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No Time Left – The Dynamics of the New Resistance


by Julian Rose

By all accounts time is speeding up and space-time is contracting. As we move further into 2012 this phenomenon is almost palpable. Just where do the hours and days go?

Terence McKenna, the late psychedelics-inspired luminary, spoke of an imminent convergence of time-lines that would bring about a ‘singularity’ event: the point where past, present and future become fused into the vibrant chords of the ‘here and now’. Just what might such an event portend?

Time is a human invention, a tool for measuring the changing circadian paths of the planets, the phases of the moon, the passage of night and day. It is a useful device, but can easily become the opposite when relied upon too heavily. Indeed, the division of time into hours, minutes and seconds has mostly been used to delineate the financial value of the working day – a far cry from its cosmic origins.

McKenna’s singularity event describes the condensing of all ‘time’ (past events) into an ever more energised and suspended state of ‘presence’. For example, he speaks of the condensing of the last 64 years into just 12 months. A process that captures and passes through to us the vibratory ‘echo’ of significant historical events that have taken place over the intervening decades.

As these spiralling time lines pass ever closer to each other at ever shorter intervals, ‘time’ appears to speed up and we are moved ever closer to the ‘simultaneity’ event: an hourglass of tightly swirling energy whose vortex we ultimately pass through, emerging out on the ‘other side’.

Now, you don’t pass through a vortex and remain the same person you were when you went in! Such is the dynamic that our vibratory levels resonate at a higher frequency during this passage and at a higher level of consciousness. It is what the Saddhus of India extol their disciples to achieve: the state of “Be Here Now”. Westerners may prefer to call this experience a ‘rights of passage’. Those on this journey will get further support by dint of our planet’s shifting into an alignment with the centre of our Galaxy.

All this, you understand, is what I have gleaned (with added poetic licence) from the writings of others more fully versed in these matters than I. However, I find their discourses trigger an intuitive response which connects me up with thousands of others probably having similar experiences and similar observations. Are those of us who share such vibratory signals somehow emerging as a new power on this planet?

I believe we are. It is notable that our heightened perceptions are running in tandem with parallel ‘scientific’ lines of enquiry, such as the excitement generated among the scientific community by their probable discovery of what has been termed the ‘Higgs Boson’ (the God particle) at the particle collider centre near Zurich; the revealing of the manifestation of ‘intelligence’ within human cellular tissue in advanced biology circles and the first delineations of the invisible forces that bind the universe* in the field of spiritual/quantum enquiry.

What this seems to mean is that we, who go out into the world to confront the forces of destruction that are attempting to take control over our planet, are now being endowed with new powers to fulfill our task. Put another way, we are in an accelerating process of realisation of the potential which has always existed in each one of us to perform what one might term ‘superhuman’ tasks.

And let’s face it, the tasks we need to perform are superhuman if we are to wrest back control over our destinies.

Those who stand behind the top-down control system and manipulate events with their occult and Masonic practices are aware of the energy changes taking place at this time. They are trying to exploit them for their own ends via such events as the recently concluded London Olympic Games — a veritable coven of occult symbolism.

They wish to use such occasions to draw both human and non-human energies towards the realisation of their dark agenda, all the time keeping popular attention on the mundane and surface spectacle of ‘the big show’.

Such techniques ensure that any manifestation of deeper truths will be fogged out by the sheer size and intensity of the gladiatorial spectacle. In the case of the London Olympics, billions have demonstrated that they are only too pleased to show their supplication for the ‘greatest show on earth’. Central also to the ongoing agenda is the attempt to foment a major war in the Middle East and beyond.

However, the Illuminati manipulators cannot themselves pass through the process of metamorphosis that we are experiencing, and this is their Achilles heel.

As we become more conscious and further imbued with higher dimensional awareness, the ambitions of the Illuminati become ever more naked. Their despotic actions being revealed for what they are, highlighted like ink spots on a white canvas. The heightened powers that we experience are the awakening of our own latent potentials. For some this may prove a rather overwhelming experience, especially as it is accompanied by the rapid absorption of a lot of far reaching information which will inevitably contradict previously held assumptions, such as those put about by the world’s mainstream media.

