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Nothing New About the New World Ogres


by Zen Gardner

Let’s call this globalist bunch of evil parasitic miscreants what they are. Wherever they originate and whatever controls them, it’s the same old disgusting inhuman scum doing the same old thing.

And telling humanity it’s for their good.

“Now everyone, into the slaughterhouse, and let’s keep the noise down.”

New World Nuthin’

This NWO they’re marketing as some kind of flashy new “big idea” is just another throwback to the gory, glory days of the total tyrannical empires of the dark overlords of yore. They’ve been running this con for millennia under their self-ordained authority as supposedly deriving from sacrosanct bloodlines, presupposed aristocratic heritage rights, contrived financial and military advantage, or more recently under the cleverly crafted eugenicist cry of  “survival of the fittest”.

It’s nothing new, it’s nothing so-called “advanced”, nor by any stretch is it something “progressive”.

It’s already in place and just as dark, controlling and sinister today as it ever was. And their planned final phase and full “revelation” of what these termites have been up to is just around the corner.

The Sirens of Lies

Grandiose promises intoxicate. And stun. While the throngs freeze in their dazed state of induced dependent hopefulness, the controllers execute their plan. World politics bears me out.

True history shows that as each new generation awakens, this scum class of self-appointed, would-be rulers is constantly engineering old and new ways to try to put conscious humanity’s lights out as fast as they can and attempt to steer the throngs back into their energy sucking dungeons of ignorance and control.

Masquerading as progress, every new globalist regime does the exact same thing. Control and harvest. While true, righteous humanity is aspiring towards enlightenment, love, creativity and greater cooperation for the good of all, to the absolute contrary these regimes are regressive, entirely destructive, and insidiously opposed to creative life.

This in-your-face affront has to be seen for what it is.

While these “elites” give off this pseudo intellectual techno-scientific sheen, it’s just the same old wanna-be tyrants trying to corral bigger and bigger herds with fancier and more fiendish control mechanisms.

Don’t fall for it, don’t be awed or impressed by it, and most of all don’t fear it.

See it for what it is. It’s medieval-esque madness by a mob of megalomaniacal monstrosities that are no more than disgusting parasites sucking on the living cosmos.

 The Feudal Mindset Is Anything But Enlightened

There’s nothing helpful or enlightened about centralized control. Look at feudal societies. Were they good for mankind? Who actually benefits? The so-called nobles, money lenders, merchants and same old elite class. Who suffers and fights their staged wars?

As yesterday, so today.

Look at Babylon, Egypt, Rome et al. Power centers harnessing the populace to the ends of the few. And each empire eventually collapsed from the weight of its own grotesque, metastasized system of greed and cruelty.

It’s the same today as it always was.

The “horrendous injustices” of the past just appear to be more obviously wrong in a safely distanced historical context. We’re experiencing the same oligarchical control now…it’s just too close to our noses. Besides that, we’re told it’s not there. And the people believe them.

Look down through the ages. One empire after the other, always the same top heavy oppressive structure. There were times of so-called enlightenment, but these were soon channeled into another world system with yet another new face of total control.

But always the same black heart.

Henry “The Gofer” Kissinger – Warmongering globalist front man and enemy of humanity. See any resemblance?

Galactic Ogres in Human Form?

Maybe not that far fetched after all.

Theories abound how this invading parasitic influence arrived on earth and in what form. Is it just human nature’s worst side coming forward? Or is it humanity letting trans-dimensional or satanic forces work through them? Have literal alien species invaded and taken furtive control of the planet beginning long ago? Are those same forces struggling between themselves for control while we pay the price, and easily seduced humans play varying roles in their scam for personal power and plenty?

Does it even matter?

It might be good to know, but we’re in a war of the worlds any way you look at it and people need to realize that. There is an enemy of mankind and it’s those posing as our “leaders”.

Sorry, they are rulers, overlords, following the age old pattern of breaking down society into a moldable, containable resource with no ability to resist the whims of its oppressors.


A Predatory Race in an Imposed Reality

If it seems unreal that’s because it is in some respects. It isn’t founded in true conscious reality, it’s an imposed reality by virtually an invader race of lower vibrational origins. That’s about the only way to understand this epic battle mankind has been set in for the past millennia. We’re under assault by malevolent forces, whatever their origin, and we need to fully snap out of the mindset we’ve been programmed with.

