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Our Reality Redefined – But Don't Accept It


by Zen Gardner

You might be noticing the old notions of the world around us are slipping away. Just as the new milky, metallic skies are now integrated into society and taken for granted as the norm, many other physical and societal aspects of our world have been devolved by our societal engineers and adopted by the mass psyche.

And it leaves the uninformed empty, confused, dazed and finally numb and complacent.

Ah, peace at last. Just stop struggling, future droids.

Meet the new world peace. An engineered environment of exhausted spirits who finally give in to the bombardment of reversed truths, cognitive dissonance, denials, omitted information and state propaganda.

And a techno-hell of manipulated weaponized information driven into a seduced mind.


“Why struggle? It’s no use.” says the failing human spirit. “I’m not seeing what I think I’m seeing. The skies have always been like this, or there’s some good reason. Endless wars are good and keep us safe. So does surveillance and the loss of privacy. And the wealthy must deserve more because they always seem to stay on top and get more.” etc. etc.

So help me, government.

And so the military triumphantly occupies America and the West’s streets. After all, we’re under attack.

By them. But who’s looking.

Once again, Orwell gets outdone.

Boldly Stated Fallacies

“The war on terror!” screams from every system megaphone and implanted neural response. Nothing but baseline stimulus/response manipulation. As it is with the money scam, the media, our education paradigm, you name it.

Mr. Scam Man is bringing you a dream!

Trouble is so few identify it for what it is. They fight inside the prescribed parameters amongst themselves, but never step outside to see the mind-altering Truth that the whole show is staged by nefarious manipulators. Wayyyy too humbling.

When you face the facts you come up with new, empowering realities. There ARE these nefarious forces trying to control everything and there ARE multitudes of mind-numbed, indoctrinated drones now in existence that are set to fulfill the wishes of such a wicked source.

How’s dem apples? Capische, or no?

What Else Are We Duped About? “Let Me Count the Ways….”

–The war on terror is an elaborate hoax.

–The medical industry is owned by money making mongrels who don’t care about you.

–Politics is a show, an annual distraction, a farce. You have no voice. It’s pretend to vent your sense of participation.

–Food isn’t food. It’s altered and the obesity, diabetes, gene altering and other diseases are all planned.

–Radiation, oil spills and even weather incidents are readily induced. Humanity is being subdued and reduced.

–Giant ETC. Find out for yourself where this all leads…the list is long….

That Enough?

Probably not. Our current social milieu dictates an otherwise very strange, shallow reality:…what do I look like? Am I cool? Will I fit in with the contemporary shallow scene?


It’s that far gone. People’s needs are defined by the media and social networking norms. And these are being redefined by the day. Shifting colors, MCs, motifs, seeming social standards, all are subjectively set to whomever is controlling the TV set.

Enjoying it? Cuz it’s determining your future!

Or not….if you bust out.


Don’t fall for it. Look for the assumed descriptions and assumptions and get free. Don’t be had. Stay awake and alert, and advise your loved ones to do the same.

There’s always hope for the living and un-asleep.

Best advice? Snap out of it and get yourself to consciousness.

It’s all easy from there.




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  1. If there ever was a simply put, easy to understand wake up call, this was it! This deserves to be made into a brochure and distributed. Thank you Zen

  2. The zengardner.com site is redefining reality in its own way. This same topic was posted showing a date of Sept 1 and had 3 comments a while ago. Now it shows Sept 3 and none.

  3. How many Einstein or Teslas has this planet had?
    Why 1 of each…of course.
    Great minds are hard to come by, and that in itself should alarm people for many reason, but one in specific, so follow my thinking here.
    This hidden plan for the world…lets call it transhumanism if you will, has been going on for hundreds of years if not thousands.

    The rich bankers who people claim are at the top of the pyramid are not geniuses by any stretch…they are simple cut throat scoundrels who have no problem committing atrocities when they do not get their way….and people know this, so they Always get their way.
    So, who is it then…that is orchestrating humanities walk into the singularity and has been for a very long time?
    If you claim any one of the numerous think tanks or secret groups, societies, again I would have to say no, not even close.

    For the sake of arguing, lets say there was One banker, who just happened to be born as a genius many thousands of years ago…and came up with this idea of ensnaring mankind in an iron spider web, don’t you think that when he died….the drive, focus, intelligence would soon evaporate leaving the average people scrambling while they tried to carry on his Master 5D plan before it fell flat on its face?
    But the truth of the matter is, the Plan is as Fresh today as it was when it was first conceived, and it has not missed a beat nor tripped itself up once.
    Nay…it is dynamic, ever changing and being tweaked here and there, as it creeps forward.
    Further more, some humans in politics are so committed and eager to help in mankinds enslavement, that they outwardly salivate with the thought of its completion nearing.
    They act like a kept dog being dangled a bone…but who is their Master? and what is the bone?
    If I would let my intuition speak, I will state that the bone being promised is physical immortality in some form and the Master is a race of beings far more advanced than ours, who have fallen to earth in search of its resources…which are beings stripped away unseen.

    But it seems that for some reason acceptance has to be given on our part.
    This technicality was taken care of though, through the invention of governments.
    You can see that almost every government on this planet has sold out…with the few holdouts under siege even as I write.
    Our first Big mistake, was giving our authority over to a government.

