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National Day of Mourning



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  1. So very true. And these atrocities continue across the globe as we eliminate indigenous peoples who stand in the way of corporate resource acquisitions.

  2. The same thing is about to happen here in Australia – Australia Day celebrations. Also known as Invasion Day, a day to reflect on indigenous massacres, land and cultural theft, child stealing, rape and attempted genocide. We get a holiday for it and express national pride. Yay.

      • How did the Wampanog tribe of Native Americans turn Thanksgiving into the National Day of Mourning?

        The Commonwealth of Massachusetts had decided back in 1970 to invite the then leader of the Wampanoag Native American tribe to Plymouth Mass, the site of the “first Thanksgiving”, and give a speech about the meaning Thanksgiving. The speech was set to take place on the top of Cole’s Hill.

        Once the Commonwealth of Massachusetts realized that the Wampanoag tribe leader, Frank B. James, intended to speak out about the misconceptions of Thanksgiving and the way that the Native Americans were actually treated, they decided to un-invite him as a public speaker. This, however, did not stop the Wampanog Native American tribe, it’s leader Frank B. James, or it’s supporters.

        Convening at Cole’s Hill in Plymouth Mass, The Wampanoag Native American tribe declared that the Fourth Sunday of November would no longer be known to Native Americans as Thanksgiving. They would now use this day as a way of protesting the Thanksgiving myth of how Native Americans were actually treated…The National Day Of Mourning was born http://www.kensavage.com/archives/wampanog-native-americans/ for more information http://www.americanindiansource.com/mourningday.html thanks Zen great photo!

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