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On the Road to Salvation…

by Henrik Larsson, Contributor

A man walks into a bar where he meets Helen of Troy. With the combination of her feminine wiles and his punchdrunk ruse he ends up breaking the sacred Brothers’ code. Shortly thereafter the world is about to end and Judas himself is gunning down the road to Salvation…

The original plan was always to head south like a migrant bird for the highly anticipated winter solstice of 2012. However, with Mexico turned into a lawless powder keg—much thanks to several US administrations’ support of the drug cartels, through covert CIA actions as well as for example the recently exposed “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation, intended to ultimately kill the 2nd Amendment—it felt like the Mayan pyramids would have to wait…Nevertheless, with all the hysteria surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar, it wasn’t difficult getting swept up in serious contemplations about the supposed Grand Finale. The Mayans of course, never actually did state that the world would end on Dec 21, 2012. Though, other ancients have indeed cast very grim prognoses about what to expect in the “final days.” When looking at the world of today, have they been wrong? Just imagine someone of a much earlier time getting the full scope of the last hundred years. How exactly would they describe the current state of the planet? Mother Earth is being ravaged by disasters; societal and environmental. Everything has been poisoned; no longer merely lakes, but even oceans and polar ice. Yet, the clearly visible destruction of the globe is still nothing in comparison to the not as equally apparent one. Through the artificially created frequency cloud of this digital era, the biosphere is being completely disrupted, which in turn is causing mass death, practically annihilating the bee population that all life on earth ultimately depend on. Then there’s the aluminum and barium pollution from the incessant chemtrailing that is killing the plant life. Let us not also forget the genetic assault; an attack by the globalist Luciferian elite who have taken the planet as hostage. Through their mad scientists they are now busy genetically manipulating anything that their twisted minds’ please, replacing the natural fauna and species with chimeras, unholy aberrations. Nor do species that are deemed of no particular value to the globalists stand much better chance.  On the kill list is even humanity itself, whom the tyrants are working on a 90%, or more, decimation—so they say. Keep that in mind, folks, next time you eat their cancer causing GMO food, or consider taking their vaccines, both of which cause severe long-term systemic trauma, as well as infertility…

One could go on until the very last dying breath, counting the crimes for which these worshippers of death and destruction are responsible. Whatever horrors that various ancient cultures have prophesized; it is certainly not difficult finding a current correlation in our world, with the start of World War 1 and onwards. This may seem like quite a stretch, but on a cosmic scale it is not even a blink of the eye.  For too long, humanity has been asleep in regards to what is happening; the dividing and systematic conquering of us, by the Illuminati. Now, however, more and more people are finding their sleep-groggy eyes fluttering open, wide from shock as to what is unfolding, as well as to the severe magnitude of it.

Even if the planet hasn’t yet gone up in flames, as some have predicted, we’re still in for a rough ride. No doubt, most dystopian prophecies will come to appear more real with each passing day during the next few years. That is, until it all ends; in whatever way—because it will. Though, with every ending there is also a beginning.

While most would equate the word “Apocalypse” to some horrible finito of human existence, what the Greek word actually means is “Uncovering,” a “disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. a lifting of the veil or revelation.”

There is no denying that human civilization has firmly stepped into the so-called Information Age, which many equate to the Age of Aquarius: The flow of information is unprecedented, and no censorship of the internet will ever prevent people from communicating heart-pressing issues.  The evidence for our concerns is now with the public on a massive scale, and can no longer be hidden.

