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The New Amerikan Way – A Real Incident

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    • You are correct I live in Redditch England. The commie Labour party thief MP J Smith had them installed in my town.
      A fat guy that sneaks out of his control room to spend the evening elsewhere leaving the CCTV system and control room abandoned also has a mic which might allow him to shout via the cameras at passers by if he were at the place of his employment.

      • Brits are just like everyone else Jade . We are not all peadophiles , or completely dysfunctional ,although looking at us from the outside ………
        Americans aren’t all obese or dumb either but looking from the outside …….
        Kitty X

      • So is the rest of the world Rollo , we Brits are not the only ones !! I think Amerika has it’s quota of vile disgusting people ! I could go on and on about Amerika , but I won’t because it’s divisive . People are people are people , aren’t we all suffering enough at the hands of our so called masters ? Don’t we all want the same thing ? We all have the same needs and desires .
        We’re in this mess together surely ? More compassion Rollo , perhaps not seeing everyone as the other maybe a good thing too . We need to see and find our common ground otherwise we are lost .
        Kitty X

        • Thing is, the brits have had centuries to “get it together” and still haven’t. I was born there, and visited and lived there. The belligerence/superior attitude that prevails there is astounding, and is still prevalent today. My brush is not the broadest, but when it come to the UK, it is quite wide.

          • We’re not all bad Rollo ! Yes , A lot of Brits are as we say ‘up their own arses ‘ and it seems most of those live near me , it’s one of those places , not all though :)…..but Americans , Germans , the French !!! PITB ‘s as well . I’m a very nice Brit !!! Lol XX

          • Ha!! I remember how ashamed I was to be American when I first moved to Europe in 73…wow we were and are ugly as a collective race! But as is being said, it’s everywhere – just americans do it “bigger and better” as my ex (Londoner) wife would always rightfully say, and yes, mockingly, and oh so true.

          • Was there not a fair amount of evidence insinuating that Sir Jimmy was also a necrophiliac? When you consider that the one’s that knighted him (likely for his “ventures”) are in on the placement of cameras in elemetary school washrooms, it does seem to all fall into the category of “freak show”.

          • totally – their sickness plumbs the depths of darkness..they feel no accountability and think those that do are idiots…worlds apart – empathy or no empathy is what to look for…

          • I don’t think the Brits ever forgave the ( as my great Grandmother called them) devilishly handsome GI’s coming here and taking their girls !! I think the saying was : ‘Over sexed , overpaid , over here’ !! The American version was I believe :’ underpaid under sexed under Eisenhower’ !!! Ouch ! Now that had to hurt Lol !! …. So I think I’m going to finish this one with a quote from my lovely Grandmother a very straight to the point very wise Yorkshire woman ,
            ‘There’s nowt as queer as folk’ !! Sums it all up very nicely !
            XX Kitty

          • You have no idea how close you are there to the truth Rollo . I worked at one of the hospitals where Jimmy Saville did his ‘charity ‘ work as a porter . There were ‘rumours ‘ let’s say . Saville was a particularly nasty little man close up , he had an apartment in the seaside town where I grew up .
            The thing is , he was caught , he is the tip of the ice berg . Peadophilia is endemic in all stratas of society . The so called upper eschalons use it as currency , to be cashed in against bribery and corruption it goes right to the top here and every where else . . This is apart from it’s deeply spiritual significance .
            I don’t think there is a country in the world where this isn’t happening . The most important thing in all this is we are seeing a push, subtle , but there for this to become acceptable and seen as the norm . That is the problem we should all be concerned about now X

          • Word is, there is much, quite literally, buried at Sandringham.
            Again the link above, to Greg Hallett’s work gets into this.

    • We had a talking CCTV camera in our county town . It was removed as so many people were shouting back at it , and quite rightly so ! We also had ‘Red Shirts ‘to monitor bad behaviour including smoking in the street . Public pressure removed them too . Our speed cameras are often burned or destroyed by people sick of being monitored . All these things I’v listed generate revenue in the form of fines , much of this is about money . We are fighting this , no one should to be watched 24 hours a day , or at all . It’s up to us no matter where we live to stop this . Kitty X

      • We just need to get past the distraction of the celebrity paedos This kind of exposure is all part of the greater plan . The real issue is the legalising of consensual sex , or ‘ love ‘ as they like to call it between children and adults . It’s happening by stealth and subtle manipulation of our perception of right and wrong . These concepts are now changeable according circumstance and are being taught in schools courtesy of the Frankfurt School . One of the many reasons I now home school . XX

        • Question is how many have really been unearthed? Apparently prince Phillip had or has his own London Taxi and outfit, and he used to “cruise” around looking for victims…….like something out of Dr. Jekyll.

          • People love the Royal family ??? Why ? It wouldn’t surprise me at all . Look at QE’s face in repose , hard as nails . The QM as well , scarey woman . The whole lot are rotten to the core . X

  1. The more concerning caption might be “man does what other men say because of their uniform and shiny badge” – authority and obedience to it are all in the mind.

    Condemning others for assuming authority (and it’s only ever assumed) is only you assuming authority over them so it seems the only way to address the problem is to ask the hard questions of yourself like why you jump when someone else barks.

  2. These two are competing in the race to the bottom. I agree with Rollo, though. England at the moment is way ahead with the camera surveillance. And it’s not just Savile. Pedophilia is rampant within the upper echelons of British society. I don’t even want to visit the place.

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