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Must Hear: The Bitter Truth About Fukushima – Helen Caldicott

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[This is the best, most well informed and conscious oriented summary of the ongoing nuclear horror we're up against that I have heard to date. We must take these facts into consideration immediately. Those on the US and Canadian west coast should especially sit up and take notice. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Love, Zen]


Author and Pediatrician Helen Caldicott takes time out of her busy schedule to join me to discuss the unfolding events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan. Fukushima was devastated by a massive earthquake on March 11, 2011 which led directly to a massive failure causing hydrogen explosions which blew the roof off of at least two of the reactor buildings. Tepco and the Japanese government have understated the radiation dangers and the dire reality of the situation from day one.

Helen says, at this point there is no “best case scenario” for Fukushima, just worsening degrees of horror because it’s scientifically impossible to clean up what has already occurred. And with thousands of spent fuel rods and thousands more active rods still in the fuel pools of the damaged reactor buildings, the worst case scenario – if another major earthquake hits the area – is an ecological nightmare of biblical proportions for everyone living in the Northern hemisphere.





  1. Thats a real waker upper…..downer!

    Fukushima is a horror, pole shift, climatic change, geo engineering, activation of volcanoes in Yellowstone, meteors heading in our general direction, elitist assholes wanting mass culling of humanity and now Helen says the nuclear war threat is back on the table……Man I sure hope I don’t get hit by a truck and miss anything!!

      • Agreed, but some kind of serious shit has been coming our way for ever and especially so the last 2 or 3 years. Its sort of like if it doesn’t come soon we are going to need some of Rev Jones Kool aide just to ease the anxiety.

        The threats to humanity have reached comical proportion wouldn’t you say? Its almost like there is a race to see which horror can take us out first!

        What is the message that we may not be acknowledging, or will next week bring us space invaders just to up the ante?……just wondering

          • Come on Zen, we could be talking about the fate of a species here!!

            Love is the answer
            And you know that for sure
            Love is a flower
            You gotta let it, you gotta let it grow

            So keep on playin’ those mind games together
            Faith in the future, outta the now…….

            JL said it best I guess, Cheers and a smiley bakatcha!!!

    • Really great video. I enjoy Dr. Caldicott as she is clear, precise and highly articulate. However, I was surprised by her statement that “other than potassium Idiode there’s not much more that you can do (paraphrasing here.” THERE IS A LOT MORE WE CAN DO!!! As she notes, potassium iodine fills the thyroid receptor sites with good, healthy iodine so the radionuclide form doesn’t attach and become absorbed into that gland. The same is true for other radioactive isotopes, i.e. Strontium, which has an atomic makeup similar to calcium and, if low on calcium, the radioactive strontium, mimicking calcium, will attach to receptor sites and then infiltrate bone, leading to bone cancer. BORON is the answer to that one.
      Not going to list ALL OF THE WONDERFUL, PREVENTATIVE supplements one can be taking, but, please, do your research – there’s a lot out there. Google things like preventative radionuclide supplements and things like that. I’ve been on a protocol since 3/19/2011. The earlier the better. No, we are not going to be able to stop radionuclides from getting into our bodies, but we can BLOCK, very effectively (such as potassium iodine) there entrance into the cells and FLUSH those radionuclides out of the body (please explore fulvic acid AND zeolite). ROSEMARY: substance (all organic and natural) with the HIGHEST RATE IN CLINICAL STUDIES of repairing DNA.

      We first have to face the reality, as Dr. Caldicott is so expert at doing. However, we also have to transcend allopathic medicine and realize there are many, many herbal, mycological (mushrooms) and other really beneficial things we can do that are cheap and in our own hands. You know, all conventionally trained physicians have their limitations and I would hope Dr. Caldicott would research MORE solutions and present them during her talks. Love her for her strengths, which are, indeed, huge. She just needs to beef up on her weaknesses – physical/biological/personal solutions.

  2. What happened to the likes of Michel Douglas who in the 70′s were against nuclear power? Have they no families anymore? All these people and their access to the media would be of great benefit.

    • Douglass is an opportunistic self-centered insider, like most. What’s left of those people’s consciousness is burnt crust or fully embedded in fear, sad to say. The high profile image folks have a lot to be accounted for. But so do we all if we don’t respond consciously….

  3. I’ve been keenly following the doomer porn meme for a couple decades now; but, it’s been around for my whole life as i was born at the height of cold war paranoia, nuke bomb testing and the “doomsday clock” at 23:59. The internet has taken this meme mainstream and the weirdness and hysteria is escalating.
    Fifty years on and i am still here…..more healthy mentally and physically than ever.
    The key is to separate the fear hype from the facts and focus on the real threats and solutions. In reality, right now, Fuku is very minor player compared to wi-fi, emf, toxic food and dozens of other things one can actually do something about. How many of you that are concerned about fuku own a cell phone? The cell is a exponentially larger threat to ones health yet most people would rather ignore the real threat and focus on doomer porn. Just Wondering.
    That said – i recently visited the West Coast, just north of Vancouver; and spent a day doing radiation surveys. Yes – the reading are up about 30% compared to my last visit 18 months ago. The highest readings are along the shoreline. Averaging 30-35 CPM on land and 40-50CPM near the water at low tide. Sure seems that the ocean water is indeed hot; likely to get hotter and likely to continue creeping out of the water and up on to the land. But for now – i am still basking in higher radiation readings at my kitchen table here in Calgary; but at least i don’t own a cellphone…..

