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Obama’s Soviet Style Purge of Military Brass Escalates Ahead of Looming Martial Law


by Zen Gardner

This is a bit ironic to post this after my patriotism exposé, but it’s so apropos. It’s written and compiled by an awakening patriot and highlights exactly what I was talking about in my recent article on America’s engineered collapse. Americans are waking up to the stark reality of a galloping takeover, and they’re getting it on both “sides of the isle”, never mind between the eyes.

And it’s about time.

People wake up from every paradigm there is. I’ve met Mormons who’ve cut their Masonic apron strings who are now into crystal energy and alternative science. I’ve met pacifist liberals who’ve stocked up on guns for what’s coming but now have a strong spiritual bent. And dyed in the wool Christians, Jews and Muslims who are now hot on the trail activists for 9/11 Truth, exposing the Illuminati and Zionism, and are working to build a new world of awakened loving people. They’re everywhere.

We’re like the dreaded 17 year locusts of Truth to the would-be controllers – ha!

One thing you have to admit about Obama, he is a unifier. But of one thing only –  the people against him…even though we know he’s only a cardboard cut out mouthpiece representing the hidden manipulators.  The partisan left-right paradigm political divide is fading extremely quickly right now as people start to realize they’ve been screwed once again–only worse than ever. They’re in the final stages of their home, lands and lives being destroyed and everything taken from them.

Maybe they’ll finally feel the plight of the murdered, raped and pillaged Palestinians they’ve been wittingly and unwittingly helping to decimate with their misguided guilt, allegiance and redirected money to the cunningly deceptive, racist Zionist marauders.  Let’s hope so. That’s the real reality on this planet.

Better late than never. But better now than tomorrow. Keep the awakening rolling. People are more receptive by the hour.

Love, Zen

Obama Preparing “My Military” For Next Step?

by Brandon Walker


On October 12, 2013, ABC’s Dianne Sawyer brought us a video of a 9th, yes 9th, General fired from the military this week. It’s even reaching some of the more liberal stations and begging them to ask the question, “What is going on?” It seems President Obama is preparing what he calls “my military” for his version of the final solution. With all the documentation we have, it looks as though he is purging the military for the next step.

We have now seen this official President Obama temper-tantrum in action this week. But is it a temper-tantrum or is there a method to his madness?

We have been warned by a Pentagon Official to expect radical changes. You heard of our dire warnings of Chinese Economists planning to foreclose and forming the TPP Treaty that could set a global economy in motion. We have the very real possibility of 16 U.S. States being shutdown and handed over due to debt in this mess. We even have a CIA whistle blower warning us that President Obama wants to radically take over power. People are crying out, where is our military in this mess?

Well, there seems to be some very credible evidence that since last year and through this year that there has been a “litmus test” given to American Military Officers. The Main point of that test, “Would you fire on an American Citizen?” If you say no, then as Donald Trump would say, “Your fired!” Since the beginning of the year these retired officer’s have come forward with ““President Obama is preparing for war against the U.S.”.  We even know Dr. Garrow and others confirmed this litmus test. Then we have heard President Obama himself talk about “My Military”.

Military Litmus Test

And this isn’t all. This strange chain of firings from the Military is so bizarre and so unheard of that even Dianne Sawyer of ABC news reached out to cover it when the 9th, yes 9th, Military Commanding Officer was relieved of duty in less than a year. This doesn’t include the long list last year, this is just the nine individuals this year alone.

Gen Ham

General Carter Hamm, United States Army-Served as head of the United States African Command. Was in charge of the US African command during the fateful night of September 11, 2012 when the lives of four American citizens were taken in the Embassy in Benghazi. Hamm was extremely critical of the Commander and Chief and stated he lied about not having reinforcements in the area on that night. Hamm “resigned and retired” on April of 2013.

thumb_RDML Gaouette

Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette/United States Navy-Commander of Carrier Strike Group Three. His most recent activity served as Deputy Commander of the US Naval Forces, US Central Command. He was in charge of Air Craft Carriers in the Mediterranean Sea the night of September 11, 2012. He testified before the hearing committee and said that there may not have been time to get the flight crews there but left the door open on if told when the events took place if that he could have had the aircraft launched upon cross-examination by Rep. Tray Gowdey. Recently fired from the Administrative post and relieved of Duty by the Obama Administration for “utterance of a racial slur”.


Major General Ralph Baker, United States Army- Major General Baker served as the Commander of the Joint Task Force-Horn at Camp Lamar, Djibouti, Africa. Was also involved in some aspect with the incident September 11, 2012, being under the African Command. Had said he believed attack helicopters could have made it in time. Relieved of command and fired for groping a civilian (no assault charges or sexual misconduct charges filed with JAG)


Brigadier General Bryan Roberts, United States Army-General Roberts took command of  Fort Jackson in 2011. Was considered a rising star in his field. He served in Iraq during his service as the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, and was the Deputy Commanding General of the United States Army Recruiting Command, Fort Knox, KY. Relieved of Duty and Fired for Adultery. While this is still on the books in the United States Code of Military Justice, it has rarely been used since President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions.

thumb_VADM Tim Giardina

Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, United States Navy-Deputy Commander of the United States Strategic Command. Commander of the Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and Submarine Group 10, where every single one of the 18 Nuclear Submarines with Nuclear Trident Missiles of those three groups were in his command. This commander earned six Legions of Merit, Two Meritorious Service Medals, two Joint Service Commendation Medals, and several other medals, ribbons and decorations in his illustrious career. He was removed from service and fired from the military for the charge of using counterfeit poker chips (not making that up).

