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Patriotism vs Nationalism – The Deliberately Blurred Line


by Zen Gardner

With the infamous Fourth of July upon us, I began wondering about the emotional attachments implied in the ideas of nationalism and patriotism. Oddly enough, most people won’t be able to tell you the difference between these two concepts.

It’s not surprising.

The two ideas have been cleverly woven together to get as much control over your emotions as possible in a blind allegience to a central government.

While patriotism is the more benign idea, it too can be very misleading and has its own handle of control on the mass mind.

Here’s one breakdown I found interesting:

Nationalism vs Patriotism

“Nationalism and patriotism both show the relationship of an individual towards his or her nation. The two are often confused and frequently believed to mean the same thing. However, there is a vast difference between nationalism and patriotism.

Nationalism means to give more importance to unity by way of a cultural background, including language and heritage. Patriotism pertains to the love for a nation, with more emphasis on values and beliefs.

When talking about nationalism and patriotism, one cannot avoid the famous quotation by George Orwell, who said that nationalism is ‘the worst enemy of peace’. According to him, nationalism is a feeling that one’s country is superior to another in all respects, while patriotism is merely a feeling of admiration for a way of life. These concepts show that patriotism is passive by nature and nationalism can be a little aggressive.”

Even here the distinctions aren’t clear. You start to get the feeling for each but there’s a lot of bleed-over (so to speak).

It goes on:

“Patriotism is based on affection and nationalism is rooted in rivalry and resentment. One can say that nationalism is militant by nature and patriotism is based on peace.”


Is that the picture you get in your mind? Doesn’t patriotism conjure up minutemen and the revolutionary war and some pretty strong passions?


“Most nationalists assume that their country is better than any other, whereas patriots believe that their country is one of the best and can be improved in many ways. Patriots tend to believe in friendly relations with other countries while some nationalists don’t.

In patriotism, people all over the world are considered equal but nationalism implies that only the people belonging to one’s own country should be considered one’s equal.

A patriotic person tends to tolerate criticism and tries to learn something new from it, but a nationalist cannot tolerate any criticism and considers it an insult.” Source

Again, not the image one would glean from American folklore or your image from the media.

Manipulated Mind Twist

Clearly there’s a mishmash of emotionally charged feelings and concepts that can easily be misconstrued and manipulated, just as they were on 9/11 and the ensuing so-called Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the plethora of liberty eroding laws and mandates that have ensued.

As far as I’m concerned, these are both dangerous “group think” ideas, especially when the foundational concepts have been so eroded through redefining language, imposed laws and an outright Orwellian implementation of societal controls.

Oddly enough, the very Patriot Act itself has led to those identifying themselves as “Patriots” or within the “Patriot Movement” as suspected domestic terrorists, just as they have done with returning military.

If that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does.

They Don’t Need to Give Us Liberty – We Never Lost It

They just continue to make daily life more miserable through more controls. We have to realize they’ve redefined the basic terminology and turned everything on its head.

The mind flip people have to watch out for is asking the government for things they don’t have in the first place, and that includes your liberty as a free soul and spirit. They’ve positioned themselves as the providers and allowers of everything.

Don’t play into their little bullshit mind games and roll switching. Know we’re in charge and they are the lying supplanters.

Operate from that mindset.

And take it where you must from there. Just keep an eye out for these blurred lines, assumptive groupings, false choices and fake conclusions.

They lie very easily. We live in Truth.

Love, Zen


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  1. Well said Zen.

    Wrote this quote done yesterday, maybe just for this moment or for others to come.

    ” We have forgotten that societies created government in order to facilitate the order and safety of society not the other way around. When societies have become servants of government they are in historical terms, the subjects of tyrranies, dictators, or autocrats. It is true that, for the moment, Western populations have accepted without demur the reality that they have moved from being the source of power and legitimacy to being the subject and vassal of government.”
    Gregory R. Copley’s article “The Crisis of Democracy Has Reached Act Two”

    Happy July 4th, Independence Day!
    Nationalism or Patriotism.
    Is that satire or irony? Or just your “nards” in a vise.

    I really don’t recall much of either in childhood for July 1st Canada Day Celebrations. It is only in the last 7 years have I taken part in any of these fun, large gatherings, more of a community gathering than anything Nationalist or Patriotic. That I’ve noticed anyway. Yes, everyone wears red & white, waves the Maple Leaf flags and do all those things one does on this day. We are a nation of somewhat reserved people, one may think such thoughts, but you rarely hear anyone voice it. Mind you there is one, and only one time when we believe we are the best in the world, HOCKEY.

