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Nobody Knows More Than You. Nobody.


Consciousness pioneer Terence McKenna sums it up perfectly in this short, eloquent clip. Enjoy the liberating wonder of conscious simplicity. Love, Zen

(hat tip to Ann at Exopermaculture – tx!)


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  1. Absolutely, positively “spot on” advice.
    Thank God there was Terence McKenna, plus all those that came before and after him, that left us this wisdom.

  2. McKenna is a genius
    Hey Zen, have you listened to his talk about culture and ideology? It’s on youtube; ‘Culture and ideology are not your friends’, something along those lines. It’s about 1:40:00, but there’s an 8 minute video too which kind of summarizes the idea.

    Thanks for the video btw

    Take care.

  3. Great combination, your last 2 articles togerther: Ask the the right question + nobody knows more than I do. I must have really taken the advice in deep, I spent all Sunday asking google questions, reframing the questions until I got fresh & unusual results. Then I sorted out the results based on what I know to be true/false. That left me with little nuggets of gold wisdom that make me feel refreshed & renergized today, a Monday, the hardest day of the week. It’s almost like I outwitted the control program & got into the deep stuff like I used to do when google first arrived on the scene. What fun! Thanks.

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  7. Terence lumps Buddhist ideology in with Christian and others which shows, once again, how many thinkers don’t get it. The Buddha himself told people to self-test anything he taught, and do do what Terence recommends, trust experience.

    But ordinary experience can be deceiving, especially if you are traumatized, eating toxic foods, living in a toxic world. Cravings and racism can arise while you’re on mushrooms or sitting on the toilet.

    That’s why we need to tame our minds. So Terence is wrong, essentially: experience is fundamentally biased for the undisiciplined…I’ll take contentment over experience, any day.

    • Who are you to say that the “undisciplined” aren’t experiencing an unbiased reality when your own reality could be equally as biased (just in a different direction)? We all grow up with different experiences and with different dogmatic ideologies drilled into our heads. All of us are biased in some way. While I agree with most points you’ve made, I have to defend Terence here. He was simply advocating the importance of “direct experience” vs. believing in something just because someone of higher authority told you so. This is, in my opinion, one of the singular most important messages for this new generation. There is such a vast array of information being spread through the tv, internet, and the like that it’s easy to just accept it all as truth. We need to investigate things for ourselves, otherwise how will we ever propagate new ideas?

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