What we’ve been told to assume is “just the way it is” is one big lie. And you can apply that virtually across the board. Until we wake up to this, how we choose to overcome all this will be on their terms.

We must know what is illusion and our actions will be the most effective.

Hence consciousness. That’s our goal. The rest will follow.

Love, Zen






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  1. i come from a close knit family with 4 sisters. i can tell you now, just from observing the rest of my family, and my boyfriend, that humanity is fucked. either they think that everything is fine, or it’s not interesting to talk about, or they would just rather keep their head in the sand, either way they just don’t do anything about it. i am the lone voice in the wind that shouts to them that things are wrong. and for whatever reason, they don’t want to hear it. 3 of my sisters have kids, and still they don’t want to hear it or do anything about it. so i say it again – based on my observations – we are fucked.

    • so its the OLD world order
      “new” triggers the sheeple into believing its new

      susan THEY are F–Ked… not you…your eyes are open… i am headed for Maine

    • So sad ….but true. I am the one in my family that is just like you. No one wants to know. They do not want the responsibility of having to do something about it.

  2. The picture from hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, and Kissenger is totally awesome. This is worthy of the pic of the year award. After studying about these parasites for over 20 years I find these images convey in a glance what I have uncovered in two decades. Well done Zen.

  3. Hey Susan, I am also the lone wolf in my family and totally know how you feel. My journey down the rabbit hole has cost me family, friends and relationships. I too stand alone. Well that was what I thought up until 2 months ago. I don’t care what the critics say but I am going to say it to you anyway. Check out David Wilcocks web site and study all the material relating to the coming arrests of the leading members of the federal reserve/ illuminati / occult loldge networks. 134 countries are involved and is organised by the white hats buried deep inside the military industrial complex. This will give you another perspective which will help you deal with this NWO shit. It will also give you something that I had lost many years ago. Hope in mankind. Don’t listen to any of the detractors, but listen to your heart and gut instinct when studying this material. You are not powerless. You can DO something about it. Remember the experiments they conducted with group meditations. The crime rates went down in the area where this was done. In some cases they disappeared while the meditations commenced. The rule of thumb here is that we only need the square root of 1%of the population who are kick “arse meditators” supporting the work of the white hats. So now you do not have an excuse to whine. Truly a exciting period lies just around the corner.

    • Handing your power over to someone else Pete is not the way to go. There is no calvary of “white hats” coming to save us. Plain and simple, its you, its me, its Susan, and everyone of those awakened people. Its our thoughts, our energy, our mindset. Just like those people who did the group meditation, it is all of us together bringing about the change that needs to be done. One person at a time can change their enviroment. one drop in the ocean is not a lot compared to all the drops acting with unity and purpose. “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”.

      Susan, there are possibly thousands upon thousands of people who like you are aware, and getting no where with family or friends. Best thing that you can do for yourself and others is to start to prepare for the worst.

      The biggest threat I find myself wondering about is possible catastrophic earth changes, rather than the PTB. They will get theirs when it is their time, it has to unfold according to the Universe.
      Great comparison Zen.

      • Have you bothered to read the reports concerning the mass arrest ? I find your response perplexing as their are hundreds of hours of data that needs to be considered before you brush it off with such disdain. Do your homework and then we can have a real discussion. By the way the white hats are not coming to save us…they are working in conjunction with US marshals, Interpol and it is the civilians who are the ones filing the liens against the federal reserve. They have been waiting for us…please read this, a copy of the lien filed is half way down the page. If you reply in the next hour or so, I know you haven’t read these documents in their entirety.


        • ps I like your work zen so please don’t take this the wrong way, but what you say just does not resonate with my own personal experience and research. Their is a lot more to this then meets the eye, as I have been aware of a secret civil war going on inside the intelligence complex for many years now. Google the Dulce wars for starters.