    So, after the world has been basically trashed, and the air unfit to breath without a respirator…humanity will be offered a contract. To be born into a virtual reality program where everyone can live forever doing what they wish, inside a piece of silicon.
    That will be the selling feature…do what ever you want in a clean, green, virtual reality.
    A kind of step down in the fractal plane, if you get my meaning…since we are already living in a virtual reality, per se.
    But this new offering, if people accept it will turn ugly…more ugly than they can even imagine. Souls being tormented for eternity without escape of death.

    The one weapon we have at our disposal is free will. We must choose both individually and collectively to reject this downward spiral that technology is taking mankind on…and shut it all down…Now !
    Cell Towers, Gone…WiFi Towers, Gone….TV Towers, Gone….Satellites sent on a collision course with the sun, HAARP units dismantled ect ect ect…
    ALL this technology has been given to us to very, Very slowly guide us into an electronic pen and conclusion that we scarcely notice being built up around us.
    We must turn our backs completely on technology and the singularity that they wish to herd mankind into….and begin to live and Die the way it was meant to be.
    It is not too late to save our species or yourselves.
    We must reach out to the young before they do.
    It’s not too late, but tomorrow in your mind Is too late.
    Now is the time.

    • Powerful. I agree with much of your take. The race to transhumanism is surreal and so few see its implications. Reminds me of Einstein’s quote, you can’t fix a problem in the same state of consciousness that created it, only applying it to man’s limited take on what real change would involve. Most have no flipping idea but just see it in 2D. As you said, the electromagnetic pen is a big part of it…as are the chemical, nuclear, genetic, mental, psychological, medical, educational and military pens etc.
      They sure fear our waking up…that’s something empowering to ponder!…love, Zen

    • Brilliantly written. Yes, perhaps the most intriguing question of all: “Who is orchestrating it all?” Hmmmm, will we ever know for sure? As we all move forward, it really does seem more and more to be coming from outside of our limited 5-sense reality holographic world, doesn’t it?

      I still stand back in amazement that even after 11 years now, although more people are waking up to the truth of 9/11, will it ever matter? Jon Corzine, former governor of NJ and head of GS, steals several billion dollars. Everyone knows he did it, but nothing comes of it. Obama and Holder – fast & furious – and again nothing! Our government purchases 1.4 billion bullets. Any word from our illustrious main stream media about it? Nope?

      It crazy land for sure, but something else for sure is that it’s all coming to a head very, very soon. We all feel it.

      Will the grand wizard of darkness be revealed then? Makes you wonder….

      • Yes Gus, what revelations will break forth?! Should be very interesting. If you look at the exponential growth of “alternative” knowledge and awareness since the Internet kicked into gear, it points towards something pretty big…which is why they’re trying to put a cap on it. Just as we sometimes feel it’s “too late” to avoid the engineered social cataclysm, maybe the diametrically opposed “awakening” it too big and it’s too late to stop??!! Happy thought, eh? I mean c’mon, they’re trying to contain or stop consciousness?? talk about insanity. Their lack of empathy and all the good stuff only spells their demise. Expect to see major slip ups and inadvertent admissions and the like…should be fun! – Z

    • All true, though I might have said it differently (but not much), you are right on point.
      The Alien Agenda, with documented government collusion, is upon us. It’s the high price of technology exchange.

      “You will be assimilated”, is already underway.

      I may just start referring to it as ‘The Borg’ !

      • Absolutely! I can remember in youth just knowing that if I took a walk in a certain intuitively perceived direction I would meet that certain someone; who, had also had that same thought concerning me. Hell it was so common back in the day, the idea was even put in song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoLD9Y_oR5Y&feature=related

        People hardly communicate face to face any longer. We’ve become distant and compartmentalized; and, even if we are like minded, the dynamic of a free ranging group is gone. We are distant, and suffer a solitary confinement of sorts in the midst of the throng of others.

        The only ‘groups’ are staged events organized by those tasked to lead the opposition

        Natural Intuition and Sense are being atrophied. The brain circuits and receptors are already being programed through using computers, ‘the electric uiji boards’.

        Soon you’ll be able to download Google directly into the cerebral cortex, ( and Google will be able to download you, with even greater efficiency than it does now).

        • ok, ok, ok

          I hate the term OUIJA being referred to the computer/technology. It is freakin me out. I see its truth. OMG!!

          But what if ??? We are where we are supposed to be, and…. all is as it should be???

          If we are all connected to consciousness and we are giving consciousness our experiences. Does this not mean that the PTB”S are also doing the same because this is what the Source wants???

          If we live in a duality world yin yang, then what is good for me is not necessarily good for you? Sometimes I question if what people do is what they think is right and it just end up being wrong for some?? duality??

          I know that as I go out and about my world it gives me new revelations to what I thought. ie.. electronic ouija board = computors/ internet??? OMG!!

          Daily it appears that time (evolution) is speeding up and the singularity is getting exponentially closer. I do not believe that Mother Nature will let the convergence of man and tech take place and we are in for a big BABOOM. OH WELL live life one day at a time and enjoy the ride for what it is.

          Happiness is an inside job! (church sign)

          Balance and Awareness


    • J,

      New towers/antenna are suddenly appearing nationwide with ‘wide range’ broadcast of 20,000 MGZ frequency , a 2000 X increase of microwave radiation ! (Until now towers/antennas were below just 10 MGZ).

