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My Near Death Experience



by J.A. Marshall

To be honest, my near death experience is something that I have kept very private, the main reason being that when I have spoken of it it tends to make people uncomfortable. There is however something about this time now that we are living in that I would like to share my experience, at least to alleviate some of the fears people are feeling right now.

In February 1997 I was 25 and diagnosed with a life threatening lung condition, basically my lungs hadn’t developed as they should have whilst I was growing and they had ‘weak spots’ where the outer membrane was very thin. At the time of diagnosis I was very shut down emotionally and spiritually, and struggling with family issues and relationship problems.

In March 1997 my left lung collapsed, the membrane burst and I was taken into hospital for surgery and was told I would need a Bullectomy and a Pleurectomy. Basically, the weak part of my lung would be cut away and the lung cemented to my inner chest. During the surgery I died. I don’t remember clearly leaving my body, but remember a bright intense light that I went into/through, and felt very free and light. The light faded around me and I found myself on the edge of a forest clearing with someone in front of me who I knew, but not from my earth life. This person took me into the clearing where there was a large oval table with lots of people sat around, and one spare place which I was motioned to take. After I sat down a screen appeared over the table and my life story began to play, every experience from birth, only as the images played I was aware of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of everyone involved in the experience, I knew everything from every perspective.

At the end of the review I was asked if I felt I had accomplished my life task. I knew I hadn’t and said so. I was then escorted by the ‘friend’ who met me away from the clearing, back into a white light, and was back in my body on life support in intensive care.

I was told before I came back that I needed to make changes in my life; be more open, loving and spiritual.

I can’t say that life has been easy since I came back, the experience has brought many challenges. I see things differently now, see the human experience for what it is; that we are all here to learn and grow. How many people get to see beyond deaths door? I count myself very privileged and honoured to have been dead and know there is no death. I want people to know what I have experienced, yet through the experience I know that it is a path that each of us must find on our own.

One thing which I can’t explain from my experience is that I seem to have been a bit rewired, in that I have retained a connection to the afterlife, bit like being in two places at the same time. Very strange, but I’m learning to live with it.
There’s a lot more I could say, since my experience I have been open in a way I never could have imagined, and have had experiences that have opened my mind immensely.

If people really knew, if we could give them the understanding, then we would have a world from source…but I do know, all is as it was meant to be, we must not judge, or ask for it to be different, look to the bigger picture, and only know that we are eternal souls having experiences.


[James had alluded to this experience in a comment on the site and I asked if he could share it and he graciously has here. I’m very grateful to him as I know this will touch and encourage many. Fear of death is a terrible bondage humanity has been subjected to and must be thrown off.

Thank you, James.  Love, Zen]



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  1. Thank you, James, for telling us about your wonderful experience. Zen is so right that fear of death is a terrible bondage and one that must be broken through. I think, James, you may find that as you open up about your experience, that you are not alone. More and more people are having similar kinds of experiences, but yes, most are afraid to talk about them. A case in point, a few months ago I went to buy car insurance. One lady in the office I hadn’t seen for a while and naturally I asked her how she was doing. Within a few minutes, she confided in me that she had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and had no more than five years to live. She was continuing to work because she wanted to leave her family debt free, bless her heart. As we talked she said that there was something in my eyes that said she was safe with telling me her story, and I felt very honoured indeed. She told me she had been guided by a totally loving light to people who spoke with her much as you spoke with your people, James, that she was not to be afraid, and that they would meet her again. During the five years she was to be at peace and carry on as she had been as she would set an example for her family and those with whom she came into contact. And interestingly enough she was told not to cut her hair. She has the most beautiful hair and it is something loved by her family and they needed her hair more than she did! All this time, this wonderful lady is filling out the insurance forms and we’re both streaming quiet tears and it was a amazing time. And get this, nobody around us noticed though the office was more than usually busy. It was like we were in our own little bubble of love. So I do believe that NDE’s are and will become more prevalent and that’s as it should be. We are all together in the benevolent consciousness and together we’re making it work. Thank you, James, for your courage. Love, A.

