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Ordering a Pizza In 2015 – NSA Style



All of this well “in progress” in a country near you….




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    • “Coming up – wait for it to stop moving then stab it in the eye. Once dead it won’t bite back, but the smell of sulfur and rotting innards might be overpowering for a bit. Throw it back in the fire until it stops twitching, then feast away! The nano-strands will tickle your innards for hours of fun and pleasure! And just wait till the next morning – you’ll be in for such a fine bathroom surprise it’ll make your day!!! Bring in the kids to watch the bowltime fiesta! Happy swallowing!!!!

  1. * WTF!!!…I’ve got a bump on my head & woke up psychic!…I can see it all now!…looks like I’m gonna be ‘Dead or in Jail’!!!… by the time they roll this ‘pre-crime’ scenario out….due largely, to my vitriolic ‘un-patriotic’ verbal response!!!-lol…. & guaranteed to get my name on their Camp Fema stasi list, with a front row seat view of the guillotine in the parade yard.

  2. worked at dominos. they had a simplified database of all local orders for each pizza and had each persons number and address who had a previous delivery. this was in 2000. imagine where they are at now.
    the parasites have blocked use of my email, until i verify my hotmail account.they want a cell phone number to verify me and my location. they can choke on my rebellious giant spirit.

  3. That’s been around for about 10 years.

    And, if people are going to eat garbage, they should pay more for health care costs and taking some personal responsibility instead of becoming fatty because they were too lazy to eat right and exercise and then start yelling, “Spare no expense to save me!!” after they have heart attack at 50.

  4. Cash? They mean… we will scan your code and deduct it from your account. You are not allowed any more pizza for a month due to your attitude. If you choose to get an attitude again, we will shut down your car and you can walk as the tram is off limits to you. (They can keep their nasty pizzas.)

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