      Replacing DNA with synthetics to enslave consciousness eternally, with no death/wormhole.

      It was about 5 years ago that we Russian deathwalkers first began to encounter a death/wormhole ‘barrier’ forming, making it increasingly difficult to die and reach the infinite elevator.

      The way its been until recently, most reach the elevator but are unable to operate it, so they just reincarnate or stay in the nursery.

        • Antennasearch.com . New far-reaching microwave towers appearing are 20,000 frequency, which is 2X the 10 MHZ. (MHZ means 1000 x whatever the number is)

          The brain operates at 72-90 MHZ, and the heart right at 76.5 , which they are sneaking up towards…completely overwhelming both organs.

          And with just the flip of a switch, the entire grid of towers/antennas can be turned into a literal electric chair for all of biological life.

          Also…deadly Teraherz (THZ)grids are increasing worldwide – LINK>


          So YES , wormhole navigation is the deal…body… , or not !

          EVERY little subtlety… is either honing wormhole navigation, …or losing it.

          Ones motivation is key.

          We are considering a website something like wormholenavigation.

    • I came across something today which describes just what you’re talking about: A think tank called GF2045 – Future Human Evolution. Their idea is that by 2045 they’ll be able to somehow transplant human consciousness into a robotic ‘avatar’ which will live forever. ‘Neo-Human evolution’, they call it. Hmmm, playing God, are they! Barking Mad! Sounds like a combination of ‘Brave New Word’ and the Borg in Star Trek – and of course no mention of free will, none whatsoever.

  4. “Meet the new world peace. An engineered environment of exhausted spirits who finally give in to the bombardment of reversed truths, cognitive dissonance, denials, omitted information and state propaganda.”

    Has it always been so? I really do not know, not having been witness to those preceding times.

    I have seen those things which have progressed within the confines of my own life span to date. I also have learned some little history, and that sparse bit which I can recall readily, surely must be at least slanted, or may have been fabricated.

    Things never where, ever, ideal; at least as far as I can reckon form the aforementioned references. From these though, I also recognize a tremendous escalation.

    The historical, and the observed, dissatisfaction with a world gone awry; perhaps a pebble upon a cliff side in bygone days, has become a present avalanche.

    Then, looking at ‘the world’ I would differentiate with great emphasis two definitions that are, often times more than not, in conflict. They are ‘the world’ as creation; and, ‘the world’ as the imposed system of governance.

    Perceiving ‘the creation’, the order and purpose, as well as the inherent potentials appear upon reflection to be self evident; or, at least we would suppose them to be to any one taking them into consideration.

    In juxtaposition to this intuitive comprehension, we have an imposed politic: that, for all intents and purposes not only stands indifferent to what all men can easily comprehend as natural and normal, and perhaps a governance of and by nature; but seem intently Hellbent on it’s destruction.

    This ‘the world’ has been pointed out as a terminal malignancy, now systemic in proportion, by former enlightened beings. Even in it’s infant and less destructive days, it was castigated due to it’s nature. It was seen as the seed potential of what it has blossomed to become; therefore was the critique placed upon it, and rightfully so, as something to be warned against, and distanced from.

    I do not posses the solutions to the reformation of this monstrosity. They may not exist in truth, as the beast can hardly be reformed from within. The only ones I ever heard alluding to ‘changing the system from the inside’, were; already compromised, comfortable, and inside. Once in that situation their destiny was set, despite all the platitudes.

    I’m not well versed in all spiritual disciplines, though I am in some. Those that I do have a good understanding of, have viewed dealing with this political aspect of ‘the world’ from two very similar positions.

    The first is ‘separation’ that is; being through constraints of necessity forced to live on the planet where this ‘system’ pervades (now intending for “full spectrum dominance” in the most terrible idea of ‘that’ one could imagine) and, yet, not a part of it.

    The other is ‘renunciation’: again, being constrained to live on the same planet; but, renouncing all that it offers. ( renouncing the depravity etc. that infest the political system, as well as that system itself, as spawned with inherent malady encapsulated; then, ever thereby insufficient to the task it portends to fulfill)

    In former days wiser beings drew marked ‘lines in the sand’, and all things across that line were part of ‘The World’. This side the line, the moral compass was sure and sound; and the other side potential disaster.

    Then, the other side of the line presented itself more innocuous, and developed a following, even apologists. They’ve overwhelmed now, and are all we hear, where before we heard more soothing sound. We are there, where, we were warned we would arrive.

    YET, the line remains, there, in the sand. All we need do is find it, step across out of ‘The World’ and abide there. It’s (The World) all bad; and it has ever been so, and was headed always in the direction of it’s present destination.

    The solutions, on the individual level, have always been very similar. They are ‘separation’ and ‘renunciation’.

    • Eloquent, Soni. “The World” could also be called the matrix, that which is designed to control and harness humanity. David Icke’s take on this is very clear, as well as empowering. And again shows the reality of true consciousness and oneness with the Infinite is our strength and refuge. Religions have hijacked and bastardized this but that’s what they’re referring to when they say God is their refuge. They just abdicated their participation in it all, at least most have. Imagine if the armies of the religious woke up? Ha! Instead they’re ripe and ready for Project Bluebeam and the new world savior. Unless we can get the word out sufficiently…now there’s a happy thought. 😉 Love you, Zen

  5. Great! Tx Zen!
    Had this the other day. Got an email from a friend: they have to chemtrail, the gulf stream is changing and it’s high time to do something against the global warming.