    • I feel a bit embarrassed to bring some very prosaic information into this beautiful information but I must relate some information I came across – its about the cutting of hair. It seems that when the US army recruited native American expert trackers for Vietnam service, people who had tested very high in ability seemed to lose much of that ability after they had been inducted and suffered the mandatory “short back and sides” hair cut. Curious hey.

  2. Thank you, James, for sharing! Just last night, I asked for it to be different. I knew it wasn’t right to do so, but some days, some weeks, some months, it’s very hard to see the big picture.

    For the last 5 weeks, I’ve been struggling with my recovery from mercury poisoning. The pain and fatigue is often unbearable. I’ve been working on this for the last 2 1/2 years now and for the most part, I’ve kept a very positive attitude. There have been many highs and more lows. I’ve had good days, where I think, “Finally! I’m better. Now I can be myself again.” But, once I fall sick again, I feel I’ll always be this way. Sick! Until I die. Admittedly, it’s wearing me down.

    As of late, we’re suspecting that electrosmog may be an added culprit since it seems I am sensitive to many environments. We’re working on smart meter removal, turning off wi-fi and cleaning up all the dirty electricity from our home. I resent having to fight so hard to simply walk and eat – that ability has been taken away. And not by my own hand.

    Just last night, I told my husband I can’t do it anymore – I’ve simply lost my fight – and my brain. All that’s left is this lump of a body – and my soul. Yes, I still have my soul. I know I’m never going to be “myself” again. I’m different now – forever changed. But, being sick day after day, is breaking me.

    James. Thank you again. I know this is an experience and I’m looking at the big picture and I don’t have a fear of death. I don’t know where to go with all this, but it’s what I have right now.


    • Sand..my heart goes out to you. Contact Edna at earth-heal.com. Also Soren at zen-haven.dk. Might have some relief for you. Love you, Zen

      • Zen! You are so dear. I’ll check out your suggestions. Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak with one of your friends and was able to get my head slightly straightened.

        It’s so frustrating to seemingly have it all worked out in ones head and then once again become overwhelmed. Keeping the positive glow is so much easier when you feel well. Hah!

        I love this flourishing, life-giving garden community. Thank you, thank you! Thank you.

      • Fabian! I’ve missed you. So glad to see you again. Concerning the above post from Sand – Wow! Is she a whiny baby. Thank you for your kind words and I know I’m not lost. Actually, I’ve given them two fingers. They have it so well planned; throwing everything at us at once to make us so sick that we become immobilized. I’m not fearful of death. I’m simply frozen in pain and confusion, but I’ll get there.

        Take care

      • Thank you, my dear. Glad to be in this outstanding company again. But sometimes I need to step back and take a deep breath.
        Did you read my reply at “WW3 Conditioning”? 😉 Hope you like Rock. “Skalds and Shadows” is dreamy and calm.

        Don’t be too harsh to yourself. I too have times when my heart hangs low; freaky emotional sometimes, only the blink of an eye away from tears… body aching because of the shift and turmoil around, tiredness… haarped chemtrails… as you said – everything at once.

        “Of course, just because we’ve heard a spine-chilling, blood-curdling scream of the sort
        to make your very marrow freeze in your bones doesn’t automatically mean there’s anything wrong.”
        – T. Pratchett, Soul Music

        But every time a light arrives from somewhere, brings laughter and healing. Guess I’m quite a pest to friends sometimes. Although I claim my devotion just intends to strenghten the connection between us. ;D

        It’s good to show two fingers – which two? V like Victory? 😉

        “Sometimes it’s better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”
        – T. Pratchett, Men at Arms

        Love & Blessings, my friend!

    • Hi,

      I feel for you. This is not the time to think of the end. There are people who have medicines which literally bring the dead to life.

