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OPPT Illuminati & Occult Ties Revealed


OPPT, or the One People’s Public Trust has been getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks. It’s allegedly a trust set up by a small group of people, headed by a lady named Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf who filed a slew of UCC documents that led to the foreclosure of the world’s governments, banks and corporations, thus, freeing mankind from government tyranny, debt slavery and corporate policy disguised as law.

There’s no doubt in most people’s minds that governments, banks and corporations are corrupt, especially given the current financial climate and extreme degree of government control over the lives of people around the world. So awareness is high and mainstream and the alternative media alike are relentlessly pumping out headline after apocalyptic headline shouting about how we’re on the edge of war and financial collapse, loss of freedoms through agendas like gun control and climate change, and imminent terror threats from enemies foreign and domestic.

Yet the people at OPPT HQ have not been arrested for attempting to overthrow the government? Anyway…

People are being force-fed fear-porn like never before so naturally they crave peace and security. Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

People are ready right now to leap off the edge of their seats and join the first freedom fighter claiming to have taken down the elites.

Enter OPPT. I first heard about them around two weeks ago and didn’t really pay much attention. But the din of “We’re Free! to DO and BE” kept pushing it from the periphery and into view. Freedom? The governments have been foreclosed on? The elite group of psychopaths enslaving humanity have been dethroned? You better darn well believe I was going to BE looking into that.


Optimistic, I rolled up my sleeves and started doing my research. But it didn’t take long for my mental siren to start wailing. The first thing that set it off was that they claim to have freed all of the one people on earth by using the elites tools of control against them on the one people’s behalf. They set up a trust and bonded everyone to it all without anyone’s knowledge or consent. Thus, giving them their rights back.

‘Scuse me? No one does anything on my behalf without my consent. No one bonds me to anything and no one gives me rights. You’re born with rights. Rights given are privileges.

So I lit the midnight oil, put the coffee pot on and dug in. Here are more of the things I found:

They’re promoting one people, one consciousness, one world government, one world digital currency, one this one that collective… everything — a “new paradigm.” Sounds like the New World Order or NWO the conspiracy theorists, myself included, have been investigating for years now. But it gets better – they’re piggybacking a religious or spiritual belief system on top of it and talking about “light beings” and other newage stuff.

I found quite a few inconsistencies in their documents as well. Their CVAC Filing (PDF) is a financing statement registered with the US government under the UCC, or Universal Commercial Code. Yes, that’s the same set of policy the elites used as one of the tools to enslave us. At the top of page 2, you see this:

This FINANCING STATEMENT covers the following collateral:

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE: This DECLARATION AND ORDER is issued and entered to correct errors existing due to automated filing systems altering original DECLARATION AND ORDER, duly entered into International Law Ordinance, noticed by public registration, UCC Doc # 2012113593, with Receipt No. 1262529, October 22, 2012, 06:00:07 AM, amending UCC Doc. # 2000043135, the perpetuity, restated and incorporated by reference herein in their entirety as if set forth infull, only to include additional collateral; Any and all corrections herein made by the issuance of this original DECLARATION AND ORDER, restated in its entirety as follows, duly re-entered into International Law Ordinance, noticed by public registration, governing CVAC, incorporated by annex as follows:

Interesting. OPPT claims to have freed mankind from corporations and governments, yet the CVAC center (Creator’s Value Asset Center) is incorporated under the UCC as “governing CVAC“. Also interesting to note here is that the CVAC centers are widely said to be interim governments to help people with the transition to the new paradigm. The document clearly states “the perpetuity“. Perpetuity means forever, whereas interim means temporary or, in the mean time.

People who are truly free are self-governing, are they not? How can you be free from corporations and governments if you’re governed by a corporation?

In their Disclosure Announcement dated December 25, 2012, declaring us all free, at the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3, there’s mention of a digital currency system where about $5billion will be deposited for each person on the planet, with another $5bil as damages, and all tangible goods will be given a digital value and deposited as well. Keep in mind, this is for the whole planet, all 7+ billion of us.

Is this the one world currency the conspiracy theorists have been warning us about? How will they keep track of who uses what, the transactions and exchanges? At the very least everyone will need a card with a unique identifier on it. What about people who provide services like Internet access, sewer systems, upkeep of highways, etc. Will a little bit be taken out of everyone’s account to pay those people, how much will that be and how much is left? These questions are as yet unanswered. For a group of people replacing governments and economies and everything else worldwide, they do not appear to be very prepared to take on such a monumental task. Another interesting thing to note is that this is what we call a central bank. Isn’t that another one of the things they abolished?

There’s a ton more inconsistencies in all the documents that conflict with what they say their vision is. It’s right there for everyone to read. But read it with an objective eye and mind. If you read them from the vantage point of a believer in OPPT, you’ll be blinded by the message.

Now let’s get on to a few other disturbing things. First of all, let’s take a look at the oaths they swore when they appointed themselves as trustees over the planet and it’s resources. On this page, you’ll see the oath Heather swore, pledging herself as being benevolent, transparent and truthful to the one people. At the bottom of the pages you’ll see big red fingerprints over her signatures.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of this practice of sealing documents with a red thumbprint? A cursory search on Google will say it’s a blood oath that binds (bond, bonded) you to the terns of the document. But if you poke around in places you’ve been told not to look, you will discover that it’s an ancient occult blood-letting ritual that binds your body and soul to the terms. I’ll say it again, it’s an ancient occult blood-letting ritual.

Now, to be fair here, this is not unique to OPPT. There are many rituals in law that you yourself often perform. Writing your signature on a document means nothing. It’s just ink on paper. It’s the symbolic act of pledging your honor, or agreeing to it that makes it binding. But, I digress…

These people are also heavily into new age beliefs with roots in the occult, the mystery schools and ritual symbolism – a quasi religion if you will. When interviewed, the founders rarely talk of any of the specifics of the movement. It’s mainly about how they foreclosed, go look at the documents, and how we are all now free to BE and DO as we please. There’s talk about beings of light, people manifesting angels, etc. There’s also talk of the new awakening, ascending to another dimension. On a blogtalkradio interview, someone claiming to be close to the OPPT said there will be an announcement on March 21, 2013 where something huge will be revealed.

March 21 is the equinox, a date claimed by ufologists and the like to be the day of Ascention for about half of humanity, separating the wheat from the chaff, where some of us will ascend into the 5th dimension and the rest will be left behind. Sounds kind of ominous for people like myself who, not believing in all this will probably be left behind.

And speaking of dates of significance…

In the people’s trust logo further down this page, as well as in the peoplestrust1776.org domain name, the year 1776 is used. The original people’s trust in the U.S. was actually formed in 1781. Sources pushing the OPPT say that the year 1776 is used because it’s the year the American Revolution started and the Declaration of independence was ratified, signifying their freedom from British rule.

But 1776 was also the year the Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1st in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria. It was disbanded a few years later. But in modern use, the word Illuminati:

“…refers to various organizations claiming or purported to have unsubstantiated links to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, and often alleged to conspire to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations to establish a New World Order and gain further political power and influence. Central to some of the most widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows…

And this is also interesting to note, the numbers 1,7,7 & 6 when added together equal 21, connected now to the date of ascention, the equinox and date of the big reveal out of OPPT, as well as this juicy little numerological revelation:

21, a number of mystical import, partly because it is the product of 3 and 7, the most sacred of the odd numbers, but especially because it is the sum of the numerical value of the letters of the Divine Name, Eheyeil, thus:

5+ 10+ 5+ 1 = 21.

It is deemed of great importance in the Cabala and in Alchemy; in the latter, because it refers to the twenty-one days of distillation necessary for the conversion of the grosser metals into silver.

– Source: Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

On December 25, 2012, a Tuesday, the spokesperson for the OPPT “movement” released an announcement declaring the world’s governments, banks and corporations that had been enslaving humanity had been foreclosed and their power, gone. All of humanity had been saved.

Heather herself says in an interview that I can’t seem to find now, but it’s out there transcribed somewhere that the foreclosures happened in mid October, 2012, but they decided to wait and make the announcement on Christmas day. This makes it a gift. But it also hijacks one of the most important days in Christianity, the anniversary of the saviour’s birth.

Given the heavy spiritual way the OPPT is being pushed, did they just symbolically claim to be the second coming of Christ, the new saviour of mankind?


I researched “light Beings” and where the belief came from. I found that in Angelology, a little known area of Theology, an ancient mystery school belief says that a character called Lamael, meaning “In the Light of the Source” is an archangel who would one day become the second coming of Christ who would reappear to save humanity from evil, likely on a Tuesday. The name has been misinterpreted by some to mean Lumiel, the character upon which the modern concepts of Lucifer and the Luciferian cult is based.

It’s believed that if this character Lamael were to manifest itself in real life, it would be a creature with the body of a lion and the head of man, or what we commonly know today as a Sphynx. And the first example of a Sphynx that pops into my mind is the one sitting in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Lamael the Sphinyx

The Sphynx, pyramids, the great pyramid in particular, are heavily used in Illuminati and secret society symbolism. From the infamous truncated pyramid on the U.S. one dollar bill with the all seeing eye, or eye of Horus, and “New Order of the Ages” below in Latin (new paradigm?), to the sphynx guarding the entrances of some Masonic temples and dozens, if not hundreds of others, it’s everywhere.

Now, even I thought I was postulating by connecting OPPT to the pyramids and illuminati symbolism, until I took a closer look at the logo in the letterhead of the documents posted at peoplestrust1776.org. The logo shows three rays of light shining on a pyramid. The center ray of light has the halo. So to anyone believing that the three trustees have shone light on the illuminati’s most revered symbol, I can see how they would see it as a great way to communicate their benevolent intent. Rah Rah Rah!

OPPT Logo Pyramids

But when you flip the image of the logo upside down by rotating it 180° it tells a completely different story.