To balance out this high voltage information intake it is increasingly important to become properly ‘anchored’; our feet well and truly on the ground. Here, gardening, carpentry, bread making, food preparation and manual pursuits of all sorts – yes including the washing-up – should be performed on a regular basis as necessary counterparts to the often heady vibrational load that can otherwise overcome us.

This is the time to plot the practical sequence of events that will undermine the Illuminati and ultimately evict them from their pedestals of power. All this energy we are receiving must be turned into practical, pragmatic actions that lead to us wrestling back control of our lives and be used in support of all planetary beings suffering under the cosh of a global dictatorship in the making. Any residual elements of fear associated with taking such steps will be burned off once we come together in various groupings to build ‘The New Resistance’ and take on our oppressors.

As the simultaneity event draws closer, so do we gain clearer and clearer insights into the steps that need to be taken to get this process under way. Already, tens of thousands all over the world are orienting themselves into life situations that will support and be complementary to the new levels of awareness being acquired. I used the term “New Resistance” to describe a situation manifesting itself as ‘non compliance’ with the dictates of an increasingly authoritarian state. ‘Non compliance’ in the face of ever more brazen attempts to make us conform to the demands of a corporate cabal and despotic leadership fully intent upon the annihilation of our civil liberties and fundamental rights.

All good resistance strategies integrate both the components of ‘defence’ and ‘attack’. The defence of our fundamental needs and the attack that will unseat the Illuminati are to go hand in hand in this coming phase of campaign for an emancipated planet. The new energies and consciousness with which we are being endowed are specifically equipping us for this task.

The cosmic timing is impeccable and the Illuminati have no weapons in their arsenal capable of suppressing the rising tide of universal consciousness that is the central ingredient of the deepening year 2012.

Our strategic planning for the battle in which we have no alternative other than to become engaged demands concentration, creativity and courage. It is already in movement, and we must expect stiff resistance from those who deeply fear their coming fall from power. All the symptoms are already at play. The almost daily introduction of new forms of oppression; ever more onerous surveillance techniques; unauthorised arrests; false flag dramas; Internet interferences; weather manipulations; the fomenting of new wars; genetic manipulation of the food chain; mind control; depopulation via designed pandemics; banking heists; political and corporate despotism and much more. All tools in the relentless drive to achieve the long-term objectives of a New World Order and absolute control of all arteries of planetary life plus a vastly reduced world population.

Sinister it most certainly is. But we have allowed this situation to develop over decades through our passive acquiescence to each turn of the screw. And that is no longer possible.

Ultimately, true resistance is born out of the combined elements of a back-against-the-wall finality of the process of retreat, and the timely cosmic alignments that endow humanity with a greater capacity to confront and vanquish its oppressors. That is exactly where we are today. The merging of convergent time lines has brought us to the front line. There can be no turning back. We each have specific roles to play in this drama and these will emerge as we commit ourselves to the cause. There can be no sitting on the fence anymore. The fence itself is collapsing under the dead weight of decades of vacuous human intransigence. Words too. Use them carefully from now on as they carry more and more power. Power to build creative solutions and power to destroy.

All this, as the planet itself undergoes geological shifts and transformations of increasing magnitude. Let us remind ourselves that our Earth is a living being and is bound to show symptoms that reflect the predominant human condition. This is not to rule out cosmic influences; Earth is a place which reflects the inter-meshing of cosmic and human influences. It is the lack of comprehension of this fact that has lead to the dissonant dialogues on global warming and the overly simplistic conclusions of a tunnel vision oriented science. Here we see how only a partial answer can come from a partial comprehension. It’s similar to the diagnosis of a Western medical doctor in comparison with that of an Ayurvedic, Chinese or homeopathic practitioner.

As we close in on the singularity event, we see the connection between multiple elements and therefore become in an ever stronger position to take action in the process of healing our planet.

This is an urgent task indeed and one that undoubtedly requires us to respect this powerful Mahatma Ghandi insight “Civilisation, in the real sense of the term, consists not in the multiplication, but in the deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants.”