    Great, really! Months of talking and giving web links – one report in TV and everything is a waste of time and energy!

    George, help me!


    Damn right! TX! ;D

  6. Zen consistently sticks the pin of ‘consciousness’ in the numb human bumb of slumber; but like many a drugged individual, more and more pins seem necessary to get some spark of consciousness to manifest in the advert saturated neocortex.

    Wow, it’s dark grey virtual reality dreamland out their! To the cliff – to the cliff! Lets all fall off and and when we wake-up again it will surely be a better world! “A worse nightmare” I think you mean. And the dream turns more and more sour as each ‘needle affect’ wears off and another is sought to maintain the illusion that one is still ALIVE!

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” someone said – and they were right. One day we will cease sticking the pins in. Remember this my friends. One day you are going to have to administer your own wake-up calls. You will have to set the alarm yourselves – unprompted – and remember what it is one has to do each hour and each day of one’s life in order to gain the strength to turn around and face the self imposed decay; see it for what it is and finally dispense with it and set yourselves/ourselves free.

    That is the first day we genuinely start helping ourselves and our world to recover from the Orwellian trance of cybernetic death that sneeres down on all who refuse consciouseness.. Open the blinds. Draw your sword. Pull back your bow string. Turn to face reality. Let the warrior awake in you. Do it NOW. Om.

  7. Zen , thanks for all your great articles ! So true and to the point . I live in Australia and here the same crap is going down as in the US . Lots of stealth missions and poisons everywhere . Some people are waking up …
    slowly . The brainwashed , intoxicated masses can only see as far as the next football game , beer and paycheck . Non- compliant folks like me are outcast , ridiculed and attacked everywhere . We get called ” negative ” in this age of doublespeak . So one becomes a hermit to limit the status quo BS . If people would read your blog instead of watching TV the world would be on the way to victory over the mega-thugs as mass-consciousness would rise and become the new norm based on truth instead . THAT would be truly sustainable globally and allow life to go on as it was designed to : by the law of nature and the universe .
    Much love and gratitude to you and all real people

  8. Referring to your answer to Soni…You’re right and that is why people are so submissive to authority. We have been trained and retrained to submit to God, Jesus-Christ, church ministers and worse, our endoctinated parents! So today it’s very hard for some people to break away and learn to fly on their own with broken wings. For the most part they are resourceless, they have no where to go on the inside. A lot of indigo children were born in those families to show them the way. My 70 year old cousin who is still strong in his church just said to me the other day…”Gotta believe in something!” Argh!

  9. Absolutely.
    And Boldarn, I relate to your experiences.
    “Make the lie big and keep repeating it”….
    The lie is everything and everywhere.
    Far too much for most of the punter’s world-view.
    It’s not recoverable and it’s not here.
    Keep on spreading information and also do what you can to raise your consiousness.
    Keep informed – and then make informed decisions – but don’t get lost in the crap.
    If you look too long, it stares back.
    This is a sifting process and it’s out one-by-one.
    Thanks Zen.

  10. Whether and to whatever extent any of us gives up our individual power to the collective , we exist and will exist as individuals. And we will die as either a collective or an individual. Free will operates at all time; even the free will to relinquish it. For me, this understanding is the most freeing of all concepts. True freedom does not rest on how many others anyone can persuade to embrace it. To share the concept is a gift one gives of his/her Self.

    Zen, with every article you write, you give of yourself; yet such a gift is not the dimenishment it would be were you encouraging others to relinquish some liberty or other for the illusion of security from decision making from cradle to grave.

  11. ” The solutions, on the individual level, have always been very similar. They are ‘separation’ and ‘renunciation’. ”

    Yes, Religion has for the most part been ‘highjacked’. It is obvious with the ‘Big Three’ Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Westerners, through unfamiliarity with the others, would not so easily detect the mischief in those spheres; but, it does exist there as well.

    The defection from truth being lead by the public relations spokesmen, and power pundits of all of them: a betrayal into collusion with ‘the world’ or ‘the matrix’, has blackened the eye of religion.

    No doubt the same phenomena will manifest within those alternatives many espouse, given time and organizational structure. We can’t skirt time, but we don’t have to join anything. Skepticism, and critical thinking need to be our watch words; especially, now that the whole is being understood as ‘the matrix’. Add the idea of ‘Transhumanism’ into the recipe, and we see “The Borg”, of Star Trek fame, materializing on the horizon.

    Never the less, any who have endeavored to apply the principles of some religious ideas in sincerity, have often found themselves at odds with the very representatives ( I like to call them P.R. men, and even that is being complimentary) of those so called Religions.

    It’s the conflict of symbol vs. substance, of faux vs. the genuine article, of charade vs. the real thing.

    In any case I am somewhat familiar with two; and, those are Christianity and Buddhism. Genuine Christianity has substantially been founded on the ‘Separation’ from ‘the matrix’. Genuine Buddhism has substantially been founded on ‘Renunciation’ of ‘the matrix’.

    Both ideas have similarities, and differences, from their own perspectives. Interestingly both, in their pristine versions, oppose ‘the matrix’.
    Here are some examples on each.

    (1John 2:15-,16). “15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world” .