As ABC News reports, this is an extremely alarming rate and one of the biggest and fastest purges of military personnel ever recorded.  It apparently is such a shock at the rate even for a long time veteran of reporting the news as Dianne Sawyer, because at one point she gets heated saying two Commanders of the Nuclear Command.




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  1. My husband and I have gotten very nervous the last couple of days. We have been learning to trust our instincts after decades of compliance. Whatever is happening, it is happening NOW! The best preparation is that of the mind. Mental toughness may be needed in the next few days.

    • A lot longer than that. That’s why disengaging with energy suckers is so important, esp clear from the MSM and its minions. Get lots of quiet to sort things out and elevate your vibe. Keep on…

  2. So, as the complete “take over” is taking place, who out there, i.e. those who support the US Constitution and the Freedom it fosters, is willing to give their life for the Cause?


    Maybe that is why we’re in the mess we’re in?

    That’s why they’ve already won.

  3. Surely these fired men knew to lie about firing on US citizens in order to gain control when the actual time comes.?
    We can assume they knew why the question was asked and the results?
    There’s nothing like when the time comes, a refusal to obey unconstitutional orders brings back our country.

  4. Who will kneel?….Who will kill? Ten years ago the wolves could be seen on the horizon and people would say ” They’re over there… they won’t come here”. Today the wolves are on their front porch.

  5. I hate to say I told you so, well actually I don’t. Years ago when everybody was cheering their military blowing away those “evil Muslims” I said, someday your monster is gonna turn on you. It’s heading that,,,this way.
    It’s not the armament that kills you, it’s who’s behind the controls.

  6. Any one of those charges would get an enlisted man booted, period. It’s very reasonable to hold all military to the same standard and especially those in command. Additionally, Obama has the right to fire any military personnel he wants at any time for any reason. Part of that whole Commander in Chief thing. I’ll start to worry when he fires people for no reason…ie. like Stalin did.

    • Obama himself has been caught repeatedly lying to ‘his’ sheeple, and is responsible for countless deaths, but I guess he is allowed to do that in your opinion since he is POTUS? Few of those absurd charges would have gotten any military personnel dismissed – maybe disiplined, but not discharged. Adultry? Groping a civilian? I have to disagree with you Uber (and don’t fret, both your comments are posted).

    • U really think BO fired them because they failed to live up to his moral standards. WTF are you smoking . Firing one General is a BIG deal. Firing NInE and counting is an obvious purge. U are either exhibiting the epitome of denial or are blinded by your live for Lord Obama

  7. Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, is acting more and more like the late Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, who also had purged the Russian Military of its best senior commanders (except Marshal Zukhov) in the late 1930’s.

    Oh, Wally, if the Amerikan sheeple did sleep on, as you say, then, why have ABC and other main news channels raised hell about all of this? Maybe it was you and some others who slept on; but, a whole lot of people were awakened, and they’re not at all happy.

    • Interesting how so many of the this and the last century’s dictators arrive in politics with a name change. And with the altered name they become satanic. (Hitler was Shikelgruber, Stalin was Dzugashvili, Obama was Soetoro, etc.)
      This web site needs a print button.

  8. i wrote a detailed essay on this very subject. Until Americans feel the pinch in their wallets, bank accounts, lost jobs, lost homes, lost hope, lost freedoms, will they wake up. Indeed, they will feel like Palestinians and those in Indian reservations in America. I blame much of the problems on Evangelical Christians for supporting Israel when they should be supporting America. I have a family member that brags about sending money over there. She says she is blessed by what she gives. $25 a month and in return she gets a menorah made of pewter, a poorly made tapestry of the same menorah , and a piece of stone supposedly from the wailing wall. While I was homeless and poor, she supported Israel, not a family member.

    So, if people are duped into giving at the lower levels, imagine how big the support is at the foreign aid level. The amount is in the billions while Americans like myself and others starve and are homeless.

    Perhaps more Americans need a taste of homeless,hunger, sickness, loss of possessions, loneliness, and so on.
    Being tossed from your comfort zone is terrible. Just ask a Palestinian.

    • Lee/Gene, I want to point out that in 2004 I awoke one morning as soon as my feet hit the floor with the clearest knowing like it was injected into my being with a needle straight into my being. The Christians are sent always to countries under the pretense of helping the poor, uneducated, wayward, hungry, religiously afflicted. R I RRR GTTTT!!!! Then awhile later here comes the IMF and Corporations!!!!!! The missionaries are the front door . . . Then they send the entire countries into a living hell. The families are broken up – – which is the soul and I could go on and on, on this subject. It’s evil!!!!