Now, the image of the pyramid is brought to the top, and clearly shows it from a more accurate spatial perspective. Imagine it in 3D as if you were taking an arial photo of the real pyramid from a few hundred feet above the ground and looking at a corner.

I thought “no way, that’s too obvious.” So I just had to know. I found the dimensions of the great pyramid online, used a bit of math to scale it down and built a cardboard scale model so that I could prove it to myself. It took about an hour for me to get the vantage point right using a camera and tripod, adjusting the height, the angle, etc. But when I loaded the image of my scale model onto the computer and used a protractor to measure the angles, and scale, sure enough, the pyramid depicted on the upside down People’s Trust logo has the same scale, dimensions and angles as the great pyramid of Giza, to within about 1°

The chances of the pyramid in the upside down logo having the same dimensions and angles as the real one at Giza are miniscule unless it was done intentionally, and even more miniscule when you consider the following photo I took of my computer screen while measuring the angle at the top with a protractor:

OPPT Hidden Illuminati Meaning

Notice how the angle at the top of the pyramid on the 180° rotated logo is 10° off of 90° causing the side of it to line up with both the 100° mark and 80° mark? And if you flip the protractor, it of course lines up the same on the other side.

Someone with solid skills in math and geometry took a lot of time to do this. Think about it – rotating the image 180° figuring out how to take a 3 dimensional exact-scale depiction of the great pyramid of Giza and tilting it so that it produces a 100 and 80 when measuring the angle at the top. The probability of this happening by chance while some graphic artist or logo designer was putting this together are close enough to nil to be considered impossible.

Logos and symbols are designed to communicate a message to those viewing them. Someone who doesn’t know the key to the code won’t be able to decode the message. In fact, they may not even realize there’s a message at all. But if you look long enough you’ll see the hidden meaning.

And now that we know about the 180° which signifies the opposite on a circle or rotation, and the painstakingly encoded 180?s in the pyramid itself, let’s continue with that theme of opposites and look at where the light is coming from.

In the upright logo, it’s coming from above the pyramid with a halo around it, depicting benevolence since it’s coming from the heavens. In the rotated logo, it’s shining up from a hole in the ground, depicting the opposite, a light from hell. Malevolence is defined as “Having or showing a wish to do evil to others.

Carry that theme of opposites back through everything I have written above about the conflicts and how what they say seems to be 180° or opposite to what their documents say.

Imagine if you offered these documents to someone you were trying to deceive, so that the papers were upright to them but upside down for you. In the logo, they would see the rays of light coming from the heavens and shining the light on the Illuminati. You, however, would see the logo in it’s true light, with the pyramid elevated in all it’s glory by light emanating from hell.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me the mystery of OPPT’s true intent might be solved.

You have been notified.

*All images in the post above were used for critical analysis and educational purposes in accordance with U.S. Copyright law’s fair use provisions.

Paul Short


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    • Martine……ya’ got me laughing right off….had not even read the comments…just your opener and a glance at the slide bar indicating much more than usual content on this topic.

      I’ll abstain from any other comment because I have not studied OPPT, (read all current comments) but Thank You for the belly laugh.


      • Did exactly the same thing, looked at the slide bar, thought how much time have i got to read this length of document, slid the bar and “giddy up” look its all comments! this piece is cleverly written and i don’t mean in a logical sense. First of all, the OPPT and all that it pertains is somewhat irrelevant in and of itself, the most important takeaway is that its breaking an illusion and the more attention it gets, the better. It assist in a huge way in pulling back the curtain and that’s really all that matters, even if its a cleverly constructed phsyop, these times are fascinating for this reason alone!

    • Being interested in uncovering the Lies of the Deceiver myself, and doing some research, its scary how the sheeple (i LIKE that word) have allowed themselves to become so blinded, to a point that they unaware that there IS even a truth out there.

      a brief glance at the http://oppt.co.za/ website (didn’t even have to READ any of the words, the images alone gave it away)

      http://oppt.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Freedom-Tools.jpg – A mockery of Christ on the cross? –
      There is only 1 person who has set us free.
      http://oppt.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/oppt_logo_3.jpg – Pick your symbol, they are all in there, no need to elaborate
      http://oppt.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/1st-Banner-copy2-940×358.jpg – This is a great one, not only showing the white dove (Symbolic of Christ), but the dove its being let go of, not embraced.
      This one may even pass by un-noticed – the FB likes number….. 4284 – really, so
      4+2,8-2,4(+2 from the 8)
      6 6 6 – Co-inky-dinky? NEVER.
      People should stop teaching their kids to answer questions, and teach them to question answers.
      There is only 1 truth, and that truth forewarns us all about the deception around us.

      • That is what dogmatic materialistic science and their money worshipping backers want you to believe. Materialism is based on antiquated Aristotelian Logic.
        These arrogant dogmatists can’t explain why an airtight container of seeds on a balance scale when the moon is waning weigh more as the moon gets full.
        Where does the extra mass come from? Why do you get your best crop of sunflower plants when the seeds are planted when the sun is in Leo.
        With an open mind we know that the mineral is dead and the plant lives because the plant has a life force which obeys the laws of projective geometry,
        life forces coming from a periphery and intersecting and giving life to everything living.
        The Father God has thought all thoughts for eternity, Christ has given Life to these thoughts through Love and the Holy Spirit, through her Wisdom has given form to the
        Read Dr. R,Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical Society and get to know and experience the truth.

        The four Gospels contain the most valuable knowledge obtainable concerning the occultism of healing. There is no document preserved to man from the past which has more of the mysteries of occult healing than the Gospels.
        Now the Bible as a whole consists of three parts : for the Revelation of St. John is as clearly distinct from the Gospels, as they are from the books of the Old Testament, As the Old Testament depicts the the preparation in earthly history for the Christ-event, and the Gospels the event itself, so the Apocalypse depicts the consequences resulting from that event. But the Apocalypse contains no history of the generations, such as the Old Testament contains, nor the delineation of the life and suffering of any single being, such as the Gospels give us. The Apocalypse depicts future human and cosmic events : it shows the cosmic results of the Incarnation of Christ. These results are not only of a spiritual and moral kind ; they partake of the character of Nature- happenings. The Apocalypse shows what influence spiritual and moral impulses will exercise in time to come upon the forces of Nature. Alterations in the strata of the Earth’s interior and in the etheric strata round the
        Earth, are accurately described in the Revelation of St. John as effects of moral causes The cosmic drama of the Apocalypse deals not only with the struggle which concerns Mankind, but also with the struggle which concerns Nature. It points to facts lying outside the regions of eugenic and hygienic occultism : for the effect of the humanly spiritual on the external Nature-forces is the theme of mechanical occultism. And the Apocalypse is the only authoritative document which preserves to man the knowledge contained in mechanical occultism.

        Anthroposophical Studies of the Old Testament.
        By Valentin Tomberg.?

  1. Spot on. Thanks so much for doing the research, Zen and Paul. Seems to me the OPPT is the mirror opposite of what it claims to be, but that’s to be expected, no? The scary part is how the vast majority of new agers jump onto the bandwagon without a second glance, clutching their collection of channeled messages that support this latest mass deception. All ready and waiting for the one world government and one world religion. Very sinister stuff indeed. Thank you for exposing this.

    • Universe will fix all of this with a sledge hammer, well, at least the part of getting rid of what is. If you think what we have can be made healthy, you are delusional.

    • Google and the mass of “DO nad BE” links is what ate up most of the time I spent on this.

      You mention issues, as if the things I wrote are individual things that I’m point out. It’s the body of info I gathered that shows the intent, topped off nicely by a big’ol illuminati logo announcing who’s in charge.

      • Peek roller skates over with a Boom box on his shoulder spins ..RHYME TIME !! double poster in your toaster makes the comment reading like a roller-coaster! Peek pulls up his striped tube socks and roller skates off doing sweet 70s disco like moves into the sun set

  2. Plus the rings around the LOGO remind me of the RINGS of Saturn.. Which the OCCULTS CABAL ILLUMINATI and others all worship, and the use the symbol of Saturn in all theirs LOGOS.. this is truly disappointing if true..
    Although its not far off, listening to the radio shows and Heather, its just like CIRCLE talk.. No info that actually goes anywhere.. Its quite annoying now.. People have so much hope, but to waste it on this, is counter active of the gial. We are further feeding the dark side.

    • Spot on… the rings sort of remind me of Saturn.. or Saturnalia… which Christmas co opted… the fact that OPPT wanted to wait till Dec 25 to disclose kinda makes you think this was Saturnalia related?

      • Just to expand your observation…Saturnalia are closely connected to Nimrod, actually. Or to be precise, to his birthday. Nimrod was a Babylonian king (also known as the Great Hunter or Archer), responsible for erecting the famous tower of Babel (a bit fuzzy considering historical records…). Also, he married his own mother, and the Christmas tree is actually him being reincarnated (well, so his mother Semiramis claimed)…

  3. Thanks for posting this, Zen. It might save a few souls from deception.
    Another illuminati psyops in progress. Hopefully they and their minions will descend to their new world on the 21st March.
    Keep up the good work, Paul.
    One Love528hz

  4. If it smells like shit, looks like shit, feels like shit and tastes like shit, chances are, it is shit. The silver lining turns out to be, we didn’t step in it.
    Bullshit Baffles Brains Bountifully.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your discernment.

    Those idiots at the American Kabuki blog had taken this OPPT nonsense too far. It had recently disabled anonymous comments because dissent to OPPT was not allowed.

    Just take a look at the latest contribution from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf:


    Count how many times the word ‘unrebutted’ appears in the document.

    Best case scenario: Heather (and folks such as Brian Kelly) are unhinged new age fruitcakes, thinking that invoking the Law of Attraction will wish away debts.

    Worst case scenario: OPPT is a nefarious psy op.

