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by Zen Gardner

Give me a break. This Oslo story stinks to high heaven. And of course, the MSMedia’s going nuts on this one, directing the world’s attention accordingly. And this one’s perfect for the next stage.

“It’s Norway’s Oklahoma City”…”right wing connections”…”Christian fundamentalist”.

I get it – everyone’s a suspect. it’s the mainstream Mr. and Mrs. Normal we need to beware of–or so they’ll twist it.

Uh, by the way, that’s most of YOU!

OSLO — The Norwegian police on Saturday charged a 32-year-old man, whom they identified as a Christian fundamentalist with right-wing connections, over the bombing of a government center here and a shooting attack on a nearby island that together left at least 91 people dead.

The police said they did not know if the man, identified by the Norwegian media as Anders Behring Breivik, was part of a larger conspiracy. He is being questioned under the country’s terrorism laws, the police said, and is cooperating with the investigation of the attacks, the deadliest on Norwegian soil since World War II.

“We are not sure whether he was alone or had help,” a police official, Roger Andresen, said at a televised news conference. “What we know is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist.” So far Mr. Breivik has not been linked to any anti-jihadist groups, he said. Source

Observing Obvious Oslo

Where do you start with the “whodunnit”? The most obvious? Not the press. They discount that right off the bat. How conveeeenient.

Here’s the blatant facts surrounding the horrific events:

1. The bombing occurs right after Oslo declares a pro-Palestinian position and digs in against the IMF and EU..

2. The Columbine/Ft. Hood-like massacre takes places immediately following a Labour Youth League Summer Camp finishing a pro-Palestinian rally.  See here and here.

Will this aspect go reported? Oh no, that would seem anti-Semitic to imply Israel would make such a reprisal. They’ll mention it, only to pacify those that see the obvious, and then dispel it as nonsense.

Bonus: Oslo police were doing bomb exercises days before the event. here Sound familiar? How many times do we see this!

The Set Up

This guy’s in for a ride. This so smacks of the Oswald set up, the DC shootings inconsistencies, and the framing of Timothy McVeigh (and a host of other set-ups)  it makes my head spin:

SUNDVOLLEN, Norway (AP) — The 32-year-old man suspected in bomb and shooting attacks that killed at least 91 people in Norway bought six tons of fertilizer before the massacres, the supplier said Saturday as police investigated witness accounts of a second shooter.

Norway’s prime minister and royal family visited grieving relatives of the scores of youth gunned down in a horrific killing spree on an idyllic island retreat. A man who said he was carrying a knife was detained by police officers outside the hotel, as the shell-shocked Nordic nation was gripped by reports that Norwegian gunman may not have acted alone.

The suspect in police custody — a blonde blue-eyed Norwegian with reported Christian fundamentalist, anti-Muslim views — is suspected in both the shootings at Utoya island and a massive explosion that ripped through an Oslo high-rise building housing the prime minister’s office two hours earlier, killing seven people. He has been preliminarily charged with acts of terrorism. Source

What the? He was carrying a knife is all you got? Ah, but he’s the patsy, that’s all that matters.

The Blinding Mind Control Factor

They’re gonna go to town on this guy and his background. It’s headlines everywhere.

But, c’mon–a fertilizer bomb in the making? Could the story be any more pat? Besides the fact that a fertilizer bomb could in no way cause the damage to the Murrow Building like they claim, and several other military grade bombs were found in the building, the world responds to these buzz words and imagery. Mission accomplished.

That’s one form of mind control. The other is much more insidious.

What really fools the sheeple of the world is a profound ignorance of the fact that human thought and actions can be engineered, and easily manipulated. This will certainly get put under the “conspiracy nut” category almost immediately to the uninitiated blind and dumb sheep, but it’s a fact of the matrix we live in that will open the eyes of the truly Truth-hungry searcher.

They do that, and have for decades. That’s how many of these public, and black-op, assassinations are carried out, and especially these perfidious acts of terrorism and seemingly “senseless” shootings. But that’s only part of the story.

