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The Pharmacratic Inquisition

Hat tip: Rollo



  1. Thanks for bringing this again Rollo and Zen, I missed it first time around. How fascinating, covering so much, everyone should have this knowledge. It certainly blows out of the water all the indoctrinating BS those catholic school nuns wanted me to believe.
    The artwork at the end looks like the artist may have ingested some shrooms, lol. Reminded me of some of the old album covers :)

    • When you take some Amanitas and listen to certain tracks of recorded music, you can hear sounds/whispers etc that were embedded in specific sound frequencies outside of the normal range of our hearing. I am thinking some subconscious programming of some sort. Amanitas also enhance your visual senses as well……….also time passes very slowly.

    • I will send you a Link 222 to a radio show i have been on more and more this last year ,, with DrGNo .. great show very and hitting no holds bar debates censorship free
      I have been on the show quite a bit now as DrGno calls me his co-host .. We had a great round table talk just a few nights back on many topics of this subject matter . Really strip it down and pull off the fluff

      • Cool Peak my man. I can see it now, tune in to you with my fresh cup of espresso, what more could a girl ask for?

  2. Ha “what ever” when this term is used I was told it means end of conversation in the negation of ANY of the subject mater. How rude

  3. We are being beaten about the head endlessly on this subject of symbols of the sun and etc.. I thought most knew it by now. How about the secret of life instead? Well, we know that too don’t we.. that none of us are getting out of this alive. ..no matter how awake, enlightened or full of New Age bs woo we think we are into. If yahoos want to believe in God, reptilians, other dimensions and blah blah blah that’s their business. What I do find backward is the sometimes frightened authoritarian responses I see here toward posters who unwisely profess their faith in what they like to believe is a moral compass and get slapped for it (certainly better than transhumanism or its other replacement, secular authoritarianism). There is a lot more to fear out there than dying religions that’s going to make humans extinct on this planet…very soon…or at least slaves.

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