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  1. I agree – but could Never come CLOSE to how powerfully this guy says it. Hurray for reality, hurray for Our side!
    P.s. I wish a few of the ptb were required to watch this – it would be good to watch their rage against the truth.

  2. Wishfull thinking lucifer will complete his reign and fall taking many with him it has begun and will not stop
    U Gil god steps in with his holy Blessed Mother Rome still has its part go play by helping out the big A

  3. I havn’t watched the video, but I assume the message is in the title.
    Can’t be bothered.
    If I’m missing some revalation, forgive me.
    I love this, “wakening” stuff.
    I’m of a certain age, where I saw this nonsense 40+ years ago.
    I’m well prepared.
    If that’s the word….

  4. I should add, the point of my previous message is, “surviving”….
    Which I hear so much of.
    Some of us are quite happy to go.
    I’ll leave it there.

  5. Human-ish, Im so glad for your awakening from the days of yore…..like Zen,..myself and many others here, we were also “enlightened” at an earlier age.

    Primarily these Vids and Posts are for the youth or “babes” among us who even just now have been shown the choice of the blue or the red pill. For their world is just now become real and dangerous for them. We on the other hand are old hats at these things. Life and death for us is but a mere whisper in the time/eternity fabric.
    We are here now at this place on the time calender for that “Latter Harvest” the harvest for those whom have been “called”…”chosen”…or “awakened” at this precise moment in time.
    We appreciate your input…we would also that you may join in with us to help others in this transitory time. Many will be lost or blind with out “guides” or servants to help them with truth along the way.

    In all things we say Peace unto you and unto the many…whatever the faith’s or beliefs

    • Well said Oldvet, good to hear from you. Yeah, if you look at my posts, they tend to try to bring people up from whatever level they’re at to something greater, some going way back, but it’s all relative and just as marvelous. They just come out that way when I do ’em so to some, the more basic ones can seem to be frustratingly simple. To me that’s never the case. We’re not in the knowledge business, we’re in the love and enlightenment and caring business, or skip all this. When you really wake up you want to shed everything, not get any more, of anything. It all points to letting go, not accumulating information or spiritual muscles. The knowledge is to bring us to that point. Anyway, you sure got me started, ha! Love you, Zen

      • Greetings Zen & all… my first time posting here but a long time reader. Want to commend you Zen and the others here for your willingness to help those who have not yet fully awakened, or are not even aware enough to realize what they’ve been subjected to vis a vis the major control agenda and efforts on the part of tptb to impose severe limitations on their consciousness of who they/we really are. I too experienced dramatic shifts over 40 years ago and began to see the truth waaaay back in the 70s. 😮 Seems an eternity ago and at the same time almost like it was last week! lol My calling also includes helping others to awaken, to become aware of so much more, and to do so with love and compassion. We are coming to a point of convergence, a tipping point if you will, and are beginning to witness a quantum expansion of conscious awareness for many that transcends our individual lives and in-body experiences. I cast my lot with this beloved but serially abused planet, this Eden that once was and can be again. My purpose here is to help in whatever way I can to advance the mass awakening and to support Gaia, the spirit that suffuses this dimension with life, love and the infinite beauty that is Nature. We are all here at this time for a reason, many are only now coming to recognize what that reason is, but they too are right on schedule. We all need to let go of old notions, material falsity, and embrace the only real game in town, namely shedding our ignorance and taking on the mantle of The Teacher. I know of no higher purpose here, and the time we’ve all been waiting for (whether knowingly or not) is here. Thanks to all, and especially to you Zen, for enabling so many to partake of this gentle gathering in the pursuit of spreading awareness of who/what/where/why we truly are. Much love.

        • Wow, one hand Luke..;), that got me all emotional. How beautiful. I agree, can’t shirk the responsibility, it’s all hands on deck now, drop everything else you can. Thanks for chiming in, it’s great to hear from you and to share this together. Quite a unique time and we need to make each day count, as you’re well aware. Nothing else matters. Never did anyway, but there’s clearly an urgency we need to respond to.
          I’d love to hear about your wake up process. I want to compile people’s stories and would love it if you could write it up for me if you like and send it to the email address on the front page of the site or contact form. Anyone else reading this, for that matter. Send ’em in if you can. Try to keep it concise but let it come out however it comes and send em in. It’s just fabulous when everyone finds out just how similar we all are in heart and spirit, and emphasizes the beautiful connectivity to everything seen and unseen and the wonderourness of our fantastic journey!
          Tx again for writing OHL and for all you do. Much love, Zen

    • “Human-ish, Im so glad for your awakening from the days of yore…..like Zen,..myself and many others here, we were also “enlightened” at an earlier age.”

      You Guys are Buddhas !? Geeze, I had no idea. I should be ashamed at some of the things I’v said on here. Or…

  6. Thats right bro….and even then may we be able to help those travelers along the way!

    My friend,..hope all is going well on your end. I may speak freely if you will…the posts and the service you do here is indeed a blessing…and not just about knowledge education ..but more about the love and the peaceful sharing of the human travels.

    Stay tite my friend!

