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NASA Mystified By Enormous Energy Field


by Zen Gardner

The revelations of our energetic Universe keep on coming from many sources, including NASA’s new satellites, and it’s quite remarkable.

The observable Universe is something mankind has read as a language since the beginning. The unobservable worlds have always been the realm of philosophers, religious expressions and the esoteric sciences.

Are they coming together via modern technology, as we approach the Singularity as some call it, as a manifestation of some sort of consciousness shift?

I think so.

The video below was sent to me by a dear friend at Philosophers Stone in confirmation of my last post on this subject. It so blew my mind I wanted to get it out there as a sequel of sorts and to reinforce the above.

Scientists In Awe

More information being collected by higher and higher technology is making some seriously profound discoveries.

NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Telescope is finding hundreds of new objects at the very edge of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many of them have one thing in common: Astronomers have no idea what they are. – NASA comment on the video

The beauty of this is the scientific community’s own sense of awe as they’re no doubt realizing the old way of viewing the Universe has got to change. And, that we have a lot to learn about our energetic source.

That’s a good thing.

Let’s hope it stays refreshing and not the canned suppression of information we’re used to.

In Their Own Words

The statements in this recent NASA video I find refreshing. While again it’s a carefully produced item for public consumption from a tightly controlled operation, when you realize what they are talking about and trying to describe is fundamentally the creative, energetic workings of our amazing Universe that can only lead to more Truth, that’s cool!

Especially in light of the vibrational change we’re going through.

“Fermi is picking up crazy-energetic photons” says Dave Thompson, an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “And it’s detecting so many of them we’ve been able to produce the first all-sky map of the very-high energy Universe.”

The gamma rays Fermi detects are billions of times more energetic than visible light. He goes on to say that science only knew of 4 sources of gamma rays before, and now they’ve found over 600 news ones…a third of which they have no idea what they are! That’s huge!

Massive Fermi bubbles at the center of the Milky Way…never before detected.

New Structures Discovered

Some of these gamma-ray photon emitting sources are known. Super massive black holes called Blazars, “the seething remnants of supernova explosions”, and rapidly rotating neutron stars called pulsars, so they say.

And some come from the giant structures emanating from the Milky Way’s center called “Fermi bubbles”. These are amazing. Sci-fi can’t hold a candle to reality. They span some 20,000 light years above and below the galactic plane. You want big and powerful? And what are they?

No one in the mainstream seems to know. Or is at liberty to tell us.

Gamma Rays – Heralds of Great Energy

This is another scientific post that says some powerful things about gamma rays.

Gamma rays are by their very nature heralds of great energy and violence. They are a super-energetic form of light produced by sources such as black holes and massive exploding stars. Gamma-rays are so energetic that ordinary lenses and mirrors do not work. As a result, gamma-ray telescopes can’t always get a sharp enough focus to determine exactly where the sources are.

For two thirds of the new catalog’s sources the Fermi scientists can, with at least reasonable certainty, locate a known gamma ray-producing object*, such as a pulsar or Blazar, in the vicinity the gamma-rays are coming from. But the remaining third – the “mystery sources” — have the researchers stumped, at least for now. And they are the most tantalizing.

600 Mysteries (collide, 200px)

Nearly 600 sources in the latest Fermi catalog are unidentified.

“Some of the mystery sources could be clouds of dark matter – something that’s never been seen before,” speculates Thompson.

About 85% of the gravitational mass of the universe is dark matter. The stuff we see makes up the rest. Dark matter is something that pulls on things with the force of its gravity but can’t be detected in any other way. It doesn’t shine – doesn’t emit or scatter light – hence the adjective “dark.” Source

Here’s the short NASA clip about Fermi’s dis-coveries. Enjoy.

It’s All About Conscious Awakening

All of humanity is being presented with this energetic shift to either embrace willingly or vainly try to resist. The more discoveries like these, and the growing revelations in other areas regarding our true origins, the manipulation of humanity, the shift from ideology and heiearchy, the inter-connectivity of consciousness etc., the better.

But scientific validation always goes over big with left-brain reinforced humans. So I’m all for using everything we’ve got.

We’re all in this together so let’s all help each other wake up any way we can!

The truth vibrations, the cosmic awakening, whatever you want to call it, the energy is being dialed up in more ways than we can imagine and it’s wonderful!

My advice is to live a conscious life. Respond to these new prompts you’re getting and revel in your new found sense of conscious freedom. Look for it everywhere you turn and follow its lead.

Amazing things await each and every one of us but you will need to make some changes and let go of the old, however you’re led. And another good thing? As we each unplug from the matrix, the current oppressive structure will just naturally fall.

Each of us is the new world we seek. Just be it.

