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The Obama Puppet Playset

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  1. Initially, I thought Bush was the worst they could come up with. This evil guy takes the cake! Whose going to be next, if their is a next!

  2. This thing (B.O.) is a perfect example of what results when the masses engage in hero worship and misguided political correctness.

    • I may be vile and pernicious but you can’t look away

      I make you think I’m delicious wiht the stuff that I say

      I’m the tool of industry and government too for I am destined to rule and regulate you

      I’m the best you can get

      Have you guessed me yet?

      I’m the slime oozing’ out of your TV set…..

      Zappa knew about mind control of the masses way back when!!

  3. I have read and do believe they are clones controlled by the darkest forces in the universe…saying he is evil hardly covers it….

    • Rt – he’s a hollow shell, has no idea what he’s doing or part of except in some shallow socio-political sense. To shamelessly scam and lie and arrogantly flaunt such waste and war and hypocrisy takes a certain type of conditioning – he’s full on drone as you say…

    • Placentia Newfoundland, on the Avalon peninsula is were the cloning apparently took place. Newfoundland became a part of Canada in 1949 prior to this it was a Crown colony. If you zoom in on the area on google maps (satellite) you can clearly see the complex that exists in what one might otherwise consider a seemingly desolate area.

  4. This entity has the U.S. involved in more military conflicts than all other U.S. presidents combined, and he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after only having been in office for 10 days. How can anyone take what we are in seriously??

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