          Co operation + Tolerance = Peace

          • We are the power! We need to take control over our selves, as we accomplish this, our world will change! Toooo many people are waiting for someone else to make the change and then move into the new. I’ve read a lot of DW and BF stuff, some is awesome, some is awful. I would hope that the PTB would get takin down however I do doubt half of what I read on the WEB. In Canada I’ve been contracted by gov’t on the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level and they all operate on the same idiotic plans. Spend someone else’s money, collect the paycheque, go home and watch the squak box! We the people of earth have to be the change. We need to come up with the ideas on how. Keep yappin at your family, friends eventually they’ll catch on, mine are. Come up with ideas and share them with people. I am an independent business person and my team all get paid on performance if we are successful we all share the benefits. Gov’t and Corporate should only be run this way not on salaries and benefits. They should be bonused for saving the peoples Money not spending it. And to boot if your big enuf they get bailouts what a JOKE.

            I HIGHLY doubt that any govt or corporate insiders are working on taking down the existing power structure as none of the ones we work with have the ability to do so as they are employed and have to support their families on the pay from their overlords. They live in the same crazy system we do and are FEARFUL of the negative outcomes that may arise if they rock the boat.

            DW has some great stuff however BF should probably be writing some fantasies cause me thinks he’s in it for the $$ just like most.

            Get off the pot, Look in the mirror and just for fun, come up with some new and innovative ideas for the KIDS and their KIDS. Its a wonderful world out here and as GANDHI said
            YOU must be the change YOU want to see in the world!

            ZEN love your writing and thought provoking articles.


          • Well said Tom! Totally agree. This waiting around is a cop out. It’s the same with over spiritualizing everything. Yes, it is essentially consciousness, but it will move you into action, to at least communicate every chance we get. Instead people hang on to these false hopes in suspended animation. Hope’s a very tricky concept. There should be several words for the different types of hope, like love has in Greek. False hope is akin to belief. And belief isn’t knowledge, it’s a vague maybe. Don’t bank on it. Yet so many do. Sad.
            Take care, Zen

        • Pete, wake up. DW is a fraud. One can tell that as soon as one sees a picture. Just trying to make a buck off of everyone else’s neuroses and lack of an internal locus of control. Such people rely on people like you to continue to see them as gurus in order to keep the ching ching rolling into their pockets.

          Stop listening to others and just live your life doing the right thing.

        • Yes Pete I have been aware of the white hats, Drake and the White Dragon Society for quite some time. Also the lawsuit that has been filed with the World Court. (Just using general terms because I can’t remember exact terms this early in the morning.) The mass arrests have been on the back burner since end of 2011. There have been documented banker resignations, Bush, Cheney and a host of other Elites that are afraid now to travel to some countries freely because people have woken up to the fact these people are nothing more than war criminals and need to be arrested and tried for their horrendous crimes against humanity.
          When you are given a timeline for events to happen and nothing comes of it, it is either false hope or a big bullshit story for attention and publicity. When and only when it happens, then it is real.
          I personally am waiting for the chemical posionous
          crap to be stopped being sprayed in our skies by the CIA fronted “Evergreen Air”. Which is also one of the so called things that were supposed to be stopped by the white hats. Still spraying the crap in the skies in Western Canada, not too far from the Oregon base of Evergreen Air.

  4. To get the best spiritual help possible, we can turn to our own communal cosmic Higher Self, the very same one that every single soul in the entire cosmos ultimately has to turn to in order to regain objective self-cognizance on the truly absolute plane of consciousness.

    We need a friend who is greater than any mere human soul, as each human soul is merely atomic in size in relation to the entire cosmos, and when we face the cosmos, we need someone big enough to help us, not merely someone who is of similar atomic size that is just as vulnerable as we ourselves are.

    Such a friend exists in the form of our own Higher Self and Supreme Lord, and I know how hackneyed these terms seem after they have been bandied about by all different schools of thought till we are all pretty tired and suspicious of them. That being is a person, just as we are, yet has a spatial dimension that is unique, spanning the entire cosmos in all dimensions; that person is nameless, yet by the very definition of any unique quality of that person, a name expressing that unique quality is used, and that name is non-different in substance to the actual entity.

    As such, by calling on the name of that entity, one can have direct association with that entity in this age of Kali-Yuga. There are many unique qualities of that entity, with new ones constantly occurring, and from the descriptions of those qualities, more names are produced, and it is said that the 1,000 heads of Lord Ananta Sesa Naga are constantly chanting further new qualities of this great being, Krishna, without ever ceasing.

