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    by Zen Gardner

    Apparently the control freaks are feeling quite confident and proud of their shenanigans to bring this out at a time like now. Apparently we’re supposed to be absorbing the continued message; “Get used to it. Control is inevitable.”


    Well actually, as you’ll see below, apparently humanity has a pretty clear idea of what a controlling octopus means to them. Again, they say it’s to go after “the enemies of the United States.” Well, we know its people are its own biggest threat. So if the NSA surveillance hasn’t pissed you off enough, maybe this will put you over the top.

    NORL-39 octopus logo

    ‘Nothing is beyond our reach,’ National Reconnaissance Office’s new logo claims

    The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office launched a new spy satellite Thursday evening on mission NROL-39 — and the new logo and tagline are quite an eye opener.

    The new logo features a giant, world-dominating octopus, its sucker-covered tentacles encircling the planet while it looks on with determination, a steely glint in its enormous eye. The logo carries a five-word tagline: “Nothing is beyond our reach.”

    Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist and senior policy analyst with the ACLU, raised a quizzical eyebrow at the new slogan.

    “Advice to @ODNIgov: You may want to downplay the massive dragnet spying thing right now. This logo isn’t helping,” he wrote.

    An agency spokeswoman told Forbes that there’s a very good reason for the symbol: The octopus is intelligent, and therefore a good emblem for an intelligence agency.

    “NROL-39 is represented by the octopus, a versatile, adaptable, and highly intelligent creature. Emblematically, enemies of the United States can be reached no matter where they choose to hide,” said Karen Furgerson, a spokeswoman for the NRO. “‘Nothing is beyond our reach’ defines this mission and the value it brings to our nation and the warfighters it supports, who serve valiantly all over the globe, protecting our nation.”

    ‘You may want to downplay the massive dragnet spying thing right now. This logo isn’t helping.’

    - Christopher Soghoian, senior policy analyst with the ACLU

    NROL-39 pre-launch

    The NROL-39 mission was classified, as are nearly all missions and satellites launched by the secretive NRO. It was carried aloft by a United Launch Alliance rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at 11:13 p.m. PST, according to NASAspaceflight.com. Because the launch trajectory matched that used by other launches, it was likely carrying a third satellite for the agency’s radar reconnaissance fleet, the site said.

    Along with its secretive payload, the rocket also carried the Government Experimental Multi-Satellite (GEMSat) payload, which contained 12 “nanosatellites” that will perform a variety of science missions.

    The NRO mission is to design, build, launch, and maintain America’s intelligence satellites.  MORE

    Last Thoughts and Images

    You’d think they might have gotten the point that the octopus image is considered a hugely negative one, but no, not to these psychopaths. They’re so far gone and backwards it’s unreal, yet these types remain a constant threat to humanity.

    It won’t be long. They will implode.

    Here’s a few octopus images to remind us what this controlling concept means to humanity:











    There are many more images such as these, but you get the idea.

    Don’t fall for their truth-reversals. It’s meant to disorient in order to make humanity more malleable.

    Stay awake, aware and above it.

    Love, Zen





    1. one of my biggest regrets in this life was shooting an Octopus in the head with a trident (spear-gun) they are like Chameleons, when you get eye……….it got away, i let it go to die? somewhere else, although i like to think it lived? i was a kid then! Octopuses are too good for these types to use it as a Symbol, but since you pointed out the eye.

    2. This surveillance shit reminds me over and over again of a scene in this flick: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resident_Evil:_Extinction
      “Umbrella triangulates Alice’s location based on her psionic abilities. [...] Umbrella tries to shut Alice down remotely, but she breaks free from their programming and continues to fight.”