Let’s not kid ourselves: This is the Apocalypse. Yes, “the end times” –as in the end of the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age which the ancients of India spoke of. We now find ourselves on the fringes of Dwapara Yuga instead, essentially a warmer season for the soul. However, as with any seasonal shift it takes time before any change becomes apparent. As do personal ones…

Patience with others and also with ourselves must therefore absolutely be practiced during this important transition.  As Cheryl Lee Harnish succinctly put it: “Spiritual people DO say the “F” word…. Have crappy days, tell God to screw off, get angry at themselves, life and the world at large, feel sad, hopeless, overwhelmed, experience jealously, fear, rage. Can you believe they feel EVERY emotion as every human on the planet does? Enough with the fluff and bubbles, false pretenses and pretending. Never a negative thought, belief, emotion or fear? Really? We’ve come here to BE human. Our soul’s truth SHINES in being WHO WE ARE. We cannot hide, control or deny even one small part of ourselves without hiding our Light as well.“ Those are also words that echo in my mind as I, with a heavy heart, leave my home in Hollywood and set out on a personal path to redemption…

Three hours later I reach my final destination: Salvation Mountain, a psychedelic expression of Christ Consciousness, straight from the heart of humble servant, Leonard Knight—King of Hobos. From obscurity he came, and for whatever reason began to build his mountain of repentance in the middle of the California desert. Into obscurity he has returned, leaving behind a monumental expression of unorthodox love for God and Goodness, with the encouragement for Mankind to repent. So, for whatever it’s worth, I think to myself: “I repent, I repent for all the stupid shit I’ve done, and for all the stupid shit I no doubt in the future will do. Shit… I promised not to hit on that hottie,” that my buddy was enamored with. Yet, I did it. In fact, I even proposed to her. Hrm. To my defense though, it was one of those wild Mercury Retrograde Hollywood nights when things are bound to get crazy! But still… Lost a pal—and over what turned out to be just another Tinseltown Mata Hari. I genuinely, in my heart, repent. But, I also truly forgive myself; because forgiving yourself is ultimately more important than to receive such a blessing from any outside source.  And with that, it’s time to move on…

I roll into the nearby post-apocalyptic Slab City, an off-the-grid settlement populated by a plethora of colorful characters which all have in common that they reject current traditional society. In the event that the planet would spin off its axis, the economy would collapse and technology break down, they probably wouldn’t even know of it. A pretty good place to be on this supposed very last day of the world…

It is said that when one door closes another one opens. With not much to lose anyway, I decide to put it to test. So, I stroll up to the dilapidated trailer featuring two Jolly Rogers and a Confederate flag flapping in the wind. Mr. Spider who lives there, and his buddies, welcome me with great hospitality and immediate acceptance. Soon, a bonfire has been lit and it is time for some of that special “Willy Wonka” chocolate; a guarantee of a mystical, magical night to ensue. Guided through the desert under a starry sky, I eventually end up stark naked surrounded by several emaciated hobos. Though, they are mere shadows lurking in the darkness as we, on this coldest night of the year, go swimming in the nearby hot spring. For all I know, it could be Mr. Burns’ secret dumping site with 8-eyed fish in it, or some radioactive leak from the nearby military base. But in this very moment it is hard to think of a better way to spend the last hours of the 13th Baktun, the Kali Yuga, the Age of Pisces, than in this sulphuric, steamy natural cauldron, among new friends. Great people. Then Raven materializes, a young woman of native energy, sky clad and beautifully dripping of moonlight… And unlike that giant Tiger that is looking down at me from the heavens, she is perfectly real. Thank God for this moment, I think to myself. Thank God for my honest mistakes and fuckups!  Because if I hadn’t made them I would never have wound up on the road to Salvation Mountain and gotten to experience this semi-random spiritual walkabout , which turned out to be one of the most profound moments of my life. Life is truly a journey. Like all good stories, it will be full of twists and turns. What we do with the negative experiences is what really matters.

Humanity is now at a crossroads of mega proportions. We are indeed going through the Apocalypse, and will either be facing the so-called Rapture, or its benevolent opposite, the Ascension, depending on the choices we make; more precisely the energy we support. So, where do we choose to go from here?





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  1. As someone who lives in Mexico, it was very disturbing to read that you believe all the propaganda about safety in Mexico. When was the last time you were here, if ever? There are more than a million gringos here who would tell you it is far from what is portrayed north of the border. Please stop spreading the MSM propaganda that it is dangerous here. I and every other gringo here will tell you we feel safer here than almost anywhere in the states.

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