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Orthorexia – The Health Conscious Are Now “Extremists”

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by Zen Gardner

When I saw this I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Maybe I’m late to the party as I don’t follow mainstream news very much, but this is ridiculous, and so indicative of our times. While certainly many people are prone to fad diets, self starvation and getting things out of balance for the sake of appearance, this report is clearly an attempt to go after and label the health conscious as extremists that need societal care.

F’d up. Once again.

This rapidly metastasizing police state wants to control not just your food content, but is now policing your diet choices within their adulterated products. According to this insanity if you no longer like the good old foods or going to restaurants or partake of the traditional family dinner, you’re sick.

Eating Disorder Orthorexia On The Rise

BOSTON (CBS) – This is the time of year when many people are excited to get in shape and eat healthier. The problem is many people are going too far. A dangerous phenomenon called “Orthorexia” is becoming more prevalent.

Personal trainer Bron Volney at Boston Sports Center is just as concerned with his clients’ diet as he is with their workout.

“I monitor a lot of my clients’ weight, and if they are dropping really fast, and it seems they are going to extremes, you’ve got to question them and say, ‘Let’s make sure you are staying healthy,’” said Volney.

Staying healthy means following a balanced diet. A growing number of people, however, are eliminating entire food groups, seeing only negative qualities in things like dairy, eggs, meats, grains, and fats.

Over time, the only things left in their diet are fruits and vegetables.

Taken to an extreme, it’s now treated as an eating disorder called “Orthorexia”.

This is how Boston University Nutritionist Jenn Culbert defines Orthorexia: “What it essentially means is that someone is obsessed with eating only healthy food that they consider to be pure.”

The problem, according to Culbert, is our bodies need those so called bad foods.

Yup. You heard it right. Even Orwell is grabbing his brain. Oh, and dig the “warning signs”:

Culbert says the warning signs are not hard to spot. “When you are no longer able to enjoy any of the foods that you once did, and you are no longer able to participate in a family meal, or going out with a friend.” Source

Clever Little Bastards

Maybe they’ll start the GPS tracking of those avoiding fast food joints or not eating meat or who only buy organic like they have with those refusing vaccines? It’s a major effort to make the walls close in, or so they’d like.

The good news is they’re only going to herd in the flock that doesn’t get anything anyway. The bad news is the trend. This broad-brush denigration of any group they want is at the extreme and only needs to be heightened to one more level to bring on the type of hysteria they really want. Very much like the battle against free press and the tactic they’re currently using to justify spying and censorship if anyone appears “anti-government” or whatever, which immediately gets shunted into the “terrorist like behavior” imprint.

The State of Fascism has hardening of the arteries. A cloggy MoFo indeed.

Here’s the jerkwad physician who first stepped in it and got the ball rolling–oh how “goodie two shoes” types play into the political correctness agenda, no matter what field of information they inhabit:

Here’s from another article, where that absurd picture and caption came from”

Orthorexia: When Healthy Becomes Obsession

“It was not about food at all. It was all about control,” says Katy Boorman, a 22-year-old university student from Wellington, New Zealand.

It was during a relapse into anorexia when Katy’s desire to eat healthy crossed the line into something more serious. “I realized that I couldn’t starve, so I ate really healthy foods and exercised every single day,” says Katy. “It was different from my anorexia because my routine was so rigid. I ate three square meals a day at the same time every day and exercised twice a day.”

Katy’s behaviours are known now as “orthorexia” – a term coined by holistic physician, Steven Bratman, M.D., which is constructed from the word “ortho”, meaning straight, correct, and true. According to Bratman, Orthorexia nervosa refers to a “pathological fixation on eating proper food.”

“Many of the most unbalanced people I have ever met are those who have devoted themselves to healthy eating,” says Bratman in his article for Yoga Journal entitled “Health Food Junkie.” Bratman says, “In fact, I believe some of them have actually contracted a novel eating disorder.”



Art by the amazing Mear One

Mollify Your Conscience by Demonizing the Truth – Ask the Experts – the Griping, Whining, Conniving Zionists

This is an age old reflex of the willingly unconscious who refuse to even consider waking up: accuse the Truth bearers of sedition. “Crucify them! They dare to challenge our way of life! They’re arousing the masses with questions! How dare they challenge the status quo! They’re destroying our Homeland!”

You can apply this technique across the board. The bigger the lie the more it apparently works. The unsuspecting think no one would do such a thing.


The Zionists have perfected this. They’ve conditioned the world by cleverly instilling a bear trap like reflex against anything sounding remotely anti-Jewish, anti-Israel or anti-Zionist, using an array of steadily reinforced guilt, shame and fear tactics.  An amazing feat that they’ve perfected over the last century.