    • Sorry, I’m reposting the link. It got truncated.

      This is the latter part of the link address.


  6. The real deliverance from evil, will be accompanied by much destruction and suffering by the masses. When the innocents are dropping like flies and the infrastructure is a mangled mess, then and only then, will the evil bastards be at the end of their tenure. It’s coming very soon.

  7. Yes, you are right on! Excellent research, Paul and Zen!! They say its in plain sight. Their symbolic notifications and continued lies through the constant use of New Age English language, makes discerning humans walk away in disgust. The hereditary ways are to turn your back against their ‘systems’. Stop paying taxes that funds weapons of mass destruction to create wars on Earth for a global elite’s agenda to depopulate the human race by two thirds. Protect the sovereignty of your children and to restore universal peace to this Earth. Hiyshka-thank you for an excellent truth! Kudos to you Zen and Paul!!!!

  8. ROFLMAO!!! My My My, Still have failed to do the due diligence to ascertain the truth, I see. Well GOOD FOR YOU! I honor your free will choice. Love how all of you wonderful people who state “THE TRUTH” without having all the data. Thank You for holding the contrast. Let me ask you this, Why has Ann Bressington, A member of the legislative body of Australian Parliament, put her full weight and support behind OPPT? So much support, she has stated her Facebook Page can be used for posting the progress of individuals utilizing Courtesy Notices? This is the same Individual, THE ONLY MEMBER OF ANY GOVERNMENT BODY, to publicly expose Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the NWO/Illuminati business plan. Riddle me that Batman?

    • oh well then it must be true, right?
      guess which:
      she was fooled like many people
      she fools many people.
      member of british commonwealth australian parliament.
      must be trustworthy indeed!
      the queen´s vow on that!!!

      • Pretty weak response Eric. If she knows that Agenda 21 is an Illuminati plan, and has the balls to publicly expose and DENOUNCE it. Do you think her so inept, that she could not intuit the difference?

        • does that sound familiar:
          80% truth and 20%lie still makes a lie.
          revolution will not be televised nor facebooked nor parliamented and certainly not done by some unknown (dis)guys without any consent whatsoever wearing weird occult symbols,
          its mirrored inside yourselffffff
          with the friendliest smile:-)
          erik( with “k” at the end)

    • Kathy Kelley why do you get your panty’s in a bunch, if you so good with this why do you feel the need to have justifiable post ? Hey have it if you think its so great . My self I think the Gardner has done a fantasist job of melting the plastic off this one.

    • Getting people to follow you, a la the Pied Piper is not as hard as you think.

      Follow me here:

      Ann Bressington (whom I haven’t heard of, as an Australian btw) could have exposed Agenda 21.

      People that read alternative news then jump on her bandwagon, assuming she’s a cluey polly.

      People hang on every word she says, particularly if it’s about alternative stuff.

      The OPPT comes about (synchronistically? I think not…)

      Ann Bressington supports OPPT.

      People supporting Ann support OPPT.

      People supporting Ann supporting OPPT are led up the garden path, without the faintest clue of what they’re doing, turns out they’ve been duped. Ingeniously clever. But it relies on one thing: people not thinking for themselves.

      My personal view is that if you don’t understand it, how can you support it? If you do, and support it good for you. But the way it’s written out, only an attorney or liar (sp?) can figure it out.

      • Do research and keep up to date with illuminati agendas and you would have heard of Anne Brassington. She went viral not long ago cos she had the balls to exose agenda 21 in parliament.

  9. very well done indeed. thank you for this elaborated post.
    also a compelling example of how fast things are revealed these days.
    seems to me that any kind of lies have less and less half-life.
    bring´em on!

  10. Even without the detailed analysis done here, the logo itself is a dead give away. OPPT is for all people, so 1776 has to relate to the origin of the Illuminati and not just America. This “in your face” numerical symbolism is the hallmark of the Illuminati… and BTW you’re all getting $5 billion any day now. They just laugh at us because they think we’re all so stupid.

    • can´t wait for the billions!
      i see a mountain of chocolate and icecream to gorge through to the land of milk and honey:-O

  11. The fierce hatred by the commenters here toward the OPPT is simply bewildering. The writers here NEVER put forth their idea of a plan to get out of our current predicament, not to mention how their plans would functionally work better than those of the OPPT, or anyone else for that matter. If someone else can actually be creative and constructive enough to come up with a viable plan, than perhaps things like the OPPT would simply die off from lack of attention. Right now all that I am hearing is uninformed negativity based on habitual pessimism. Good luck solving anything with that.

    • @ Moji
      I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you…I’ve seen plenty of people commenting on this site with great solutions to this mess we are in…Perhaps, you are not looking hard enough. That could be the reason why you perceive the comments as being hateful. Its not because someone doesn’t agree with you that means they are hateful. Pay attention! Pay attention! Pay attention! Is what people are trying to tell you here… Not everything is as it seems…do your research…be vigilant, that’s all. No pun intended. Cheers!

      • OPPT is just a tool to be dissolved along with the other fraudulent “trusts” and the UCC – Ubuntu has the solution and thorough explanation. Let´s ALL work TOGETHER on this. Oh, and: NO-body ever promised any “money” from OPPT or the CVAC-systems – we talking about VALUE here – people seem to get that mixed-up! Please allow Yourself to comprehend the whole thing before You judge – if You insist on “judging”!

        • UmanMike You sound like a gypsy selling sake oil .. If you love OPPT so much ride off into the sun set with it

          • I support a one world government! We only need one banking system, one religion(not a cancerous christian belief system), and a two class system(not communism) that works.

    • Ahhh, poor Moji, you’ve been exposed to negativity and pessimism (habitual, no less) and now my sarcasm, lol. There are plenty of new age garbo sites, i.e., Fulford etc., if you want White Hat/Black Hat nonsense. Good luck to you, new age person.

    • Fierce hatred? I see no hatred on this site. Where is it written, other than in your personal rule book, that one must put forward an alternative solution in order to disagree with a proffered solution? OPPT is a wonderful concept, other than the fact it’s riddled with serious problems such as understandability and actual results. Until those major shortcomings are resolved there is little of substance with which to even disagree. You’re as free as you want to be, OPPT notwithstanding. Everyone knows that.

  12. ( standing Ovation ) Zen .. shoots a flair OFF o))0)0)00 this is why thios site is hands down the best on the net in my books ,Open mind with no agenda , un like OPPT your ass ..Its refreshing to see detail and understanding the topic at hand..

    • Sucker rises every day – “Detail” and “under-v-standing” my a$$ – None of the key-issues are even discussed – superficial attributes judged with clear logical fallacy (symbols that the ILLuminati use – therefore must be bad!? – NOT! Intent and application matters!) I like Zen´s style and writings – but this one is a blooper! (Happens to the best..)

      • UmanMike sounds like you have all the answers.. regardless of your desperate cry to defend this movement!

  13. I’m sorry but this article lost me at the point of cutting up a cardboard model and taking an hour to get the camera angle right… sheesh, get a life.
    I don’t know if the true intentions of OPPT are beneficial but it does actually sound hopeful. However, I think even IF this could see it through the morass of ‘legal-land’ and garner enough physical support to actually arrest the pope and queen of England, its going to take YEARS.

    oh dear.

    • The point is the model was to scale. Any other pyramid with different proportions wouldn’t have produced all four matching angles on a 2D photo if you tried to get the top angle to match. It’s math and geometry that I used to prove a point. Had I not used it, I would have been speculating about the illuminati connection.

  14. Thanks for the kind words everyone and thanks for posting this article Zen. I hope it snaps a few people out of their trance.

    • It is. Truth has amazing momentum and will reach receptive ears. We may not always hear back, but it’s an elixir that travels all on its own. Gr8 work, Paul.

      • Sorry but sounds like a lot of haterism going on here zen.

        Do us all a favor and rebut heathers ucc filing point by point and do so with full liability & responsibility for your words. Better yet file the rebuttal under the ucc if you are really confident in your stance.

        OPPT is not a cult, movement, etc.. One does not have to join, sign or support anything.

        The past couple of articles posted on your blog are slanderous shots in the dark. You are supposed to bea bastion of truth?

        Really disappointed that you would choose to attack, rather than come together with… Others that want are working to make the world a better place.

        Hoping you won’t censor this,


        • Cali Kush I find the OPPT crew come;s off desperate to defend. I don’t get it If you find so much truth in then rock on bitch , why care what others say ?

          • I just don’t like seeing lies perpetuate that’s all, bud.

            I already fully rebutted Mr. Short completely but my comments aren’t posting. Needless to say, truth will be revealed very, very soon so it won’t matter.

        • Paul, You go a long way to prove that certain symbols and numbers that the “ILLuminati” know of were used in the OPPT-banner – completely ignoring the implementations of it being flipped^side^down and its´ being meant as a tool that is being dissolved along with the other “trusts” and UCC itself. Furthermore these symbols and numbers are neither “good” nor “evil” – the intent and use is what matters. Happens to the best of us so keep trying – this one´s a clear FAIL!

          • UmanMike your trolling this site is a clear fail . Your missing the point spoon head , quit trying to scoop up and start digging into fact

          • UmanMike,

            Still, the logo has turned a lot of people off and is now partly responsible for the scepticism regarding the OPPT.

            So you have to ask yourself why that is. Who’s at fault here?

            It’s no good saying that the symbols themselves are neutral, neither good nor evil. A Pyramid juxtaposed with the year “1776”, in the contemporary world, can never be regarded as “neutral”. The connotations and associations are bloody obvious to the symbolically literate.

            MDCCLXXVI on the “illuminati” pyramid is May 1st 1776. So who at the OPPT thought it would be a good idea to go with this logo? Didn’t they see what it would lead to?