    • Kinda contradict yourself there but I don’t blame you – it’s a nasty situation on this planet rt now and we have to live both offensively, and defensively. These influences are raining down on us hard and we can’t ignore any of them. Tough spot we’re in, but we must be up to it cuz we’re here!

      • I accept contradiction and paradox. I am very interested but not tremendously alarmed at this point. So many issues, so little time; better to focus on living well NOW and dealing with the most pressing threats.
        Hmmm – curious (not) that nobody jumped on the cell-phone and wifi threat; which clearly is a much larger concern; and one that anybody can address NOW…. but – hey! look over there, something shiny, la la la la la, bla bla, fukushima (the dance of the wireless junkies).

      • I think, Zen, some of your other posts have pointed out that the areas of physical/mental/spiritual/emotional dis-ease are, indeed, multiple. The barrage is, in fact, from all sides. So, It’s not “Fuku” versus “Wifi” (that’s the adolescent “my team/cause vs your team/cause thing, which just divides us horridly). Many of the same SOLUTIONS to these multiple problems are, indeed, the same, once we truly “grok” the core of the problem. The VERY SAME alternative solutions to FUKU apply to wifi, microwaving, etc., etc. . . .

        FIRST, block the incoming. Yup, turn off your wifi, turn off the tv set, stop watching idiot box tv programming, stop stuffing your face in your fab smartphones or sticking cancerous “bluetooth” ear buds in your head. Great start.

        Then, internally, through supplements, BLOCK what does get internal from the receptor sites.

        Then, flush, flush flush and flush – first with good, clean water. Water, water water. Life is a river and, river flows and cleanses. If we get stuck in stagnant ponds, like surfing internet/watching tv for hours, disease settles in.

        Everyone, it is simple. Not so complicated once we understand the core elements. It’s martial arts – block, transform and move. Health ensues. It’s not a bunch of blah, blah, la la – the tao has been around for over 4,000 years and it is GOOD MEDICINE.

        Really, take care all and grab the opportunities to take your health into your own hands.

        • Yes Anthony: I agree with you completely (except the “adolescent” insult, which “divides us horridly”). I am already doing everything you suggest PLUS not fretting over the situation.
          Personally i feel far more threatened by the escalating onslaught of wifi everywhere; even at school my children are subjected to this. Often the same people whining about Fuku are irritating everyone around them with their multiple wireless devices and demands for connectivity everywhere.
          It’s pure hypocrisy – I am just suggesting that the wifi and cell phone users should think about their OWN contributions to barrage before they go on complaining about other, less intense, radiation vectors.

  4. Rollo, if I understand it actually we can live on the amanitas only and they can survive nuclear radiation. Also, I want to point out today’s date of 2/11/2014. Numerically that all breaks down to a 11 which then breaks down to a 2. Kinda strange and something I pondered on this morning. The double 11. No fear! With love, peg

    • You should do some reading on spores from an extra terrestrial point of view. I posted a link in another comment here it is… http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC99004/
      I think that Genesis is likely related to spores coming into earth’s atmosphere. All I can say is I have never felt better in my life.
      Yes, I am convinced they are the soma of the rig veda/the manna, this based on personal experience. Consider the piece posted on this site regarding the use of mushrooms to break down hydrocarbons. Terence McKenna leaned towards the extra terrestrial spore/genesis theory.
      Eating is such a common ritual that most could not even imagine skipping meal after meal, again until you have tried them, you can’t comprehend what they “bring to the table”. In Sitchen’s 12th planet ( I was not a big fan of the book) he brought up an interesting question regarding the seemingly sudden appearance of domesticated fruits and vegetables, as if humans required them all of a sudden. Perhaps at one time food was not a necessity, but became so when the solar system moved into a less energy intense area, and now perhaps we are heading back into a high energy sector of space, and perhaps our bodies require a readjustment period. And yes, mushrooms/fungi are the immune system for plant life, that is scientifically proven, what mushrooms/fungi do for humans via medicines extracted from them, is also well documented ……… it is all logical, if one still possesses logic.

      • Ohhh come on Rolls spore us all this shroom talk already LOL!!!

        But I love Mckenna’s symbolic comparison of the largest telescope in the world located in a cow pasture where psilocybin mushrooms are growing and the researchers walking by them in their hurry to get to exploring the universe.