Before that the invading non Sephardic nor Semetic Ashkenazim who migrated from Asia and who cloaked themselves in Talmudism for purposes of identity were hated wherever they went. These are those who comprise the driving leadership and military arm of the aggressive, parasitic and warring Zionists, hated around the world for their self serving banking and monetary manipulations for centuries. It’s only in recent decades they’ve managed to create a cover for themselves with the help of think tanks and carefully bought and placed insiders, to where the media and political machines are now completely owned and controlled by them.

This is how the mechanism works. The Zionists epitomize it by their very wicked existence. There is nothing holy about Zionism yet the religious right caters to them as if in a trance. Which is exactly what it is.

They prove once again that if you do it right you can openly justify liquidating your enemies or any perceived threat you want with populace bearing torches and pitchforks to help you. Sure helps subdue the thinking, critical and questioning serfs you might need to silence in a hurry.


We’re in a war. A war against Truth. To the extreme. The so-called bastion of free speech is no more, and the world looks on in horror as their once darling example is brought to its knees. The US hasn’t been a truly free country for a long, long time but the image has held up.

That is what needs to be brought low–the lingering idea of a free people, and the Obama administration is part of the final wrecking crew to be sure that happens, and in a hurry.

When America falls, and it will, the world will look on and wail for its lost darling that supplied their fake Hollywood dreams and synthetic products as the great whore of Babylon goes down, one very fitting description I subscribe to. You gotta admit she deserves it. It’s dumbed down people were compliant enough to fund and cheer on endless wars and carnage and stomp on any little adversary the PTBs pointed to as they mindlessly chanted like drunken crowds in the Roman Colosseum “USA USA..” They can’t be completely unaccountable.

Yet the real culprits are the Rulers. The designers. The manipulators.

Believe me, they won’t be there when the late, great U.S. goes down.

Sad day for an ignorant man. Great day for loving consciousness. The last wake up call beacons.

Know where you want to be, it won’t be long. And be conscious, alive and growing wherever you are.

Never fear. Nothing is as it appears. Get past the illusion. Peace, love and harmony await.

Love always, Zen


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  1. Oh god.. that dish looked good in the post pic .. I could eat about 30 of them right now . Ya that MSM blurb has all the making of tavistock institute hit peace .. side stepping facts and benefits and moving in buz words to fill the minds void of critical thinking with lazy quick wrong and misguided info setting for a new trend like the super models of the 80s with slim fast milkshakes and doing lines of dexatrim with a triple vodka chaser . All the Homo male models eating tuna out of the can and sword fight at the urinals trying to get in the next Zion gang bang party so one day there name can be on some other jack asses underwear..Mark ” wahlberg” calvin” klein ” all fruits looking to shove veggies in the wrong :-)

    • * Just another abject meme application of ‘cognitive disonnace’- (mind fuk)- irreconsilability… to throw people off-center & be lured back into the fold, of the ‘Church of Crutch’

  2. People love to bash “goody two shoes bleeding heart” types, but remember once awakened those people, being so full of care, love and concern for others, may well be willing to fight to the death to save your life… or risk their own life to save your life. Then again, the general public tends to look down on nice people, saying “Nice guys always finish last”… but the elites are the ones teaching them preying on each other is OK while the nice guys are the ones trying their damnedest to not cause others harm. Nice guys don’t act the predator.

    The elites take the caring and concern others feel for the suffering and lie to them, convincing them to follow their agenda, tricking them into believing they are helping when the elites have no intention of helping at all. They twist things to their own agenda while hiding that truth and lying to well-meaning people. Bastards! :(

    I am a bleeding heart, and I am awake. My first instinct is to find a way to help when TSHTF. My first instinct is to NOT give those bastards their culling.If I can extend the life of other people, they will not succeed in their damned culling agenda. And if I die to save others so be it, as long as the elites don’t get their agenda fulfilled. The elites are pushing survival scenarios (through movies and TV series) that encourage selfish thinking… such as “I don’t have to outrun the bear, just you!” But if the people in the bear scenario pick up weapons, even improvised weapons, two have a better chance of fighting off the bear, and even killing it so it won’t hunt others which in a crisis would make more sense. Why run and sacrifice another to save your own ass? The elites do that to us and to each other constantly. Everyone is expendable in their minds, even their own.

    They, through fear, are teaching people it is OK to sacrifice others for various reasons – claiming loss of resources then advocating killing the disabled or old (kill granny, hire 10 teachers), war to fight terror from false flag events, survival movie scenarios, convincing the general public that mankind is a cancer, a disease while most people are not the ones purposely doing environmental damage, the elites are! And many other examples. The elites are peddling death and terror, and people like me refuse to be a death dealer or death peddler. I will do what I can to help others, they will not get their cull numbers through me!