      1) Dr Mark Sircus MD is one such pioneer with his Natural Allopathic Protocol. If you have some life in you, consult with him and he will guide your restoration. He is the surest path to recovery. You get him through his Assistant Claudia French. Let her know your problem and she will try to help you. They are good people! Her email is: cfrench180@tampabay.rr.com

      2) The other guy is a Herbalist, Dr Sebi from Honduras. He knows the science and what works. He has a SPA /Village in Honduras. His Office in LA California Tel: 310-838-2490. His website is: http://www.drsebiproducts.com/

      Dr Sebi fought and won against the AMA. He cures AIDS, Cancer and all variations of disease. He knows his stuff. Dr Sircus’ website is IMVA.

      These suggestions are given because its the best cures available. Contact them and let them guide you in treatment. You can do both protocols at home, but Dr Sebi has his Healing Center. Dr Sircus is in Brazil but his medicines you can buy yourself. Knowledge is power and this is what these guys have!

      All the best.

  3. I always enjoy reading about Near Death Experiences or when people have died and come back to tell what they experienced. For those of you looking for a GREAT BOOK all about NDE and Out of Body Experiences this is a MUST READ! here’s a link to check it out on Amazon. It’s called “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody


  4. Tx for sharing, James!
    As far as I understand, you are now able to LIVE, because you peered beyond the veils. :)

    I read a similar after-life scene you described in this book:

    About 4 yrs ago I tried to end my life several times (deep depression for many years). As I cut my wrist 4 times (lengthwise) I watched this over my own shoulder… Stood next to my body for several minutes, then returned into it. Then help arrived. Weird enough: little blood loss and I recovered very fast from the wounds.
    Through this, my first steps to spiritual awakening were initiated. :)

    Later I could tell of this w/o probs. But people have BIG probs with it. “No I don’t wanna hear! AAARRRGH!” ;D
    An unspeakable fear striking them. Why?
    Our time here in 3d is limited. No escape! No one will leave this place with his/her “space-suit”.

    But sadly we’re indoctrinated from childhood to fear death. “Welcome to prison, sheeple! Now function!” Baa baa! “Oh, and BTW: You only got one life. If you screw it, you’ll stay for all eternity in hell, so function!” Baaaaaaa! ;D

    “The gods of the Disc have never bothered much about judging the souls of the dead, and so people only go to hell if that’s where they believe, in their deepest heart, that they deserve to go. Which they won’t do if they don’t know about it. This explains why it is so important to shoot missionaries on sight.”
    – T. Pratchett, Eric

    Much Love to you all! Have a wonderful ride!

  5. James; Thank you for your willingness to share your experience. The fact that you came away a bit rewired is a good thing. I’m sure you realize this. This is a part of our multidimensional selves and from here we are more in tune to spirit and our connection to light energy. Embrace this, as I’m sure you have, and you will find it never stops expanding. This is the shift of consciousness that is coming and you’ve got a good jump on it. What a blessed thing to die before we die and learn there is no death.

  6. Thank you James for your beautiful story. In the mid-90’s for some reason I was reading everything I could about near death experiences, I felt Melvin Morse’s books, Closer to the Light and Transformed by the Light were very positive and spiritually uplifting to read. Since then, whenever I met someone who mentioned they had an life threatening experience, ie drowning, accidents, etc. I always ask, “What did you experience?” Here is what they told me:
    My elderly relative almost died when she was a young mother, she remembers going into a tunnel (and thinking I can’t leave my children). She was met by a deceased uncle and told it was not her time yet.
    A young woman told me as a child she almost drowned in her pool, as her mean stepfather was holding her under the water for fun. She remembers leaving her body and watching her mother come out into the backyard. After that, she had psychic abilities.
    Another woman, seriously injured in a motor cycle accident remembers leaving her body and watching the accident scene.
    Another woman told me as a child she was very ill, she remembers leaving her body and going to a old fashioned kitchen where a woman was cooking with a big pot, another girl was there and it felt nuturing and comfortable. She then remembers tumbling back into her body.
    I believe the information you received from your experience is a gift. I’d love to hear more about your experiences since your NDE.

