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A Time to Focus

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by Zen Gardner

So many things are trying to pull us apart, individually and collectively. Never mind fear of everything manufactured or imaginary tearing at people’s psyches, but actual realities that are accosting everyone on this planet in some form or another. Their effects are subtle yet they’re in our faces, and are spreading out humanity’s energies.

It’s a time to focus.

Focus on what we are determined to fulfill. Focus on our life mission and its importance in the grand scheme of things; focus on our personal effectiveness and our immediate surroundings, those we love and the planet we care about and how we can be better instruments for Truth. We need to focus on what we can do and be, all the time leaving ourselves open to new avenues of expression.

Granted, things do constantly change, and at an increasing rate. Adaptation to these Universal realities is essential to practical, conscious living.

Everything else outside of these priorities, while they may seem to contribute to our overall understanding, are informative although often a potential distraction. If we can’t focus our power and attention or, more importantly, our intention we won’t make any headway in the right direction. Instead we’ll be pushed and pulled the direction of the controllers and succumb to their mud slides of lies and deceit.

A Time for Transcending

While over spiritualizing can be a hazard, under spiritualizing is just as dangerous. We’re each in a very individual endeavor to enact a life of meaning and substance. To learn and grow and care for ourselves as effective human beings, and to love and empower our loved ones and the world around us, this is our innate mission.

Yet the worldly influences play on and on in an effort to dilute our attention and distract us.

We’re presented with a time of serious challenges. Life is always a challenge, but today’s global issues and the institutionalized mechanization of so-called scientific and technological advancements is particularly disturbing and alarming. We’re at a crossroads, a very literal one, where we either respond consciously, or succumb to their barrage of life numbing mechanizations.

Why Is It So Hard to Break Away?

Inertia is a massive force, yet it sits still…and causes us to do the same. With the complete dearth of intellectual clarity in the world today, never mind loving spiritual enlightenment, most take little thought about changing their basic circumstances. They’ve been bamboozled to think survival in a world of want and scarcity requires seriously digging in wherever they find a niche.

So very sad. Prisoners of their own freely imprisoned free will.

More people are experiencing this sensation of a need to escape these phenomena by the day, trying to break out of a very constricting social, political and personal paradigm. The real danger is the lack of response by those who are “called”, “touched on the shoulder”, who catch on and don’t know what, if anything, to do about it. They then stop in their compromised tracts. That’s where the fat and falsely happy pitfall of apathy resides.

A seriously and faultily reasoned non-response. Ultimately based in self preservation. A reaction our controllers rely upon.

Lack of conscious response to very real stimuli is the definition of apathy; not caring enough to react or respond, no matter the impulse or circumstance. Sad but understandable in our drugged up, yet dumbed down society. Yet it’s not nearly as innocent as it may seem in the true scheme of things. We all respond, and are therefore response – able to take appropriate action.

The present moment is the only moment available to us and it is the door to all moments

We’re Here to Live Now

I find any excuse for not responding to the call and taking a stand against this onslaught is a bad excuse. Ours is to live life fully, and that means with courage of conviction. In this “day and age” it appears anyone can slosh by with a gutless attitude, just consuming while radiating candied goodness, all of which is destined to implode. Whereas truly living for today requires honesty and sincerity at very profound levels.

That’s where consciousness comes in.

We must take this warfare to the next level. It comes by simple personal commitment. We each do our part. We share, we act, we inform, we press with the Truth every opportunity we can. It’s not complicated. As we do so, others will be inspired to do the same no matter how many seem to listen. It’s putting our shoulder to the massive spiritual wheel behind the scenes that matters.

This is where change happens.

It’s time. There really is no excuse anymore. Responding consciously is our awakened path. As we do so, more clears before us. This is an experience that is guaranteed for anyone taking the conscious, actively aware path. Try it and see for yourself.

Focus on conscious, spiritually responsible action. Let the other influences fall away. They are distractions, and dangerous ones, for you and your loved ones.

Take appropriate action – consciously and in your daily, practical life. Let the fears and worries fall away.

You’ll be glad you did.

Some Inspiration – We’re Brothers and Sisters In the Face of Change

Much love always, and stay inspired,

Love, Zen



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  1. I’m on your site daily brother..several times a day actually..Your balls accurate on so many levels..But Ive noticed there is an ever growing amount of fear related articles.. You’ve always had them..at least as long as I’ve been coming but they seem to me to be increasing..They run the gamut on all of what the PTB has in play from chems to fluoride to EMF and so on..And your absolutely on point on all of it.

