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Ordinary Warriors – The Revolution of the Incredible Edible Town


Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor

Waking Times

The Spiritual Warrior blends many qualities

There are many different qualities to the soul. The spiritual movement has tended to focus on gifts such as acceptance and unconditional love. But there’s also the other side of the coin. There’s the warrior inside each of us that yearns to change things to find a higher harmony. The warrior aspect of human-kind has understandably received much ‘bad press’, but nevertheless, it is still a fundamental aspect of who we are when applied in an aligned way. When should we soften and accept? When should we commit and push forwards? Mastering your unique blend is not easy. This internal dynamic is the stuff of powerful evolutionary alchemy. How inspiring it is when someone blends and unleashes both qualities simultaneously…

Awesomely ordinary

It’s not a story of some great spiritual master, who realises a profound wisdom and then shares it through some best selling book. It’s not about someone campaigning on the barricades of injustice. This is a humble person, from a quiet Northern England town, who realises that the natural harmony of life is out of balance; that instead of just building more shopping centres, offices and carparks, we also need to grow food for a growing world population. What if we could green the carparks, verges and concrete islands with edible foods that everyone could share? What if we could cut through town planning red-tape, inspire a community with common sense and unleash an unstoppable heart-felt force for good?

In working with evolving people I know that changing the matrix is always challenging. It is so embedded, often so resistant and it owns most of the resources. It frequently leaves spiritual people wondering about their purpose? You can feel change in your heart the need for a higher harmony. You want to express and be you, but the outside world is so resistant and you don’t have any of the resources to support you. Or so it may seem, but in the core of my being, I can feel this foundational spiritual truth…

If you touch a core aspect of you,
the fundamental nature of who you really are,
activate, conjure and unleash it through your being,
commit with perseverance, passion and unswerving courage,
then you’ll align with the natural flow of the universe
which can’t fail to provide a vehicle for you to express yourself.

Incredible Edible

Put simply, if you follow your heart, you’ll activate a movement of energy within the universe which will then build to support you. But it has to be you. And you have to give your all to it. You have to peel back doubt and disbelief. You have to find all your sensitivity and intuitive application of right action. If you can do this, you’ll activate the spiritual warrior in you and the universe will weave its magical path through life, breaking down the walls of impossibility. That’s what Pam Warhurst did when she founded “Incredible Edible”, an initiative dedicated to growing food locally by planting on unused land throughout the community. The video can’t fail to inspire and amuse…

This article originally appeared at Openhandweb.org, a project to elevate the consciousness of man and provide healing to those in need.



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  1. How inspiring! Pam is amazing!

    I can feel my inner warrior coming forth. Lately I feel as if my throat chakra has opened up enabling me to have the courage to say or type the things i feel without worry for what others will think. i just dont care anymore!
    Yesterday two women came to the door. they were jehovahs witnesses and normally i listen to them then take the pamphlet just to be polite. They feel inspired to share their story and I try not to be mean to people so it seemed like the right thing to do.. The words just tumbled out
    Yesterday though, I shared with them my belief that there would be a global awakening to the truth.I mentioned many resources including the 100th monkey. One of them asked me what I meant by truth and I told her I meant the truth of God’s words. She then showed me a psalm -the one about the meek inheriting the earth and evil diminishing in an instant. I told her I was looking forward to that day and we said our goodbyes.

    I could tell by the look on their faces that they dont get that often. It must have been a nice change for them but fo rme, I was left feeling tiny doses of Bliss. I had felt the grace of God flow through me as I spoke my truth to strangers. I felt connected to them. We werent two sides of a coin. Their religion vs, my lack of one- we were three people all wanting the same world.
    People really are all the same.

    Oh and i have been leaving little bits and pieces of info on friends fb status updates. Nothing mean, just whatever seems to fit.
    Thanks as always to you all for helping me gain this courage.
    Today my pain is bad. I can feel the tension in the air but I promise you guys, there’s a place and a time for us and were almost there!

    • The religious people wish they had not come up to me and after a while look for a way out. I talk in circles with them agreeing on some points but mostly talking Fluff, for an hour or two.

      You mention the tension in the air, I tune into it when ever it gets really strong in individuals/groups or an area in general. When you mention to anyone around you they don’t get what you are trying to convey. There are ways to ease it(may take up 30 minutes or almost instantly-depends upon how hardened the people are around you),but sometimes you just need t get away from everyone temporarily. Everything works in cycles(Ebb and Flow)its the nature of creation I believe.

      • The problem is I dont know where this negative energy I am feeling is coming from and Im still figuring this self healing stuff out.

        The pain is very bad right now. It comes every 10 minutes or so and feels like someone is jabbing a knitting needle into my eardrum while also feeling like someone is smashing me in the side of the face with a baseball bat.
        Then ten minutes later it happens again, usually on the other side just to mix things up.

        Im trying to breath my way through it and focus on the heart energy feeling but Ive still had to resort to pain meds.

        Im going to get through this, it just sucks cause i have gone 5 months without this level of pain.