        Typical of man not being able to see the hand in front of his face. A wealth of information hidden in plain sight….sound familiar?

        • The Ancients (Taoist, Buddist, Islamist, Hindi etc etc etc) did not take Amanitas for entertainment, it enhances your capablity to absorb, store and access information. That’s the thing, you can’t understand the effects until you’ve taken them, but the majority have an opinion of the subject that was impressed upon them by the very faction that they confess are brainwashing them……….totally paradoxical.
          good line here by Jeff………And we cling to the past to deny and confuse
          The ideal

          • Sort of like Jan Irvin asking the CIA if Mckenna was MK ultra, totally paradoxical.

            Its a disgrace to see him bad mouthing TM’s good work on info gotten from the same faction that does most of the lying in this world! Whats up with that?

          • He received info from the CIA, which he posted, that can be interpreted as saying McKenna had CIA affiliations. My problem with McKenna is he appears to downplay the significance of the Amanita, which Wasson said prior to his recruitment, was the Soma. But this is what intelligentsia does best, confuse. Personally I don’t trust any of the second coming Esalen Institute internet gurus…….. Wilcock, Icke, Tsarion etc. etc. etc.
            We are in some form of bizarre game, and we play the game…………good tune…..

          • Yeah good tune!

            I don’t think there is a question TM had affiliations. How serious he took them would be the question. I never get the sense from any of his work of abuse or motive other then to direct people inward.

            You know all these organizations aren’t always criminally motivated. Its the belief that the organization is larger then the individual that cause the corruption. Many times they take the person to the door. The corruption begins once the individual expects the organization to take them through the door.

            The role of the teacher is to point the way to the door, its then the individuals responsibility whether or not to go in.

            Humans are a lazy bunch so its small wonder we got a CIA problem to this day. Once somebody else describes your reality for you because you are afraid and don’t want to enter the door then the lies begin.

            Maybe Mckenna was working both sides at the same time. Thats his genius I think.

          • McKenna obviously was aware of the history and magnitude of the Amanita. Again, not everyone feels the effects, only those who are in the latter stages of the “great cycle” (series of cycles), all more clearly understood when you have experienced this substance, but you can’t “take the plunge” unless you have reached this stage, hence the dismissive attitude towards the idea of ingesting it, as many have not yet let go of what they have previously been led to understand on so many subjects, with particular attention given to this one. Who is in the “theatre”?, who knows!! as long as you know who you are.

  5. FUBAR…. I am ashamed to be in this human form at moment.
    I can see how some of our alien neighbors must be thinking of us….bloody HUMANS!. I have read some of these species have technology’s that can clean up radiation. Man we could sure use there help right about now.
    But as always maybe we need to learn from our mistakes. And so they play a hands off role not to interfere.
    But maybe there comes a point in time when they do need to step in because other earth species are suffering at our human hands.

  6. MAYBE THE PLAN WAS TO BUMP UP THE EARTHS RADIATION LEVELS??? We are currently also getting bombarded with high gamma from outter space that we havnt experienced before coming from other regions. There have been some massive objects hovering alongside of our star. They seem to tolerate the radiation quite well and soak up a flare or two while they are in orbit. JUST WONDERING!

  7. This seems strange but i just had a thought.
    Maybe certain elite groups already have this technology to clean up nuclear radiation. After the world has been depopulated…they will come out of there (DUMBS) clean up the mess and create the New World Order in there image and use the suppressed technology that were keep hidden from us for themselves.
    I just hope Planet earth creates a earthquake next to there DUMBS and smashes them DUMBS to pieces….but of course they would of hired geologists to map and find fault lines that could be dangerous to the DUMBS structure.

    • they’re not that smart to outsmart nature…Universe has their number..they’re not called Dumbs for nothing.. ;) I’ve always kind of envisioned a barbeque of sorts down there when they meet some of the hidden inhabitants..wouldn’t that be ironic…;)

  8. I see and feel this whole Fukushima thing as some kind KARMIC Consequence to what Man has been doing for far too long and far too much and yet still walking in same shoes so to speak. Of course there will a pendulum swinging back motion and what that will do to us is exactly what we’ve been doing to Mother Earth Herself and Her other -more, much more– INNOCENT Children. (maybe this is this a little off the article but it seems like the Japanese People are hellbent to destroy first and foremost ALL the Dolphins!….which is really weird considering that they do see Dolphins as Life’s Most Basic and necessary food for them to survive! http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/this-slaughter-is-lawful-says-japan-more-than-200-dolphins-trapped-in-a-remote-bay-are-expected-to-be-killed-by-hunters-9073079.html

    So if they don’t destroy the Dolphins for their Dinner tables they sure as hell are gonna nuke them to death.That is how it feels AND looks (to me) And yes… of course it will hit hard on anyone on the Japs’ radar
    But…what if it is Mankind’s own Karmic Demolition Ball swaying back now , destroying all it hits! ???

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