Here must we all go, for this is a profound truth that has been echoed down the centuries by the wisest minds. For us in the West, it is by pursuing an agenda of ‘voluntary simplicity’ that we can best offer a healing balm to planet Earth and to the overloaded material complexities of our own lives.

Even as the Polar ice cap melts and the waters rise; the heartlands of the USA burn to dust; wars rip apart Middle Eastern valleys and mountain tops; earthquakes shatter communities and block vital supplies – our response should remain consistent and answer to the deeper underlying causative agents that lie behind all these events.

We must forge ahead with the building of life-supporting ‘Arks’ even as we simultaneously confront the Illuminati bankster gangsters and their corporate accomplices. There is no time to lose. And anyway, time itself is undergoing this profound metamorphosis which is condensing all of history into a whirling vortex of cosmic cleansing and reordering. A reordering so complete that it will ultimately leave us freed of karma and in a place where there is quite literally ‘no time left’.

That’s where we are all headed, so drop off your old skin, and face the rising wind with the spirit of the warrior who kindles a flame in the plexus and compassion in the heart. And be prepared to ride out the storm and to come to the aid of those who need your helping hand.

This journey is unprecedented; the possibilities infinite. It is we who hold the outcome in our hands. No one else.

Julian is a British pioneer organic farmer, writer and activist. He is currently president of the ‘International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside’ which is leading the fight against GMO in Poland. He is author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems” www.changingcourseforlife.info+++


Julian is one of the pioneers of UK organic farming, commencing the conversion of his farm in 1975. He joined the Soil Association board in 1984 and campaigned vigorously for the widespread introduction of organic farming methods at a time when this system was not known. Julian achieved notoriety when he brought a cow up to London (Hyde Park Festival of Food and Farming) and demonstrated vociferously against a government attempt to ban unpasteurised milk. Julian went on to develop his farm as a mixed organic enterprise selling all its main produce locally, while refusing to sell to supermarkets. He developed a theory of local production and consumption which he named “The Proximity Principle.” His advice has been sought by local authorites, development agencies and government and he has spoken in the British, European and Polish parliaments. Julian has written and broadcast extensively and has just completed his second book “In Defence of Life", about the radical changes needed to bring new hope to society. He started his career in drama, but took-on the Hardwick Estate (and Baronetcy) on the premature death of his brother and father in the late 1960s. He is an environmental activist, holistic thinker/actor and a defender of peasant and family farming traditions throughout the world.


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  1. Is it possible that Lucifer is getting ready to harvest his fruit?? Is it possible that these converging timelines are simply demonic forces masquerading as forces of light and or goodness? Why yes it is possible and considering the literal satanic rituals of the global elite why should I assume it is not Lucifer getting the stage set?

    for those that think “No way, what’s coming HAS to be good” I say Yahweh.

    Trust in Christ ONLY. He died and rose again so we can get though this period of deception. Anything that is not through and from Christ is quite frankly Lucifer/Satan. Be warned and don’t be foolish. The bible is the ONLY document to actively predict the plan of the elites. Period. LOOK IT UP FOLKS.

    • Totally correct!! Prophecy of John is being revealed in our lifetime at a very fast rate. Not to mention the many earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars. One world government? One world currency? Oh how Christ is our only option for peace and security and such a dark dark world…

      • Freemasonry in all its spiritual weakness and sickening filthy perversions still through their secrecy and unity and our apathy or fear not sure which, manages to take the world to ruin, at a pace scientifically designed firstly to capture souls.
        Death takes second place to snatching souls, in their macabre scheming, dreamt up by hell, & most frequently by driving them to despair.

  2. Because our own life span has a beginning and an end; then, accordingly we tend to apprehend time as linear.

    Time itself (outside human constructs for reference) is circular. A very good analogy is the picture of hoops, or rings; with each one somewhat larger than the former. All the rings, however are hung from a single peg. That point where all the rings, and the peg meet, is convergence.

    I think an emphasis on the very pacific aspect of solution is warranted. The ‘engagement’ needs to be non-violent to succeed. The converse only plays into the alter-solution and becomes a mere synthesis of the adversarial construct, easily countered by their next antithesis.