    My question is this…Is that the best way to overcome this? Would you agree on any level the posting of the articles while meant to be invaluable information is helping the PTB in keeping the universal vibration low? And this is where i have my own internal struggle because there is no denying keeping someone away from fluoride is in incredibly helpful thing to do.. but when its posted with thirty other different ways the PTB is attacking us the overall you walk away with is.. holy fuck things are out of control..a lower vibration. So my question is.. is the best way to tackle this? if it is understood that we are all truly one..source..than wouldn’t it stand to reason that by only posting higher vibration articles you would in turn be helping raise the vibration of the collective consciousness to vibrate the current state of reality right out of existence.. strictly by helping it return to source.. a state of pure love.

    I’m actually torn myself which is why I’m asking ya. I’ve been watching this house of horrors unfold for years with my eye on every new method they are coming at us..And to me this information has always been invaluable for seeing the matrix as it really is and dodging their landmines…. But lately its seeming to me the more people are inundated with the magnitude of the attack they are under the lower the vibration the PTB is able to produce from it.

    Just food for thought brother..I’m not trying to critique ya here in anyway..I’m in this with ya until they realize your a light in their darkness that’s glowing to bright and shut ya down..

    Keep shining compadre….your needed


    • would be nice to describe a different reality accosting us – there isn’t. This is what we’re up against and is up against us. We can do our best, but it’s the way things are. The storm is upon us, but we retain our peace and reference points, of which we remind ourselves continually.

      • How could anyone deal with reality daily and not get to that point, however I disagree with the afore mentioned comment. There have been tons of articles on uplifting your person on this site. It depends on which article you choose to read.
        I think there is a well rounded group of articles, and may I add, some of the best of the best written I have yet to find, on all subjects.
        It all depends on what rabbit hole one wants to go down.
        I, for one, have very much appreciated the info.
        Sometimes articles on the” uppy” side just don’t seem appropriate.
        We all get on the down side at times, but we remember what it’s all about’ and we go and smell the roses, and just laugh. It does the soul good.

        • Well said Judy. We need to be aware of what’s going on, but not grovel in it. There are plenty of “alternative news” sites to fill in the blanks. What I highlight (or lowlight..) is what I find important or striking, or challenging and expands our horizons. Obviously I have a penchant for the spiritual and philosophical most of all, but real news often puts meat on the structural bones. Much love to you!

    • You can’t fight the darkness. You can only turn on the light.

      I think we all have our way of advancing through life. I trust my instincts that guide me but I also listen to my surroundings and then also to others in the room. How do they see it? Or not see it?

      Some seem to view things a whole lot different than I do. The ones who stand on the soap boxes appear to be drastically different in style and sometimes uncomfortable in persuasion.

      Is it fear of the antagonist that I see or is it vigilance of a protagonist? If vigilance, then of what? Could it be that others are in the dark but think they see the light of day? As is the case of the matrix?

      Arriving at a detached perspective took me time and it required me to take a belief and spin it around a few times, allowing each new perspective to add depth and detail to the apparent truth.

    • You know it really gets my goat that the new age stuff was so hi-jacked and hi-jacked it has been by many of folks. Have you ever heard someone say “oh, that’s so low vibration” when you speak truth in the face of deception? I have! The truth is the person speaking that phrase is actually expressing self-righteousness. Now the truth is where does that statement come from – could it be fear which is ego. The TPTB want us all to be silent and think our searching for truth and speaking of truth contaminates the whole. Confuse us, cause a battle within, keeping us off centered and afraid of being an outcast. This is a war folks! This is a taking over of the human, animals, fowl and the earth. No we do not fight with cardinal weapons but with spiritual weapons of truth. This is why we have awakened – - the entirety of it. We were nudged and we need to act.
      If the need arise and I have to protect myself and or loved ones I will do so. I will not just cow down.
      We all can mediate for our being centered because we really do need that now. Very much so! But! And speaking truth in the face of deception because we love ourselves which is a love for all. Without others we are dead meat.

      There are reasons I was drawn to this Garden. For the life of me cannot even remember how it happened but it did. When I happened upon it I felt my god there are others like me out there on this globe called planet earth. So many truths I had no idea how to articulate and it’s been a wonder teacher that has given me more courage in the face of all the deceptions. It is solid food for my growth and continuance of an awakening and it must be shared and acted on least it sour in my wine skin. That’s actually what the TPTB want and why they hi-jack ever kind of truth movements. Hugs and thank you Zen for this food.

    • If I may John, an important distinction is that WE are doing this. The PTB cannot accomplish anything without us. Now, who is us? You rightly made the statement that “we are one.” If this is true (and it is), then as long as any single cell of the human organism is under deception, then we are all at risk or “sick.” Is this notion Daunting? You bet it is.

