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The Mystical Venus – Avalon Connection


Last in this series of writing/practicing on Avalon: I endorsed the perception and allowing the mind to operate in multiple universes. To observe them, and see how much they would correspond in a shared/private reality.

That should open the mind to investigate the Scent of Avalon.

I found a loop to Avalon some years ago.
I was practicing holographic meditations combined with out of body traveling. You don’t have to do that, since it’s a matter of perception… etheric perception. But since I’m: ‘No Teacher, No Method, No Guru’ – I came across it by coincidence.

In my first Venus experience in out body travels I catapulted myself out into space. By the way: There is no ‘silver string’ as many say. We are so absolutely non-attached to this reality in its essence. Maybe we really know that, since the hype is very much about detachment in general.

My minds eye caught a glimpse of Venus and I debated whether to go up close or not. While debating, something pulled me in.

The inside eye, calls for a duality of conscience: On one hand you know you are in a chair in your home and on the other hand you know that you are not. Too much pondering on that fact will send you crash landing – be intellectually innocent.





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