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New Year of Conditioning in the Police State

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  1. To me that looks like a Police State. They have already declared war many years ago, and the people of the western world missed the memo.

    • serious conditioning and desensitivity training..”the word” has been given – “the people need subduing and to know who’s boss” (or they, the cops, will be toast to angry mobs yada yada..while they’ll be sure to fulfill…)

  2. Drug detecting swabs coming to a checkpoint near you.

    Don’t throw your bottles and cans in the ditch on the way to the party…you don’t want to run over them coming back. ;)

  3. This is only going to get worse … The ramp up to this dine this past 4 years is now going to be put into play . ..

  4. We have a military and “civilian” research park here that was currently awarded a lot of contracts for helicopter technology for our military. (Hence our mysterious rain clouds that no one could see except on radar – oops! Those tests went a little bad for them. They forgot to clear the radar! But the helicopters did land and take off in stealth, thanks to our “clouds” of metal) I used to speak to one of the pilots that traveled here for some of these test programs. At first, he was proud as he saw the new technology as a way to keep our “soldiers” safe and help fight terrorism. After a few months of speaking with him each morning, he had decided to retire. He was scared of where the new programs were headed with “scanning” residential areas and public roadways. He said the ties between the local police, sheriffs were becoming very frightening. When I spoke to him about his own family being watched this way – that is when it started clicking. So, don’t forget to look up, folks. All levels of eyes…

    • I worked in many aircraft companies. Every tenth “ship” or so one comes off the line and never gets officially registered, making it acceptable for some untraceable clandestine activity.

      • Nice… No number – doesn’t exist, right? They just went over a little budget for contracted amount. Normal.
        Just like the technology itself -amount and type of weapons is beyond what we think we know…

  5. This is a very old photo, you can tell by the uniforms and the motorcycle. The military and civilian police cooperate all the time, it’s call concurrent jurisdiction. But the military is very strictly controlled, and typically hands off civilians to civilian police. While the fear of a police state isn’t unfounded it is highly unlikely, especially from military police. “The word” is always given around this time of year, anyone notice that? And every year…nothing happens.

  6. Just a follow up, it’s a photo taken a joke, just a quick google image search pulls it up. It’s journalism like this that makes people look bad.

  7. hah, good call! TVN Exclusive: “Mostly found on lolcats and things like that. Basiclly making fun of TV news networks.” always check your sources ;p

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