            “Hey, Heather, in absolute peace and love, I’m Do’ing the logo.”
            “Do’ing the logo into Be’ing, Brian?”
            “That’s right, Heather. Whaddya think?”
            “Pyramids, rings of Saturn, 1776, sun rising…hmmm. Haven’t I seen this somewhere before?”
            “I’m taking the symbolism back, Heather. I’m reclaiming it for the forces of love and light. The Galactic Federation gave me the energy and inspiration for it.”
            “Yes, yes, oh! I can feel it! My God, Brian, it’s very powerful. It’s, it’s, oh – it’s orgasmic.”
            “Look, Heather. I even get a reading from it on my Geiger Counter”
            “Well, it’s obviously the right choice, Brian. Very powerful, phew Be sure to put ‘transparency’ and ‘integrity’ and “Be’ing” and “Do’ing” around the outside too.”
            “Will do, Heather.”
            “I must go and lie down for a while. Thank you for your Do’ing, Brian, and may your Be’ing be blessed.”
            “Hey, no probs, Heath, same to you – in absolute love and gratitude. Selamat nabjab.”

  15. Interesting how so many people focus first on “How much money am I going to get?” One of the reasons our nation is in the sorry shape it is, is due to people not working together for the benefit of all. Voters, especially, are concerned about what their “representative Beltway Circle Jerk” or “Washington Drama Queen” is going to do for them. If the OPPT folks have a plan and are willing to spend countless hours trying to implement, that’s great as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t heard them ask us for donations, or to give up anything, so, what’s the problem? If it fails, so what? We continue to support the corporate U.S. government and every single program they come up with fails. One tactic the gov’t and their Presstitute media uses is distraction, and we fall for it every time. If the efforts of the OPPT folks distracts the gov’t in any way, it can only benefit the people. Is the plan put forth by Ms. Tucci perfect? Maybe not. If you have a better plan, let’s hear it instead of criticizing the OPPT folks. I say, “Good on ’em.” (I know that comment will puzzle a lot of the folks here who only have about a fourth grade level education. It means I approve of what OPPT is doing.)

  16. This is why I am reluctant to join in with OPPT crowd:

    In the CONstitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, (Art. 6, Sect 6) shall be the CONstitution and any international treaties entered into. So in reading many of the international treaties, you see why things are moving in the direction that they are.

    Under the Declaration of the International Rights and Duties of the Individual, Sect 6:

    Every individual is entitled to be protected and assisted by the state to which he belongs, in the manner and form established by treaties and by international law. NO INDIVIDUAL WHO, ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF THE STATE AGAINST WHICH HE INSTITUTES A CLAIM, AS A CITIZEN OF THAT STATE, SHALL BE ENTITLED TO SUCH PROTECTION.

    So by this legal move by OPPT, they have gone against International Public Order and have removed any and all protections legally making them STATELESS. So no political rights means no standing.

    What is the solution, then? It is found under the Declaration of Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations and Co-Operation Among States in Accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. In Sect. 5.3, PEACEFUL SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES:

    The Principle of Equal Rights and Self-Determination of Peoples:

    All peoples have the right freely to determine, without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development and every State has the duty to respect this right in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.

    The establishment of a sovereign and independent State, the free association or integration with an independent State OR THE EMERGENCE INTO ANY OTHER POLITICAL STATUS FREELY DETERMINED BY A PEOPLE CONSTITUTE MODES OF IMPLEMENTING THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION BY THAT PEOPLE.

    We cannot “go to war” and launch ignorant claims against the State in which we live because this is tantamount to being a cancer cell within the body. Yes, we know this “body” is sick, ill and bound to die, but we can CHANGE OUR STATE, PROCLAIM EQUAL STANDING, and CREATE LEGALLY FIRST THAT

    This too is tantamount to becoming imaginal cells like what occurs in the caterpillar to cocoon. At first these cells are not recognized by the body and are attacked. So they group together for protection. Then the cells start sharing functions and initiate great changes and thus a butterfly is born.

    There are really big legal snares being laid right now. Do not fall into one of these by filing anything. Research the Right of Self Determination and micro-nations. It’s simple… if we don’t like our Big Daddy Government rules, we need to get out and build our own nation with our own rules. This is being done with many micro-nations being formed. Despite the smear campaigns, they are operating legally under International Law.

    Situations may devolve into more chaos around us. We need to be very clear on who we are and what we are doing in order to get through this time. This is the last step and the first step of establishing the world we want to see.

  17. Thanks for your opinion…I understand some of where you are coming from…but I feel you are off on several points…mainly by grouping things together that do not belong…for example your lumping everything together and calling it New Age…when it isnt….My understanding is OPPT just told them (through their own UCC system) that we had a relationship (marriage if you will) with God, that they hijacked without our consent and with no right to do so, therefore any claim they have on us is null and void because of our first relationship to the creator…

    • This “Creator” chap – does anyone have absolute proof hat He exists, and that, if He does exist, that He created humanity, and is that proof mentioned in the UCC filing?

      If you wanted to “rebut” the UCC filing, then citing that no one has ever successfully proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that “the Creator” – God, Allah, Jehovah, Yaweh – monotheistic psycopath of your choice, – actually exists. His existence is, traditonally, meant to be taken on faith. Thus, if someone did wish to rebut this legal, commemrcial filing, then that might be one way to go……?

      To hell with “The Creator”, I say. I’m in the business of creating myself….an authoritarian “god” is superfluous to requirements.

      • It is defined that “Creator” can be any thing you want it. Source, a god that you consider ultimate, the Big Bang, whatever. The point is that nobody stands between you, and that. This is what the point was. So the Papal Bulls could be usurped.


        • “[From OPPT] DEFINITIONS

          Source = First Source of all that IS, also known as Creator, Universal Father, God, Allah, Yahweh, and any other title, label or limitation given to First Source by the creations of First Source.”

          Isn’t it a bit dangerous – to leave the definition of “Source” open to anything you want it to be, including, as stated above, any of the authoritarian genocidal maniacs of the Bible in Whose name(s) the most heinous crimes against humanity have been committed, including rape, murder, genocide, torture, execution and god knows what else?

          Isn’t it also contradictory? The OPPT is supposed to be about total and absolute freedom, is it not? and yet in the OPPT definitions the greatest tyrant in human history – “GOD” – is included as a legitimate definition of “Source”.

          In other words, this rather cleverly allows for an absolute authority above humankind to remain in place. It is either very badly thought out, or it is a ruse.

          The bottom line is we do not need these definitions or concepts. We are God. Divine. We don’t need to posit anything above us, or even anything preceding us. “We are the imagination of ourselves,” as Bill Hicks put it. God is dead.

          (I realize my post above doesn’t read correctly. Apologies.)

          • BH your last paragraph confused me, even quoting BH, we aint Gods but we are are part of the creation, and some say Divine, The Absolute is most definateley alive and kicking? with such a statement NIHILIST comes to mind?

          • Byron as well as Lanson seem to be missing the essential truth that we are like fingers on a hand. The holographic nature of this “reality” – that each of us is eternal essence – or whatchamacallit – and therefore *absolute*! Try and wrap Your suspicious insecured minds around the filings of 3/18/2013 …

          • Lee,
            Someone, I can’t remember who, once rightly said that if men don’t believe that one day they will become gods, they will surely become worms.

            And to quote William Blake: ‘The worship of God is: Honouring his gifts in other men, each according to his genius, and loving the greatest men best: those who envy or calumniate great men hate God; for there is no other God.’
            Hardly nihilism. Au contraire.

  18. I listened to the ‘London Cabbie’s’ rant re: Cyprus, on youtube, and one of the comments referenced OPPT – decided to check into it and after listening to a couple of their radio shows I found the two trustees, Caleb and Heather, and OPPT, suspect.
    I’d suggest listening to some of these shows (blogtalkradio) to get an idea of OPPT.
    No one needs to have their rights etc. delineated for them by another and submitted to the same asinine, corrupt legal system that has been used to enslave us for centuries.

  19. Thanks Zen, wondered why Clif High never commented until now. THE only solution is to walk away from the system and stop supporting it. WALK AWAY!!!!!! STOP SUPPORTING IT!!!!

  20. So…. you are completely wrong and misguided. However, I’m wondering now if you’ll listen to the truth or if it is just better to let you hold the contrast.

    I’ll start with one very important point, and you can decide what we do from there – As of the last filing done 3/18, the OPPT (as a Trust) ended itself because its purpose of freeing the value and restoring it to the people is DONE.

    Now that you know this, do you still want to go toe to toe with the details and partial information misunderstandings you’ve placed forth in this article here?

    • That you argue that a voluntary alignment of some system of thought is comparable to a type of personal submission is completely ludicrous. All by itself. Try to grok that. But you can’t. You’re esconsed in it all. That defines your boundaries. So who’s to challenge them?

      • Wut?

        Zen that made no sense.

        At any rate, Heather fully explained the entire thing with transparency and pretty much shows the contrast.

        The comment was made during the show, “why are you looking for evil?”

        Eh, shows quite a lot.

        Also, Heather explained that this writer of this article originally DEMANDED their money from OPPT, so let’s be real for a second. There’s opinion, and then there’s anger and revenge.

        Zen, you vouch for that attitude?

          • You must be blinded by something because your little response proved the case completely. Well done, you made my point and discredited yourself in one single swoop.

            She wasn’t caught lying, at all. I read the energy of your responses and that is exactly what I got as well. You may not have said the words but the energy said it for you, and that’s what she is “reading”, I guarantee it. And further, your diatribe of disinformation you’ve presented in this “article” here on Zen Gardner carries that same energy. Obvious to all who can read it, obvious to all who can feel it.

            Have a good one, you’ve shown us all who you are by your DO’ing.

        • Sage I was alluding to the truth of Mr. Short and the communication (or shall I say, angry email) where he demanded money from OPPT, and after not getting it, called Heather “Lucifer”.

          How very Zen.

