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North Korea or Amerika? Which Is It?

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Sovereign Man
En route to Colombia

Li Mi-Yung just wanted to be free.

This 55-year old widow in North Korea had spent the last 18-months building up an off-grid residential homestead. She was, for the most part, fully independent.

She collected rain as a source of water. She had her own waste disposal. She generated her own electricity from the sun.

Sounds pretty admirable, right? Especially in a place where so few people are independent.

Unfortunately, upon finding out about Ms. Li’s living situation, the local authorities in North Korea dispatched entire teams of government workers to Ms. Li’s home, attempting to evict her and haul her in front of a tribunal.

Truly despicable. You’d think that the North Korean government would be eager to learn from her so that everyone else’s lives could be improved.

But alas, what else can one expect from the government of North Korea…?

There’s just two minor corrections I need to make to this story before I go on, though.

Li Mi-Yung is really Ms. Robin Speronis. And she does not live in North Korea. She lives in Cape Coral, Florida… in the Land of the Free. Everything else is true.

Yes, rather than try to learn from Mr. Speronis in an effort to improve the city’s public services, she was apparently branded as some kind of criminal mastermind who must be stopped at all costs.

When they heard last November that she was living off-grid, the city posted a notice of eviction, citing numerous code violations. They concluded that her dwelling (which she had been living in since January) was “unfit for human habitation.”

Furthermore, she was told that continuing to live at (or even ENTERING) the property would constitute misdemeanor trespassing and subject her to arrest.

Days ago, the case was heard in front of a special magistrate. City officials read off a seemingly endless list of code violations, and expert witnesseses were paraded into the court to confirm her nefarious deeds.

Naturally. Someone who unplugs from the system can only be trouble.

At the end of the hearing, the judge waived his hand, finding her guilty of some violations, not guilty of other violations, and then ordered her to at least partially plug back in to the grid.

I wish I could use a word like “amazing”, “unbelievable”, or “incredible” here. But I can’t. Because this is now par for the course in the Land of the Free.

Collecting rainwater now constitutes a crime. Being free and independent gets you threatened with eviction and hauled into court.

In the Land of the Free, you are unfit to decide for yourself how you want to live. And the government has all the power in the world to forcibly bend you to its will, even if it means terrorizing citizens into using public utilities.

It’s quickly getting to the point where anyone who wants to take back any personal freedom is going to have to seriously consider heading overseas to places where governments leave you the hell alone to live your life in peace.

Yes, it’s a radical thought. But so many great civilizations before were founded by intrepid free men and women who left their home countries in search of liberty and opportunity.

Why not now?

To your sovereignty,

Simon Black
Founder, SovereignMan.com


P.S. from Zen. See more about Robin Speronis and her brave fight to live freely HERE and at her blog OffTheGridStory.





  1. Government may exist, but it’s a myth. One group of people imposing power on another is slavery. No one is born a slave. All are created equal. Don’t buy into the lie. If you choose to stand up to this lie being imposed upon you, you may experience violence in the short run but in the long run you have the Universe at your back.

  2. No it’s America. The author has Amerika spelled wrong. It just takes one person to change the whole framework, Ms. Robin Speronis,

    I believe in “We the people”. One chip at a time. I hope we get it before it is too late.

  3. Some years back, I visited and lived in a number of intentional communities. A few were doing great work, setting up permaculture systems and living self-sufficiently. But I saw first-hand what happens to communities (and individuals) who dare to live like that. We received endless visits from county bureaucrats, clueless clowns who tried to make life miserable by citing us with ‘code violations.’ We got occasional fly-overs with black helicopters. This ultimately convinced me that trying to live sustainably in the USA was a wasted effort. Sooner or later, they will come and terrorize those who are just trying to be independent, like the woman in this story.

  4. That’s why I left too Zen. Back in 2010 I just said fuck this place and got out for good. Don’t have much money but I wouldn’t go back to that place for all the money in the world.

  5. We got the Spanish version. On December 22 2011 the Junta de Andalucia medio ambiente police showed up with a complicated summons in Spanish legalese indicting me for living in a parque natural and having an outside fireplace with cooking equipment, threatening impressive fines. They changed the Sierra Nevada park boundary in 2007. We had lived completely offgrid there on and off since 1997. I don’t think we can make too many assumptions about how we are ‘supposed to live,’ fluidity and flexibility are best, but as Zen nearly puts it, ‘operational freedom is vital.’