    In the end, it isn’t us “bleeding hearts” that are bleeding… it is the people we are helping and supporting. We see it more and more as the elite “wolves” are tearing at us and others every day. I just hope most people will, when it comes down to it, shake off the indoctrination of selfishness and dog-eat-dog programming and stand together.

    I have never seen a dog eat another dog… I wonder where that saying came from? If it’s a dog-eat-dog world, it’d be happening in the open all the time. Seems a false premise to me. Sorry, starting to ramble…


    • Hi Tamara. Glad you are who you are. I’m sure you realize the goody two shoes reference it was to make a point that people can so easily be deceived and think they’re doing the right thing when in fact they’re reinforcing the control grid. We’re see it as the snitch society gets worse.

      Yes there are many many wonderful people and not everybody who’s trying to do good is off course. That’s what this is all about.

      BTW, I have seen a dog eating another dog–it fact it was a puppy eating another puppy, in India. We’re in a protected environment in the opulent west. Wait till the lights go out and supplies dry up. We’ll see who’s who then. Sad to say that day is coming. Right now people can get away with disguises, but the veneer is thin and will eventually wear off as circumstances change. Love you, Zen

    • Tamara, I am right there with you. I will stand to help and with all the love in me help those I can with this hell they are going to be shaken awake into. Then, it will be time to wrap them in love, let them see it is not hell, help them gain balance within and upon their feet, and then have them stand with us. Granted not all will survive this way, but I plan on doing whatever I can. Here is to fighting a good fight with love and determination. Namaste

  3. Great post Zen. The stupid fools who believe all this psychobabble are going to be looking like the deer in the headlights while gorging on their Big Macs. The latest hot topic today is that 15 year old “women” are going to be allowed to buy the morning-after pill OTC without parents knowing. Of course this and the gay NBA player will take the little pea brains off any thought of Syria or any other travesty happening under their noses. Just diversions that are “trending”.
    Peek, the visual of the homo model eating tuna out of a can and “lines of dexatrim is priceless”
    As far as food, aren’t we so effing glad we don’t want to eat their fare?
    The last three lines of your post Zen are powerful words, thanks for the reinforcement 😉

  4. Well, that looks like my dinner which was awesome!
    They are going to use the tattle tale thing to the fullest. If you see something funny, then report it. There are terrorist every where! A soldier is back from war? Do they seem irritable or agitated? Send them to the doc for drugs and gun confiscation. Does your family member seem a little to interested in eating healthy? Do they exercise? They are sick. To the doc! Meds right away! Mental disorder? Take their guns and give them Valium or prozac!

    I wonder when they will give out rewards for telling on you coworkers, neighbors, and family? And sleepy people will line up to tell it all!

  5. Survival is under attack! Now the unwary will be herded to their demise. And the new reality creators will be held in great esteem by the “survival renouncers”….its the new age and everything is “good”!
    This is of course is a kind of justice, although distasteful, employed by the operators of the “Matrix” in their quest for mechanical purity!

  6. You realize the powers that be (which include those making our food and drug decisions (aka FDA) and psycholgical industry (aka Big Pharma) are getting a little bold now: putting this kind of information out there tells me they don’t have a clue where most people are when it comes to belief about health. We are created by a miraculous force which provides all our needs and absent interference by GMOs, toxins in food, fluoride in water, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, pesticides, and on and on, we are programmed for health. Our bodies are a miracle of survival and left to its own devices, finds health through homeostasis. But now-a-days this requires due diligence: we must do our homework to avoid the devious forces at work destroying our planet and our bodies. So go ahead and apply your labels to me. I am so happy to ignore your blatherings.

  7. Eat recycled food – it’s good for the environment and OK for you. Eat recycled food – be kind to your neighbors and share recycled food…

  8. I’m not seeing some of my earlier posts. Let’s see if this one makes it.

    I’ll ignore these obvious pyramid controlled mouthpieces blather about monitoring and controlling everything

    However, I would like to point two 2 people that we should all thank and support for their outstanding research and non-prescription and non-surgical cures of dangerous, possibly deadly diseases.

    1. Dr Linus Pauling – Patent and Research (available online) supporting a cure for heart disease using only nutritional supplementation

    “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral [a nutrient] deficiency”

    2. Dr. Rheaume-Bleue – Canada Naturopathic Doctor – Researched and published book on nutritional supplementation and cures. Among other things it also includes a completely difference means of curing heart disease than Dr Pauling.

    Interview available on YT and Mercola. Book on Amazon

  9. Not only has “natural, real” food become too expensive for most people to buy, it has become the darling of specialty stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Organic has become a misleading label and many E.coli recalls have come from this source. We can only buy what we can afford and have to become damn careful with that, as well. Always remember…………………………

    The weaker, sicker and more confused we are, the easier they can control us.

    Bon Appetit !

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