  7. James, thank you for telling your story. I know quite a number of people who would be interested in this. I think more and more are open to changing their old beliefs about death.

    Your experience sounded similar to the people in this video:

    When you, and others, are so willing to share what you have gone through, it provides us with valuable information we can use to try to make the best of our time in our current incarnations.

    Thank you, Zen, for this important and informative post.


  8. Sand,

    I sufferred from a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is also known as suicide disease because 50% of people kill themselves in the first 3 years from pain. It is characterised by sharp jabbing nerve pains in your face. It comes when it wants, lasts as long as it wants and changes in intensity and location when it wants to. I had been fighting this for four years. I have begged God for mercy and a cure as I literally held on for dear life. I should also mention that the 7 months prior to the TN I had suffered from a lot of fatigue, aches and strange sensations. Electric shocks have jolted through every part of my body at one time or another a long with phantom bee stings, water pouring on me and prickles, burns…..well lets just say you name it and Ive felt it even though it was all inside my head. lol

    In this all i lost myself. i was no longer being the mother, wife, friend and person i wanted to be. I relied on heavy amounts of anti depressants, narcotics and nerve pills just to get through the dy and although I put on a brave face for the world I truly hated life. I figured I would be faking it and living on the sidelines for the rest of my life.
    No one could fix me or explain the weird sensations.

    On June 5th I followed a gut instinct to put in a few random words in a search engine and see where it led me and I found the plieadian wake up call. I could feel I had started something big and took to heart the words about finding my own way and positivity/light being the answer to my woes. The next day I find myself daydreaming about feeling which is something ive come to know. Not emotion but actual feeling. I remember the time I was in grade school and needed help with a question. A teacher helped me and as she did a warm feeling started to rise within my solar plexis. I wanted to hold onto that feeling forever and its a shame I hadnt. I continued to feel it here and there throughout life but found it had no name or no medical explanation. Rationality told me to keep it to myself because it seemed others didnt notice it. You know what though, my true self told me it was important. My feeling was that it was important yet I didnt listen.

    Not to get to personal here but I realized that the feeling of sexual attraction also resonated in the same way. I thought of my husbands love for me and I allowed myself to revel in the feeling. That sharp wonderful jolt of feeling that comes when you have experienced pure, in the now, love with your partner shot through me and so I decided to keep thinking and letting that alive feeling spread. This has nothing to do with arousal of sexual feelings but the arousal of an alive feeling. I have read A New Earth and remembered how Mr Tolle askin us to feel our hands and not let your rational mind get in the way. I chose to feel the spark from my husbands love and let it spread. I believe that mother nature has put this feeling in us to help awaken our conscience. Sex is necessary to procreate but it also feels good. It is a common denominator and a place most of us will go. The perfect place to find us and jolt us alive. Of course there is always many ways to the same conclusion.

    I wanted to continue to feel alive so i decided to focus on this feeling and the excercise from A New Earth. I allowed my legs, feet and face feel alive as well. As I tapped into this feeling my rational mind tried to talk me out of it but unlike my usual my usual response, i ignored it. I have always felt like i had a greater purpose. I truly felt I was special. I truly felt that life held great things for me and i was angry with the world because the outside rarely matched that. I now see that the outside never mattered. The cure was never out there. I had had the cure even before I had the disease. I had the disease perhaps so I could find the cure and wake the heck up to reality. Just allowing the spark of life to spread and letting go of the rational mind that wants to confine you is all you need to do. It was that easy.

    Then I started telling my body I was healthy. I started following feeling and then I started weaning off of the NINE different meds i was using.

