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  1. Makes complete sense to me as long as I keep things that are happening in the proper perspective. Calamity by design. Hoax disguised as a problem. Freedom disguised as compliance. Propaganda disguised as factual truth. Government disguised as the people’s guardians. Lies disguised as national security. Legalized plunder disguised as business. Useless paper disguised as wealth tickets. Rape disguised as good salesmanship. Terrorists disguised as the See Eye of fuckin’ A.

    Ahhhh….that feels better….let a little steam out of the pipe.

      • DEATH! … Are you ready to die? To make the fat cats rich and support the lie
        Governmental games of war Ronald McDonald’s keeping score
        All’o that shit don’t mean a fuckin’ thing ‘Cause I still stand and I still sing
        Democracy, plutocracy Well it might fool you but it don’t fool me
        - Omnia, Dance until we die

  2. An associate member of Oathkeepers — my line of duty did NOT involve “wearing the uniform”, as they say — I did serve at the Pentagon in the late 1960s and late, as a Conscientious Objector (Dayton, Ohio 1969!), in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Palo Alto, California. The Oathkeepers site has some heart-warming photos of the “barrycade” demolition in the District of Criminals this past weekend. Do check them out.



  3. And THREE BILLION+ DOLLARS PER YEAR TO THE ZIONIST STATE OF ISRAEL, created and controlled by the House of Rothschild and associated ‘jewish’ (NOT) families?

    (just saying…)

  4. Gday Zen love ya work mate. I am located on Bohol island in the Philippines. Just went through the earthquake this morning. Going for a walk tonight I noticed what looks to me like a perfect circle chemtrail around the Moon. I noticed spraying today for the first time. I got a few shots of it, hard at night but 3 or 4 turned out ok. Let me know if you are interested in taking a look. Would like to get your opinion on all this.

    • I wonder if they are flying over the arctic and antarctic? If they are, part of the purpose is probably to keep the planet cooler and to also keep certain sun rays out.

      • Dane says a big part of the plan is to direct moisture to the poles to keep the ice caps. Trouble is they’re melting like crazy in the middle, in depth, due to warmer oceans and UV and methane. So it looks like the poles aren’t shrinking but they are. It’s weird because the warming scare was so contrived, yet their program is totally screwing up the climate in major extremes that are wreaking havoc.

  5. cool mate thanks. we have been in contact with fred the past few weeks. we actually bought two organite pendants off him after reading your organite post.

    we took about 10 pics of the ring and i did a bit of research on them afterwards. apparently its a fairly normal phenomena. a couple of hours later i went outside to take a look, the moon had moved a fair way away from the original position but the clouds/ chemtrail was still there albeit part broken up and much more full. anyway ill email you my pics now.

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