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  1. Dear Zen, maybe by following the path of love and truth you have found the light – aka you have become enlightened. My experience, like yours, indicates that enlightenment is full of magic, mystery, wonder and awe. One observes and informs. Eventually the Eather learns to trust and allows you access to a few Universal truths. Now go and find the answers you seek in the ancient Hall of Records: explain what you need to know, and why and dont forget to say thank you. You can by-pass that pesky Om barrier by climbing a ladder through the Crown chakra above tree level and up out into the Eather; thereafter head for the bridge. (I contend that the Om barrier is a prison matrix maintained by Buddhists – is it?).
    Please let me know if this works for you too.

    • I feel like I’m waking up more each day – so much to learn and “wonder” about, but the fundamentals of learning to detach and trusting that “knowing” are ever present, for which I am extremely grateful. At least I have a place of peace to learn from in my heart, that is the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone has it, it just gets buried and unheeded. Much love!

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