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NATO Official “Suicided” – Mind Control Again?



by Zen Gardner

This is becoming more common place all the time. It can be he was put under so much strain and was taking depression drugs that actually make things worse, bad enough in itself, but this is always fishy.

I mean his big stress according to his friends was missing his family.

I firmly believe these types of high profile offings are meant to not just deal with a potential “problem”, but serve as a serious warning to others in similar circles to “not even think about” being contrary to the plan, or daring to blow any whistles about what’s really going on. This group of people he picked up had “diplomatic immunity” from testifying as to what they saw.

How convenient. Is that fishy enough for you?

When all else fails to explain these unexplainable suicides, think mental manipulation, i.e. mind control. It is well within the power of modern brain wave technology and trauma based mind control to induce behaviors. All it takes is a “trigger” word or phrase to get people to do a pre-programmed act.

From the sounds of it, he could have just been strongarmed over the railing by this arriving crew of who knows who.

Serbia’s Nato envoy Branislav Milinkovic leaps to his death at Brussels airport

Serbia’s ambassador to Nato was chatting and joking with colleagues in a multi-story parking garage at Brussels Airport when he suddenly strolled to a barrier, climbed over and flung himself to the ground below, a diplomat said.

By the time his shocked colleagues reached him, Branislav Milinkovic was dead.

His motives are a mystery. Three diplomats who knew Milinkovic said he did not appear distraught in the hours leading up to his death Tuesday night. He seemed to be going about his regular business, they said, picking up an arriving delegation of six Serbian officials who were to hold talks with Nato, the alliance that went to war with his country just 13 years ago.

Belgian authorities confirmed that the ambassador had killed himself.

“It was indeed a suicide,” said Ine Van Wymersch of the Brussels prosecutor’s office. She said no further investigation was planned.

A former author and activist opposed to the authoritarian regime of Serbia’s former strongman Slobodan Milosevic, Milinkovic was outgoing, had a warm sense of humor and worked to keep good ties with ambassadors from other ex-Yugoslav countries, according to diplomats and acquaintances.

The diplomats, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release details, said they knew of no circumstances — private or professional — that would have prompted him to take his own life.

But Milinkovic, 52, had mentioned to colleagues at diplomatic functions that he was unhappy about living apart from his wife, a Serbian diplomat based in Vienna, and their 17-year-old son.

One of the diplomats described his death to The Associated Press, saying she had spoken to a member of the delegation who had witnessed the leap from the 8- to 10-meter-high (26- to 33-foot-high) platform.

The diplomats all spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not permitted by foreign service regulations to speak publicly to the press.

The death cast a pall on the second day of a meeting of Nato foreign ministers. Officials said they were shocked by the news of the death of a very popular and well-liked man. Source

Think I’m Kidding About Mind Control?

Watch this and what happens when Diane Sawyer adroitly drops the “spasm” word on an obvious mind control puppet, after a deliberate, scripted lead up:

Still having problems believing this? Try the DC Sniper episode:

We searched high and low on youtube but the google logarithm is so controlled now a lot of this won’t come up any longer.


Anyway, here’s a transcript of what police Chief Moose was told to say on television to get this mind-controlled sniper to stop after 13 killings, after which they found the sniper asleep in a truck stop. How convenient.

Better than the censored youtube clip:

The last cryptic message from Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose to the Washington-area sniper referred to a Cherokee Indian story about an arrogant rabbit that was duped by the duck he tried to catch. ‘You have indicated that you want us to do and say certain things. You’ve asked us to say, ‘We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose.’ We understand that hearing us say this is important to you, Moose said late Wednesday [October 23, 2002] at a televised news briefing, called so authorities could release information on two people sought for questioning in the 13 sniper shootings.”

We have stated all along that this operation had all the fingerprints of the Illuminati: from the beginning of the sniper spree on Kali’s birthday to the Broken  Cross being formed on the ground by the first six shots, to the #13 Death Tarot Card, to the Pentagram formed on the ground by the total number of shots, all conclusively pointed to the Masters of the Illuminati as the force and the brilliance behind this sniper spree.

