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News Alert! Dutchsince Youtube Account Shut Down!

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by Zen Gardner
If you type in Dutchsince’s youtube account address: www.youtube.com/user/dutchsince you will get the following screen and message:
This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.
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Proof Dutch Was On To Something Big

Dutch was afraid they were going to do this. Having followed him closely the past few months as he was hot on the controllers heels identifying HAARP rings manipulating weather, and telling the real truth about the potency of the earth changes we’re undergoing, all of which are either ignored or under-reported in the MSM news, he started getting hounded by trolls and no doubt government psyop complainers.
The case was building moreso recently, and then his best friend was shot several times, perhaps a warning to him to stop with the truth-telling.
Dutchsince has been accurately forecasting severe weather and possible tornadic weather for months, with incredible accuracy. That our weather is very much manufactured and deliberately steered into population areas is a now a documented fact.
And apparently, they don’t like that.
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Google, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, IBM et al…All In The Tank With the NSA – Beware

The information world is up against a formidable foe. And the bastards are closing in a little at a time. As I and many others have been saying, all they need is another 9/11 with cyber, or without cyber, connections to have the excuse to go after anything they don’t want. The so-called laws have been scrapped, stretched and twisted to now include anyone and everyone as a potential suspect for an array of reasons that seems to metastasize daily.
On a happy note, more secure avenues of information sharing are evolving, and everyone involved in this area of research needs to please step on the gas.
Please keep Dutchsince in your thoughts, prayers and intentions as he’s been a wonderful asset to the alternative news community. This is certainly a time to pull together in any way we can to help each other.
As Dutch always signs off,
“Much love”…

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  1. I just clicked on the link you provided and was taken straight to his page. However, his subscription link on my youtube account doesn’t work.

  2. His entire website appears to have been pulled. All you get now is a “404” error. And his server host was apparently hacked too.

  3. Whaaa?……twernt we just talking about him?
    Hmmmmmmm, eerily synchro my friend. I immediately checked the
    Intellicast.com.-it’s still there(chuckul)! Way too main stream to pull off the net yet, I suppose.
    I’ve only known of him barely a year , but thankfully, he did share the tools for us to check this information out ourselves. I’ve shared these sites with friends and some aren’t laughing so hard anymore.

  4. Dutch is a deep under cover agent level 2.0…Zen…I truly respect your work..hope you would do some more research on this guy. Have you watched his recent videos, in which he accuses Conspiracy Theorist of wrongly predicting and warning of many events, he does not even believe in the Illuminati, and smartly says, what his intro music with a cross means in the videos.

    Since, he made that video, he was losing many subscribers and his handlers, made a smart move to make him more credible by terminating his account…

    I can guarantee you, he will be back, no one can touch him, he is one of them..its just a psy-op….Think about it…US had the worst weather this year and a guy shows up, predicting all the storm using HAARP…where was he all these years? and it would be a lame joke that the PTB would shoot his friend, not him….

    He and Charlie Vietch are the new faces of deep under cover agents…who takes us through the cliff and make a U-turn on everything we believed in….

    No worries he will be back…

    • You might be right, he would have suicided himself at the very least.

      I still enjoyed listening to him…facts are facts.

      The last message was not to pay attention to people who throw out dates…this rang true to me though.

    • Jack, you really make me think, thanks! Very possible. I don’t know him or much about him but his apparent statements via the net, I admit. Very astute to point out that possibility. I’m open.
      I’m all about the spaghetti test…throw it against the wall and see what sticks…and maybe do that a few times. We are up against formidable foes. Assholes, but formidable…;)
      Agreed about Charlie…he’s enough to make you doubt anyone. Dark, dead eyed usurper. I personally think Dutch is naive as to what he’s up against and struck a vein he didn’t realize was so exposing to them.
      Guess we’ll see.
      Thanks again good man, nice point! – Zen

    • btw Jack…he’s young in the game…that’s what I attributed his comments to, although they were “off the mark” and overly generalized on the “conspiracy community”, he meant well and was sharing his heart. I wrote a big retort to point some of these things out but held it…thankfully. He’s under siege enough rt now and needs our support IMO.
      He’ll get it. We’re all learning. Give him space and the benefit of the doubt. IMO. – Z

      • Zen…See i told you so….His channel is back up…lol


        and he is thanking everyone for his support including Davide Icke, Steve Quayle, Propheticseer, WaronErrordkos, tatoott1009, sheilaaliens, starscream hahaha..as if people in main stream care about these guys…lol

        Within 48 hrs, his account was reviewed and he is back up..since, when did that last happen, never…unless, CIA has an office inside Google, its impossible :)

        Its really contradictory, if PTB are behind his channel closure, why are they letting him back on? As i have said..he is a deep deep under cover agent…I hope Zen, you will look into it…Thank you

        • Hey Jack, that was actually my first thought too when I heard about the closed dutchsinse YT account: It’s so easy for them to create a web-hero! The second thing I think about dutchsinse et al: What do these guys live from, producing sometimes a handful of videos EACH DAY? This is a very time consuming work, who pays them? At least I stay alert, the more obvious an alternative media source is, the more chance its disinfo…

          Zen: Great reaction of yours, what other bloggers can unidentify themselves so easily from their own content when confronted with an other, valid view? Your the man, seriously!

          • Thing about Dutch is he rings true to me. He’s just new to all this I think so he comes off a little funny. Also if you look at his site and materials he explains clearly he has the money to do what he does, and he does it out of passion, but of course will accept help. I could be wrong, but that’s my current take…he’s green but very sincere and perhaps missing a few essential pieces of the overall puzzle due his newness. Let’s see. But assuming he’s real, we do need people like him badly, so I say let him breathe and wait and see…..my take, Z

  5. IF that is’nt a Flagrant Act of Censorship! I do not know what is ! bUT the bad news is , it will always be the case. So all you idolators of the Internet, or YouTube Luvvies, had better wake up to the fact ! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PAYMASTER ! PAYMASTER! PAYMASTER ! St.Matthew KJV c.24.v3 “And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell Us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
    v4. And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”

  6. jack sound like his daddi is in the fbi or cia dutch is a genius and gives facts
    have spoken to him personally find him a altruist rare indeed from a pisces
    moving into new energy concepts like hutchison whom ive promoted mineself is the goal isnt it

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