    “Most broadly, renunciation can be understood as a letting go of whatever binds us to ignorance and suffering. The Buddha taught that genuine renunciation requires thoroughly perceiving how we make ourselves unhappy by grasping and greediness. When we do, renunciation naturally follows, and it is a positive and liberating act, not a punishment.”

    You may also conveniently ‘copy and paste’ the headings, in capital letters, into the Google search box for further investigation.

  12. Great article. Very important to watch how the language is being manipulated. I noticed this most recently on my commute from work. Suddenly at a very large casino that I pass by, it announced that the first Tuesday of every month is “Veteran’s Day,” with all kinds of deals for that group of folks. Yesterday, I noticed the sign had changed. Now it reads “Military Day” the first Tuesday of every month. Start small, then expand the celebration of war. I guess that way they don’t have to give perks to a small set of people, but rather get the population to engage in a universal way of thinking, no perks required.
    Thanks for the article zen.

    • Good observation, Sis. Look at ball games too and how the military is always honored—ultimate competition being war…college has heavy duty programming especially. Whatta load. Remember pre-Obama how much anti-war rhetoric? Now? Nada, zero, zilch, zip. In fact it’s considered unAmerican. Duh, sure is now!- Take care, Z

  13. hello brother. ive been reading you for quite a while now, and decided i should leave you a message. i love you brother zen. i cant put into words how nice it is to see my reflection. i look forward to our reunion in the bardo.

  14. I like all the articles here. I read this one last night. Today, I’ve had the opportunity to read the comments as there weren’t any earlier. All of you people have great ideas and I love reading them. Let me add mine.

    There is a series of books by Baird T. Spalding tha
    t is called “The life and teaching of the masters of the far east”. I’ve read these books 2 or 3 times.

    Actually Baird T. Spalding was part off an expedition starting in India in the late 1800s. The group of people were engineers, scientists and writers mostly. What they documented about what they discovered is amazing. Seems there were quite a few fully enlightened individuals that could do many amazing things like teleportation, walking on water, disembodiment (their bodies being 2 places at once). The communities they lived in can probably be best described as similar to the way the Essenes lived in Jesus’ time.

    See if you read these books, you might be soothed by believing as I do. ( DeVorss publications is the only source I believe they are still available). I am lead to believe that this is what ascension will be like. A complete blending of consciousness, religion (spirituality), and humanity. If what was witnessed and documented is true, it could be that a whole lot of Jesus’, Buddahs’, could be about to form from us ordinary people. I sure want to be one of them.

    If this sounds crazy, check out the sixth book where Baird T. Spalding was supposed to give a speech in Toronto at 6:00 pm and was telling a person about it in New York City late that same afternoon. Seems somehow he made it in time to give his speech.

    I only mention this all because, if this were to happen, our present problems would become moot rather quickly. There is a part in these books where the real Jesus and Buddah show up. At one point, a large band of bandits are descending upon one of their villages with the intent of doing really bad things. Jesus (the real one) held up his hand and sent all of their negative energy back upon them and hurt them (knocked off horses, immobilized, etc.). The people of the village immediately went to them and administered medical care.

    Sort of like Neo not having to dodge bullets?
    You think the negative forces on our planet would be a little worried about facing a whole shitload of Neos at one time? I always try to remember – If I feel fear, it means I don’t trust God enough.


    • Here are volumes one through three in PDF format’

      Volume I – http://www.horuscentre.org/images/Life_and_Teaching-Vol_1.pdf

      Volume II – http://www.horuscentre.org/images/Life_and_Teaching-Vol_2.doc.pdf

      Volume III – http://www.horuscentre.org/images/Life_and_Teaching-Vol_3.doc.pdf

      The Himalayan Regions are indeed “different”.

      Even in the very conservative atmosphere of Buddhism there remains there a certain mystic behind it all.

      There are no shortage of marvels, even within the Buddhist traditions there. Legends of adepts such as Milarepa and Marpa are still revered.

      It’s an interesting history, and full of surprises.

      The (forced) conversion to Buddhism replaced The Bon religion, one who’s even most superficial trappings display something vaguely recognizable as genuine; but long dismissed.

      What preceded Bon may have been even more transcendental.

      Most of the intriguing mystic in Tibetan Buddhism owes it’s existence to elements of Bon woven into the fabric to make it more acceptable to the local aesthetic.

      Here is a Bon dance. You will notice the similarity to Tibetan Buddhist dances; which, had developed from Bon.


      Here are two interesting documentaries on Bon. These are both ‘Part I’, and the other parts can be gotten from there.



      Every new order destroys the truths inherent in it’s predecessor. Buddhism wiped out Bon almost entirely.

      Centuries later, Communist China did the same to Buddhist Tibet.

      Now, in Tibet, the Chinese Communist have restored the ‘fascade’ of Tibetan Buddhism, as a tourist attraction.

      In a side note, in Jan. 1967, I was wounded in Operation Cedar Falls, in the Republic of South Vietnam. The area of that operation was Cu Chi, famous for it’s Viet Cong tunnel complexes. (nearly an Asian ‘Wonder of The World)

      Now The Tunnels of Cu Chi are a tourist attraction and comparable to America’s Valley Forge in significance. They differ only in that they also boast an authentic theme park attraction.