The act is pegged to a lead patsy who is the apparent killer, while true trained killers stalk their prey and make sure the job is drastic and done right. Study up on Columbine and see a perfect illustration how they use a two-fold method–the lead in who’s been set up with arms and internet background to be easily blamed, and the true assassins.

This isn’t to say regular people don’t “lose it” and do horrible things to each other. This is saying mind control  technology exists and is in rampant use by the powers that be. Google it and get a mind full, It’s very important to know about.

It’s OK for some…but not for others.

The Conspiracy Gambit and Cognitive Dissonance

That this article even mentions “conspiracy” in such a context almost leads me to believe the paid, directed and closely monitored and censored “author” of this story might actually be sending a coded message. Even touching this word is anathema to the MSM unless it’s surrounded by rounding ridicule.

Was he “letting it be known” he knows this is all a crock of BS? Nice to fantasize anyway.

Funny how that word can be used by “them” but not by any opposition. Does that seem a little strange to you?

That’s the desired result. To so confuse you that you shut your natural, normal, intuitive senses down so you’ll give up trying to figure it out and just lay quiet and swallow their swill. Behold our world today…it’s worked quite well.

We’ll see what shakes out as this story proceedes. Should be interesting how they profile the supposed perpetrators. The fact that the shooting at the camp has the exact same earmarks as the Columbine and Ft. Hood shootings–the “other gunmen” reported but not found–so far at least–and the stalking done by the gunman, is all just too eerily the same.



The shocking aspect of this latest event is it’s brazen overtness. But then again, so was 9/11, OK City, 7/7 and a host of others. Once again, we live in an Orwellian world of truth reversal.

What this Oslo event presents is an opportunity to expose the true perpetrators of terrorism–the NWO overlords and their minions, who carry out their terror via the Mossad, the CIA and a host of other agencies and black ops. Their trail of bloodshed needs to be exposed for what it truly is, and each event thoroughly dismantled by an active truth community.

There are some good people stuck in the media, let’s hope they help out in the awakening. Even if they try, we know their overlords will try to quash any resistance, but we can hope there are some valiant efforts made. it’s certainly worth it.

Meantime all awake and aware hands on deck. Maybe this latest terrorist attack by the PTBs will unravel and the truth be made manifest.

Let’s hope so, and keep on keeping on.

Love, Zen

Contributing alternative editor beforeitsnews.com



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  1. Doesn’t the fact that this guy was seen by those people on the island, shooting at them, and killing them, give you pause?

    Oswald may have been a patsy; no argument there. But whatever this man’s motive, he is no patsy. Were others involved? Maybe. Pro Israelis? Maybe.

    But it seems pretty damn conclusive, from all the horrified, eye witness, not to mention the police who caught him (luckily), that this guy did it.

    Not everything is a zionist or NWO conspiracy. A lot is, absolutely. But not everything. Use your head. You hurt the cause this way.

    • No one said he didn’t do it, but all we have is their word for it. You seem a little inclined to go for what we’ve been told. I don’t trust em one bit in this day and age.
      If he did do it, and it seems they wanted us to know it was him with his hat falling off and his blonde hair and white skin showing clearly, there’s a good chance he’s a plant, possibly an MKUltra agent in place. He also could have had help, as has been the case in other situations, to get the tally as high and outrageous as they can. I mean the fertilizer tie in didn’t give you a little hint?
      What are you thinking then? He’s white al Quaeda, or “fundamental extremist” like they’re leading you to believe? Cause that’s all they leave you with.
      Sorry, keep your wits. Defaulting to healthy skepticism will keep you free a lot longer than caving to the propaganda and the guilt you apparently feel for doubting before the so-called facts are in. That’s their conditioning. I didn’t say conclude ahead of time, just think clearly and know the possibilities ahead of time before their conditioning cement has a chance to harden in your mind.