        • Symbols have established meanings, and you ignore them at your own peril. The sign on the OPPT door says “abattoir,” but if you want to believe it means “doctor’s office,” good luck with that.

        • UmanMike Bullshit ! There are syblems with bad intent witches use them all the time . And symblos have been made and placed !

  21. The 1776 upside down looks a little like 9111 as in 9/11/01. Possibly another subliminal signifier of this groups actual position.

  22. One question: Do you accept an intermediary between you and your creator, whether a person, a parson, a peanut or a pyramid? Yes, or no?
    It’s that simple!
    Freedom or oppression? What will you be? What will you do?

    • KB – you nailed it! Why trade one man-made belief system for another? They are all trying {in vain} to improve on perfection – “the perfect law of liberty”. And, YES, our enemies have done much damage to what we call the bible through paraphrases, mistranslations and obfuscations but the truth will be known.
      2Thess. 2:11 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie,…”

      We were put “on notice” long ago.

  23. Mr. Paul Short, maybe its time to come clean, and tell the truth about your angry emails asking for money? So on the 12th you asked for money, and on the 14th you called Heather Lucifer, and now you post this article.

    100% liability, 100% accountability for your actions, Mr. Short. All truths will be revealed.

    • I was wondering how the OPPT-IN Truth Patrol would address this article. An ad hominem attack, eh? Disappointing. I do agree, though, with your “100% liability, 100% accountability for your actions” principle; that is what you will experience if your ET/ED “gods” ever grow the balls to land here. They will teach you why it never pays to be a sell-out.

    • On March 11 I emailed Heather expressing my grave concerns about OPPT and Heather replied that I should look at all the data. So I looked and found that in one of the documents, there is supposedly $5billion in some trust fund for everyone on the planet, or soon to be.

      I was pretty amused by this, so I sent an email back as a joke and in the email I basically said that since all this money, or value is there, then there shouldn’t be a problem in sending me $5,000. Of course I didn’t get a reply. I never expected one, since the billion’s in wealth doesn’t actually exist.

      After uncovering more about the parallels with ancient occult and mystery schools, I sent an email outlining a few of those parallels. It didn’t say anything about Lucifer. It mentioned Lamael, the character I also mentioned in the article above.

      But of course, just like the truth is being twisted 180 coming out of OPPT, the interpertation of the email communication between Heather and I are now being twisted 180 as well, to make it seem like I did a hit piece connected to money or something.

      You people are highly skilled at deception and twisting the truth. What you’ve posted above is proof of that.

      OPPT is what it is and it’s being proven to me more and more every day.

      It is a fraud and will stop at nothing in twisting the truth.

      I’ll post the emails between myself and heather on my blog in their entirety if anyone is interested in seeing them. and they’ll see that what this person posted above is framed in such a way as to make me look like something I am not.

        • Oops, I meant to reply to Lanson. Oh well, I’ve been known to talk to myself before so it’s all good 😉

        • And this topic was covered at great length on the ATS forum, whereupon we found that indeed, some “unscrupulous” people were in some way connected. This was posed to Heather, but also Charles Miller himself went on a radio show (with Clayton) and explained exactly how he was sent to prison and what he did to get there. From there, Heather was also confronted with this, where she explained that for the OPPT no other trustee of this would bind themselves to it in transparency, and that’s why there are only 3 on this. You see, before the OPPT, there was another Trust. That one had Charles C. Miller and others listed as Trustees, and this is the Trust that you may recall was in the news, dealing with California and Washington judges and the clear conflict of interest in their judgements, as the banks were in collusion directly. Point is, the trust that was in the past with different trustees, is not the OPPT. It is again, a guilt by association factor. Something that, honestly, you’ve been trapped into. Just observe how many associations you’ve put on this whole thing, and how that has skewed your view. View it as individuals acting individually, and you get a completely different result!

          Charles C. Miller went on record with Clayton Douglas on youtube, as well as Heather. I also listened at full length to this before I decided OPPT was something worth following. I did my true full research into the people as well. Something I advise doing before writing so aggressively against it.

          Know the people, not the organization.

  24. Thanks for your wonderful work, it is interesting how this creature has evolved so quickly and how it has taken what I considered to be 3-4 leading edge blogs and hijacked them completely for their own purposes. There doesn’t seem to be a “natural” evolution with OPPT, it seems unnatural – most good things fight very hard to get traction – there is no natural rhythm here. My issues with OPPT is that the legalese language was originally set up to decieve and trick the common man. Why is it being used in surplus through these documents with no hint of interpretation? The whole venture is too complicated for the average Joe but no easy to understand written explanations have been offered to assist. Furthermore this is justified by the explanation that it is 5D language (as in fifth dimensional, ascended) – it is not, it is legalese. Legalese, along with all the social structures that have been hijacked for control of humanity need to be destroyed. The only information that seems to come forth seems to be via radio or pdf’s of lodged statements of gobblydegook, how about some hard talking practical explanations of the control of these CVACS? I see no issue with the initial trust disbanding itself but the CVAC vehicles that they have set about to create seem to be a little less open and transparent. These OPPT people are so busy distracting people by getting them to lodge legal forms to escape their debts that it feels like a circus act – look over here while we do something over there… And don’t get me started on DOing and BEing and holding the contrast. Stating that someone is holding the contrast doesn’t go towards answering that contrast. A full philosophical debate is trying to be had here about what exactly this beast is and it is being shot down by soon to become cliches that are empty diversionary statements. There are a lot of good people out there working in their areas of expertise to expose the leviathan and bring it down. Their hard work in the background is not un-noticed. They are not DOing and BEing, they are WORKING to bring down a monster, some of them to the detriment of their personal safety, we seem to have forgotten about them because of the carnival of OPPT which is dangerous…

  25. The foundation documents were preopsterous, having read them, the concept of the BIS being ‘owned’ by one man, and then the gloriously mangled UCC filings that make no contractual sense. I’m heartened that many are seeing through this charade whether they comprehend the many Law systems of the planet or not. The UCC is a system governing commerce in the USA. It appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bar Guilds.
    ‘Similarly, if one were to claim that they could use tools associated with the funds connected to estates (such as the private law form known as the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC) to somehow collapse an estate or even its underlying trust structure then such an argument would defy all known logic, any form of common sense and rule of law. ‘

    Self Education is the only answer, and the learning tools are available for free.
    It is [only] relatively complicated, but then so is negotiating every day of life on this planet.
    In a positive light, the fact that many people are now drawn towards these topics can only be a good thing, if sensible approaches are followed [such as not appointing anyone to be your saviour agent, or filing documents you dont fully comprehend.] True remedy is at hand, if so we desire it,
    if we are prepared to change, and if we are prepared to learn, as opposed to grazing online, watching a video, boshing off a few bits of jumbled mix-n-match, and saying we’re all saved.]

    Good work with the post!

  26. Very nice work. Congrats….
    I had already figured they were part of the controlled opposition and we full of shit but I didn’t take the time to work out all the fie details you did…
    Again, NICE WORK!

  27. HEY! CLEVER WAY to get comments to make your blog look good. Great PR dude. i MUST TRY IT ON MY BLOG.
    Interesting how one can twist facts (learned that in Statistics course) to match whatever you want, just like OPPT twisting what you allege is what- Illuminati? I could probably twist this to make you look like an idiot too but why should I? You are doing a great job of that yourself. Let me get my protractor out-

    • Ah, the all-caps, caustic sarcasm of a desperate shill. Music to our ears! :-) When they whine like this, zen, you know you’ve hit a sensitive spot, and it’s time to hit ’em again, and harder.

  28. Your *BLOG* ??? If it sounds anything like your comment here, no wonder why it doesn’t get as much attention as this one! There is not one once of informative content in your comment! :(

  29. My last comment was huge, perhaps it overflowed the filters so I’ll just summarize one point at a time.

    Let’s talk about 1776, since that was a big deal for Mr. Short, and others that have now raised an eyebrow. Are you familiar with the original trust of the Republic of America, between its people and the government? That trust is the one that was found abandoned by Heather and others she was working with at the time. In that trust came the 1776, which was the original dating for it. This was all transparently and truthfully explained by Heather in detail in one of the radio conversations, FYI so it is not something that is not obvious knowledge. Anyway, the 1776 “stuck” with the name because of this, even after the original trust was re-drawn to include ALL people, not just the people of America.

    I hope that makes sense. Like I said before, I can go toe to toe with the “facts” made on this article and debunk the entire thing, but people really need to do their research properly before making wild accusations against what may be a very selfless, very giving set of people.

    • Crap, I wrote that too quickly, and I worded it poorly. Allow me to correct this following part,
      “That trust is the one that was found abandoned by Heather and others she was working with at the time.”

      The way I worded it, came out wrong. What I meant was there was an original trust, and Heather and others found it. Because it was abandoned, they claimed it and bonded to it. There, I hope that clarifies.

      • The others she was working with at the time, do you mean two men named Karl Langenstein, who has an international arrest warrant out for his arrest, and Charles C. Miller, a convicted thief and fraudster?

        • ..shows Your lack of insight, Paul: CAleb and Randall – as would become more than obvious if You had even bothered to take a *glance* at ANY of the filings and documents…..

          • I’ve glanced at all of them, and the initial investigation, the Paradigm report was done in Switzerland and the paperwork shows the names of the two people I mentioned. It’s all on my blog if you care to glance over it yourself.

    • Oh, Heather the amazing housewife lawyer found that?…with “others she was working with at the time”? Am I not supposed to connect to her Rothschild friends? C’mon man, you stretch it, but obviously for the misinformed. Sorry, you won’t find them here. Folks on this site get it.

      And that incident’s now compared to this bombardment of self-defense going up when Truth never needs it? Wow. What an amazing stretch. You sound more like a shill or stupefied cultster all the time, Lanso. Don’t think you’ll get any converts here, but perhaps you’re aiming for a few looking to be disgruntled with something.