      There, (for a small fee) you can don Viet Cong garb, and shoot AK 47’s at American targets; or, if you prefer, you can don replicated American garb, and fire M16’s at Viet Cong targets.

      I guess if you’re more a pascifist, you can book a vacation at the restored Shaolin Monastery, or Taoist Wudang Mountain, complete with Communist Chinese acrobats that you can take your picture with.

  15. In a nutshell its the Reptilians that have done all this and ppl plus governments have sold us out thinking they’re getting a good deal for them and theirs out of it! They are mistaken and will suffer the most if this plan by these control freak entites is completed. But some how I reckon consciousness will prevail!

  16. Zen, allow me to share an email I wrote to a friend this morning that bears on the very subject you broach. It follows below:


    This morning I awoke with a fierce desire to write a whole book about familiarity breeding contempt. When I checked my emails, I saw that it was on your mind, too, and eloquently put.

    That familiarity breeds contempt, contempt breeds hatred, and hatred breeds war is the root cause of all horror related to mankind. There is nothing man suffers that is not directly related to this mental/emotional/spiritual disease. Although a handful of others, such as you, may know about it, I must be the only flesh on earth that is wholly immune to it in the respect that it has no refuge in me whatsoever, as I have never met another like me. I must have been born immune. Anything with which I become familiar has always deepened my liking and respect so long as said familiar resisted the disease even in the slightest way that allowed me to continue without being attacked by the familiar itself. However, I have not met another that was immune to the routine kinds of contempt that familiarity unerringly breeds in every chunk of human flesh I have touched in this life. Obviously, this does not mean that only I exist among the billions in a state of immunity of this kind. It only means that if others exist, I have not met one yet. But I’m only 73. Who can say what the next 73 years may hold? I could still meet such another, right? I know you are aspiring, but not there yet.

    I call it, “The Honeymoon Effect.” Almost everybody comes on wearing their very finest hats, especially politician types. But as we get closer to one another, the hats begin to deteriorate and the other dude begins trying to kick me in the ass about half the time.

    This point spells that the honeymoon is over. No more nice hats. Familiarity has done its work. Does this sound familiar? Well, my hat never changes. I am always a nice guy until I begin getting kicked in the balls just because somebody I know assumes that he/she knows me well enough to use my balls for a punching bag only because they are there (familiarity has bred contempt, non?)

    I have been amazed since I Awoke in August 1968 that this is true. But guess what, nobody I have ever held orientation with on this subject has admitted to having a honeymoon period such as I describe. Everybody is just like I am: they love and love and love (i.e., are benign) until they get kicked in the balls; then they react out of sheer self-defense, but are never, ever the aggressor. Then, if I allow enough time for the honeymoon period of our familiarity to end, they kick me in the balls, forgetting everything they told me. Is this classical denial?

    If there were others like me (in whom the mere fact of familiarity does not breed any contempt at all), surely I would have met at least one in my daily life that could leastwise play-act as if he/she were immune, too. But in the world of mankind, lack of immunity to said disease: familiarity breeds contempt, is as prevalent as the air one breathes.

    And yet, as obvious and dominant as this sickness is in the world, it is the single most reality of all that ANYBODY could easily awaken to and admit, but which just a handful of souls I have ever known could personally imagine though it is all be laid out for them. Everybody denies it. It’s just too horrific to grasp. Excepting only the rarest and most special individuals, all flee backwards from me yelling, “NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! I’m not that way.” (Then, if they get to know me long enough to allow familiarity to season–i.e., the “honeymoon” ends–they kick me in the balls. Fortunately, my balls are made of steel. They’ve been kicked A LOT.)

    That familiarity breeds contempt could be THE most denied fault mankind has in a whole arsenal of faults. Thus, I feel that the greatest gift one could give oneself and the world would be to root that mental illness out of him/herself and kill it, as it’s nothing but a parasite like a bedbug or flea, sucking the life out of its host. Imagine it, bedbugs and fleas (metaphors for “familiarity breeds contempt”) rule the whole earth. Should it be any wonder that the world is finally breaking down after thousands of years in which contempt bred simply of familiarity and ought else, has ruled all that time?

    I can only say, “YAY! HOORAY! Bring on the end.”

    Post Script: thus, dear Zen, the evil that breeds contempt for the familiar must be eradicated in oneself first, and all else will follow. From what I am able to gather after reading you for a while, I think you could have made the grade. You are a fortunate man even to get close to it. But then, there has been no honeymoon period between us yet and I can’t know for sure. When/if the honeymoon ends is the unerring sign, after all. If you never kick me in the balls, I will know for sure. :)

    What might the whole world be if the singular mental/spiritual aberration, contempt for the familiar, did not exist within every individual? The first thing it would mean is that people holding the reins of government power in the world would be as I am, immune, and they would wait to kick anybody else in the balls until they got kicked themselves, and that purely in self-defense, to be on their way again when hostilities ended, holding no grudges. All else would trickle down into what, a heaven on earth?

  17. I have been trying to see if there is ‘help’ from the system claimed to exist by Hindu theology. What happens at any point in time is determined by YUGA or AGE . Unfortunately, the standard interpretation is that this is the KALI Age and we have only completed about 5,000 out of 432,000 years. Thus, it seems futile to resist. Other scholars have gone back to the computation of the length of the yugas, conceived in the Kali age itself, and found errors. According to researchers, the Kali Age is about to end…in 2025. Given the Cosmic machinery, all that remains is the dissolution of the present and the rebirth of a golden age.