      Overcoming a low vibration with a higher vibration is scientifically and theoretically incorrect. When two vibrations interact or coexist in the same space, parts of the “waves” are cancelled, parts are amplified, parts become disonant, and parts resonate. If even the smallest amount of “contamination” still exists, we have the same problem as when a tablespoon of diesel fuel ruins the entire drinking water supply of an ocean liner.

      What is being “sold” to the awakening masses are the lies of what I call “personal ascension” and “planetary ascension”. The first states that my spiritual disposition is foremost, and if the others can’t get it together, well… too bad (with best wishes and a smile of course, but too bad nonetheless), I’m ascending without you. The latter deception states that the planet is the “savior” and it is going to elevate itself at some point, and you just need to make sure you have a ticket to the show, you know… measure up in some way, like “Oh my, isn’t Scooter vibrating so well. He gets to ascend!” The reason both of these smell like religion, is because they are.

      Unfortunately, it is necessary for each human “cell” to become aware of the deceptions that they are nurturing, supporting and giving life to. These lies are powerless until we give them life, in the form of action. Starving these lies with inaction will be the only way to save the human organism.

      • I tried to retype this entire thing from memory because I thought it didn’t go through… :-) Technology, gotta luv it.

    • If I may John, it is an important distinction to realize that WE are doing all of this. The PTB have absolutely no power to carry out any of their plans on their own. It is through deception, that we cooperate and co-create this present reality… their reality.

      For deeper clarity, let me state that the notion of higher frequency overcoming lower frequency, is a scientific and theoretical fallacy. When two frequencies occupy the same space, you will have certain parts of the “waves” that cancel out, some that become amplified, some that are dissonant, and some that harmonize. Because lower frequencies contain significantly more power, raising the amplitude of the higher frequencies is minimally effective. Like a tablespoon of diesel fuel can ruin an entire fresh water supply for an ocean liner, it takes very little “low” frequency to contaminate higher frequencies.

      There are two popular deceptions being used on the awakening masses presently. I call them “the personal ascension myth” and “the planetary ascension myth”. The first states that my personal disposition is my highest calling. I’m going to get my spiritual shit together, and I hope you can to, but if you don’t, well… too bad (expressed with a smile and a warm pat on the back, but too bad nonetheless). In in other words, I made the grade! The latter implies that the planet on its own is going to ascend, and if you are smart, you’ll get a ticket for the train. In other words, “oh look at Scooter… isn’t he vibrating so well! He gets to ascend with the planet…. somewhere?!?!?!” If both of these smell like religion, that’s because they are. After they are successful they’ll be given “names” and tied to a person or character, just like all of the other religions thought history.

      Try visualizing the human race as a single body and ourselves as individual cells. We often make statements like “we are one” but we seldom take that seriously in our analysis of our situation. When cells become confused or deceived, we call that cancer. As long as any single cell in humankind is deceived, then our risk for damaging ourselves is high. Sounds a little daunting? You bet it is! But the clear path is freeing the minds of all of humanity, one at a time. We created this. Now we must uncreated it.

    • John C, I totally feel what you are saying. Your thoughts, words and deeds control your vibration. But like scooter wrote, the vibration of others has an affect on your vibration. “be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good”. Vibrational warfare, it is. Zen has to provide the educational articles for those just awakening help them avoid the ever prevalent toxins in this reality, and the other articles for those who have transcended the need to be reminded about fluoride,emfs etc.. “when you get the message, hang up the phone” timothy leary.
      I am finding solace in doing my personal best. It is all we have, spread that vibe everywhere you go. Just wake up and do your best everyday. When I don’t do that, then I really get paranoid, and it screws everything up around me.

  2. I agree with John C, above. I enjoyed this article. And because I and others enjoyed it, the world is a better place. Tesla was spot-on when he said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

    And Peace Pilgrim rightly said: “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”

    I just skim titles of articles and judge their tone. If I think they will leave me ‘below neutral’ vibratorially, I dismiss them. What good is it if ‘awakened’ people are paralysed (and therefore helpless) with fear? Some websites can make one feel doomed before breakfast!

    As you say, Zen, we ‘should’ focus. Not just now, but always… on ourselves, and and on doing things that we believe from the inside to be right.

  3. Create friction! ;-) Walk against the masses and the direction we are being shoved in – eventually warmth is created and a fire is started. Just keep walking… consciously viewing the path you choose.

