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NATO Protests and the Chicago Slime Job


by Zen Gardner

This is a little unusual and unexpected. While the Occupy protests were systematically ignored by the corporo-sycophant media, this has appeared rather abruptly.

I don’t trust any of it, as they are always up to stuff. But pitting these brave demonstrators against the NATO Summit machinery amidst such militarization is something to take note of. And even they took note. For once.

Or most likely is this how they’re programming us with how to see it?  Worth a healthy skeptical look at.

Here’s the article:

1000s protest the Chicago NATO summit

(CBS News) CHICAGO – Whatever NATO’s ultimate withdrawal timetable from Afghanistan is, it won’t be speedy enough for demonstrators outside the current summit in Chicago.

Thousands of protesters walked the sweltering streets of Chicago on Sunday to vent their opposition to NATO and the government leaders meeting just a few hundred yards away.

“We’re spending $2 billion a week killing people who are very far away and really haven’t don’t anything to us,” said protester Jeri Sparks…

The ranks of the more violence-prone participants had been thoroughly infiltrated by undercover officers days ago, including three arrested last week who prosecutors accused of conspiracy to commit terrorism.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

This NATO “summit” (oh, how we’ve peaked) is not over yet, as of this post, folks. The PTBs would like a precedent set to reaffirm their projected “American terrorist” meme so don’t be surprised if something erupts somewhere still…which will most certainly be agent provocateurs pulling another false flag staged violence operation to whatever degree, creating the impression du jour for the puppet media repeaters.

Asshole stooges.

It’s just too much juicy coverage to pass up for this mega fascist propaganda campaign, especially in the town of De Doo Rahm Rahm “never let a good crisis go to waste” double agent Zionist/Illuminati sell-out puppet Emanuel.

A “sign of the times” piece-of-work is this sub-human slime job.

See for yourself. Search his pictures and resume. He reeks of slippery evil.

Slimebag Central

CaughtProvocateurs in action

Nice Confession…We’re there ahead of time, thank you..such BS..

Maybe that last part..

The ranks of the more violence-prone participants had been thoroughly infiltrated by undercover officers days ago, including three arrested last week who prosecutors accused of conspiracy to commit terrorism.

…is to cover up all the blown FBI/CIA false flag prompting operations that have come to light. It’s bozoville out there yet no one’s watching. Just amazing.


There was also a cyber attack on the city of Chicago’s website that lasted several hours. The hacker group which calls itself Anonymous claimed responsibility.

“We are actively engaged in actions against the Chicago police department and encourage anyone to take up the cause,” the hacker group said in a statement.


Thoughts and Timing

While the staging is here, I don’t think Chicago will be the big false flag we’re all anticipating. It will probably try to make a stink about something to reaffirm the need for military maneuvers and a draconian state takeover, but not the big false flag yet. They’re setting the stage still, but it could be very very soon. Their game plan consists of many facets, not the least of which is the economic and consequential social meltdown that makes everything appear so “un-engineered” while we slide into martial law.

Scientifically antiseptic fits the bill. We like easy pharmacological related solutions, don’t we, America?

The masses will swallow anything like that. “White coat? Sure! Give me your fluoride, vaccines, super high fructose corn syrup or skinnying aspartame, I’m on board! Especially if it comes with a mind-numbing psychotropic pill!” “Uniform? Yes sir..protect me and let those terrorist protesters have it!”

Nasty induced reality amongst the mind controlled masses out there.

Anyway, things are afoot as we all know. Just giving some impressions on this latest media test run. Clearly they’re warning people we’re watching you, amongst you, will get you for “pre-crime” if want to. And we’re warming up to clamp down on internet freedom because of your confessed hacking activism. Your remaining freedoms will soon be revoked.

Are we responding as they want? I hope the hell not. Cuz they’re trying to bait us with all this. Don’t fall for it.

Non-compliance is our foundational response.

Keep true to the Truth good people,

Love, Zen


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  1. Oh, what an article…!

    It makes me wanna sing:

    “When my time to die has come I want no regrets
    So I better use the days I have
    Then I take a look around, there is so much pain
    People run in circles and create their prison

    Day will turn to night, the devil by your side
    Steals the dreams away. Leave me be, cause

    I step into the light
    And forever it will be alright
    I step into the light
    Death and life are walking side by side

    Everyone is overwhelmed by their fear for life
    Stuck inside a rat race of desires
    Looking for security that they´ll never find
    The only certain thing in life is death, my dear

    Day will turn to night, the devil by your side
    Steals the dreams away. Leave me be, cause

    I step into the light
    And forever it will be alright
    I step into the light
    Death and life are walking side by side”

    – Rage, Into the light

  2. The only way to diminish a meme is to ignore it and concentrate on the creative opposite then do something to help that manifest. Make a helpful move, change the world.

  3. I live in the land of the serfs, the home of the mafia and I don’t have time to research Rahm-icans, because I’m too busy trying to paddle to safety after he sold us down the river. And for those that think, he’s only the Mayor of Chicago! What harm can he do to the entire state? Don’t be fooled. He’s the leader of all the thugs here – and we have plenty. Does Little Dick-Head Durbin or Tony Rezko – or Rod Blagjovich (**facepalm**) ring a bell for anyone? The Mafia is alive and well in Illinois. If any of you decide to visit Chicago (and may I recommend you don’t) be careful, because they are watching.

  4. Are you too busy to drink a cup of Zen Gardner’s tea of The Spirit of Inquiry? Keep asking, keep intuiting, don’t know, there is no final answer. But sense the beauty and wonder somehow. Maybe it’s gardening?

  5. I’d like to know why the media mafia pampers those in show biz. The zionists want all Muslims to hate Christians. This gives the gay gestapo elite the idea they can change the subject all together.

    Demon ridden agents of death that the bible showed would take-over, now want our kids to openly accept the answer for helping solve mass divorce in America is going with whatever feels good.

    The satanist elite are for the most part bi-sexual, control the most powerful industries , from corporate churches to childrens television programs.

    The prediction is the “end times” will thankfully show us what is right and wrong (Thank God).

  6. What about the man hating feminists? These Occupy people are full of man hating feminists who hate white men. They had one sign saying “Let’s make the rich white men pay!!!!”

    Sorry, but these Occupy people are just as bad, if not worse, than the people they are protesting against.

  7. Hi Zen. This is my first comment. I read your articles with great interest and I am on the same page where the root cause of our dilemna lies. The Money Power. Everything else just unfurls from grokking what can be done with that power and looking out the window and seeing it for real. Your inexplicable optimism helps me to emerge from powerlessness again, reminding me that you are gambling that tais is our only possible strategy.

    When one has those moments of ckarity unexpected facets and assets suddenly appear.

    I want so much to offer something to undermine the march toward tyrrany.

    Why don’t we follow Iceland’s lead and create our own planetary constitution? In effect telling the PTB that we decide the agenda from now on.

    • Good idea Trevor. You’re on it. i.e. not powerless. Each of us is a dynamo of universal consciousness..we need to realize that and act from that place. Get there whatever it takes. You’ll understand the whole picture from there. Keep researching, digging, following your heart…you’ll find it. Love you, Zen

  8. As you’ve stated before, they are acting out of fear. They know they are running out of time so they want to do as much damage as possible. We have tipped the scale with our awakening. Energetically, as more people wake up, the others are able to wake up. We have moved up vibrationally, the earth has already shifted and no longer supports such bad, bad behavior. That’s why they are all being exposed and that’s why they will untimately lose. We choose not to feed the beast anymore and if it wants to eat, it can either feast on love or starve to death. That’s their only choice.

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