.

    I have been feeling lighter and my mood has been more positive during the past week or so. In speaking with some people recently, I felt directed to tell them that I understood their fear. I explained that once I had a good feel for what was going on, I lost my fear. I also said that of all the awakened people I know, not one of them is afraid.

    One of the people I spoke to has major cognitive dissonance and has been very resistant. However, he seemed to take in these words and give them consideration. I have planted a few seeds in the past week.

    Many thanks and much love,

  11. We have the “slight, little” problem that if society collapses, what happens to the infrastructure that was keeping (more or less, kinda sorta somewhat) 450+ nuclear power plants from going into meltdown?


    Needless to say, it would not be a helpful situation if society collapses.

    Ps. I like your captcha system. Easy to do. Captchas I’ve seen elsewhere leave me with the feeling that I have NO idea what that’s supposed to be and I have to cycle thru a bunch until I finally hit something I can actually use.

  12. Without dark you cannot discern light. One does not exist without the other. Best to let go of any preoccupation with either, and just be— like the natural world around you. It is what it is. So should we be. This good guy/bad guy story got old aeons ago. Only ignorance sustains it. Be. Just be. It works for the rest of the universe.

  13. When awake, any shaking doesn’t have to disturb my peace. Once we see through the veils of the body and what is going on, on the earths body, what is there to upset us? Hey, and not an easy place to find this peace, but when I listen to intuition it tells me that is what I appear to be doing here. To love without conditions and to find peace in a seeming war zone.

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