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Native American Tribal Leaders Vow To Stop The Keystone XL Pipeline

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More on the ongoing rape of our planet and their incessant infringement on and decimation of Native lands. – Zen



  1. [Hat tip: Elva – tx!]

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  1. This is the beginning. The calm before the storm…the spiritual tide that will rise and sweep away the invaders. My skin may be white…but I am red at Heart.
    One love

  2. Great Post Elva .. Thank you … This is just simply fucking toxic and wrong .. They force people into battle’s for a normal life.

  3. why do the indians have to seek out these XL people for consultation? Shouldn’t it be XLs duty to do the asking. And show real progress on the oil leaks ,14 in 18 months is terrible odds. A vague worker provided no help for information. His comment not worth the airtime.

  4. These pipelines need to be completely done with. They are tarring up our land, that isn’t right. This was our land first then they took it over.

  5. bless these men amongst men…..I’ve a heart for native people, native anything, even tho my ancestory is ‘white’ my heart and outlook is 100% ‘native’ I married a part native….I was brought up with native peoples (NZ)….I felt more at home when I was with the Maoris than I ever did at my place. these indian men Gary and Wizipan I wish all the very best to, it is my wish that they succeed fully in their intentions.
    ……to the vile scum bloody stinkin greedy evil corporations perpetrators need to dry the f up and drop the ef off go back to the pit from whence they came damn them for all time.

  6. !!!!!feeling so angry right now regarding this happening to innocent native peoples….. and as peak says…”’They force people into battle’s for a normal life.””
    what on earth gives these ffing c**** the right???????????
    need to go cool off…….have to settle for a cup of tea and sit in my garden for now…cant drink alcohol unfortunately it doesn’t like me!
    I’m going to light a hand made bees wax candle for these Native People and hold my own vigil .

  7. To the Native American Peoples, I hope your voices will be heard, and you win the right to stop the pipeline going through on Your Lands, the white man is good at doing one thing distroying the world in which we live,
    good luck my the god be with you!

  8. If you live on the earth at this time, your life and home and environment IS INVOLVED also. All of us are involved!

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