    According to Hinduism, the world is for the ‘drama’ of God. He has designed the creation Cycles and enters the equation to destroy the unrighteous and save the good. There is no free ride. As much as hope builds on knowing that there is help for the good, the Cosmic superstructure cannot be verified beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is experiential evidence for the existence of a God……God is mis-cast as determiner of fortunes and material well-being. “Let go..and let God’…might be the wrong decision. “Fight back’ is always the best option, though the sleeping majority might declare that to be unrighteous or insane.

    The changes that will result in the end of the Kali Age are 2-fold….the evil elites are continuing their plan towards a smaller futuristic society perhaps with gross destruction of the earth’s surface while they hide in their bunkers. The groans, squeaks and unearthly noises in certain places are nothing more than the construction of underground cities. The 2nd change is in the reduction of interference on the consciousness caused by something that no longer functions. It could be the death of the AVATAR OF THE NIGHT, but one can’t rule out help from the cosmic super-structure. The 2 eternal camps of good and evil are becoming aligned for confrontation. But, the dice is still loaded for the evil elites and the majority of the masses. According to the literature on how the ages change, there will be both natural and man-made destruction followed by renewal and reconstruction. If an Avatar of God shows up, the wicked will meet their demise. It seems that the Elites, who know Hinduism, think that this is their chance for salvation. It is a belief that when evil is slain by God, they get salvation. It is a belief too, that evil demonic types have been cursed to play those roles. So much for beliefs!

    What is more real and current is that the Elites know how to put people to sleep and keep them sleeping. They know how to give life to the darkness within. Money has drawn to itself, all the adherents of God…and the Atheists too. Money gives life to the dark side. To accumulate money awakes all the dark side ‘talents’ and more. The Elites have given the masses new options by which the ‘trickle down’ can flow back into their pockets. Technology, social media and updated retail items are there to live and die for. The old combo of alcohol, sex and drugs work much better now. So, the masses are more asleep now than before…..unless calamity strikes.

    Awake people are having a difficult time by the asleep masses or even sleep-walkers….the latter are people who talk the talk of the awake but don’t live it! It is difficult to live with people whose every action or word supports the lies of the system. More-over, they view people who behave differently and believe differently, as insane. Then again, the masses are anchored to the bedrock of games, consumerism, pleasures and ego-building. The evil women, their sons and their pimps run the societal system as a tin-god government. God is not allowed to run things from intuition. This human government use their dark side powers to control things and to force their will on other people. If you fight them or are different from them, they deny you material sustenance. They control jobs and government services. satan in human bodies is the problem. They have the karma that deserves destruction. The guilty cannot evade punishment forever! Fight back!

    • Hey Pandava

      For your reference, take a read of The Letter to The Ephesians, and The Letter to The Colossians, both in the New Testament. You’ll find the same idea alluded to, though you’ll never hear it from a Christian pulpit. Be sure to ponder the words accurately, without glossing over them.

      Then, on your idea of ‘ages’ (Yugas) from Hindu tradition; well, this idea strikes me as very plausible. I studied some Hindu thought once.

      I think if you can get an ‘overview’ it will help you sort out the seeming confusion. As far back as you can go on it will be the Vedic Culture. It’s source as being found in India by way of an Aryan invasion is now highly disputed. For your own quest I would guess that the fact that it existed would suffice.

      A priest hood who conducted sacrifice to a pantheon of ‘gods’ is indicated. Because, that another form of insight, meditative in nature, and often termed indigenous coexisted lends to the idea of the Aryan invasion.

      Over time the two were synthesized. From the meditative traditions came the ideas of Atman and Brahman. I find these more interesting.

      Ironically, it was from these that Buddhism and Jainism were sourced; which then denied the idea of both god and soul. How’s that for a see change?

      Try to get an ‘overview’, it will be really helpful. Despite it’s many criticisms, Wikipedia has a good synopsis of Hinduism, with abundant linked content.

      I don’t think that much of Hinduism is what many are searching for, sacrifices and offerings, numerous deities and rituals etc. I think the metaphysical side of Hinduism is what they are intrigued by.

      This is the most concise and easily understandable work I have come across, in the sphere of Hindu meditation. –


      • I have done a lot of research on the various aspects of Hinduism. I proceed defferently…compared to others. I go for the tips that work and discard the rest. Sift….is the word. I found that Hinduism contains much disinfo about the nature of the matrix and salvation. I assembled what works from all sources…religious and secular. What matters is the assembling of tips on living into a lifestyle….not the aligning with religion or other doctrine. Christianity too, suffers from disinfo yet if one can count religious truth: the Gita, The Yoga sutras, the Avadhuta Gita, certain of Christ’s teachings/doctrines from the Essene Gospel of Peace etc………religion is a source of tips on living that work. Belonging to a group is not the option since one would have to accept the lies too. I take the gems and discard the trash….and created my own working philosophy. Hindu sects and temples are among the richest institutions while being just as sinful as the Catholic church, and with as much disinfo.

        I read some of the info on the link you supplied. OM does reduce the dark side….but it is just one tip among many. The claims made for Pranava are sect-like and grossly exaggerated. Thats my conclusion.