      Sorry, been thru your type of group paradigm. Has nothing but truth delaying and personal disempowerment to offer. Hope you wake up from it. But then again, you could very well be a paid agent.

      Yes. That’s the mindset over here. Try it on. You’ll learn something. Hopefully you’re salvageable. Sincerest best wishes, Zen

      • “You stretch it, but obviously for the misinformed. Sorry, you won’t find them here.”

        100% true, I am watching this article reblogged on other websites and wow some of the comments there are outrageous.

        You have to understand the powers that be HAVE BEEN IN CONTROL FOR AGES. The OPPT crowd is naive to think that some court ordered documents are going get them to change their ways.

        What happened to Bush and Company getting arrested?
        What happened to your precious NESARA?

        Naivety at its finest.

        • Trust your Intuition – It tells you Everything about anybody and Everything -It is very humbling and teaches you to be more observant and less critical/vocal. Everyday I know more of what is going on in this world without even asking for it- again it is very Humbling.

      • Jeeez, Zen – would have never thought You could be such a spiteful ego-maniac. First paragraph of this comment reeks with ad-hominem and rainbow-propaganda-style. “Housewife-mother” is great target for condescending sarcasm – “Lawyer” is a perfect target for general denunciation – and the name “Rothschild” combined with Your false fantasy-claim of “friendship” will pull any weak-minded follower along in Your wake of destruction. Perfect Psycho-War-Strategy! Did You pay good attention at Troll&Shill-school PSY-OP101?! How much You get paid? Dis-proves Your narcissistic claim of “sorry, you won´t find them here!” – plus the illogical and spiteful comments blowing Your BIG*horn…. Utterly disappointed! Ciao-bello! *m

        • Ciao means you’re finished? Hope so. You’re so compelling, very winsome. Should bring a lot on board your Creator centered program.
          I guess we can all thank you, though, for rearing up with your true nature.

          But I think it’s time for you to take your inspiring DOing and BEing somewhere else. Ciao.

        • UmanMike Your grasping at the low hanging fruit now . You have done exactly what a troll does . And to use the word shill maybe you should look it up ? I don’t see one agenda that this site has un like OPPT . there is no Ideology being pushed here or a movement. You are the one coming on to this site and defending The OPPT movement and you do it with great desperation like a pig with a silk hat on . Oppt seams like it had to be sold soo hard and defended so strong , It people like you Sir that scare the fuck out of me Like religion that what I see.

          • Hey Peek, I keep seeing you posts and you remind me of the little pip-squeak that stands behind the bully, yelling out similar comments to the benefit of the bully’s ego. Try standing on your own. Take me on if you want, I stand my own ground in my own BE’ing. Fair warning, I’m not as nice as most OPPT followers. I’m ruthless for the truth.

          • Lanny, you’re poking a Lion with a stick. Don’t be stupid. Well, little late for that, but to give you fair warning. Peek knows no cage or paradigm crutch, and sports an uncorrupted heart of gold.

            But you asked for it.

            You might be done here, Lanny. It’s my house and the unruly get a chance or so but then they get ejected if they keep it up. Rarely happens, most know better by the vibe here. You’re one of those “rebels without a clue” but we gave you a chance. I think it’s now time for you to be an example on OPT and Do Re Mi…I mean GO DO BE…you’re really missing your calling here.

            Abrupt moral of the story, Lan: Smart alecs with spitwads shouldn’t be fucking with Truth warriors. We’re serious, not playing stupid mind games.
            And yes, anyone can be one, but you’re in the wrong spirit altogether.

            Most of us here are fully committed to battling for Love and Truth. There’s a war to be won and you’ve become a distraction, a pest, a bitter fly in the ointment as this point. Reel it in and get busy changing the world the way you see fit. Tuck your tail in and go. When you wisen up, you’re more than welcome back.

            And just don’t try to force others into your paradigm. That’s absolutely counter intuitive to everything that is conscious awareness.
            Hope you get there. I don’t care if you want to push the OPPT, you just have to learn to respect others’ viewpoints and quit shoving yours down others’ throats.

            You asked for it, Lenno. It’s not about me, it’s about you. Don’t worry, we’ve all been unconscious. It’s just time to put that stuff away. This will rankle but it’s designed to expose the truth and help you wake up. When you get there you’ll know…sooner, later or in another life.

            I’m serious. Hope you can man up and take it.

            Love, Zen

      • Oh Zen, if you’re going to take me on, at least use my full name instead of derogatory slang attempts. And stick with the facts instead of implicating, deriving, and just making shit up. I am no shill. Are you calling me one? Sounds like you were.

        Your ego is showing and it isn’t something I’m accustomed to seeing from you. Any Ankle-biter beings attach to you recently? Sounds like you are being influenced.

        You accuse Heather of much, and now you accuse me. Have evidence of any real type to back that up?

        Truth never needs defense? WTF. So that means its OK for you and Mr. Short here to create derogatory influence using lies and improper associations?

        I’m not buying what you’re selling.

        • Oh Lanny, (see earlier response for complete dismissal and prompt to wake up…).

          But BTW, who’s the salesman, Lanno? You’re like the vacuum cleaner guy, only you keep coming back to berate the home owners for buying the OTHER guy’s vacuum or NOT buying yours! Who the hell hired you? You’re an “UN”-salesman, and a pretty good one at that!

          Thanks at least for helping the community see so much first hand! Kuddos! “Shills for Hire” is looking for good folks, as are “Trolls with Goals” and of course the wicked Mossad. Good money there for your type of vindictive, time wasting and distracting mentality. Damn. (And I tried to be civil guys, ha!)

          Ciao Lanyard. You’re a peach. Have some iced tea and think about things for a while. Cuz you won’t be allowed here any more and need a new fight to pick. Hope you’re worth the investment cuz a few of us tried. At least we all learn.

          When you wake up, contact me. If not, “I pity the fool who”…..haha! Mr. T to go with your iced tea break…or shall we call it …your moment of Zen…

  30. 80degees equals the great pyramid equals the Illuminati. I think you have a screw loose. I also think the OPPT has some large gaps.
    If 7 billion people believe the NWO has been circumcised with this manouver and no longer obey, for example, no one files on April 15 and all withholding stops, could that be the real miracle? It’s not even hard to imagine. Be a half full kind of guy- it does work better. Ever hear of the power of love?

  31. Paranoid stabbing in the dark, Slander, And also a great contrast. Seriously though you miss quote OPPT. Its an open book, One that you can get involved in. they are not trying to lead. but rather promoting self responsibility. Go on rebut the filings! Come up with a better solution to this financial tyranny we face.

    • Agreed: the OPPT is an open book. But in this case, one need only close the book and look at the cover to see what it is all about. How can any rational person ignore the obvious occult symbolism of their logo? It’s quite over-the-top and easily deciphered with all of the knowledge available online. Dark folk have a custom of always revealing the truth through their symbols, and if you ignore it, they figure you deserve what you get after that.

      Besides this, if anyone reads the book without desperation for it to be true, its plot holes are glaringly apparent (such as filing papers in a Cabal legal system and expecting them to rule against themselves and enforce their own destruction). And rebutting the filings are a bit difficult when they are nothing but a tangled mass of purposefully impenetrable legalese and spiritual mumbo jumbo. But hey, to each his own. Enjoy the Kool Aid.

    • Better not! Trust the Real Source…we’re just trying to uncover it and tap in! ;)) Fun to dig around where you’re not supposed to though, isn’t it…ha!

  32. The Bottom Line with the OPPT

    Like most here, I feel quite certain that mass movements like Thrive and the OPPT are controlled opposition, but to what end? I suspect such movements are setting up what the PowersThatStillWannabe will be attempting to unfold in our world. I’m sensing that the Establishment is preparing to move us into a much more subtle system of control and vampirism — into a cage that is much more expansive and gilded than our current prison. The much-publicized push for a fascist New World Order may turn out to be merely the problem that drives our flight towards their actual solution: a world that LOOKS free, but is still under their invisible thumb. It appears that we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

    That being said, mind your corn hole. :-) And let’s not settle for anything but true freedom.

  33. This is my official call-out. Zen, you now have my email address as I was required to provide it to post these comments. You’ve called me a shill directly and indirectly, and I do believe you made other accusations as well. If you have personal beef with me, man up and email me. Otherwise, I recommend checking that really quick.

    • I’ll wait till you get my most recent replies. I like your fire, Lanson. There’s hope. Always. And we’re all in this mess together and need each other. Love you. Z 😉

  34. With the OPPT, I cannot comprehend the ridiculous part about paying homage to the “creator”..

    What if we are all creators?

    What if we are all immortal spiritual beings trapped here… why do you want to follow another leader?
    Why do you want to substitute yahweh for another archon type douche?

    Seriously? We have come too far.. and I say this because we are sentient, we have the ability to think and we should not be subversive to another higher power.

    Rememember the Cargo Cults?

    I am not gullible and I sure hope the other readers looking over the OPPT have the same common sense.

    Fool me once, shame on me… Fool me twice… Shame on?

    • Al, actually if you read the OPPT filings you will find that they AGREE completely wholeheartedly with YOU and your comment here. The purpose of labeling Creator was simple. It was to usurp previous claims against your soul. You will find, if you read the filings with your heart, that they completely agree with your concept of creator, while still allowing folks that consider God or Yahweh or whatever their Creator. Hope that helps.

      • Lanson the number One objective of a troll when working a topic such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, witch you even SUCK at that btw . But You and I have had this talk last OPPT that was posted on this fine site .I will state this for you one last time As you dive into man made rules once again all in the name of self greed I will go on helping other and caring with love > Like i expanded before in the last OPPT post I did not need any paper or group, cheer leaders Marching ban army to revoke my citizenship. If you feel the need to sell or educate people on this so called topic, go stand in court yard with a fucking bell and long white curly hair wig like your salve master British forefathers did . What you peach has no impact on me because i will not contract with any man made entity or oath. So as for your comment about myself being the “pipsqueak” standing behind any one , It just shows your desperate attempt at disrupting normal on-topic discussion. As for Zen Gardner i think he has done a SPOT on JOB of showing and exposing all the crap OPPT your ass really is. Toll On Bitch !

