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Nibiru Debunked, Expanding Earth Explained, ISON Thoughts and More – Clif High

wujoaugHere’s some food for thought. Great info on the expanding earth and how it manifests, and much more. A good listen and good for the soul to let our ideas be challenged and our minds expanded. Enjoy the August Wujo from the brilliant mind of Clif High of HalfPastHuman. – Zen



  1. *…. A comment is a comment…but an insult is still an insult! …especially ‘absolute’ subjective statements of absurdity, manifested with the ‘mind- trap’ of polarizing- offense/defense logic, with invisible info to clarify to your claim.
    …..How about some intelligent/intelligence…instead of a meaningless one-sided provocation, displaying your ‘superiority’ …which is just another form of egomaniacal conceit.

  2. So Cliffy boy, Sitchin may well be a lying sob and Nancy may well be too. I think its plausible they are working an agenda and don’t believe what they have said. Other sources have said so too. Tell me then matey who’s agenda are you runnin? Coz the last time I went for a walk on the beach the coast its still frikkin there so to me your spidey senses don’t fucken work. So are you a lying sob too just trying to throw us? Your data streams? Didn’t you say earlier this year that your spideys stopped sending you shit. So how are they now just all magical like, (sim sallabim!!!!) sending you data? You may have some real info but to me you’re nothing but another Chicken Little.

  3. I was looking forward to being attacked by nibiru creatures – I’ll have to find something else to believe – No – I will create my own roving planet-gather followers and make a fortune off the mass of sheepl’s. I will be their exultant ruler and wear a cone head hat – My home will be called Second City. All Hail – Myself.

  4. The future unlike human prejudice is hard to predict and even harder to define.
    What I like about Cliff´s “visions” is how very “non-nutso” they actually are.

    And frankly I´m quite glad how the dreariest predictions have failed, like they ALWAYS seem to.
    By now I´ve pretty much stopped counting the failed doomsdays during the last decades.
    Including the actual real “Cuban crisis” ones revealed in hindsight, of which there were quite a few.

    Not sure what JB´s problem is and don´t care much either, but “Cliffy” is always worth a listen.

    • No Problems – Just Joking around – Have Fun with Life – Worrying(FEAR) about what has happened-will happen and is happening now is useless. Looking into the future is useless – create your world NOW – This is the future.

  5. Ok, sitchin wasn’t bitchin’. I got it (yawn). Remember, Cliff, anyone who disagrees with you is mentally ill.

    The Sitchin tihng and Nibiru, etc. is all a demonic agenda that will convince the humans they are their creators. They’ll land with their spaceships and declare themselves to be God. They aren’t. Jesus will return. Cliff will burn.

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