    This being has many names in many languages in many species and dimensions, in bird language, fish language, animal language, plant language, as well as human languages in 400,000 different human species on all the different planets in this material universe.

    We can take refuge from the worst demonic forces by finding shelter in the name of Lord Krishna, otherwise known by many other nomenclatures that are in fact descriptions of the attributes of that great being (this does not include names attributed to the confabulated Abrahamic ‘deities’, whose delight in burning all other souls for all identity clearly identifies them as utterly anti-spiritual and demonic in nature).

    We are all part of God, and this means nothing if we have no connection with the greatness of that Godhead; we are not insignificant nothings and nobodies in relation to that great being, and that is why every jiva, when it endeavours to assist that cosmic being in furthering the happinesss of all His expansions (all souls) throughout the entire cosmos, then truly becomes a self-realized part of God within that being themselves, as God is actually part of themselves, whilst yet at the same time remaining a sovereign and distinct being from them, though He can share many different aspects of His consciousness with them, even on a totally even footing in a state of consciousness known as sarshti for instance, where Krishna makes other jiva souls equal to Himself in potency and enjoyments, and there are other types of relationship besides this that are open to devotees to experience, but only when they are as devoted to the welfare of the cosmos as Krishna Himself is, as pure devotees, and then only through pure devotion to Him.

    Krishna, meaning ‘all attractive’, is thus the greater part of the self-cognitive faculty of each soul, and this is true only when each soul engages sincerely in the enactment of devotional service to Krishna with desire to assist Krishna in benefitting the entire cosmos.

    More and more, by focusing their love towards the Lord Krishna, they can gradually come to experience beyond the material dimension, sensing not only Krishna Himself, but other souls too within the greatness of His expanse.

    In devotional thoughts, in companionship with Krishna Himself, one can regularly sense the presence of the gurus who assist that Lord, who serve to assist others in remembering the true guru, Krishna Himself, even after they have passed on to the spiritual world many years ago, from as far away as Goloka Vrindavan, the supreme spiritual destination, millions of light years away beyond this material universe. Gurus may visit by the grace of Lord Krishna, such as the Vaisnava saints and Guru Nanak of the Sikhs, who is also a Vaishnava, or pure devotee of Krishna, who danced and chanted with Lord Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu 500 years ago in India.

    If you choose to, you too can take refuge in the many Holy Names of Krishna, as they are a literal incarnation in sound, as good as the direct presence of Krishna Himself, such as when He visited this Earth 500 years ago as Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

    Hare Krishna

  5. I partly agree with your article Zen, but I believe that it is a perversion of religion that has caused a certain sect to go ballistic. The tenets of judaism in the form of the Talmud are the most inhuman words ever cobbled together in one of the foulest compendiums of hate designed by mankind.

    I could go deep in the rabbit hole to explain this but I would be preaching to the choir.

    My solution would be the Babylonion one. Take all jews out of positions of power immediately! Never ever allow them to even edit a school mag nor loan a buddy a fiver. Never to head anything to do with human beings for five thousand years. Never mind your delightful music teacher and that old hippy who wouldn’t hurt a fly… everyone!

    If every jew in the world were removed from ANY form of power and made to do an honest days work, the major ails of this planet would disappear overnight.

    As a jew, if you are not actively fighting the zionazi’s full time, with every means at your disposal, you are part of the problem and not the solution, and would qualify for the Gulag.

  6. “It used to be thought that the events that changed the world were things like big bombs, maniac politicians, huge earthquakes, or vast population movements, but it has now been realized that this is a very old-fashioned view held by people totally out of touch with modern thought. The things that really change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things. A butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle, and subsequently a storm ravages half of Europe.
    Somewhere in Adam’s sleeping head, a butterfly had emerged.”
    – Terry Pratchett, Good Omens

    “Just when you’d think they were more malignant than ever Hell could be, they could occasionally show more grace than Heaven ever dreamed of. Often the same individual was involved. It was this freewill thing, of course. It was a bugger.”
    – Terry Pratchett, Good Omens

  7. Some polite to-and-fro about whether or not anyone is going to bail us out or not. I think it’s better to assume we have to take responsibility for our own lives and do what we can to the best of our ability rather than wait for the cavalry.