    I am happy to say i am free of the meds and most of the pain. I still get sensations and aches but the worst is behind me now.
    I hope this helps you!
    Love far and wide from one who truly gets what its like to hate your own body.

    • Fantastic, Twelve!

      Sand, I once read about a man who cured himself of Polio as a child by saying out loud as often as he could: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.

      (I could give more detail about the background, but let’s not get bogged down with detail.)

      I memorised the phrase and practised saying it over and over whenever it came into my mind, or whenever I felt less than positive in any way.

      Take note of how you feel when you say the words – for me it felt that every cell in my body was bathed in positivity. If I was to visualise it, it was as though the cells were all aligned with each other and buzzing because they were being fed the right stuff. It felt like an environment was being created where any negativity – physical or mental – could not thrive.

      It helps to do this at night before falling asleep, and when sat alone in Nature, but also at any other time and anywhere.

      Best wishes.

  9. Hi Zen
    I also go by Zen with my family and close friends which is how I found your website, I popped zen into my browser one day. LOL
    Anyway we share another thing, the near death experience! Thanxs for sharing it. I think as you do that if everyone where able to reconnect with their own spirit, that they quietly carry inside their organic body everyday, the worlds problems would disappear quickly, for as you know once you are reconnected everything becomes very clear. Peace to you and to your amazing spirit!

    • Hey, can’t go wrong with Zennishness! It’s simple, true, no bullshit…and always turns reality into a question that can’t be answered! Ha! Keep on, Zwahdiddy…

  10. Sand,

    I should clarify that by “following feeling” I mean that I am using those types of inner feelings/sparks as cues in this journey.
    I have also kept up the practise of envoking the feeling with a few deep breaths and releasing its enrgy/vibration through my body in response to pain.
    This practice has become almost a reflex now and as I continue each day it erases the pain more and more.
    I really hope this helps you.

  11. There are many who live a life of poverty in the material and wake up strong and rich in the after life and there are many who live a life of opulence in the material life and wake up destitute in the next. The encouragement of near death experiences alludes to the truth many mystic have experienced without death termed: cosmic consciousness, indeed they ARE rewired and yet the experience is always with them in some way. See Maruice Buckes 1899 book: Cosmic Consciousness.

    The only way to alleviate the inborn tension after such an event is to Serve Life Relentlessly and Courageously — a Million eyes are watching just across the veil…

  12. May many more people share such experiences – I know many have had them but are afraid of ridicule. Physical death is nothing to be feared of, just another stepping stone in the many experiences and learning situations of our consciousness.

  13. This is one of my pet areas of research because I had my own NDE in the 1950’s as a child. I was submerged in deep water and drowning. The movies in my 3rd eye were rolling. I can’t remember what actually flitted across my mental screen but I know that I understood. Then the river water pushed me upwards, I was told to lift a hand which a friend saw and pulled me out. Then in the 60’s, someone pushed me off a concrete ledge into a river to fall on the stones below. Only, I didn’t keel over…I was vertical. Time froze and directions were being given to me in my head, to bounce off a lower ledge and so fall between 2 stones…in water. It was like being suspended in the air and lowered gently as my body obeyed the instructions. There were other instances of being helped to escape death in a similar way.

    I have always had faith in the cosmic superstructure because of this kind of help. It was this same help that was with me during the long years when the darksiders were trying to kill me with snake power, accidents and setups! This same help is behind intuition. The darkside society cannot understand why they can’t succeed against me. God and the cosmic superstructure is real. NDEs just makes it crystal clear. The choice is this system’s materialist offerings loved by the dark side within or the kinship of the cosmic superstructure. It is either working with that cosmic superstructure or giving in to the evil system of the hoarders, players, enjoyers and tin-gods. With experiences like mine, and the Author’s, the way forward is clear!