    I am finding personal challenges are being met provisionally with creative means; and, though some energy must be expended to achieve a favorable resolution, it is never confrontational, and it always ends with a positive sequel to the perceived problem.
    No matter what day it is, it’s ALWAYS today. Yesterday, today was tomorrow!

  3. Interesting article! It fails to address the evil of the masses everywhere on Earth. It is not only the Illuminati who are evil, and have plans for Earth. Those who resist the system and fight it, are fewer than you realize.

    All this COSMIC kind of talk is disturbing. This is a very nebulous changer of this paradigm we suffer under. Astrology is a false trail. The planets cannot replace the Elites as the influencers, movers and shakers on Earth. Is it God or angelic energy interference that seems to be dimming the glare of the darkness, and sucking up its vitality? Could it not be the illusion created by the substances in the Chemtrails, which like anesthesia, numbs us to the demonic goings-on and prevents us from growing hyperactively pro-active? We know from where the evil cometh….but have not brought any devil to justice! We accept the fact of being powerless to bring the 9/11 perps to justice. You, like, apologists for the system, find things in it to be happy about. All that is just more delusion. Many things that can be HAARPs fault, you attribute to the Cosmos.

    One day, it will be understood that you can’t change the system by holding on to it. You will learn that the Universe will not act for the betterment of humanity and do for awake humanity, what they must do for themselves.

    Man is saddled by a system created by one tribe of people. This system is based on competition and scarcity…and other things. They push this system because it gives them the CAPITAL (since they print the money and own the gold) and allied competitive advantage. There is a ‘flood up’ and little trickle down. They are the real winners with their lackeys coming in second. The bulk of mankind are the losers….as was the plan. Now, if this is going to change….fine. If not….what is the Cosmos going to do about it? I do not see any cause for the optimism shown in this article. Reality has not changed and never will…….if only you wanted people to wake up and act! Instead, you rely on the Cosmic to change them, and imbue in them the will to act . If prayer and worship failed because the mechanism is dubious, so will the Cosmos and its alleged convergence. The energy is changing and you don’t know why! That is the crux of the problem!

    • We are right where we are supposed to be! If it was not so we wouldn’t be here. GOD (place your definition here) runs the show. We are but extensions on earth giving the sole source our experiences. Whatever, whoever does whatever shouldn’t be perceived as a bad or good thing but evaluated, these energies that are changing will continue to change everyday, that is what makes waking up so exciting everyday. If things didn’t change what a boring place this would be. BALANCE is the key to being able to evaluate and choose our path in life, if one over indulges in anything life becomes unstable. TO see life as the PTB are manipulating our lives is to let them have influence over what we do. This does not have to happen, we can go to the forest, live off the land and NEVER, EVER have to here or see what they put on the table. WE CHOOSE. FREE WILL. We are but seedlings on this planet and the fruits we bear can be sweet or sour. TOM time is what I like to call prayer or meditation it allows me to view the world around and all its wonders and guides me to make decisions to make my world the place I want it to be.

      Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. (don’t know who said it but I love it)


      • Farmer Tom –

        I really like your comment. It seems a lot of people believe we need a united response to the injustices being perputated upon us. That just leads us down the same path as has always been and the ” rulers” know this. That’s why they are trying to bait us into it.

        I like this article because it explains the new reality quite well. All we have to do is adjust to the existing circumstances and just walk away while laughing. Anyone who can’t see the insanity in what is occuring just hasn’t got it yet. We have to help them. Reality is changing a lot. I look at people in Denver where they never would look at you before when you passed them. They are almost all looking at each other now – and saying hi, and smiling, and being very courteous.

        The “rulers” of our world only have one playbook. They can not feel the love. We can. Thank God I can. To all of the people on this website, thank you all. You have helped me immensely. Zen, Julian, Farmer Tom and all – I send you my love.

        PS – To the “rulers” – I’m sorry that you see the world the way you do. You can kill me for the way I think if you want. What you don’t understand is that doesn’t bother me at all compared to not being able to BE ME! Quit being a bunch of dorks. The women that you have don’t love you for the power and money you have. They just love power and money. They don’t love the real you at all. Good luck with that.