  2. I believe the Oslo event was a false flag like OKC, 9/11, 7/7, etc…

    Here are a few notes I found:

    1. Norway to Pull out of Libya August 1st 2011
    2. Norway backs Palestinian bid for UN recognition in September 2011.
    3. Norway has oil.
    4. The globalists are pushing a white al CIAda as the new terroist. Now everyone is suspect.
    5. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg just attended the last Bilderberg meeting.
    6. “It’s a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring,” President Barack Obama said. Quote from SunSentinel.com

    Also, “Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg announced today that Norway will double the funds allocated to vaccines for poor countries to a total of 180 million US dollars per year. Norway will work closely with UK and the Gates Foundation on this vaccine program that will save 9 million children? in poor countries.”

    henrymakow (dot) com/left_norways_satanist_pm_j­ens.html

    The psychopaths that pull off these false flags are trying to rein in all countries to be controlled with the phony war on terror. Plus it looks like Norway acts independently. The are not part of the EU. I wonder if they have reconsidered giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. That was a terrible decision to say the least.

    This was a heartbreaking event. It took the police 90 minutes to arrive at the shooting site. The suspect…MKULTRA and then some.

  3. Oslo Mayor Stang asked whether Oslo needs greater security – “I don’t think security can solve problems. We need to teach greater respect”

    Very refreshing indeed. Healing. A light turned on.

  4. I agree with zen and susan

    I have already seen a picture of this kid with his free masonic girly suit on and a quote from a man that knows him that he is 3rd degree mason. it always comes back to the same group of people and the same secret satanic societies, you realy have to be brain dead not to see it !!! sorry if that hurt somones feelings but the TRUTH will remain the TRUTH.

  5. One thing about these “flash point” orchestrations, is that evryone gets to try to figure it out. What’s more, everyone figures it just slightky different. Then, of coarse they disagree somewhat, and muddle it over until, FLASH ! The Next One, and, the process continues anew.
    My own idea is not very original, which sort of puts me out of the enjoyably speculative creative thinking loop when it comes to these instances. It’s not as much fun as spinning wheels ’til the next FLASH ! but, as I’m convinced in my persuasion, I’m more or less stuck with what I believe is the truth.
    The incidents are incidental ! The bigger scene is, of coarse, the outcome. So as to keep me from typing too much, and you from reading too much, I’ll be concise on with my perspective.
    The Antichrist is methodically rising. The persecution of Christians is predicted. For those unschooled in this information, it is stated clearly in Mathew chapter 24, and in The Revelation, chapter 6, the 5th seal.
    This persecution must begin by some means, and there must be found some ‘reason’ for it. The Christian is about to become the ‘boogyman’. That is what I believe this is leading to.

    Oh just to clarify any confusion, the antichrist persecutes all religion, the Muslim persecutions are not inconsistent with his venue. “he exalts himself above all that is worshiped”.

  6. Extract from Anders Behring Breivik’s (Norwegian Zionist Terrorist) manifesto:
    ?”Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of a threat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us. So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.”

    The manifesto:

    Note, that a big part of the manifesto is plagiarism from another essayist called Fjordman.

  7. Correction: It is a plagiat of Ted Kaczynski’s manifest:

    “One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is leftism, so a discussion of the psychology of leftism can serve as an introduction to the discussion of the problems of modern society in general.

    7. But what is leftism? During the first half of the 20th century leftism could have been practically identified with socialism. Today the movement is fragmented and it is not clear who can properly be called a leftist. When we speak of leftists in this article we have in mind mainly socialists, collectivists, “politically correct” types, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists and the like. But not everyone who is associated with one of these movements is a leftist. What we are trying to get at in discussing leftism is not so much a movement or an ideology as a psychological type, or rather a collection of related types. Thus, what we mean by “leftism” will emerge more clearly in the course of our discussion of leftist psychology.”

    Anders Behring Breiviks manifest:

    “One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is multiculturalism, so a discussion of the psychology of multiculturalists can serve as an introduction to the discussion of the problems of Western Europe in general.

    But what is multiculturalism or Cultural Communism? The movement is fragmented and it is not clear who can properly be called a cultural Marxist. When we speak of cultural Marxists in this article we have in mind mainly individuals who support multiculturalism; socialists, collectivists, “politically correct” types, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists, environmentalists etc.

    But not everyone who is associated with one of these movements support multiculturalism. What we are trying to get at in discussing cultural Marxists is not so much a movement or an ideology as a psychological type, or rather a collection of related types.”

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