  6. The building codes are there for a reason. They are there to keep you safe, you want to know why when there is a house fire the whole city doesn’t burn down now? Or why your house doesn’t catch fire every time you use something electrical? You like being able to flush the shit out of your house and not have it come up in the backyard? Happy your roof doesn’t fall in when the wind blows or cave in when snows? It is all because of the building codes and their enforcement. It is there to protect you and your family and the people that live around you.

    After reading this I would bet real money that every single one of the people who are living off-grid and having problems is because 99% of the time they didn’t get anything inspected, didn’t pull any permits, or have anybody who was a licensed contractor do the work. This is why they get in trouble with the local officials, they are not qualified to do the work and they are not following the law.

    I will give you an example: Many people think it is real simple to do electrical work on a house. The fact is most states require the all the electrical work be done by a licensed electrician that is trained in the safety and installation of electrical systems and must follow the National Electrical Code. It normally takes five years of schooling and on-job training to become a Electrician so you can do this type of work. The reason for this is so your house doesn’t burn down or even worse kill you and your family. This is the very reason for the code, it is to protect you and your property from unqualified people. I mean you don’t question the rules or laws that govern the training and practice of doctors? Do you? Why? Because you know it takes years of training and schooling to be a doctor and those rules and laws are there to protect you from quacks. This is exactly the same thing, but with buildings, so don’t bust the system when it is doing exactly what it is suppose to do, protecting people from their own stupidity.

    You just can’t buy a piece of property and start building, you need follow the local building codes and get the right permits, use qualified labor, get it inspected, and just basically follow the law. It is simple and easy, people do it all the time without any trouble at all. So my advice to everybody, as somebody who has worked as an Inside Wireman (Union Electrician) for over 20 years and built many off-grid electrical systems, just follow the damn law and the local building codes and you shouldn’t have any of these problems.

    Because digging a hole in your backyard and shitting in it, isn’t waste disposal, it is a health hazard, putting solar panels up without training will burn your house down and/or get you killed, and collecting and drinking rain water can make you sick, it isn’t safe source of drinking water (especially if you take it off your roof). Remember all that crap floating in the air ends up on your water collector, so not only are you breathing it, you are drinking it. so a double whammy in the rain water collection department without a bunch of filtering.

    So I praise the local officials in Cape Coral, Florida because they may have very well saved Ms. Robin Speronis life and prevented property damage that could have effected other property owners in the area (don’t forget about their rights) and most likely prevented the spread of disease from her “waste disposal” and the possible health hazard it was most likely creating. And I think all of you bitching about this should really sit down and think about all of this before flying off the handle about the big bad government is taking this poor woman’s rights away, they aren’t, they are actually doing the very job they are suppose to do.

    • Agreed to some extent – then they should get in and help her not shut her down – over-regulation and denial of personal freedom is WAYYYYY over the line. This hierarchical control BS is way outta control and far outweighs little engineering issues…just work together to make it as best as it can be….

      • It isn’t their job to “get in and help”, their job is only to make sure it is done right. It would be a conflict of interest if they did anything else. The people inspecting it can’t tell you how to do it or do it work themselves. It is the responsibility of the property owner to make sure they are following the law. Everybody acts like this stuff came out of nowhere, the code and its enforcement is the product of over 70 years of work by the government, industry, property owners, and the people who install and build the final product to protect people and property.

        And how is it “denial of personal freedom” when the person doesn’t follow the law in the first place? You are forgetting that Ms.Robin Speronis was the one not following the law, she then got on TV and told the world she was breaking the law and now you think the local government is the bad guy? Wow, were does that logic come from?

        What would you say if the local officials looked the other way and something terrible happened to this woman? What if there was a fire and she died?
        I would guess you would be one of the first ones bitching that the government didn’t do anything. Would you be demanding answers to why the code wasn’t enforced and where were the local officials? I would even guess you would be demanding that they all get fired over it too or even go to jail. Am I right? I bet I am.

        Part of being free is taking personal responsibility for your actions and choices you make. If you choose not to follow a just and fair law that is meant to protect life and property and that every other property owner follows (and has for decades), then you are not doing your part as citizen of a free society. And that isn’t the fault of the government, it is yours for not doing your duty as a citizen.