        • Peek if you are going to attack me, do so while standing on your own ground instead of others. I am no troll. You might want to review the comments from me from many other Zen threads, where I commented and agreed pretty much 100% because it resonated with me. In the case of this topic I simply do not agree, and for you to call me a troll for that and for posting what I believe and feel is asinine.

          There is nothing on-topic about your previous chip-in posts like your attacks directed at Kathy Kelly, UmanMike, Kali Kush, and of course me (which I could not possibly care less, other than to correct your error.)

          Also, learn grammar and spelling.

          Now then, I hope you are all ready for the days coming ahead. I’d like to remind you that the OPPT is dissolved, as is the logo, as is any other thing you’d like to attack except of course for the BE’ings that are still here. That would be the people I mentioned above, and of course the previous Trustees that have been lamented, and any BE’ings that choose to stand in their own power.

          Calling people trolls won’t do it. Make your point, stand in your own power with what you say. You are 100% liable and accountable for what you think, say, and do. Are you ready for that?

  35. I think you all are missing the point. OPPT is just an idea. An idea that all of humanity can be free and learn service to others instead of service to self. What the cabal has done for thousands of years is make humanity slaves while programming us to believe we are free. The cabal has harvested our collective conscious energies and they have done in the dark without our consent.

    I do not agree with everything OPPT has done but at least they have the courage to make their efforts transparent so we all can look at the data which is creating this debate. We all know there is something very wrong with this world and many decide not to do anything about except bitch and mourn on blogs without ever providing any solutions.

    The OPPT has provided one solution but it is not the only solution. The OPPT has the courage to make their data available while at the same time allowing for free will. It is up to us, humanity, in order to act in unity in order to expose the slavery system that exist. You zen have not provided any solutions to the problems but instead attack without actually providing evidence.

    I myself have been sitting back and watching both sides to determine what all this really means in regards to the liberation of humanity.

    In the end it is just an idea, an idea that all living on this beautiful planet are equals because we are all co-creators. They have exposed the system in three months which is quicker than any other truther has one. They have finally came out and said everything including governments are corporations which I myself knew 15 years ago.

    We my not all agree with they way or tools they have used but it is just an idea. An idea which is long overdue. Wy is it that we are they only species on this planet that has to pay to be born and and pay to die. We think we are so smarter than all other species yet at the same time we are the dumbest. All other species know that the planet earth provides everything freely, yet we humans must put a price tag jut because we think we are conscious.

    I have a solution. Why doesn’t humanity unite for 1week by not doing anything. Stop using money, stop working, stop paying bills, debts, and taxes. Stop voting, stop feeding the cabal our energy and take the example left by Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr. Massive non-violent, non-compliant, passive resistance against the system. It is us humans that make the system work and it is us who can put a stop to it. The cabal need our energy so why don’t we just stop feeding the system. It will only take 1 week accomplish this monumental task. So I see lets all stop doing anything or 1week and watch how the cabal will fall and be exposed because it us our ollective beliefs that make their slavery system work.

    So zen, what is your solution, I have provided you my solution, although it might not be the best solution, it will get the ball rolling.


    • I like it! That’s what awakened people do more and more each day. As we snap out of the trance our actions and energies become redirected and we participate in the sham less and less. TV stays off except for essential viewing (if any), wasted foolish conversations are less, participation at corporate events or outlets reduce drastically, food intake changes, use of time and money is totally different, websites visited and email content completely alters, intentions and spiritual state elevate to contribute to a higher vibration, etc.
      This is what I and many others work at promoting incessantly. It’s the ultimate guerrilla warfare if you ask me, one heart at a time and just let it flow, like scattered coins rolling everywhere. But encouraging mass participation is a great idea too. It just needs to be constant and not just periodic group efforts, although if those can be pulled off effectively, fantastic. But it needs to be a way of life, not a part time thing.
      It’s just vital that we pull out of the matrix any and every way we can and help others do the same. And just what you describe will be the result.
      Keep on, and keep on keeping on. Each of us already are the difference and the change.

      You ARE the rolling ball you want to see keep rolling. Not a group, not a movement, but a permanent change of consciousness. And each of us are unstoppable. And everywhere you go you’ll transmit that awareness and reality in more and more infectious ways. Even sitting still and typing comments like this one. Who knows who will read this and get their heart set on fire for Truth?
      Again, keep on. Everything matters. A lot. And we’re reaching a crescendo in this cycle on top of it. No time to diddle about any more.
      Love, Zen.

    • I do appreciate your comment, way more to the core of the issue.

      Diversion by indulging in a phobia to interpret symbols, numbers as proof , sorry I am not impressed.

      My calculator every time I enter numbers comes up with combinations of evil cabala combinations, uuuugh and if I look at this damn thing at a certain angel I bet you , yeapp there it is, a nice Pyramid;
      the shiny corner looking at me just like an eye.

      Look guys I am not ignorant that these are important things to some of those feeling illuminated but seeing the devil in every shape and form not a step towards solving the problem we face.

  36. You went to far too much length. I actually noted the logo came from the same software that the “fake anons” used. These “fake anons” are operating from the White House to elicit a call to throw out global banking institutions, global currency, and a NEW socialist order. The same people who led the occupy movement and the fun Guy Fawkness day masks on the part of the Administration are now working on this story line. They are not us.

    Good job on the symbolism.

  37. OK, I can’t believe I made it thru the entire Wimbledon without getting too pissed and just clicking off, but I care enough to point out, that this debate, at this pace.. Will still being going on until something BIG really does happen.. can’t you all just stop fighting about it??? THIS is all distraction based.. both sides are falling into a trap… THERE IS ONLY ONE THING to DO… and that’s BE AT PEACE… Face it.. Paul needed money and got mad.. so what, many of us get mad because we need money.. that’s not a solution, that’s a reaction… spending all this time trying to prove to each other WHO is right and WHO is wrong is playing right into the hand of the so called opposition… Both sides of this argument are so passionate because they all just want to be at peace.. got news for ya, there is no peace, until you just stop… RELAX and realize that we are all ONE TRIBE of conscious man… DOING and BEING is irrelevant… If you want to do something, go start a garden, and get off the friggin internet… IF YOU WANT to be something… be someone that helps your neighbor because they need help… I am going to post a link to a series of videos that hopefully will open the eyes of both sides.. it will take much less of your time, and you will finally be at peace with yourselves and each other… I’m not saying either side is wrong, either side is right.. but side sides are wrong for adding such energy to the situation… spends some more time doing research and using that noggin of yours for something other than a hat rack… Peace on earth is coming.. but at this rate.. your grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be duking it out like the hatfields and mccoys.. don’t you realize that its’ JUST MAN and JUST NATURE.. everything else is an illusion that someone else put into your head… I have found the WMD’s and they are not where you think they are… They are weapons of mass distraction.. and so far. they have hit their target with ‘specificity and particularity and pin point accuracy… after you have done your due diligence and only after that… I am willing to take anyone here by the hand and show them the TRUE way to PEACE, LOVE and Abundance… I hope you got 6 hours to do some serious listening and serious pondering… that’s really all it’s gonna take… or you can spend the next century saying, wheres my money and rebut this and rebut that… until the cows come home… It really is STILL YOUR CHOICE.. but act now.. supplies/brains/thinkers are running out! /watch?v=Qjp_9nlrBao&list=UUFg0Iw4ujjPHGKsiF4m5K2Q&index=3

  38. From AK blog:

    “Message from Heather to White Dragons, et al…
    “Let the real fun begin!”

    “Just to pass on… Sheldan Nidle [‘channeler’ for The Galactic Federation of Light] just acknowledged the Creation of the OPPT as an embodiment of the changeover in societal structure, as an expression of the New Galactic society. The steps taken [legalities and protocols], he explained, are ones that are required, PLUS the steps taken with ALL of us, collectively, in implementaing the ENERGETIC of KNOWING as CREATIONAL principles.”

    Looks like everyone’s suspicions were correct on this one….

  39. From what’s I’ve come to see, the OPPT filings are a means to collapse the UCC system that is used by the psychopaths to extort from the people. Even it’s proponents admit that it’s, by no means, THE answer to the world’s problems.. only a piece of the puzzle.
    And at the end of the day, folks, it’s ALL just words on paper. IOW it’s a fiction. And the OPPT documents even elude to this.
    The only thing that matters is that we come together and base our daily interactions on compassion and good-will rather than profit, and know we are free in our hearts. The technology is all there, the infrastructure is all there, the abundance is all there. It’s just a matter of how we collectively decide to use what we have.

  40. My country Brazil, has very advanced laws, some are fulfilled, others not.
    The OPPT provided the legal basis for to close the organizations harmful to humanity and restore our real value and originality. But laws are not fulfilled by itself. Depend on our awareness and political will for its implementation.
    I hope we can take advantage of this tool wisely and not be searching for inverted pyramids.

  41. Yes, I must say, in absolute peace and gratitude, nice work man, however, I am utterly amazed how people see what they want to see, and with this particular vision don’t see the the stuff… which was in fact right in my face when I had a scout around the link provided above… that which I posted previous. All good man, naysayers are coming out everywhere. We all see and believe what we want to see, and believe, by our own free will and choice. I choose to see… and believe that which IS, true to me.