    I love this portion of the earth that I occupy, hopefully with enough due respect, also the rest of Canada I have to say, but also the entire planet.
    So at heart I am a true Patriot of the Earth and the Universe, long may they Reign! Because we are all “One”. As above so below.

  2. I have been tweeting this: It won’t be independence day until We are no longer debt slaves. Here’s how We become independent: http://bit.ly/I5TriH Pls read this essay.

    I don’t like anything that divides Humanity. I am for Humanityism. Planetism. Not patriotism, not nationalism.

    Twitter: @AmaterasuSolar

  3. Think of it this way. If you are a patriot you are now labeled a potential terrorist by “homeland security” aka gestapo or kgb take your pick.

    But if you see something and say something to support the endless tyranny entrenched in the warfare of our minds (The never ending wars like terror and drugs, or some other boogie man just around corner) then you are a good Nationalist lapdog. Don’t feed to animals.

    Once you wake up the general sense you will get from daily interactions with people not yet aware of their surroundings is that they are suspicious of everything. Even to the point of paranoia. Be aware of it but ignore it. Don’t bother trying to convince them of anything other than their own reality it will only further their grip on their existing position. Many can not mentally or emotionally handle the transition and will resist awareness with all their being to prevent a breakdown.

    Embrace your new found awakening and expand yourself and your horizons. It may be hard to see that loved ones are left behind but it won’t do any good to force the issue. If they join you eventually you will be luckier than most. If not, then look out for you and your immediate family to the best of your ability. As the barriers fall more quickly the awakened will become a major threat to the existing paradigm. You need to be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally and to the best of your ability. This will help everyone around you once they are thrown into a new reality unexpectedly. And believe me this rapid transition will happen at some point. As the monster die its death throws will be violent.

    Until then a Patriot awakened by the dawn sends

    Peace and Love to All

  4. “A Loyalist loves their country right or wrong and a Patriot loves their country when it’s right and rights it when it’s wrong.”- unknown.

    Zen you are a true patriot!

    Love ya brother!!!

  5. check it out – a 6 year old article about the astrological times the US is in now with pluto in capricorn… interesting synchronicity of how this just came to me & it’s contents about patriotism, +++

    zen – love your show, babe!

  6. I have to disagree with you on this issue.

    Nationalism is not an extreme form of patriotism. The two phenomena are linked by the media, but they should really be seen as belonging to different worlds, coinciding on certain cultural issues, but seldom in areas pertaining to the power of the Establishment.

    Patriotism is the flag-waving toadying to officialdom which we have seen so much of in the UK recently; with the Royal Wedding, Queen’s Jubilee, Olympics, and Armed Forces Day. Patriotism is devotion to the Establishment. The subservient mentality of patriotic supporters of the Monarchy in the UK is comparable with the loyalty of serfs to their owners, and as such is injurious to the people as a whole (especially considering that the UK monarchy is not representative of the indigenous population in a racial sense). Those who blindly obey the orders of the Establishment are of a similar ilk to the police; beating down their own people for the benefit of the anti-National enemies who misrule in place of a genuine indigenous method of government.

    Nationalism is defence and promotion of the Nation – the race. Nationalism is a defence of the racial integrity of the country, and the protection of its ethnic homogeneity. Nationalism respects the natural differences between Nations (Races) and opposes anything which threatens to destroy the Nation. Nationalism is the enemy of multi-culturalism, mass migration, usurious finance capitalism, communism, and every other form of Internationalism.

    Nationalism is the only sure defence against Internationalism. Internationalism, humanism, liberalism etc seek to obliterate the distinct nations, cultures, religions etc in order to create a uniform mongrelised world of indistinguishable rootless producer-consumers, ruled over by the only race which is allowed to remain distinct; a self-Chosen Master Race which rules over everyone else as if they were Cattle (Goyim).

    Rather than attacking Nationalism, we need to understand that Nationalism in its pure form – devoid of any Statist patriotism – is the solution to our ills, and that it only has negative connotations because the Internationalists who run the media have crafted a false image to make us flee from that which can save us.

    Genuine Nationalism respects every other nation – even the Khazars who spewed forth the evil of Zionism which has brought us to our current desperate plight.

    A Nationalist World would be a world in which every Nation lived in its own territory, producing internally all of its requirements. It would oppose all forms of imperialism and financial or territorial conquest. Those who promote warfare as a means of expansion, are not Nationalists, but Imperialists, and in reality but another variety of Internationalist.