  4. Interesting observation Pandova. However you have not absorbed the message: it is not about ‘the cosmos doing it for us’ it is about us realising our cosmic energies and using them to “take on the Illuminati” and take practical actions: to wake up and act! exactly. See my earlier posts on Activist Post for more of that..

    • “Realising our cosmic energies…”. This is just as dubious as other explanations of the mechanism of fightback.

      I don’t know where you people get all this sci-fi stuff. Beats me that it is so obvious to you and others. Have you no concrete explanation for the increase in personal harmony that is being experienced? The pain and tension of living has gone. This is due to the death of a certain AVATAR OF THE NIGHT. He can no longer fuel the evil forces.

      Then again, the predator boys have been having decades of fun fingering and cooking the JEZEBELS numbered from 1 to 5, and including numbers 7 and 9. The bitchy man-haters have now become fun-loving ex-shrews. Now, these mind-controlled Jezebels are all sweet and juicy… waiting to be used before joining the feminists.

      So, the snake-powers and allied energies have gone. That means that we are “realising our cosmic energies”? I don’t think so! It is not about energy. The dark side has lost its power to torture the good guys and to build their own kind. That is all that happened. How many soul people are there on Earth? They are the only ones able to engineer any soul powers because the rest are busy wondering why they lost their ‘powers’?

      The Elites have an array of mental and energy weapons waiting to unleash on everyone else. These weapons duplicate what the dark side (in its heydey) could do. These weapons work by interfacing with the dark side within. If you are not master of your own dark side, it will be empowered to suppress you.

      So, the path has always been to fight your dark side and defeat it. How many know how to do that? How many have done it? Thus, it is only in the imagination that the ‘strawmen’ and ‘dark siders’ who comprise the 99% will ever defeat the Elites. They are also the problem. Their lost powers do not stop them from doing evil things that any dark side can do. They still love their games and fun. satan still has them.

      Many people are pissed that the honey isn’t flowing like before. The NWO endgame is causing them to worry as they lose elements of their preferred lifestyle. Too many still have not noticed that there is something wrong because their comfort zones are locked in. All these people have no basic allegiance to any thing or principle other than their own comfort and wellbeing. They don’t care to know that the Elites (or masses) want to commit Eugenics and rule the Earth under martial law. That is not their fight.

      Good luck with whatever ‘realisation’ you see happening. I don’t see a trend, a process or a mechanism involved in that. It has always been SELF-REALISATION. Until the Enlightment filters out and is applied personally, we cannot experience what good influences comes from the divine side. This influence was always there, but only few could go past the obscuring influence of the evil AVATAR of the NIGHT and his ‘masses’, to pick it up. Now, it is going to be easier to do. BUT, KARMA is a bitch! That will be made clear!

  5. An inspiring message sent through cyberspace using the tools of modern technology by an organic farmer. Isn’t the solution a lot simpler and more timeless, though? As you quoted Gandhi in an earlier blog post, “The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”

  6. >Even as the Polar ice cap melts and the waters rise …

    Interesting article but the line above spoiled it a bit. So called melting ice caps and rising water levels are a non-issue and there is not necessarily any “deeper underlying causative agents that lie behind … these events” that we need to be concerned about.

    Where on the planet are waters rising and what is the big deal about polar caps “melting,” particularly the Arctic? The Arctic ice melts every summer and refreezes when winter returns. Some years there is more melt than others. This could be do with any number of natural factors such as the large number of underwater volcanoes in that region, winds, cloud cover, cosmic particles, albedo and so on. The following link shows photos of US submarines surfacing at the North Pole from the 1950s – 1980s and shows very little ice cover in some years.


    … and a chart showing global sea ice area from ’79 to the present.


    The Argos system of sea buoys measuring mean sea level and which are scattered around the world, has shown that the slight increase in sea level recorded over the past century started leveling off around 10 years ago and is due to a cooling phase that the Earth is apparently entering.

    In summary, melting ice caps and glaciers, disappearing polar bears and rising waters are fear-based elitist memes and should be laughed at.