  42. I’m not so sure. I certainly was a skeptic, but I’m still out on which way the OPPT blows. If you understand the UCC, and not only it’s origins, but the fact that it is the common law mixed with the law merchant. It is just a means with which to lodge a claim that could not be rebutted and thus stands as fact.
    Basically, it seems to have superseded the Vatican trusts that were formed in the 15th and 16th centuries. Your consent is not required because it is offered as an option to use as an antecedent claim to any other trust you may have been hooked into without your knowledge. It’s trust law in the modern corporate system of statue, code, and courts; it continually requires consent, and; the OPPT gives you remedy that takes you back to creator (whatever you want to call it/he/she/them).
    I agree, the graphics seem to have some unrelated and hidden symbolisms, there is also a pentagram in the background. Ultimately we are and have always been free, the trust does not purport to give rights, but I’m still doing my due diligence. I just think your arguments are weak.

  43. “The resistance to a new idea increases as the square of its importance.”
    — Bertrand Russell

    “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
    — Victor Hugo

  44. ucc is real and legit from my research and men are using it to settle issues with governments and banks etc through a private administrative process. ucc is definitely real, which means that if it was filed correctly then it has standing. there are some concerns for me though… when i first got introduced to the oppt thing in 2012, the symbols immediately made me suspicious as i have done some research into the occult as well. secondly, who is behind oppt and for what cause? i have read that the rothchilds may have a finger in the oppt pie somewhere and why is nobody asking why this is important? thirdly, it is very easy to jump on the bandwagon, even if oppt ucc is real, and trust that the oppt destination will be better than the current situation. if all the governments collapse at once, are there enough sane and responsible people around to prevent all out anarchy and destruction? or will the poor uneducated masses loot, steal and kill as they rove around trying to stay alive and gather resources? how about this scenario? there is worldwide instability as all the governments dissolve at once. there is no law and order and crime is rife with no force of government to keep it in check. the un places their armies in every country to bring stability and therefore establish a one world military empire under martial law under control of the criminal mafia cabal. how free will you be under martial law? will the soldier with the gun shoot you rather than respect your rights when you challenge his authority? and all of us brought this upon ourselves

  45. NO ONE has ever succeeded using this stuff. You read the Internet headlines like “judge throws case out of court because of OPPT”and then you read on and you find its been adjourned etc. There are NO concrete stories of this crazy OPPT stuff ever succeeding. Heather Tucci Jarraf is simply an egocentric maniac who has delusions of grandeur. I personally know somone who drove around with fake plates – got caught and fined $3000. He has sent courtesy notices instead of appearing at court and now there is a warrant out for his arrest. Thats what it gets you!!!! Foreclosed corporations my ass.

  46. I am slowly working through developing my understanding of OPPT, the UCC and the implications and politics. The success of Kiri Campbell is accessing her hidden trust account spurred me on and so i continue. I am not fully convinced but i like most of what i am finding out so far, as it fits to how i see geopolitics and the paradigm we are currently living in and the potential one we could be.

    The ideals are correct in my opinion, as a creator cannot be denied as the universe was created. A careful distinction is made between ‘god’ as entity and ‘creator’ as source which fits with my own inner experience.

    To identify the deliberate intrusion between our relationship with our source is a smart one indeed and enables the removal of the usurping ‘state’. No doubt we need administration to run society, but the time for being ruled is passing as each of us realise we are meant to rule ourselves, being guided by our higher sources of thinking. Those higher sources have been usurped by the state most effectively.

    I will persist with this as it is part of the future and part of the solution to our present insane method of running society.

  47. Thanks Paul ….. my instinct is that the war isn’t over and we haven’t yet won – we still need to play our part.
    It will be so until a change in – not just consciousness – but human nature itself occurs …. or so I sense.
    Of course … if that doesn’t happen … and it hasn’t yet. … not across the species like a ‘hundreth monkey syndrome.’ What then?
    I don’t know what to make of evolutionary leaders or those who decide to speak on my behalf… and yours.
    My gut instinct is that it’s probably or possibly or maybe a bit fluffy and I don’t like cynicism within myself so … keep an open mind?
    Of course – I don’t yet know….. It’s me that I have to live with. My actions, my responsibilities. Fine words don’t cut it. OPPT don’t come into it.
    Tomorrow has challenge enough in which to be tested. …. not being melodramatic but that’s the way it is for me.

  48. David, this is kinda scary – – well that’s the wrong word to use. It’s really cool man! Something is really going on here and I like it very much. I’ve been trying to get my head around some of the information this women and her husband have been talking with me about. They are absolutely wonderful people! Have been meeting with them every single Sunday about 1 hrs. drive from my home. We begin meditation at 2pm for about 15 to 20 minutes. Learning so much from them on more hands on organic gardening, permaculture and such. But, she is tired at 73 yrs. old and her husband 78.

    Let me back up. I couldn’t really find a lot of the things she was talking about but can tell you my radar went off loud and clear. I never read this piece before nor saw it. But, because I noticed you commented I decided to read it and read the entire thread. Wow! Just what I was looking for! So, thank you! This has confirmed exactly the radar going off in my mind.

    When we meditate, she does so with this Galactic Federation group. She follows this Karen Hudus of which I don’t agree with either. Another radar that went off in my heart when I began watching some of her interviews. I’ve mentioned to my new lovely friends this idea of changing the money system from one way to another is all the same thing. Told her we don’t need money, money is the problem and will always be the problem. We are the only species on the planet that has to pay for food, shelter, birth, death, etc. etc. The birds, deer, plants, insects, all other creatures are not less conscious then us. And they live life free just being! Anyway, to make a long story short, when the 3 of us meditate I concentrate on a blue tunnel light beam with all the money, gold, silver, bushes, obama, judges, israel, police, killer military personnel, governments, bankers, leaders, religions, etc. all being sucked into this beam to be taken to the central sun to be re-designed and fixed before being reincarnated. And the money to never ever come back upon this earth or any planet. Gone, zelch!!!!! (hahaha)
    I hope this makes sense because I think I’m a bit tired now from all the reading of this thread. If it doesn’t oh well, I’m being a babbling silly girl! Things will get better – – always does! Peace & Love!

    • morning Peg, been off to look at the OPPT site and my eyes glaze over.
      ‘Blind Freddy’ can see that the world is in need of repair but I don’t think OPPT are going to change that state of affairs by filing documents and by having lofty ideas.
      Whenever I’d raise ideas which ‘change the paradigm’ with departed dad, HIS eyes would glaze over and he’d come back to ‘There’s only room for one house at the top of the hill. Who’s going to live in that?’
      Not the end of the story, of course, but we’re always going to have inequality … well … perhaps not but that’s the way it’s been and why would that change when money isn’t the only issue.
      Ah for a world in which we give what we can for the common good and work at what we choose but I don’t see a queue forming to do the distasteful jobs.
      In that way in which everything seems to be connected, my mind comes back to the shift – as in consciouness shift – and where’s the evidence? What I do notice is the growing sense of unease among many who just want to get on with their lives and plan a picnic rather than a World War.
      Unease is a good starting point to the process of waking up but it doesn’t change human nature. Therein lies the problem – as I see it. We can maybe change the system but envy, greed and so on remain part of the human condition.
      I like your meditation and it’s far better in intent than ‘Hang the bastards high …. who are the next bastards to take over…… better hang them high too.’
      On a personal level, I find myself at work with my intellectually disabled blokes, using the phrase ‘That’s the way’ when they show good will to each other. I’m sure that those who look after me, in some cosmic sense, whisper similar encouragement if I could but hear it.
      ‘That’s the way’ :)
      … how lovely … the phone rings and it’s next door neighbour’s child asking if I’d like some birthday cake.
      ‘Thankyou – I haven’t had breakfast yet.’ say I.
      ‘Yea – cake breakfast.’ says he and is bringing some over to share.

  49. With the rising of consciousness the entire paradigm changes. When we remember who we are – – who we really are envy, greed, etc. falls by the wayside. Yes, there will always be some lingering behind but the collective consciousness will help. Money really has no value – nada. It does have energy though and it’s being used for the most part as negative. Everybody has to pay taxes for this and that. Those tax dollars go for the killing machine, the suffering, etc.
    I like to dream and imagine everyone living together in communities with the universe gathering the soul groups together. Several of those souls like gardening, others like cooking, others are healers, others are teachers, others are builders, others are artist and musicians, on and on. No need for bankers and pencil pushers, number crunchers and big desk hot shots. Too much work to do and too much play to be had for that divisive stuff.

    The secret is one’s conscious knowing of who they really are and personal responsibility in each individual. With this knowing we can blast off – – literally!! (ha) Hope you enjoyed your cake and visit with neighbor.

    • lovely Peg …. spent so much time in the metaphorical swamp lately, beating off smart meters masquerading as mosquitoes, that it’s a welcome relief to read Julian Rose’s recent article ‘Why humanity must come through.’
      THAT I find inspiring…. more to the point, it rings true.
      Envy and greed fall by the wayside IS true with a rise in consciousness. I envy no-one, wouldn’t swap my life with anyone and don’t need much, but here’s the rub.
      My common human nature is still there. I can do my utmost to nurture the finer aspects of my being and, in the process, a lot crap DOES fade away but I’m still capable of expressing the bleaker aspects of man.
      I think what I’m trying to say is that a rise in consciousness seems to go hand in hand with rising ABOVE our common human nature and I’m still puzzling that out.
      I do like the concept of ‘If it isn’t good for all of us, it’s not good enough.’ …. applied across the planet and including all species ( not sure about mosquitoes though. ) :)

  50. So in the 2012 legal doc the OPPT declared a few fictitious illuminaughty entities bankrupt and switched ownership?
    Would that end our strawman’s right to collect damages in the high courts?
    I f I am free why do I need “heather”/OPPT to free me ?
    Its 2014 and the Crown and its corporations are still oozing propaganda own the media etc are treating us like sheeple so what did the 2012 document make?
    And has anyone heard anything from the OPPT?
    Looks like Zen hit the nail on the head.

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