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Mr. Peak Crackers: “Time is like a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers.” – Seneca



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  1. Peak Crackers, you are fast becoming that grain of sand in the oyster shell which irritates the creature so much he turns it into pearls…of wisdom in your case. I have always loved the temporary art of sand sculptures so this gem was an extra special treat for me, thank you…and shine on Sir Peaks!

    • Thanks brother It was kinda inspired by your words on your last comment of Peak Crackers for a limited time only on earth ” It cough my thought and your Augur “eye” sees it right ,, its all temporary, but i cant help my self kicking sand in the hook nose fuckers faces

    • Randall such a great song eh ? remember when you were young … …
      Thanks (((( man hug )))

  2. Peek,,,,,So as we hold those sandy pebbles of life at the ocean shore, millions of billions of years slipping though our fingers, know we have been here generation after generation and we will be here many generations to come.
    Our species is kind and curious and sometimes caught in the headlights of the moment, but….. We are going to be OK. I believe in the humble soul where truth comes marching through.
    Peace my friend.

    • wow read my mind Pam I am of water and sand :-) right with ya Pam .. Pam not trying to pry are you JC friend ? and if so how is she / he .. was in my thoughts
      Thanks I love your comments

      • Peek…If you are talking about source, then I am. I stand in aw of the wonders that abound. The universe is my cathedral. I understand very little, but try to stay open enough to learn. Our heart is the spark that brings us light. I like to think that every entity whirling around us holds that warmth. I heard somewhere and it has always stuck in the back of my head. “We are all dealt the same hand. It just depends on how we play the cards.”

  3. Beautiful message Mr. Peak. Just what I needed to hear today…had that whole nagging concept of time and what we are here for in my mind all day. I’m passing that on to some others. Peace and Much Love to you.

    • Miss Marry , there can be no gray days with the culinary beauty your bring into the world ,
      Thanks You and back at with dip

  4. * Taken loosely from -‘The Prophet’ by-Kahlil Gibran

    He said to a lawman: “You delight in laying down laws, yet you delight more in breaking them.
    Like children playing by the ocean who build sand towers with constancy & then destroy them with laughter.
    But while you build your sand- towers the ocean brings more sand to the shore, & when you destroy them the ocean laughs with you…Verily the ocean laughs always with the innocent.

    What of the old serpents that cannot shed their skins…& call all others naked & shameless?
    And him who comes early to the wedding feast, & when over- fed & tired goes his way saying that all feasts are violations & all feasters lawbreakers?

    What shall I say of these save that they too stand in the sunlight, but with their backs to the sun?
    They see only their shadows, & their shadows are their laws.
    And what is the sun to them but a caster of shadows?
    And what is it to acknowledge the laws but to stoop down & trace their laws like shadows on the sand.
    But you who walk facing the sun… tary not with shadows cast on the sand.

    You can muffle the drum, & you can loosen the strings of the lyre, but who shall command the skylark not to sing?….cheers amigo

  5. While the garden’s big band plays on the beach’s white sand.
    Trying to keep with the frequency trend…I grab at the promise land.
    I can’t help trying to hold on… to the sand strand with my right hand.
    While it’s going Rembrandt…as it flows like a concert grand.
    As if it was planned, I realize that my life has got a big span.
    Armed with the truth’s upper hand…I now realize that it’s time to take a stand.

    Peek, definately love taking a peek at you! :)


  6. LOL all the years I never knew what that song was saying .I thought it said “diavolo” fucking banshies.
    The vid had all the MK ultra with freemason under tones .
    Zen dose some doughnuts with with peek In the side seat with a Dun buggy … Rhyme Time !
    Sand is thin sand is thick step walk into the wrong patch it can be quick. so tread light and have your spirit in flight

  7. I needed a video like this one first thing in the morning, great job Peak your videos keep us all on are toes and this one had a nice soothing effect that i much needed so thank you sir.

  8. Thanks Tommy .. I know you hear it 24 7 from me .lol so i am glad this one brings a bit of clam to the madness

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