  7. ”he speaks of the condensing of the last 64 years into just 12 months.” wow I would barely be 12 months old!

    Now on a more serious note, I doubt that we are ”emerging as a new power on this planet” but the fact that the planet is heading towards higher frequencies, those who are ready will find themselves in a new frequency. Which of course will mean higher abilities and higher vibrations which should put those people that pass in a safety zone.
    My belief is that all the occult, the injustice and the zillion more rules that has been thrown our way recently serves to slow down our vibrations and therefore keep us at arms length.

    The very fact that they are tripling their efforts points out that this change is coming fast. Maybe on 12-21-2012. Who knows maybe all the fear mongering for that date is surving the purpose of keeping those that fall for it within low enough vibrations that it will prevent their passage to higher realms.

    I think our only escape is to become conscious of our True Self and living by the True Principles not matter the appearances. And send as much love as we can to ourselves and all living things.

  8. Haha yuck, re reading my post I see a few spelling mistakes~Here’s for letting go and living by true principles….BLESS THOSE MISTAKES!!!!

  9. Zen , you are right on as usual.

    And until people give up thier ego boosting beliefs in manmade religions we will still be at each others throats trying to convince everyone that our way is the only way. Get over yourselves people.

    • THAT”S IT EGO, if u can understand it and manage it, your world will have a dramatic shift. Great Book by Ekhart Tolle A New Earth.
      Super Duper read


  10. yes miso, you could be right about that. I have a hunch that the sun at the earth’s core is shifting. This could be sending heat up new channels/fissures and causing melt at the north pole – but not at the south etc.. I am not a fan of standard ‘climate change’ (ex ‘global warming’) theories: too simplistic, as I say in the article.

  11. I am my own will-o’-the quantum mist.

    My tempted fate, abroad it’s far flung door.

    A magnetic force within human schist.

    A rippled raindrop, crashing to it’s shore.

    I am but a flawed, simple loving thing.

    I seek no more than that which I deserve.

    To use my own voice in the songs I sing.

    To let loose my restraining dammed reserve.

    Yet I ruin almost every chance.

    Embroidered through my daily breaded strife.

    I blindly stumble in a nervous dance.

    Draped in my pity for this victim’d life.

    Left to wring out rain from dark conjured clouds.

    Else unwrap my true self from shriveled shrouds.

  12. In the last two years many things have happened in my life. Things that seemed to come out of my dreams from 30 years ago have happened. I am connected with people from around the Earth who also are experiencing these kinds of events. My whole belief system has changed and few even have an inkling of what we are talking about. I’ve even met my twin flame in person. I’ve seen the unseen. Oh, yeah, years ago I did visit the Spear of Destiny and it showed me things. Too many have come true. I fret that more will, because it isn’t pretty. I have become what I call a partner with Issa, the one who the Western Churches call the Christ. This world is not my home here on Earth; it is with the Sacred Heart. We are spiritual beings with a temporary body. I have been sent to help my twin flame awaken. There is a strong bond between us that neither of us as of yet understand. Many are experiencing the same thing around the world. For me it has had a profound physical manifestation as well as spiritual and psychic. I have been sent to help others ride the coming storm out. That is more important than even me surviving the storm myself. Things will be falling apart faster and faster as the ways of the world no longer function and people can begin to see what is real and not what they have been conditioned to think. Even good ole Zen is part of the network. Thank you Noor, you dared me to come in after I opened the door. We are living in a time I call an Evolutionary Level Event. An Extinction Level Event is also part of process. It is happening now. Peace:D

  13. All I can do as an individual is to work tirelessly to rely on my Faith in God. My prayers daily are to ask Him to teach me the Truth every day, and allow me to learn how to listen to and recognize His voice. There are so many distractions now, and I think their function is to cloud our consciousness to such a degree that we forget to seek God and lose our centering. We need to learn unconditional love, and not be so Ego centered that all we think about is ourselves. To paraphrase, “Unless the time be shortened, even the Elect will be decieved”. White has become black, black has become white, light has become dark, and dark has become light. Knee jerk reaction thinking doesn’t work now, and face it, Lucifer wants to take us down with him. Let’s not let that happen.

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