  7. If this is all true……….then probably these impotent old men will still have one more last gasp trick up their sleeves to play out before they call it a day. A bit like, if I can’t have her beauty, neither can you, as he throws the acid in her face. Thats my concern :(

  8. Could it have something to do with fe-manism do you think? I think so.

    Women are no longer feminine at all in the West. They have been masculinized.

    Mother Nature is taking her revenge! She is good at that.

    It all started when the sinister Levites murdered the consort of the tribal god of the poor Judeans whose name was Asherah. They took her symbols such as the Tree of Life and they “smashed her and burnt her and ground her fine to powder and threw her in the River Hebron.” So vicuous and vindictive it sounds when you read it in their Old Testament!

    That was when the gradual domination of the Thinking Function of the mind began and the Feeling function became gradually less and less since they are opposites – Feeling is Water and Thinking is Air and they need to be in balance for sanity to prevail in our World.

    We are now dominated by the so called intellect – and the machines which the intellect has been so cleverly inventing, but we are murdering Nature and we are ruled by people who have so little feeling – their hearts are dead.

    Socrates – who was a homosexual – also helped to create this World we now live in. He did not believe in myth – religion or spiritual things. He was entranced by what he called logic – which is completely illogical actually! He just could not see it. No wonder there are so many homosexuals now. They are completely out of touch with Reality where things have to be in balance! They have lost touch with their instincts.

    It is the Kali Yuga and she will destroy it all to make it clean and in balance again I suppose.

    • That was an insightful comment Astraea.”Women are no longer feminine at all in the West. They have been masculinized.”

      It needs urgent fixing.
      There is definitely a major lack of sensitive,feminine Love.A burning ember that needs to be nurtured into a flame.

      Let the feminine healing begin…

  9. Humanish, Oldvet and Zen, I feel so grateful for your early awakening which beat down the path for us. I am VERY young in this having just awoken in June but my awakening was profoundly deep.
    Ihave come to realize that it was so intense because the path was beaten down by many others making so much information available.

    Everyone of us plays an integral part of this. Some of us have done their work and some are just beginning but we all matter.
    Thank you for all you have done for us-there should be a Remembrance Day for the awakening soldiers!

  10. if the bankster NWO is DOA its only because it was a straw-man and the True NWO will be and was always planned to be offered as a solution to the Bankster NWO – the true NWO will likely be more along the lines of Zeitgeist Moving Forward or the teachings of Alice Bailey as promoted by David Icke. After all, we are dealing with interdimensional entities not greedy bankers. They have a bit more intelligence than to try to railroad in a system that would be universally hated. The only scientific dictatorship with staying power would be a system that the people worshiped.

  11. Oldvet and Zen, you are absolutely right. Your knowledge is exactly what I need for my re-awakening. All that I read here rings true in my heart and soul. It makes me think, ponder and arrive at another level on my truth-seeking journey. No matter who it’s from or what their perspective, more light comes shining through for me. Please don’t stop sharing. This is a tremendous resource for us all.

    What is the Fifth force (mentioned in video)?

    • For more on the Fifth Force go to Stuart Wilde’s website. He has a very unique perspective and you’ll find it fascinating. See what resonates. That’s how I treat everything. You never have to take anything as hard fact or absolute Truth…stay open…than includes anything I say or you read here. You’ll find you keep learning and growing and while some information may stay the same, your orientation or spiritual insight or perspective will alter and in effect everything changes…quite cool!! Take care and so glad this helps. Love, Zen

  12. The “new” worldly order is not new at all. The world has followed this humanistic-secular order since the days of Cain. It is a lawless system that glorifies everything selfish, greedy, opportunistic, without any concern for what is right, decent, fair, selfless or conducive to the perpetuation of life or our habitation.

    Everything we have ever been programmed with has been colored by the stain of lawless disregard for others. We are now approaching the finish line in this grueling, desperate race to our extinction (temporary as it may be). We are ushering in a new paradigm of how to live life the way it always should have been done, not merely a continuation of the morbid existence we have always accepted as socially and politically correct.

  13. To those whom have opened eyes at his time….understand and remember that ALL things shown will appear as different knowledge and/or enlightenment, if you will, to each of us as we sit or stand in our own small cosmic realm….simply put it will be shown to you in your specific time/need/world view for you moment and for you surroundings.
    Us OLD GUYS damn sure aint special….we just have been going thru this a bit longer than you new guys…….and it also doesn’t mean we know more!!!! Quiet the contrary,…you may be shown a real diamond in the trash pit we didn’t see. Each person or conscience in their own time according to the cosmic calendar
    if we speak from experiences of days gone by….its just that..that which we were shown and proved true in our time.
    Each of you good folk will be shown and given even more than we as these days wind down and truth makes manifest those things that are true and SOLID.

    Please don’t think we are special or placed thrones above anyone else…..for our lot is but the same as yours. For the Worker is paid the days wages irregardless or what time he hired on…..rejoice in the fact that the Multi-verse has shown favor to each of us at the precise time we were able to receive it.

    Peace out friends…….now…….I must go throw tobacco to the wind to honor the spirit of the DEER I took this morning for flesh and for clothing. And no….I don’t need a lecture on slaughter….our people exist on give and trade with Gia.
    TAKE but be WISE and GIVE BACK

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