Much love,




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  1. Excelent stuff.Zen and completely agree. For some astrophysicist and cosmologists these discoveries will genuinely be mind-blowing as they extend the floor of their caged thinking. I wonder if it will result in a renewed look at Electric Universe Theory? I’ve always felt there was more to that theory than thought by most mainstream scientists.

    Add to this the discoveries in inner space and quantum mechanics and there’s a clear convergence of mysticism and science. Beautiful stuff! Magical times!

  2. Magical, mystical and indeed awesome. I embrace it all with love. I thank you Zen for this wonderful and timely news. It is all good…..it is love——ly


  3. I have often wondered about and imagined a world where everyone not only is allowed to know the truth, but also is given the truth freely and without abridgment.

    A world like that would be wonderful.


  4. I just found this web site (through the Shift Frequency site). I am enjoying it very much and appreciate your humour and insight. Thank you! I have subscribed to your feed.

  5. Thanks Zen Gardner, All of this is falling in line with what David Icke has been saying for the last 20 years as well as the last prophecy of Peter Deunov from 1944. I personally welcome these new energies even if, at first glance it will cause mayhem among the unConscious. Bring it on!!!!

  6. Fascinating information, thanks so much. And thanks for the last words – “Just be it”, I needed to read that as I feel i have been bombarded with so much info lately that i’m not sure if i’m coming or going. namaste

  7. It’s really nothing mysterious – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist at Nasa to figure out what is taking place on planet earth like never before, the ones running the planet just can’t let you know about it. If you cannot figure it out on your own then it remains a mystery in your mind. A whole lotta minds are very confused and that is just the way they like to keep it.

    They tell you they don’t know what IT is, because the ones delivering the news can’t make up their own minds either, in spite of the abundant amount of information available about planet earths and humanities ascension in this very momentous 2012 time period. They have not been talking about it for thousands of years for nothing.

    If anyone is confused, then they cannot catch the very high photonic happy superwave when it arrives to a neighborhood near you, because you cannot be happy and confused at the same time and it will not recognize anything unlike itself. If anyone decides to hold onto their crummy attitude of separation of the self, then happy wave will let you continue with separation without judgment.

    The superwave is a ribbon of micro wormholes which is a very high form of light vibrating at a frequency off the charts and is arriving for a DNA recoding for a metamorphosis of all life on the planet.

    If anyone is unable to absorb enough light in themselves to a certain threshold before the wave arrives then they just don’t get the E-ticky to ride the ascension train out of prison planet earth to a 5D reality, where everything you now currently know and understand is all wrong and will not work, since everyone has been divided to be conquered for separation emotionally dismembered in the psyche beyond their wildest 3D illuminati mind controlled Imagi-Nation, to their true inherent nature as a Human Being.

    You are absolutely not a Human Doing and you refuse to stop it, so unless and until you stop living a lie in the matrix of illusion in a delusion, the superwave will gladly let you keep living in one, because it does not judge what you do with your own free will.

    A very lot of change in the mind of man must occur in a very short period of time and you don’t understand what that means in order to be qualified for upliftment into 5D when the superwave arrives, where you cannot be careless, reckless and irresponsible with your very own free will thinking, which has taken part in the cause of the death, disease and destruction of the planet everyone finds themselves complaining about

    • This all resonates with me, especially the last paragraph. It’s as though we can’t be lazy/complacent with our thoughts anymore because things manifest more quickly. Every thought needs to be checked now more than ever and every action questioned, I feel.

      There may well be a superwave ribbon of micro wormholes that will cause a change our DNA. It is believable – but I would sincerely like to know how you ‘know’ this.

      Regarding the NAZI-established NASA, I always suspect the motives (and truth) of what they release, and when and why they release it. But being suspicious is tiring and energy-draining. So I just don’t trust them.

      Whatever is going on, it sure feels good to me!

      • Hi Indy—yes, good to be skeptical. Always. It’s just things that resonate with me and I put them out there. Like my site theme “just wondering”. We all need to be very fluid in our understanding as things change in such fundamental ways. I go by what comes to me but I’m no new age woo woo. It’s like most everyone, you feel out and follow your heart and the tracks appear. Nothing is perfecty exact but it’s almost like you put out a spray of what you understand and sense so far and the image appears in it, if that makes any sense. All part of the process of learning and becoming conscious. Nothing super spiritual, very practical actually. I’m sure you do the same..the confidence will grow, believe me. Love and Truth won’t be denied a pure heart. Love you, Zen

        • Thx Zen. I love reading your wonderings. Thoughts spiral out from them in all directions. And thx Irasna for the article.