  14. I also, as many others too, have had one of these experiences. I was in the tunnel and saw the light but was afraid to go to it because of my religious upbringing. Later in life I realized that we judge ourselves because the intense feelings I felt were, everything is alright there is nothing to fear as well as this feeling of love that go beyond all understanding. I also rose above the accident scene( I had fallen asleep and hit a stopped vehicle at approx. 75mph) I first thought at that point that I must be dead. then realized that “I am still me”. I then looked to the ground where my body lay and my thought was ” Ha, that’s not me, I’m here”. Since then I seem to have mo fear of dying because I actually look forward to the peace and love I experienced. Many people may try to argue this type of experience as a lack of oxygen to the brain. They need a NDE and then they to will know the truth. Love everyone, forgive everyone and do unto others as you wish them to do to you.

  15. Thank you for sharing James. I love reading NDE stories.Reading them has given me an understanding of what I’m doing here along with the rest of you and a peace of mind that “EVERYTHING” is happening exactly as it is meant to be. I found the NDERF website http://www.nderf.org/ several years ago and think I might have read every story on that site by now (some of them several times). During difficult times their stories have pulled me through despair and depression and in good times remind me of how lucky I am to be here. James- the connection to the other side you described is repeated frequently throughout the stories I mentioned. You are not alone.

    Thanks Zen for posting.


  16. There are 2 realities. One is absolute, never changes, lacks materialism and therefore stands on its own merit, never having to relate/compare nor challenge and is therefore always unconditional. The other, because it lacks absoluteness, needs to relate and is therefore one of change. When there is no absoluteness, without having to change means being stuck on some concept forever, those whose cup is always brimming to the full [with malevolence but imagining it to be benevolence] beware – to be devolved into a stone or in the case of humanity, to be of The Stone Dead. To becoming a part of that pet Tentacle of The Bookie, Religion & Religiosity. Within this material realm, which is akin to a helicopter being inherently unstable, needs to refer/relate constantly in order to present a seeming reality. Transience needs a reference point and for humans, it is our dichotomies, the “Mother” of which is one’s Femininity & Masculinity. Due to the fact that we lack absoluteness because our reality in based on our constantly changing realm referenced via the 5 variable fundmental senses, we need to constantly repeat until we had realisd our self – our absoluteness, our spirituality, which is the 4th dimensionality within the 5 -dimensioned human, every human’s 5 realms being, and in order of manifastation, Subjectivity/Conditioning, Objectivity/The-Material, Projectivity/The-Intellect [the so-called “minds” which almost all assume one’s be-all, end-all, thoughts to be], Spirituality/The-Absolute and finally, real/true Humanity, the full human, most being partial humans because of our animal and vegetative legacies. To neutralise vacillation, Balance is the key, Balance being the antithesis of Repetition.

    Within Reality/Divinity, Truth precedes Love whereas within Relativity/Humanity, [Em]Power[ment] precedes Knowledge, the Knowledge which is not of intellect like how to build skyscrappers, etc, but of intellligence, Intelligence being that which is not bounded by The Material. For example, in order to see, we do not need to have the knowledge other than to exercise the empowerment. Afterall, Truth/Intelligence is that which is true for all and not merely for some, truths like oxygen, breathing and heartbeat. Being of transience and therefore of repetition, oka addiction, we need to repeat everything until we have arrived at the realisation that what we deemed as real is merely relative and all because we have yet to realised that Absoluteness exists, let alone beginning the journey towards Absoluteness – should The Spiritual exists, of course.

    This is a very long subject but its realisation is very simple much like flipping a switch should we need electricty without having to know all about electrical power generation, derivation and so forth. The point is that, as James’ experience has shown, you cannot relate, let alone gift Spirituality to another via materialism, The Spiritual being infinite [in the materialistic sense] because it is not material. Bang goes preaching and other frivolous and nonsensical activites on behalf of Fame, Fortune & Immortality much like one could never impart the concept, let alone the principle of colours to those born blind.