        • “over 70 years of work by the governement” substantiates anything? And “What would you say if the local officials looked the other way and something terrible happened to this woman?” What made the government our nanny? People are responsible for themselves. What kind of statist are you?
          “Part of being free is taking personal responsibility for your actions and choices you make. If you choose not to follow a just and fair law…” You don’t see the complete contrarian control system logic in this I don’t know what to say! Take responsibility by following the law? That’s freedom? You prove the point perfectly.
          Myopic, nevermind disjointed and nonsensical to say the least RJ. Totalitarian government law-abiding clones are the problem, not the solution.

          • Are saying it is wrong to follow traditional America values? Are you saying I shouldn’t follow or support the Constitution? Are saying as a citizen I don’t have the duty to try and make a fair and just system of laws that we agree on? Are you saying all laws are bad and that anybody who follows them is a clone? What system do you want? Since you have such a strong opinion and think I am a clone, why don’t you tell me and everybody else on what kind of system do you want? I am pretty sure everybody here would like to know too.
            So please enlighten me with your great and all-knowing wisdom and show me the error of my ways and tell me where I am wrong and you are so right. Because right now it sure looks like you don’t like somebody who can make an intelligent argument about the subject and won’t blindly agree with you. Is that the problem here? Just can’t take somebody disagreeing with you? Is that why called me names and said it was disjointed and nonsensical? Is it because all you really have is your socialistic dogma and no real facts? Well come on, lets hear it, put your money were your mouth is…

    • Because before water filters were invented, humans got sick from drinking rainwater or collected waters from streams, rivers etc. Oh, how humanity has managed to survive this long.

      And no, she doesnt have electricity. How can she burn down the house?

      And yes, her solar panels were installed professionally by gov’t approved installers. A 55 yr old woman cant install 55-70 lbs solar panels on the roof duh.

      and I guess you havent read articles about doctors prescribing chemo, vaccines, and all kinds of pharmaceutical crap, big pharma has trained them to give right? Because you believe so much in the all mighty “pharma-paid-dogs” we call doctors.

      But I agree, she should properly flush down her crap in the sewers though…

      • Maybe you should crack open a history book once in awhile. Do you have any idea how many millions, upon millions of people have died from bad water? Are aware that there billions of people that don’t have access to clean water? I mean if you really want to put you health at risk, that is your choice, but you better not be bitching when you get sick or expect anybody else to pick up the bill.

        And by the way, are you stupid? What to you think solar panel produce? You guessed it electricity. So she had electricity just not from the grid. And all types of electricity can start a fire, but I guess you won’t know that because it appears that you don’t understand that all solar panels make electricity. You might want to learn about the subject before you open your mouth. That way you don’t look like a stupid ass.

        As for the gov’t approved installers, were was the permit? Why wasn’t it inspected? Why was it out of code? I will tell you why, because she didn’t have “gov’t approved installers”, she most likely hired some dork off the street or got some friends to do the work. That is why there isn’t any paperwork, like permits or inspections.

        And by the way, what the hell is a “gov’t approved installers”, I have been the electrical trade for over 20 years and never hear of that one. Maybe you are confused, (like the solar panels) you need to use a Electrical Contractor who is licensed by the state that the work will be performed in. The Federal Government doesn’t do that type of licensing. Again, you don’t seem to know what you are talking about.

        As for the “chemo, vaccines and all the pharmaceutical crap”, Yes I read the articles. And there is good and bad for all of it. I should let you know my father died from cancer, my sister fought and beat cancer. In addition to that my wife has had Lupus for the last 15 years. So I have very personal experience in dealing with all of it. It is up to you to find out what is the best treatment for yourself.

        You have to educate yourself and your family, you need to take charge of your health, because if you leave it all up to the doctors and medical industry, you will most likely die. Don’t get me wrong I think the whole medical system is screwed up, but you have a personal responsibility and if you want to get better it is combination of treatments and you have to way the risks and the benefits.

        Does chemo work? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, and I don’t remember every hearing that is a cure, just a treatment. Do vaccines work? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, for example, smallpox? Yes. Flu? No. why? Because everybody is different, what works for one may not work for another. I know it isn’t fair, but that is how it works. If you blindly listen to a doctor (or anybody else for that matter) and don’t get involved and educate yourself, well it isn’t mine or anybody else fault, but your own if something goes wrong. Moral of the story, buyer beware. And I don’t believe in “the all mighty pharma-paid-dogs” either, but like everything else in the world it is up to me as individual to make the choice if it is good or bad.

        I know that all of this might have been a little much for you, figuring that you don’t even understand that solar panels make electricity, but I hope it gave you a little insight into what you don’t understand and just maybe it will make you realize, that you need to know about the subject before you go shootin off your mouth.

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