However, nothing — and I repeat nothing — demonstrates the Illuminati hand behind this shooting spree than the halting, clumsy manner in which Police Chief Moose delivered the final Mind Control message to the shooter that the time had arrived to give himself up. Surely the Illuminati could have found someone to deliver this message via the Media that would understand he was passing the message and give it in a smooth manner that would not seem obvious. When Chief Moose said, “You have indicated that you want us to do and say certain things. You’ve asked us to say … We understand that hearing us say this is important to you …”, he had given the inside truth away to anyone who understands the Illuminati and their Mind Control. Source

Take It or Leave It – But It’ll Catch Up With You Eventually

It’s what’s happening. The overwhelming evidence is there for mind control. Just because the mainstain state media doesn’t publicise or endorse it doesn’t mean bullcrap. You know that.

Investigate mind control if you haven’t already. It’s an x-ray into the perfidy and extent of control we’re being subjected to.

But don’t fear it. When you wake up, your DNA and consciousness activates, the Universe jumps in, and all Heaven breaks loose! Ha!

Love always, Zen



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  1. Mind control is every where. The way the man just turned from his friends and jumped. I don’t see how it could be anything else. It is difficult for me to watch a lot of the music videos as they mostly contain messages of the mind control and abuse that is rampant in the industry. Such pain. It’s horrific what they go through.

  2. Almost all people are hypnotics. The proper authority sees to it that the proper belief should be induced, and the people believe properly.

  3. Love your work . I think classic rock and pop seam to get a pass in this topic , they come of so underestimate on the impact of generations , the so called ( rock Gods ) floating in our air space via alarm clock , waiting in a appointment office, dining out , work areas and so on. Muzak is served up like soft food as we get older to make sure we still hit the tavistock institute for a super sized combo of MK Ultra

  4. Yes, this was some sort of mind control or he was pushed. There are many men and women in the world who also have jobs where they miss their families but who don’t go committing suicide. This is a red herring planted by the establishment, such as they who planted the false idea that Princess Diana was killed by the drunken chauffeur, Henri Paul. This Serbian man could easily have given up his job if he was so desperate to be near his family. These very rich types or on the satanist Euro gravy ambassadorial train anyway and their resignation wouldn’t have left them worse off moneywise.
    It is an outrage that these diplomats are stopped from speaking the press. Who benefits here? What are these secvret elites agendas? This so called suicide stinks and is the latest in these mysterious deaths like the Slovakian diplomat who suddenly went into a rooma nd shot himself about two months ago.
    The people and establishment who run this world are sick bastards who we will never vote for and will fight them all the way till their empires of money and Imperialism are destroyed in a non-violent way.

  5. I’m sure he heard a voice inside his head saying “Go jump off the edge of the garage right now!” and the good folks monitoring him shook each others’ hands and reported that everything worked according to plan.
    Isn’t technology wonderful?

  6. Stay calm during EM neurological warfare. We are all potential victims but as you point out, Zen, knowledge is our best defense. This is true in my experience as a high school instructor who always makes students aware of chemtrails, etc. I sense changes in my capacity to express myself that usually coincides with the massive spraying like that of yesterday here in Miami. I just try to think through it.

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  8. As an Abductee I know there are ones who can mess with your mind. I have had to fight off thousands of Depression Trips that others take pills for that makes them Zombies. I think it depends on the person as to whether or not they can be mind controlled. All of the ones I know who have taken their own lives were weak-minded and very dependent on others. To be strong willed you have to believe in yourself, be independent, and know you are not guilty of anything, you also have to be fearless.

    • What you write is something too real and “frightening” that Zen usually doesn’t allow in comments. He only allows a certain level of “fright” in here. But yours seems to violate that boundary. Hmmmmm.

  9. Lizard lady, Dianne Sawyer must be an MKULTRA programmer. No female would ever be allowed to exist in that industry for that amount of time at her age on “prime time TV” without being fully complicit in all this.


    It’s nice to think that mind control is only for the weak minded; unfortunately, they have sophisticated EM techniques that manipulate brainwave frequencies so that no one is immune unless you want to live in a Faraday Cage.



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