        • Twelve,

          Zen is on to something about your diet. I am not and MD or Natural Remedy expert, but something could be out of balance in your diet. Look back at what you were eating or doing for the past 5 months compared to now or before then. You may find your answer.

          I do have cayenne pills in my cupboard. Got them at Fruitful Yield Health Foods and they come in capsule form. Lavender is a great healer also. Colloidal Silver is an all purpose healer too.

          Could be allergies causing an ear infection? or any number of things. I will send some positive energy your way. All will be Well.

          • Glutens affect a lot of people real negatively. Try avoiding those too. Wheat is no longer a viable food, and even rice is loaded with arsenic. Grains are not your friends. Seeds, which include quinoa, flax, chia and buckwheat groats, are great. They need to be soaked as well, some can be ground real fine. Use raw veggies for pastas. Get a spiral slicer, they’re a blast. Going real heavy on organic fruits and veggies and avoiding dairy is life-changing. Meats are all tainted as well.
            We simply have to eat consciously. It’s work to get it rolling but when it kicks in it’s a dream.
            Soak raw nuts over night and drain, it eliminates the enzyme inhibitors. A good blender is important and eventually you’ll want a dehydrator if anyone gets into this. Will make the soaked nuts and other foods crunchy with no loss of nutrition. Lots of great sites cover all this.
            12, you could try going real drastic and slowly add what you think you still want to eat and see what affects you the wrong way maybe? Just some ideas, I’m no authority. Lots of great natural heath sites you can research on and many will answer your questions. Happy health! Love, Zen

  2. Fantastic! An amazing woman! No feasibility reports, no special funding, no bureaucracy, no asking permission, just doing it. I love it!

  3. Ya Brad this is one of those posts that to me the talking stopped and the action started to show us all that it can be done with the power of the people remember that saying power to the people back in the hippie days.

  4. Not to appear as negative– But, most local councils wouldn’t allow you to convert vast tracts of baren landscape into vegie patches. Even if they do – lobbies from the big supermarkets would probably steam rolled the next local council elections

  5. Zen, I believe you are correct that we all need to change our diets if we are to survive into the future. Even though we may have family and friends that do not want to change, we need to be steadfast and do what is the best for ourselves.

    Great advice you give in the reply above.

    • Yes, we have to get on the stick and be prepared. What’s amazing is how your body consciousness wakes up when you get really serious. We’ve always eaten healthy, usually juiced, organic, super greens, no glutens and good supplements etc. But this raw food diet takes it to a whole new level. The most amazing thing is what you DON’T eat and you’re just fine without and wonder why you ate it before, ha! Very parallel to the spiritual wake up, I was shocked and still am. And if you do compromise the strict “rules” it’s something like hummus or adding black beans to yr salad or pico de gallo..how bad can that be? Ha! Thankfully my wife’s a great researcher and she read me testimonials of people who’d gone raw and the health effects and we were blown away. She’s experimenting with all these cool recipes, really fun actually. I’ll write something up soon and share some good references. Cheers, Z

      • Thanks for all the food info.
        My diet is good but I would love to make more changes.
        Finances are rough so we do what we can.
        I have a wondeful lavendar balm that i am putting on my temples and lots of breathing and visualization to help me get through it.

  6. Twelve, when I woke up, and I mean seriously went to another level, for six weeks before the clarity set in I had what felt like a swollen heart. It literally felt like it had blown up in size, and for six weeks, it felt like I was about to have a heart attack. I was constantly aware of my heart 24/7, and I even mentioned it to my children what to do ‘just in case’. It was incredible how physically stressed my heart felt – like it was about to stop or explode.

    It felt like what I would imagine a six-week long panic attack to feel like.

    I have always had good health and no medications, so this was extraordinary.

    It stopped one day for good, and I was left with perfect clarity, and the ability to see through people and situations with ease.

    You may be going through an ‘upgrade’. Don’t worry.

    • Thanks for sharing that with me Indigo. I have felt like this was some sort of upgrade but it has been so painful that I wondered if I was wrong. I didnt think waking up could physically hurt so badly.
      Swollen would explain how may brain felt lastnight. I wondered if it was going to crack my skull at one point. Today I am feeling a lot of pressure but not as much pain so far.

      Im glad you gained something from your experience- it gives me something to look forward too.

    • Indigoviolet,

      I agree totally with us going through Upgrades. Seven years ago when I had my death experience, I woke up a different person. Fours years ago I started on the path that I am on and felt the same heart sensations even though I am in better shape than most people I know. I still feel these energies coming through my body concentrating on different specific body parts.

      People who consciously or subconsciously resist these upgrades are the ones who have heart attacks and get the cancers that kill them.

      It is amazing how I will suddenly become aware of something or someone without even thinking about it. This knowledge comes in handy for future encounters.

      It is amazing how people with dark sides to them feel repulsed by me when I get physically near them. I easily can feel their negativity and when looking at them can see their distorted aura’s.

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