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[I received this terrific note and link to a new resource and want to share it with everyone. Anthony has put together a terrific web site here you can share with others since almost everyone is touched by cancer in some form today, whether via friends or loved ones or the ongoing battle against it within each of us. Prevention is of course the best route by keeping our immune systems strong and living a healthy lifestyle, especially in such a toxic world as today, so this empowering information is important to be familiar with and keep at hand.

If anyone has any other resources you’d recommend please contact Anthony via his site as I’m sure he’d like to continue to make it as comprehensive as possible. Bravo, Anthony. Thank you for your hard work and for lovingly sharing it with everyone. Love, Zen]

From Anthony Kim:

I have put together a web site guide to alternative (natural) cancer treatments called naturaltreatmentsforcancer.com. It includes Cancertutor.com (great site) which I saw in one of your posts on cancer treatments. I found a whole bunch of these sites and other resources when I was researching natural treatments for cancer for someone I know.

After hundreds of hours of work, I realized that I had uncovered a treasure trove of information and knowledge on this topic and I wanted to freely share it. Since cancer is presently an out of control epidemic in the West, I was hopeful to help some of those souls who were searching for a better way to handle their cancer condition or in many cases seeking a miracle to save themselves. In the powerful web sites highlighted in my guide that miracle exists as cancer is curable now!







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  1. I’ve read ALL of this FREE OF CHARGE, via mike Adams of natural news, for many many years now.

    Nice to see others cataloging all of this great info. I like the way Anthony organizes it.

    • All the best Ed! SOOO many wonderful healings with raw foods, good supplements, cutting glutens, meats, dairy and dead stuff. We’re all living in walking miracles, so know in your heart this C thing is a nasty intended symptom of the negative matrix so your consciousness and love can be your engine!! All the best on your journey, come by for lots of love as often as you can! Beautiful blog!! That’s the way to do it!! Love, Zen

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