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  1. If you actually spend some time looking through a variety of cultures’ mythology, and ignore the obvious pieces that are self-serving inventions of the priestly classes (i.e., bring us a pigeon on Thursdays and you’ll be blessed) you’ll find the same repeating stories, over and over and over again. That’s not because they’re universal lies. It’s because they’re stories designed to tell basic truths about the nature of how the universe works. Not literal stories, but fables, just like the tortoise and the hare. The lessons are real, even if the characters are fiction. Try it sometime.

  2. I agree Rollo and Old Woman that there is much to learn not only from the bible but also from many stories – Egyptian, Greek mythology, fables, and indigenous tales. It would seem as though we are seeing more and more “tweaking” of the appreciation of the bible. I am just wondering what the next “story” will be that can aid those that think they are in control while confusing others. Truth always finds a way in and out… As Ian said – it is up to us to not allow it to fade into hiding.
    My daughter and I are currently studying ancient Egypt – she is intuitive and knows there is something more to the normal story of the Egyptians just like she knows there is more to the stories of the bible. She used to tell me church (she attended with her grandma on occasion) was missing the point. ha!

      • Just started listening to this one! Thanks! I have been diving into astrotheology more and more. I look forward to the rest of this interview!

    • Pyramids were clearly a power source. Water from the Nile was channeled through various passages within the structures. The Nile today may very well flow much closer to the Pyramids had the Aswan Dam not been constructed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aswan_Dam
      PS- Kemets are Egyptians, they were really black, and the empire was huge. Sphinx clearly shows african features. Napoleon apparently cannonballed the nose off.
      Phil Valentine has some great stuff on Kemet on youtube.

      • Yes, I understand they were blacks as well..”whitewashed” by false history…as is everything. Lots on the subject. The sphynx was in the middle of a decorative lake fed by canals from the Nile…trying to remember the book…the modern Egyptologists closed up and hid the canals…Sphinx was the dog-god of the underworld..made to look different later and then Nap blew his cannons at it..asshole..

        • Interesting Zen and Rollo Song of Solomon 1:5:,’ I am black and beautiful Oh Daughters of Jerusalem , like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon’ . or Song of Solomon 1:6′, Do not gaze at me because I am dark .’ both physical descriptons of Sheba .Zipphorah wife of Moses black and Egyptian ??, Based on Philo’s use of the Pythagoreans and Stoics method of allegorical interpretation of the Bible Luke of the new Testament , was able to give hints that Mary Magdelene was in fact black and a Queen . . There is an Egyptian thread running through all these references .

          • Ancient Greeks were black, Alexander was black, Pythagoras was black. I always liked the term “changing the face of history”, “they” certainly did this.

        • Dark chamber near the base of the Pyramid was were they went after consuming a large portion of Amanitas and “stargated” out of there, just leaving their “shell” behind.
          Supposedly Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower design was based on the Pyramid, financed by J.P. Morgan, or so the story goes.
          This CERN thing fits in here somehow.

      • I definitely agree with Pyramids being a power source. We were discussing the dam the other night as we were discussing the powerful Nile. I will ensure these topics are researched further! I did explain to her that the Egyptians were not quite as they have been depicted. She said, “Like some of our native ancestors being played by white men in movies or real events when white men were the ones that were cruel to them?” ha! She catches on quickly… or already knows???? :-) Thanks, fellas!

        • The ugly dark occultists have hijacked sacred geometry et al. It’s ours for empowerment. It’s nature and Universal law and a wonderful tool to help us help each other reflect love and enlightenment. Pyramid power is age old technology like all of sacred geometry and the rest…they’re usurpers, using our world to their benefit – time’s almost up for all that BS and parasitic abuse…

          • hijacked and hid it – although in plain sight at sites, etc. Sacred Geometry is a current lesson as well. Spirit Science is a good way for the kids to get some info in a format more appealing for them. Even the 5 yr old enjoys those.

        • Babylonians, Sumerians etc. really black. Slave trade was an incredibly sinister psy-op. Blacks were already here, they created a multi level success with the Slave trade, totally covered over serious history.

  3. We are catching up with our own history. A candle burning at both ends comes to mind more than once. If the all of us is part of an evolutionary prescription, then it appears our behavioral response depends upon individual idiosynchrocy.

        • Yo’ Amigo…used that “A” word..get ready to duck…LOL! I still find it odd that the Sumerian tablets, written circa around 5,000 years ago, accidentally discovered while digging tributaries in Iraq in the 1800′s, make such a compelling case to explain our origins coupled with the fact that the characteristics of the Anunnaki exhibit the same behaviors as the elite bloodlines of today. What a curious way for ancient people to trouble themselves with recording and storing propaganda.

          What was that about the “baby and the bathwater”? LOL!

    • that is such a good way of putting it Randall “We are catching up with our History” You can’t imagine how much unschooling I have to do with my daughter with history alone.

      • Mary, I feel ya on the unschooling… every day and my daughter is still pretty young. I cannot wait to pull them out!!! If I can get this house sold soon, I hope to pull them out before last quarter and go to the dessert while hubby participates in Earthship construction. Sounds like you are both enjoying the time and learning!

  4. I love childrens stories – I love it even more when childrens stories turn out to be real. Think of jack and the beanstalk, now look up Nephilim….
    Same goes with mythology, ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman mythology – same story over and over. Seems even Egyptian Horus became overlaid with a Christian theme.
    What if they really are true – that these beings were real? Are real? Not just the bad guys, but the heroes too. And like all roads lead to Rome, all good mythology tales can be traced back to Sumerian times.
    Some stories are so incredible that they’d be too hard to make up. Bring on conscious awareness so that we can fully remember why these tales were and are so important…

    • Very apt depiction of the Three Abrahamic Religons Peak !!All from the same source and yet have become the perfect excuse for fighting and hatred of the ‘other’ This divisiveness causes our inability to see the sacred and a shared humanity in all peoples regardless of our illusory separateness engendered by religiosity .
      One of our greatest problems is we have substituted wisdom for the pursiut of knowledge, and because of our lack of looking at our inner self we are unable to see we alone are the source of all our ills not a God a myth or legend .We have allowed ourselves to become battered and beaten into submission by politicking and religiosity both sides of the same coin . We are not hapless or helpless just unable to take responsibility for what and who we are and all the wondeful things we are capable of . Recognising we are of the Universe and are divine in our ability to be both givers and receivers of love Recognising this greatness requires us to take the ultimate responsibility for our self , both our inner spirituality and its outer manifestation as an action or a doing to make this divine love a reality .We are unable to do so presently and waste our time giving responsibility to an outside force denying self when in fact the IAm , the Be Still and know I am God is you and me waiting to be woken from the slumber of the self imposed illusion of the myth and legend we cling to and fear . Much love Kitty XX

  5. Like all of their control paradigms, religion has its own built-in antivirus kill switch. Once an individual discovers that they’ve been scammed, they usually toss out the entire concoction and with it, a veritable shitload of useful occulted knowledge. They know us better than we know ourselves.

      • that’s an awesome interview Rollo…watching it now. Had some conversations last week regarding this and I was getting the strange look when I brought the Astrotheology stuff up..I will pass this on!

        • The realization regarding the magnitude of the manipulation that has taken place regarding so many scenarios occurring over so many years still has not hit home with a vast amount of the populace, including many that comment on this site. Consider how many get up Sunday morning to go to the many structures that were built to pass on this brainwashing, that said, those who summarily dismiss the bible are no better……..totally paradoxical.

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