    Have no fear and there shall be no greed, Fear being Greed suppressed with Greed being Fear expressed. James have been privy to The Spiritual, the super, super [ad infinitum] set of The Material, which not only sustains but actually moderates The Material. But for what reason? In order to realise The Return Journey of Dust to The Source via The Play of Divinity, which Shakespeare had alluded to via His, “All The World’s a Stage …. “, and so forth. Reality/Divinity empowers through Sharing & Unity whereas Relativity/Humanity empowers through Exclusivity & Division. Truth is an accumulation in that Truth lack the means to Sharing & Uniting with another. For Truth to be shared, Love is the catalyst, Love being The Flow of Truth – “Flow” being called “Tao” by Lao-Tze and “Kundalini” by The Sanskrit. Where there is Truth, Love/She is always by His side much like The Sun & Sunlight or The Word & The Meaning being always one and yet are different, an impossible situation for humanity regardless of “Romance”, “Love”, “Marriage”, and other superficialities offered by that Tentacle of The Bookie, Frivolity & Nonsense.

    For us mere mortals, our love is actually founded upon expectation and/or demand, oka conditionality or Vested Interest, which has nothing to do with Love/Unconditionality otherwise, no life, leading to human life, would have existed, the typical human being that dual natured entity who is out to prove to another, 25/8 if possible, that he is singularly natured, such is the joke within the blindness. Be that as it may, it is forgiveable because “They know not what they are doing”, being The Living-but-Dead striving to become The Living, the failure of which will ultimately lead to one becoming The Stone Dead, being those who are devoid of Human Conscience, Conscience being the reason why humans were gifted that double edged sword, The Thoughts [of The Past and The Future], Conscience being consciousness and thence awareness that one is human and not of animalism nor vegetativeness, Thoughts being double edged which is why they are symbolised as “The 2 Horns of The Devil”. Without thoughts, a human will never be able to realise Conscience [and Divinity/Absoluteness thereafter] whereas should one be underly or overly conscienced, one will have to repeat the exercise, ad infinitum, until it is learnt or until one is devolved into The Stone Dead, there being many such entities helming The Affairs of Men. If so, why would anyone wants to talk to such entites let alone “vote” for them? Because Fame, Fortune & Immortality is too sweet a bait to resist by those whose Conscience has yet to be properly realised/founded.

    When one’s spiritual dimension is turned on, the first gift given is the Power of Absolute Discrimination. If true, this shows you where the religious and their religiosities are coming from – the illusions and delusions of belief systems and other mesmeric/relative concepts, resulting in fanaticism, a religion being the knowledge which lacks empowerment/attainment/realisation. Absolute Discrimination is having the 6th [and higher] sense[s] of absoluteness whereby not even The Bookie, the One who profits from Disagreement, is able to camouflage/hide Himself. Without this basic fundmental sense of absoluteness, a human is merely comparing and relating and calling that temporal result, reality. To gamble when real choices are not possible, real choices not being of gambles much like the gamble of being “chosen”, the favourite trick of that Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen Few, but of self judgement. When you are able to see and is not under any influence, any choice taken then means, “It’s You”, and not that pet excuse, “The Other”.

    In summary, Reality/Divinity is about being The Example whereas Relativity/Humanity is about being The Leader/Saviour-Follower/Worshipper. Should a leader be tarnished, however, everything under its domination will be tarnished too whereas when all are their own master, not only will there be no desire to master nor the desire to be mastered, any corruption will be limited. This is why Divinity is refracted within ALL [yes ALL and not some mesmerising ritualistic ding-dong who so happens to be The Stone Dead – how funny should it not be sad] awaiting Its moment of reflection such that The Divine could then see His own Reflection. This is what The Power of Absolute Discrimination is for, for self-judgement such that one then chooses to self-cleanse when the “infestation” is located, one then has the true choice of neutralising or keeping the party going whereas “Leadership/Saviourship” is about offering that Tentacle of The Bookie, Quackery & Handler, the opportunity to institutionise its latest addictive elxir, Repeat Prescription.

