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New Internet Privacy Service Moving Offshore – Here’s Why

Besides the head of the start up secure email and video call encryption company Unsene, Chris Kitze is also the publisher of BeforeItsNews.com, a truly people-powered platform and bastion of free speech where anyone can get started writing, posting and publishing for free. BIN’s easy format and access was the site that helped me to get started and my work on its way into the alternative arena. Chris is a dear friend and the genuine article. This RT interview spotlights the loss of free speech and privacy in America and why it is driving businesses, investments and people to live overseas in more open, free societies.

The US is not a free country. It’s the exact opposite while pretending otherwise. It’s time to face it and take action accordingly. – Zen

P.S. I suggest taking a good look at Unsene.com and consider using it.




  1. How long do you think it would take for NSA and others to twist the arms of any “offshore” jurisdiction to compromise any so called “internet privacy services”? Most of the offshore jurisdictions are infiltrated with almost every intel organization for specially these kinds of operation that try an circumvent the most powerful systems of the world. There’s no such thing anymore and fail-proof internet privacy or incryptions that cannot be undone by the most sophisticated and powerful systems and sub-systems USA has available so better not to do things that can be harmful to your health!

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