        There is much about Rama and Krishna and the THEN India that we don’t know. The Pandavas were TALL humans who could uproot trees to swat elephants with. Hinduism always casts the Avatars as kings and princes who must be worshipped. Short poor people are another matter entirely. Why is it that Indian sorcery works but other rituals don’t. Even mantras don’t work…..and they don’t blame the method, they blame the practitioner! There is too much to discuss on this topic!

        Thanks for the tips!

  18. Like the changing of the Guards. The new guard see’s it as it is, not how it was.
    The new generations see now and seldom see what was.
    As an older man- I miss what was.

  19. Beautifully written as always! I’ve been watching Suspicious Observers on You tube and found the reports very informative, thank you for the link on that. My question: He mentions CME’s from the sun, do you know how those effect us?

    • I’m no scientist, but basically they’re powerful electromagnetic energy waves that cut through to earth depending on how strong they are, how well the magnetic field of earth is deflecting them, and how long they last etc. An electromagnetic pulse can shut down anything that uses electricity…cars with computerized engines (all of models since 1985 I think) but it could shut the whole grid down, stopping water pumps, communications etc. Michio Kaku, even thought he’s a PTB pawn, talks about it if you google him and EMPs. It’s very serious. It would basically fry anything with circuitry and take us bac to the stone age if it’s a massive burst, or at least the area that it hits. Research it, you’ll find plenty. Love you, Zen

      • CME’s now impact all of biological life much more than ever before, due to permanent damages from everything wireless.

        CME symptoms are all found in the much longer list of symptoms from WiFi exposure.

        Rarer, solar proton spikes also, with a few added symptoms all their own.

        Scientists fear for their lives about erecting radiation medical facts online

  20. It kind of reminds when we first came to the realization of how fake commercials were but just shrugged it off has if it was nothing instead of being applaud by it. It makes me believe that there are more people awake than we realize but they are to lazy to do anything about it.


    • Lotts truth to that Ron…we need to get them to the tipping point…if we don’t act it’s gonna cost their freedom and health, and that of their kids and grandkids. Who wants to live with that knowledge? Unfortunately the matrix gives the excuses with distractions—-doesn’t matter. Conscience will win out…but WE have to stick it to them!!! – Z

  21. Thanks Zen, I did find a lot of info on the CME’s Coronal Mass ejections. I wonder if that is what is causing the “mysterious illness” of the Alaska flight attendents (which is being blamed on their new uniforms). I have felt a strange pressure in my ears the last week or so, I don’t know what that is about. I am in So. California, so I am keeping an eye on all these earth movements, etc. Be safe and take care of yourself and family.

    • Sorry to say it’s the radiation that’s also hitting those flyers…really sad. Zeolite is supposed to help. Subscribe to suspicious believers on you tube, good updates. Love, Moi

  22. Although it certainly appears to be about “Them”… it really isn’t.
    For “They” are merely a reflection of us. It is all about what we are doing to change that out there. If we do nothing then nothing changes… AND I do not mean doing anything out there. Out there is only a mirror.
    Our highest opportunity is to get out of our heads and in to our hearts.
    The only way to change what we see in the mirror is to change ourselves.
    The World, the Universe can only reflect back to us where we are . In our heads, Left Brain, analytical, logical, Time/Space, linear…Totally stuck in the past… does nothing to change the future.
    Let go of attempting to change that which cannot be changed and change yourself. This the only control you have… and its not all that hard.. it is do-able. Trying to change others is only a blame game and it obviously doesn’t work… look at us.
    9/11/2001 was a masterfully played blame game.. it worked and “they” knew it would. Get out of their “games” and into taking charge of your life.
    I am in my heart, fully present and richly fulfilled…. is a start. Transendental meditation is another…
    There are so many good consciousless technologies out there… play around see what feels right for you… I love Matrix Energetics..

    • Keldoone, when you say “Matrix Energetics,” is that the same as “Though Matrix Meridian Therapy”? I am going to see a new therapist next week. I feel like at the moment I need some help with getting beyond my fear. She practices this technique and I know nothing about it but it sounds intriguing :)

  23. I’ve read for years that our magnetic fields have weakened significantly. To me, this says that our molten core has been changing, and if/when the core has a reversal, we will see the polar shift that many have talked about. Also, these weakened fields reduce the Earth’s protection from CMEs and the like. I don’t think there is a single thing we can do about this. I’m also reminded about the Biblical idea that, “if the time were not shortened, no flesh would be saved”. Be as close to God as you can be, and pursue the awakening of your consciousnesstalking. I’m talking about Spirituality here, not religion! Thanks, Zen!

    • I would love to be … if only I could go back to the old trust I had on God when I believed s/he was an uncreated being that I was communing with directly. I just can’t seem to get to that space these days, and it makes me feel very sad :(

  24. “Complacancy” such an ugly word,eh….and it never goes alone;always tagging: “Complicity” , methinks….. Just like Quality and Quantity are insepareble! :)
    “Be the change you want to see” …..just where does one get the strength needed to do so????…… The quantity of shit (going on and lying around as garbage EVERYWHERE becomes overwhelming sometimes….

  25. Dear Zen, Just wondering why you have anything at all to do with Facebook…… It is after all part of the NSA and as such a huge part of the surveillance problem. I think you will also find that the vast majority of facebookers are the ones that are asleep. I am afraid that you will not find very much intellect on facebook.

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