    When a human realises his Spirituality, he has the means to truly “recharge his bodily battery”, something which NO emotional, physical or intellectual external agency is able to do absolutely. Modern/Westernised medcine [and their hocus-pocus and equally expensive “alternative” demonise what is possible counterpart] are mostly about fending off the affliction in exchange for an early grave. Switching-on one’s Evolutionary Spirituality is how the material cosmos will change and not via The Emotional, The Physical or The Intellectual. There is NO OTHER choice if only because choices for the blind-blinded is all about gambling and nothing else. As all good gamblers [should] know, gambling under perfect conditions will only realised neither loss nor gain but under imperfect condtions, it will be a guaranteed loss – unless one knows how to fix the gamble – and even then, it is an impossibility in finality when Energy Transformation, oka The Zero Sum, is the only gamble going in town. In this dazzling U Scratch Mah Back and I Yours airy-fairy land, a gain has to be met by a loss elsewhere – preferrably Over Thar, of course. WW3 it is then – not when radioactivity, like oxygen, is true for ALL. Without one single exception – even for the wealthily super-bunkered – especially for those whose gamble is based on Exclusivity & Division but who had been duped by The Bookie into believing His toothfairy secret tale of The Armageddon when the reality is that The Rider’s Mount, The White Horse, is being constructed for despatching The Bookie, His Tentacles, and their Tag Alongs’ via The Apocylapse. Yes, getting spooky in what was AOK for The Minds at the beginning. To be deconditioned, one must be balanced and not be driven by The Minds of The Past or The Future, that of Over & Under, there being no/zero thoughts within The Present. Once one starts to self-cleanse [which is not to be confused with Anger-Guilt and other F&N], a moment will arrive when Joy is realised, the reality of Divinity, which removes ALL behaviours like worry, anger, greed, guilt, fear, etc, etc. Reach that point and you will become The Example for the enlightenment of another where “scriptures”, a mesmerising tool, and other mental activities/belief systems are negated. As James and many have noted, you just know if only because knowledge is not the point when Truth has been there before The Physical Cosmos came into existence. Afterall, who goes into uncovering why he sees? Other than those idiotics-lunatics who call themselves “Mastermind”, “QI” and other F&N, almost none.The Secret of The Ages, which has been known for ages, is that there is no such thing as The Desire for Purity when there is no Purity within Desire. An Essential Simplicity which Eludes. As such, for us mere mortals, Empowerment is the reality whereas Knowledge is merely of Relativity – Empowerment by The Divine and not by some Knowledge if only because The Divine shares whereas mere knowledge is all about division. Afterall, it is not what you know but who you know [who would empower you].

    • To help people lose their fears around death, and know that consciousness is eternal, and to love others for the souls they are. No small undertaking…haha ,but I am trying in my own small way.

      • You write interesting/profound stuff! But, it is too compressed and lacks definitions for key words/concepts. If you simplify, maybe I could see your meanings more clearly!

  17. Sending love and gratitude to all who have posted messages, your support and encouragement is inspiring. My life and belief systems were turned upside down after being dead, and returning, and my journey since then has been quite amazing.
    I f people are interested I will share what has happened since then, and the changes the experience brought about for me, some of which have been very profound.
    Love to all and many thanks again.


  18. It’s great that you shared this. It is so much appreciated, since there are so many others who have had similar experiences, and don’t share them for fear of being shunned and made to be outcasts.

    Thanx a lot.

  19. Great write and first hand insights on NDE. I have never had one B4, but when I was in my college years, I had an crazy experience of being transported to another unknown dimension where sounds were bluish smokes and the realm is formless during my waking hours. Anyhow, I hope my crossing over will be that of great Light and Bliss of homecoming….. The universe is too large and too vast for our little heads to comprehend….

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