  8. Probably best for each one of us to follow our own individual intuition. I am a big fan of David Icke who I credit with finally giving me some “other than 5-sense reality” context to what could not be explained in terms of our insane reality via only using our five senses. Whether “everything” he say is accurate does not matter to me, it’s the intention of someone like that that I see as pure, as well as most of what he says that resonates with me. This I use as my guide. Over a series of very long days some months ago I read everything I could find by David Wilcox as someone else had turned me on to him. Some of the stuff resonated with me, and regarding the mass arrests, I found that this did not resonate with me as an impending reality, but rather as an incredible aching desire for me to finally see an end, or a beginning to the end of this nightmare. I remain open to anything, but as many of us say here, of which I am in firm agreement with, in the meantime I am not holding my breath, rather I am being the change in my own life. What will happen will happen.

  9. I would like to thank you all for your insight and criticisms.
    I do need to address a couple of things. David Wilcocks is not my guru, just another teacher in a long line of teachers and inspiring individuals. I do not agree with everything that he is saying as some of you suggested. I am not on pot. I totally agree with the premise that we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. I have taken responsibility for myself in body, mind and attention. I meditate and practice yoga. I have minimised the toxic pollutants in my environment ( fluoride etc). And yes, my hearts desire would be to see the mass arrests of these obscene criminals…I pray for this every day as well as following through with concrete action, like gifting phone towers with orgone generators. I have done this on over a dozen towers in my area and the cem-trails have disappeared. ( have been for 2 years) They don’t even bother to fly over any more as the don’t work…I live in a chem trail free environment, as well as freeing up 100 000 other people in my town who have no idea of the service I have done.
    So please no more comments about me sitting on my arse waiting for the cavalry.
    Also the orgone generators mess up the subliminal mind control signals embedded in the carrier wave of the phone towers neutralising them and punching holes in the HAARP network, which piggy backs on the mobile towers. Killing two birds with one stone. This is what I do and I would love to share more of it with you if you would like me to.

    Thank you Zen for allowing me the opportunity to share this with you and your readers.
    Pete Mathias

    • Hi Pete. I’ve met David and was touched by his kind sincerity. He also has many terrific insights that have helped a lot of people. I don’t believe in broad brushing people even when they disagree on particular things. I don’t subscribe to things when they require a belief or construct as it interferes with conscious awareness, but blanket statements about a person’s viability are usually way out of place in the alt community unless it’s a known snitch or plant, etc. We all get misled but when we’re truly open we can get back on track rt away. Yay consciousness! 😉 Anyway, glad you’re around the site and doing a good work…keep on keeping on! Love, Zen

  10. God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players [i.e. everybody], to being involved in an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won’t tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time.

  11. Tx Patrick.
    Here’s another one. 😉

    “Maybe it’s all part of a great big ineffable plan. All of it. You, me, him, everything. Some great big test to see if what you’ve built all works properly, eh? You start thinking: it can’t be a great cosmic game of chess, it has to be just very complicated Solitaire. And don’t bother to answer. If we could understand, we wouldn’t be us. Because it’s all — all — ”
    INEFFABLE, said the figure feeding the ducks.”
    – T. Pratchett, Good Omens

  12. Good one Zen.

    Don Juan told Carlos Castanaeda that the dark beings that created us gave us their minds. In this way we could be controlled through our fear.
    This denial[fear] is evident at times in the comments to your excellent articles by ego centred consciousness that really does’nt have a clue. Much Love to them.

    One of the modifications carried out on our species by our pathetic manipulators was the dislocation of the atlas bone. This subluxation of the first cervical has caused a massive shutdown of our spiritual abilities. Energies coming through our crown vortex from higher dimensions get short-circuited at the neck. It is this distortion that helps to imprison us in the five sense programme. This is why getting your atlas fixed is so important. I urge all of you to check it out. http://www.atlasProfilax.com. http://www.freemyatlas.com.

    Much Love528Hz
    Looking to flip a situation try 417Hz.

  13. Pete, I’ve been down that road about the white hats. If you know so much about this, then what do you think the powers that be know about it. Do you really think that all this public notice about these mass arrests would not be dealt with? Come on, it’s a nice thought but you gotta be real here. Don’t be naive.

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