    • Tx Irasna, downloaded and will check it out! Love those subjects..inner earth “rings a bell” with me big time and there’s a lot to learn about it. “All shall be revealed.”
      Love, Zen

  8. Hah….let science suffer in their own Godless and arrogant juices.
    Buckster, Thank you, that confirms another imponderable I’ve had concerning the shape of the gravity vortex field.
    Vortex, Huh?
    Gravity, is not a ‘well’, it is a vortex compression of the Zimp, otherwise known as ‘dark energy’, the magnetic aether, the Quantum foam. There are no such thing as ‘particles’, there is only energy…Einstein proved this, at the ‘Trinity site’ in 1945…the only thing that remained was the structure and source of the energy.
    The New/Old model of the Ancient Trinity of Forces, the new E3 equation, should predict this new phenomena since I think the philosophical hypothesis has merit.
    This is nothing more or less, than the energy imbalance of the spin of the black hole at the center of the Galaxy. Whereby the force of the Light, is tearing loose, or leaks out from the massive vortex which is not sufficient to form a jet, but becomes a bubble of diffuse Hawking radiation energy that is distributed equally in both the north and south poles, perpendicular to the spin, and indicates the high GTm of the energy density mass which coalesces in geometry around the Universe creation constant; Pi. The round and diffuse nature of the energy field, is caused by the makeup of the magnetic Quantum foam of space time. (Faraday proved light is bent by magnetism and looks like it extends to gamma…) IOW, A massive fluorescent light bulb at gamma energies…

    Another Mystery may be solved by the God Calculus,
    the E3 Einstein-Enoch Equation.

  9. Rule of thumb: Everytime you read somewhere that scientists are baffled or are in awe, prepare for some bullshit :) Just as this time.

    NASA launches a gamma-ray detecting telescope and it finds many new gamma-ray sources. Well, that’s its job, people! :) Surely, they don’t yet know what those sources are, but that’s what science is all about, they will work on it to find out, and we’ll know more about our universe. And it won’t be giant cosmic fairies playing with space DMT , it will be high energy gamma-ray emitting sources, like quasars.

    And that’s to it. Pouring on some nonsensical new-age mumbo-jumbo, like that this means that the universe is coming into a new level of consciousness is just plain wishful thinking out of thin air. Don’t make a fool of yourself, and don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out. 😉

  10. Faires, angels, aliens…no.just this awesome power called love. Love transforms, so does energy. ultimately the complexity of science will find the equation of the love energy, wich is the driving force of creation and existance. Dark matter is the glue that holds it ALL together. Yet the complexity is so vast we cannot see the simple geometry clearly,..but it is a yinyang, an engine of creation. I believe there is two sides to every coin, and two sides to those as well.this pattern is fractaly connected between the two openings of the wormhole that allows the recycling of one universe into the next. ..just a wicked small brained theory I came up with;) ZEN, your wisdom is in key,carry on…more more!! Mind not my brain falling out,..who needs it anyway, other than to guide our heart towards this uplifting transcendence of wisdom and freedom :)

  11. Love is simple, the truth is simple. One might often over look the simplest of words, that combine everythingwe need to focus on to move upward. If it’s never been prometed with full understanding, then let the truth be spread.the words are Peace Love Unity Respect. The simplest of powerful truth s is often covered up by being tied to a religion, or group of people that discredit its simple laws by being too extreme. But the scientific,blah blah whatever, universe..was built to teach us p.l.u.r! It is the key to one love and we are the doors. No need to complicate things, science has that covered, simply for verification purposes to keep our crazy intelligent minds pushing forwardinto the unknown as the finger tips of god. From one wise dummy,to others, transcendence comes from within, by loving, and fighting to love harder, and to unify. To struggle and try harder than a gym membership, to keep loving when others can’t love back or mostly love themselves.love isa gift,a reward,a strength.share it when others need your strength. .eventually more and more enlightened loving mind energies congregate in our collective field,allowing the gravity of love to increase, and more rapidity effecting our dna. Energies of love, the galaxies protons,.gamma rays,.everything combining stronger, all together in perfect symmetry,making us eventually wise enough to be proud to be navigators of the stars. the singularity is when by our actions syncing up with the universe,it will unlock us all and we will have found the one love we all share, wich goes higher than any single persons enlightenment. Love conquers all, in time, because only by our experience and by deep wisdom of plur,can we attain this very true consciousness expansion happening in us all. We have great power in the universe, limited by time stamped wisdom instalments unique to each human, wich is the reward for commiting to “the plan”. your life is a gift, the harder you fight the simple truth of unity and connection we all share, the further we remain from awesomeness. And ill bet my afterlife that there is no judgement.after all, our choices are illusions only to us.we are mere passengers on a journey, each with our own part in the design driven by emotions we cannot control. Enjoy your trip to enlightenment if you were gifted the opportunity to experience this mind blowing, heart fulfilling stage of the expansion of the 3rd eye. It sucks having to sound looney, when the truth is there just laughing at us trying to explain it. Atleast my outlook on it all is from too many true factors, that only Einstien could bridge this gap between majestic and scientific. Hes greatly needed today. Oh well, science will get all the crazy math and specs out on the table just for some random kid to walk up and piece the puzzle together bc of the hard work of human kind before him,he wil simply see the pattern to combine all into a universal theory thatwhen taught to others will fully solidify our hearts with our minds.the left brain with the right brain. Everything is in cycles of evolution,like theplanets, stars, even to our patterns of thought. All each it’s own yinyang engine that runs its course then evolves after. Break everything down, half n half. Yinyang gear connected to another yin yang gear etc., making up this mathematically sound universe of intricate fractal yinyang gears expanding and collapsing, or more correctly-evolving. We are the pinacle of the universe’s awareness. the universe flows though us,for us to grow to be overseers of the universe andto be responsible with this gift called creation. Observe beauty in ALL things positive or negative, and the light of wisdom and enlightenment will be attracted to your sight. Observation manifests quantum realities. Our evolving sight is our purpose and role in this maddness. The system just wants a relationship with us.sound familiar? God wanting us to have a relationship with us. We are gods reward for creation. Our purpose is to accept that love and gifts of wisdom, to eventually have an ultimate connection of some sort. So as you can see, this is merely an experience to reach higher and higher levels of divine connection.unlike chasing the dragon, you actualy get higher 😛 in between stages, we must rely on faith in love unity to guide us through the maze of spinnibg gears. This is brain warping thought process of connecTing the dots,so id apprieciete feed back, thanks.