  9. This is all engineered and coming to a head. Homeless and foodless people with no income, all staged and set up for a corporate take over. Next will be national emergency and the foreign troops will roll in. This is the hour.
    Be safe and love one another. Do not give in…..

  10. here’s an ex navy SEAL confirming what we all know anyway – “Ex-US Navy SEAL Ben Smith joins Fox News and drops a bombshell on the US government by revealing that the government ITSELF is CREATING the conditions necessary to impose martial law here in America. This is a must watch video for those who feel martial law is merely believed by conspiracy theorists. Veterans and US Navy SEALS see the same thing.”


  11. Surely people must be seeing Obama for what he is – a manchurian candidate installed as POTUS for the purpose of finishing the country off….TEAM DARK has to be behind all false flags hoaxs like Sandy Hook & Boston Marathon, Aurora shooting, etc., and let’s not forget them trying with all their might and use of the propaganda media in an effort to get race riots started over the Zimmerman case – they were desperately trying to get blacks to burn down American cities,, it is clear he has shredded our constitution and thrown it in our faces……and evidently 99.9% of the Congress is some how compromised or in on the plan to take America down. Marial law would suit him perfectly, he’a already identified 85% of the population as having dangerous terrorist potential….any dissenting voice, any person capable of any level of critical thinking is on that list…and a Christian with a gun and a bible….heck, probably on his kill list………

  12. I am not sure who is on what side, don’t know what direction Obama is going, not sure about him, BUT NONE OF YOU have even considered that maybe he is purging the military people who are in with the bad guys? DERP? It is possible! I mean, do you think Bush and the people he put up in there would have only gone to Libya for a month long war or avoided war in Syria or stopped giving weapons to Egypt. These guys who wanted to fire upon LIbya and make a full on war were taken out. Also, it is well known that the behghazi thing was a safe house and not an embassy and there was stuff going on between our inteligence and al quaeda and weapons. SHit, i know all presidents and politicians lie and are puppets. but these people he is throwing out were largely in there from Bush who drained the nation by making war on places that didn’t attack us (iraq) and giving iraq to our enemy (iran) and fucking up the the economy, etc. So, while I still believe Obama is a puppet and is owned by bankers, etc. to some degree, NONE OF YOU (as none of us know what is going on) are even considering that maybe he is trying to get rid of the people who may want to do just what you are saying and that there is actually a war going on in our own government and he may be trying to wiggle some for our benefit without getting killed. DERP. just maybe. I mean, shit, he avoided two full wars already. That is sayin’ somthing. So much of our economic shit and interest is from the 2 trillion on that stupid iraq war. I am not sayin’ obama is a good guy, but more chance of him bein’ one than the people Bush put in there.

    • Hey Joe. If this is how you see things with Obama, that is your business. NONE OF US are even considering that maybe the big “O” is purging military tops to use for our benefit. Now that is a twist.

      “So, while I still believe Obama is a puppet and is owned by bankers, etc. to some degree,” you stated. So, could that mean that the people that control “O” have a deeper agenda which includes using x military brass to work or fight on our behalf, or could that mean that he has decided to go out on his own and use the military to prevent himself and us from being killed? Which two full wars has HE avoided?

      • and how many wars, brushfires, assassinations, drone attacks, false flags, destabilizions, disappearances, banking manipulations etc etc etc has he directly fostered?

        Snap out of it, Joe. It’s fine out here in freedom land, don’t be nervous. Be be convinced on your own. It’s all part of the process…

    • Anything’s possible, and it’s good to see a questioning viewpoint… up in this backwater north of your border, I’ve recently had similar ponderings about our current, reviled prime minister based on his low-level flipping them the bird at the UN a couple of times, along with a few other pieces of data I won’t bore you with.

      There are plenty of double- or triple-agents or whatever in amongst the controllers across domains, and always have been. That said, imo unfortunately the US is so central to tPtB that I can’t imagine Obama is anything beyond one of their flawlessly mind-controlled meat puppets.

  13. Elections do matter. If you were one of the 3,000,000 Republicans and who knows how many Indepentdents who did not vote, shame on you. Be sure you vote in 2014 and 2016. I did vote and my vote was NOT for the current administration.

  14. Blaming obama is a bit like blaming the bullet and ignoring the guy with the gun in his hand.

    obama is just the current face fronting the empire of evil. The ones with their fingers firmly on the triggers are hanging back deep in the shadows.

  15. First of all, if it were a real Soviet style purge it would end with each flag officer getting a bullet in the head. BTW, did you know we had 400 generals in the Army alone in 1986 for a 20 division force? Now we have a 10 division force with over 400 generals. We actually had even less generals during WW II when there were 8 million troops in the Army. Even if the herd didn’t need to be culled, have you read about some of the scandals we’ve had with generals lately?

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