    Nationalism is love of one’s own, not hatred of others. Just as a parent will love his or her own children more than anyone else’s, that doesn’t mean the parent will hate all others! Nationalism is not a negative militaristic ideology, rather it is a belief based on a healthy respect of humanity, and a desire to see all peoples develop to their full potential, in their own ways. Only by being fully immersed in one’s own culture, surrounded by one’s own people can anyone become all that he is capable of. Multi-culturalism is the death-knell of identity and of natural human stability. International commerce and trade has to destroy local identities in order for its very survival. Liberalism and internationalism go hand in hand as destroyers of freedom.

    Attacking Nationalism whilst failing to understand that it is Internationalism which is destroying us, only aids the enemy. Before adopting a media-mimicking view of the problems we face, it is vital that we understand the real nature of those perils. By so doing, we may discover that the enemy we are supposed to fight, is in fact the only viable solution to our plight.

    Internationalism is the greatest threat to humanity, and it is only due to the internationalist control of the media, with its ridiculous war films and Zionist ‘Holyhoaxy’ programming, that we have become accustomed to seeing Nationalism as evil. The Hollywood ‘Cowboys and Indians’, ‘Good guys and Bad guys’, ‘Us and Them’, ‘With us or with the Terrorists’ etc mentality has brainwashed the people into seeing Nationalism as something sinister. Nationalism is love of one’s own. There is nothing sinister about that. Internationalism is about the destruction of difference; reducing humanity to economic robots; proclaiming to promote diversity as all the while distinct cultures and peoples are merged into one uniform mass. THAT is the real enemy. Ironically, Patriotism tends to defend the economic system which is destroying us. Yes patriotism and nationalism are different; but it the former which we must be wary of, not the latter.

    • I have came acros this artical cause im a nationalist myself and was confushed about if i am wrong and a patriot or right and a Nationalist and i readed your comment and you put it right at the point
      Thank you verry mutch for making this comment
      you mind if i make a copy with your name with it to spread the correct description of nationalism?

    • How can you say that Nationalism respects other countries? Have you forgotten what came of the nationalist state of Germany in the Second World War? Germany did not respect other countries, enforcing superiority of the Aryan race in not only their own country, but the countries surrounding Germany which she invaded.
      I don’t understand how you can say this idea of nationalism “respects other countries”.

    • Rufus Thanks so much for helping me to get out of my confusion. I am patriotic and nationalist and I take special pride to belong two Nation India and America. I have dream that two largest democratic nations get united in order to have freedom of speech. I learn from India as my Indian Moral That respect begets respect and respect other people as they are . Secondly my Birth Land India taught me if you live in Rome do as Roman do without forgetting your roots. I rather be nationalist along with my patriotism for both nation my birth land India and adopted Land USA. American Media has spread very such hatred between nationalistic and Patriotic person the same time. We all need to look at ourselves we perfect ? We sent separatists in other nations and then send human rights? Human rights teaches to have own identify to separate ourselves from united nation for sake of having our own identity as Hindus as Muslims , As Sikhs . We have divided so many nations and that is the reason we have so many problems all over the world. ” No Nation should be divided in the name of race and religion”( Kchauhan) I love America and I love India as I love the world. What it make me?

  7. Instead of calling it Independence Day , the way the country is as of this moment . It should be renamed Dependence Day , with just about 50% of the sheeple getting a gov’t check of one kind or another .

  8. Free men and women don’t have to ask their government for permission to keep and bear arms so that they can defend themselves, their family, their home, or their country from harm and oppression. The right to be born free, live free, and to die a free man or woman, comes from Our creator who made us in his image. No government should ever position themselves as that god. Our form of government gets it’s authority from ” WE THE PEOPLE”, through the individual states, to the federal government, (not the other way around). The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees these freedoms, liberties and rights. The freedom that America has stood for is worth believeing in, is worth fighting for, and if need be, worth dying for. Long live the Republic ! One nation under God ! With liberty and Justice for All !

  9. I was directed to this iste as a result of circulting the following question to a few friends”

    Patriotism is similar to nationalism as defined today and is for those whose minds are unable to encapsulate the world as a whole. These are the very people who are also unable to encapsulate The Conspiracy or The Environment, because they require the same whole world thinking.

    If these “patriots” were not so in-the-box, they would have already learned that most of their patriotism is directed towards the governmental institutions which are owned and controlled by Zionist Jewry. Is this what they really intend? Fighting for king and country is a euphemism for saying “Making the Rothschild’s rich”, as the Rothschild’s usually finance both sides of a war, and then profit from the chaos that remains.

    I would be interested in your opinions.
    A history of the House of Rothschild is available at:

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