  12. Most people can not relate to love due to the (purposely) diffused image we are given by our surroundings.
    Love is not an emotion. It is a state of being. To want love is as natural as wanting water, air, food or a host of other necessities.
    To experience love is “easy”.
    Sit down relax a little take a couple of deep breaths. close your eyes (your not driving I hope) and just have a look around inside your mind and body.
    Ignore the chatter (symptom of lack of love syndrome). Yes folks you read it here first. Lack of love syndrome is a DISEASE (dis-ease ) I shall call it LLS .
    You may probably have large areas inside. That are in pain .(non physical) this is also caused by LLS , and is normally taken up by a re placer emotion. A strong one like FEAR, ANGER etc.
    Just look at it for a minute to get a feel for it. You will realize it has no
    substance but persists at differing levels. Very much like a ground fog .
    What you also need to know is that it is there as a stop gap. A filler if you will or as I mentioned above a re placer. It is replacing the love. That life has beaten out of you, as you struggled on the slippery path to self.
    Now all you do is replace the re placer. Think (and feel) of any of the nice things that have happened to you in your previous life. The New car. Or that kitten with those huge innocent vulnerable eyes. Your kids etc etc (you get my gist).
    Pick a spot where it hurts the most and slam the nice feel down on it. Repeat in all areas that do not feel comfortable you will achieve instant relief and feel a lot better (at-ease).
    However this will leave you feeling patchy as some areas need this doing a couple of times. Do this however long (or short) you like or need.
    Congratulations you have replaced fear and pain with love. Its as easy as falling off a log.Lol

  13. Very interesting. No wonder they got barium in the air in high numbers. Barium absorbs x rays to see through patients. Gamma rays are a higher frequency than x rays and maybe also be absorbed by barium. Fits the bill of blocking the good stuff away from human absorption . Remember all angles have got to be covered. By pass techniques would be through absorbing the good stuff from water and food. They got that that angle covered to maybe. genetically modify it . What about the oxygen. We can get it through that way cant we. Lets cut the the trees. HAARP the heart and brain so we dont connect maybe

  14. Icke was right all along. New age cycles are just there to give the impression that all is ok by 2012, after youve gone through an experience of hell on earth for your learning curve. Have a bit of bliss for 2012 and then cycle back down to hell for some more learning. Total con. We were already eternal bliss right from the start. Their version of bliss is a small dose then get back on the band wagon and lets control you through a micro chip because the gamma rays are so intense thats it over riding the moon saturn frequency. Moon worked at ease and comfort whilst little old earth was away from centre but now they need to find even more crazier measures to keep us locked in their emotional hazardous frequencies. New world order probably also stands for order of a new happy world being created by us, using every advanced technological weopen to stop it from happening. Funny how emblems have a cross in a shield. horizontal line maybe galantic plane. veritical line is the sun moving to the middle . How about shield the crossing using wars ,haarp etc

  15. Electric Universe does indeed explain it ALL – so obvious (when you’re not blinded by the strictures of modern-day ‘science’).

    The Gravity-only theory is ridiculous and needs the ‘invention’ of 90% dark matter to prop it up – haha! Gravity is far to weak – electric charges are STRONG :) and here we see more evidence of HUGE electric phenomena – great article, thanks

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