      Heavily loaded films and games! Aside from the zombie and psionic stuff, mind control and the umbrella symbol, the names “Alice” (in Wonderland), Red Queen, White Queen (both Wonderland)…


    3. One of the OMG moments at the deeply occult 2012 Olympics ,was the huge Octopus taking centre stage at the closing ceremony . I immediately thought of Common Purpose . The Olympic Octopus is very similar to the CP logo . CP of course has it’s nasty little tentacles covering Britain and Europe. Horribly sinister , I can’t believe most people thought this was fun !! Kitty XX

          • You know reading this again Zen and looking at the handover of the Olympic torch from a deeply Masonic Britain to Brazil it struck me how a seemingly overtly Christian country like Brazil should adopt the demon goddess Yemanja or The Leviath , Cthulhu as it’s symbol ( more deep majik here too ). . This symbol of the Octopus is every where as you have pointed out so well in this article. . Everything is done in plain site for those that see , this must be part of the power trip for who ever or what ever ‘they’ are . We are being shown quite plainly where our planned future lies .Whilst we worry ,talk ,discuss our fate ,engage in wars of all kinds against each other even in the so called awakened community which are all in themselves distractions . The biggest war of all is being waged against us . The war for our very souls the essence of our being , the tentacles of this’octopus’ are now every where , this is now the time of The Externalisation of the Hierarchy (iAlice Bailey ) the esoteric becoming the exoteric . Interesting times ! I think things will get even more so .
            As you say Zen : ‘Stay awake aware and above it ‘ Kitty XX

            • Gr8 observation Kitty! Yes, we’re in an amazing time – “all shall be revealed” might just have some serious substance in the Now and on this plane after all… ;) …could get very freaky – actually, it already is, it’s the slow boil that blinds people to how drastic everything has morphed…

            • Huge observation Kitty! It occurs to me how most of the religions (and specifically their writings) are similar to NLP in nature. There are trigger words, phrases and ideas that set the people up to be switched “on” when it becomes useful. Brazil is fertile in this respect.

              The “done in plain sight” aspect is truly arrogant, but also seems to be a requirement of the cabalistic code they follow. The destruction of human kind, and this planet will be “our” doing in the purest sense of the word.

        • Thanks Sis :) xxx Scooter the NLP observation is absolutely right . If I tell you I know someone (a priest , vicar ) who belongs to Common Purpose in fact there are a few I don’t suppose you would be surprised (or you Zen ) Talking to a young newly qualified female Cof E priest I was told by her that part of the training is to expose all the weakest parts of the trainees personality , then build them up again !!!!
          This isn’t just NLP it’s brainwashing . Incredible or not so ? XX Kitty

    4. Tentacles reaching around the earth to control all the levers of power in our world – that’s my mental image of the NWO. I have long believed they are secretly setting-up a space based, and underground based control grid, using artificial threats as their excuse for using huge amounts of money from our treasury. They also make huge profits selling drugs, and other criminal enterprises. The “cold war”, “space race”, “star wars”, and the “war on terror” are all examples of ‘threats’ created to scare sheeple into excepting obscenely large ‘defense’ budgets. The “Hunger Games” trilogy may be a warning about the world we are headed for, and hopefully it will help awaken the people who read it. The NWO elite can already surveil us in our homes from space, and if we are bothersome they can attack us with directed energy weapons from space. After driving us out of our homes with the DEW, they then swarm us with gang stalkers. I know that from experiencing many attacks over the last three decades. My father was important to them, not me – I was made myself a target accidently. I’ve read of identical attacks happening to many other targeted individuals (TI), and my dog freaked-out when I hugged her during a DEW attack to prove it wasn’t just my imagination (I knew it was real, but wanted to prove it). We are in dire straights when they can watch (millimeter waves), listen (lasers), and attack us in our homes from space, plus the all the ways they can spy on and attack us terrestrially. If we don’t stop them now, we may live in a world like the “Hunger Games” in the future, or like the Palestinian people live. In the future everybody will become a TI if we don’t stop them now. We are all Palestinians to the NWO elite. 2014 is SHTF time, so prepare, beware, and take care…

      This article by Richard Sauder takes the subject even further: who really runs the earth?


    5. What sweet irony. Everything important is completely beyond their reach because they can’t see past their paranoid delusions.

    6. Techno-Tentacles…. each one festooned with suckers. The Optimus Octopathios must coordinate the incoming humanus datus to locate and listen to the aliens to see what we are thinking…since they don’t.

      Class is in session 24/7. Listen up suckers ;)

    7. ** barely surviving in a culture of vampires

      …hatred of the poor, hatred of the sick, hatred of the elderly, hatred of the very young…in a dying, imploding empire in which all who matter are “haves and have-mores”…those who have nothing are treated as nothing

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