  4. Inspiring article Zen! Getting organized so that I may stay on point and be more effective at changing my reality. Blessings

  5. For the record this was literally the first comment I’ve ever felt inclined to post on any of the sites i have been to..I’m happy i did..I’m lovin the interaction..Pretty sure I’ll be doing this again

    In reading through the comments I had an epiphany ..A comment from Scooter allowed me to realize that I was addressing the volume of articles on the PTB from only my own perspective.. being one that has seen them countless times before and not from the side of someone to whom all this would be new..

    So undoubtedly there is a need for the continuing heavy exposure of them.. So I humbly concur..

    But..And there always is one and there always is one aint there..I will say once one is fully abreast of what is being perpetuated on humanity..how they internally digest it is essential for the whole..To react to what is occurring with anger or the mindset of war does contribute to a universally lower vibratory state.. And while my ego absolutely rebels against this next sentence.. the way to swing this is to love and forgive the PTB….The reason they try and feed so aggressively on our fear and our pain is to fill an unfillable hole that comes from being so disconnected from source..its a hunger they will never sate with all the money and power in the world..And it is deserving of our pity for being so lost..And its that love and pity that will ultimately push all they are doing out of this reality.

    So in summation.. i was wrong and you were right.. but given the fact I have access to more than one laptop and cant be barred from the site..I’m not to worried about the ramifications..Ha

    Keep up the good work brother..You really are a necessary piece in all this.


      • I just wanted to jump in on this and get a consensus on what people think of the whole ‘love them and forgive’ them thing. Is it really up to us to do that considering the lies and deceit that has happened. It almost reeks of the same nonsense we have been fed as to what reality is all our lives. Are we Mahatma Gandhi’s in the making or are we perfect just the way we are?

        Maybe its not up to us to love them or forgive them, but more a matter of allowing them the responsibility to create their own reality suited especially just for them, with out our contribution to it. The problem as I see it is they have created a reality that they do not have to be responsible for. They simply teach us to and they sit far removed from it……and then they smoke a cigar!

        Just some thoughts and I would love to hear others thoughts.

        • I’v been thinking about this as well Will for a long time . I think it depends on how you see the Universe . Is the Universe in control of every thing, benevolent and loving or out of control. random and vengeful .
          Most people cite the devil in the Bible as proof of a war against God and evil . The problem is this; due to mis- translation ,redaction and a host of other mistakes the ‘devil ‘has been portrayed as an agent independent of God (the Universe )when in fact ‘it’ , works for and is just another expression of God( the Universe ). The antagonist is in fact the darkness within and without that will push us to of what are called the higher reaches of love , compassion and totally unconditional love . In other words its all about you and how you react to this antagonist . In effect I suppose we should consider this a blessing and whether the antagonist has chosen or had their role chosen for them , it is the hardest role to play in this dance we call life . We should be able to see the darkness in the ‘other’ even if it is abhorrent to us and love them because of their darkness , that’s what gives us our humanity and ultimately ignites that spark of divinity inherent in us all . XXKitty

        • Can’t help ya there, Will. But if I were to see somebody being exceptionally cruel to a defenceless animal, I would happily drop them head first into a meat grinder. Or at least that’s my first reaction.

          • Ha I love it! A meat grinder.

            Thanks for your replies Kitty and Indigo! After I wrote this comment yesterday I got to thinking more of how the whole love and forgive thing seems like a construct. It would be very liberating for people to know that that is not their responsibility.

            More then any thing else in this cosmic dance we have to be able to decipher what is our responsibility. To forgive one self and to love oneself is first and foremost, AND encouraging others to do the same.

            We do not have to forgive them, that is their job, to forgive themselves. All we have to do is let them get to work…………. on time!

            That will be the thing that frees us from these psychoids. imao cheers!

  6. Hey Zen and fellow gardners. Another great post, keep them coming….true nourishment for my soul and lovely to know I am not alone in my thoughts over here in England.
    Love to you all

  7. What impresses is the serious level of dialogue here – as elsewhere on Just Wondering.

    It is what makes this site preeminent amongst awareness building blog sites – and is proof of Zen’s wonderfully rich instinct for that which seeks and speaks out for Truth.

  8. God’s Laws ……….. one has to consider the word Law from the mathematical perspective to arrive at the idea of how “they” are manipulating God’s Laws.

  9. There is no they..only we..Balls accurate..and I regret not making the distinction in the comment.

    To have a conversation of this nature ground rules need be established..And by ground rules an understanding as to what we believe the true nature of reality is.. This being as i understand and intuitively feel that we are truly all one consciousnesses experiencing itself through the eyes of each of us.. I am you you are me so on and so forth..if we are to agree this is indeed the true nature of this reality than we must also be in agreement that the PTB is indeed ourselves..

