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The People’s Voice – Sonia Poulton With Max Bliss: Chemtrails

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Excellent interview done by TPV on chemtrails, using a variety of contributors.



  1. Yes, this was great!
    Sonia was talking about chemtrails several times in her shows the last week, since she got an enormous response the first time she had an item on it. They really cocreate with people from all over.

    The people’s voice is getting their thing going now, I like it.
    Richies show and dotconnecting and the artshow, are favs of mine.
    Wonderful, wonderful that this is now easy available for everyone on the internet.

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  3. I am still on the fence with this and go with the why-would-they-contaminate-themselves-argument and because of the unpredictability of winds. And if “they” protect themselves from chemicals, precisely what antidote are they using? No one bothers to say what. Chem.-trail theorists will probably turn out to be right but where is the credible evidence located for me to research, point me to it please Max Bliss. Without it I cannot make a credible argument with skeptics, climatologists and meteorologists on the side of the status quo deniers. Of course, I don’t trust what governments are saying but at the same time the chance of flawed tests runs high with someone not trained, it just ends up as evidence that may not stand up in a court of law (in Belgium, an activist group took it to court and meteorologists and other scientists tore the “evidence” to pieces, the activits’ soil samples were useless and incorrectly done) . The officials in charge of looking out after our sky, who deny it, are probably compartmentalized. They may know nothing. Anyone who has studied meteorology or pilots a jet knows that jet trails will appear depending on flying altitudes and temperatures. One part of the day I will watch an airliner flying by with no contrails and later in the day another jet will have contrails because of temp changes. Some “contrails” will spread across the entire sky simply because of winds aloft conditions. I’m not saying there are no chem-trails but we have to also be aware of meteorological conditions that cause vapor trails to spread over large areas because of crosswinds

  4. News Flash. Phoenix is under attack today. Probably seen 50 trails so far. Always 5 or more spraying at one time. Appears to be coming from New Mexico. Back to making more Orgonite, my F16 is in the shop.

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