    When looked at from this perspective it would appear as consciousness we want the bad guy.. The ultimate villans..i imagine we want this the same way hollywood wants them..it makes the whole experience that much more entertaining.. The contrast between good and evil..who will ultimately win out…

    The absolute beauty of the game we play is with each individual self we create we wire it with a feeling of individualism.. IE…The ego. This while ironically being something I suspect most of us visiting this site are now in the process of trying to overcome ..But what truly is the most important aspect of making this experience worthwhile to have..without it we are back to being secure in the knowledge that we are all and all is us and ultimately we are just a big ball of energy.. While probably cool to feel again for a bit..ultimately boring..

    I think the true nature of this game for us is to take each variable we create of ourselves..stick them in a billion different set’s of scenarios and have them all try and make it back to source..Like a game of cosmic rubiks cube..With each success we experience in figuring it out we give ourselves a cosmic rush..And than we just create another new version with differing circumstances.. and do it again..

    Ultimately this is what i believe to be true..And if it indeed is true than as a consciousness we are allowing more of ourselves to illuminate to this being the case..we are doing so.. so we can regain the understanding that we shape this reality to whatever whims we have..

    I think now we are collectively reaching the tipping point that we no longer want the pain and suffering version..W’eve played that long enough..

    Its for this reason i say we cant hold the anger and hate vs the PTB….It just plays into the existing paradigm we now want to change.

    As before Zen..thanks for having this forum available

    Love to you to brother

  10. Wonderful to witness such respectful, diverging interplay in what is usually a contentious forum: Belief… i sincerely respect all views offered, including Zen’s passionate rallying cry for all to step to the plate- though in my experience, we must each move accordingly to what is flowing… through each of us. And as evidenced, it is not the same running through each one’s plumbing. It is heart-wrenching for one to go against the innate, divine Current informing their deepest aspects by attempting to merge through mental (belief) consensus- especially in the face of popular and persuasive views that hold relative truth. No matter how dire or urgent the calling to join ranks through our collective mind (our thinking…)- i have found that it is imperative for each soul to stay the course of their internal tutelage- especially in the storm.

    Zen’s divine path has revealed a skilled calling to inform and to sound the alarm for others. And those who are designed to move similarly will play their (precisely) guided roles to assist, even if their current spiritual beliefs hold otherwise. And others will be called to move in less overt ways- including those who will (perfectly) continue to stick their heads in the sands of denial. In the bigger game being revealed, All roles are necessary… And i don’t state this as truth for anyone- but merely to offer a contemplation of possibility beyond what has thus far been expressed.

    Those whose time has arrived to be completely freed of their Self’s identity and it mental paradigm, are guided into direct relationship (gnosis) with what has created them. And a new ‘experience’ of this universal reality clearly arrives revealing its dualistic, illusory nature where powerful, unseen tyrants rule. As we all know, it is a most-convincing good & evil playing field- even in the face of proven, quantum debunking; which reveals ALL to be pure energy at relative levels of expression and consciousness. Somewhere else we are not what we think or see, including our identities and their troubled proclivities. Somewhere else even while walking on this planet, the same monsters do not exist- for humanity’s timed releasing from ‘their’ (tyrants) reality through the releasing of individual identity/participation, will bring this darkness with its lineage of mayhem to its permanent conclusion. When one’s timing arrives to wake-up ‘in’ the inner-life, the “monsters” become ‘family’ due to skilled tutelage arriving (via breath-consciousness) that speaks their language while embracing their pain- and which ultimately guides ‘them’ out of their similar illusion of being darkness and its evil. Somewhere beyond their undercover roles, they are perfect lifeforce designed to return to Love’s embrace.

    A wild ride? Most Certainly! And thankfully this is just scratching the surface. Are we not praying that God/Love is so beyond us that what is coming has never entered the mental corridors of any Being so far created? (rumi.) This inner-breath world which the (mental) five-sense paradigm is not capable of perceiving, is currently hidden for most, but is steadily revealing its presence which is leading more and more spiritually-attuned folks to speak of ‘embracing’ the darkness… by offering it Acceptance within ourselves. For those who are currently guided to mount the Good Fight, we in the hidden corridors offer our blessings, for your movements are serving precisely and gloriously!

    Please forgive this lengthy and somewhat fractured sharing. This contemplation cannot be adequately addressed without violating forum-length protocols, so i’ll leave it with a teaching by Mary Magdalene:

    “You cannot defeat the evil incarnation but you can turn it into the service of what is good- and it will cease to be evil.” Many blessings, dear soul-travelers.

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